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SAP Basis Senior

Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
January 22, 2018

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Bachiller en ciencias

Instituto Los Próceres, Maracay, Venezuela

Bachelor degree in System Engineering

Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua, Maracay, Venezuela Master Degree in Web design and frontend

multi-device Development

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona, Barcelona, España Certifications

SAP Certified Technology – System Administration (Oracle DB) Whit SAP NetWeaver 7.0

ID: 000*******

SAP Certified Technology Professional - SAP HANNA 1.0 ID: 000*******

SAP Certified Technology Associate - OS DB Migration for SAP NetWeaver 7.30

ID: 000*******

SAP Solution Manager Technology - E2E100 Root Cause Analysis ID: 001*******

SAP Solution Manager Technology - SM100 Operation and Configuration Courses

SAP HANA – Introduction

OKP SAP HANA appliance

SAP SCM 7.0 Technology

BW - Business Warehouse Accelerator

28 de Junio del 2012

E2E100 Root Cause Analysis

SM100 Operation and Configuration

BPC420_96 SAP Planning and Consolidation

30/05/2012 – 01/06/2012

BW360_96 – Operations and Performance

25 Junio al 29 Junio 2012

Programming Techniques

31/01/2006 – 11/03/2006

CCNA Cisco – Networking

Septiembre 10, 2006

Berlitz, English course

B2 – Agosto, 2016

Negotiation, a focus from human relationships

Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.


Cra 19a Calle 151 - 76, Bogotá,



IT Project leader focused on SAP

systems, architecture and solutions.

My major motivators are important

challenges, innovation and team work.

Abilities: Contract management,

supplier management, Final customers

satisfaction focused on high level


Jorge L López




Service Quality Leader

IBM Colombia

Coordinate and manage high-level projects for Colsubsidio customer focused on SAP best practices to minimize the economic and personal risks of our portfolio as well as coordinate these activities with the team work for the contracts fulfillment of the contracts as well as continuous improvement, Run SAP certifications under ITIL methodology, hosting certifications and SAP-IBM partners. Responsible of dimensioning customer architecture, pre-sales and new recommendation solutions in SAP system in order to achieve our goals

for problems prevention and new SAP projects implementation. Consultor SAP

IBM Colombia

Being an active part of the SAP consulting team for IBM Colombia, with responsibility for third-level solutions for clients of the portfolio, leading projects and problem solutions for our clients in the Health sector, as well as giving recommendations on business solutions and infrastructure for mitigation of latent risks in projects and / or hosting.

SAP Account Focal

IBM Colombia

Responsible for SAP services and hosting for the business` clients. Requirement Managements with assigned priorities by the business and the teams involve. Responsible for the communication with the clients, management reports which involve performance results and improvement approach for SAP platforms. In Addition, responsible for RCA analysis for level one incidents that could affect the business, as well as responsible for the scenarios of Solution Manager rendered as services of our portfolio.

Jorge L López

Tiempo de Experiencia

9 años

2016 - current

2012 - 2014

2015 - 2016

Consultor SAP Netweaver (Senior)

Compunet, Colombia

Responsible for Upgrades, Migrations (Homogenies and Heterogeneous), support and administration of SAP environments, Netweaver ERP, BI, Portals, Solution Manager CRM Installation such as SAP ECC 6.0, BW 7.0, EP 7.0, R3 4.0, EPH4 Solution Manager 7.0 and 7.01, with experience in technical support to Servers with operating systems (Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SUSE, AS400 etc) offering analysis and detailed solutions to the different problems or requirements in systems, OS database, networks.

Executing tasks such as: Support Package Update, Copies Homogeneous, Heterogeneous, System Copy, local copies, copies remote access, activation of business function, creation of transport, configuration, Oracle patch updates, upgrade from Oracle to 11, Upgrade Maxdb upgrade and Maxdb patch, SQL upgrade, Tunning- level parameters different database, Application of SAP OSS Notes, Maintenance of profiles and roles of SAP System and Start-Up, execution of monitoring systems and controls daily, Management of Different Database with hosting between them (ORACLE, DB2, DB4, SYBASE, HANA, SQL, MAXDB, Maxdb LiveCache).

Consultor de Soporte SAP Basis

Consultoría Organizacional, Colombia

Responsible for the SAP service for hosting clients, requirement management of customers through the Service Desk of the Solution Manager of the company, as well as responsible for new installations, projects of new clients in different systems operational, database maintenance and SAP releases.

SAP Support Consultant SofOS,

SofOS, Venezuela

Responsible for the SAP service for hosting and non-hosting clients, requirement management of the customers through internal tools of the company, as well as responsible for installations and projects of new clients in different operating systems, database and SAP release 2011 - 2012

2009 - 2010

2010 - 2011


IT Coordinator

SofOS, Venezuela

Responsable del soporte diario a los usuarios de la compañía, de la infraestructura, redes, sistemas operativos, equipo de trabajo, firewall, dominios, DNS, servicio de impresión, data center y requerimientos gerenciales para el mantenimiento, mejoras y planes de la empresa.

IT Engineer

SofOS – Venezuela

Responsible for installation, configuration of:

• Servers: Configuration and Support for Firewall Servers (ISA SERVER), DHCP, Domain, Exchange, OpenVPN, DNS, etc.

• Platform management: Windows, Linux, Unix, hp-unix, etc.

• User Support: Configuration, formatting and maintenance to the computers of the company.

• Networks: UTP cabling, Switch configuration,

Router, Wireless networks, etc.

• Configuring Webex sessions (cisco)

• VLAN configurations

• Structured cabling.

• Implementation of new datacenter in the new business`s branch Leadership


SAP’s Projects





2008 - 2009

2009 - 2009


New technological challenges

to realize the full potential

of technical leadership.

Positions focused on leadership.

Development of the innovation


for troubleshooting purposes.

Professional growth.

Development of processes for the

control and continuous



DataCenter Migration SAP – Cliente (Solla) – Source/Target (Medellin/Bogotá). DataCenter SAP migration of products (ERP Development, ERP Quality, Productive ERP); this system represents the core business, OS Origin / Destination (AS400 / AS400), Source / Destination Database (DB4 / DB4). Heterogeneous migration of DataCenter SAP products (BW Development, BW Productive); Used system for data warehouse, modeling, planning, etc. OS Source / Destination (Windows / AIX), Source / destination (Oracle / db2).

DataCenter SAP migration of products (BPC); System used for planning. OS origin / destination

(Windows / AIX), Upgrade from BPC 7.5 to SAP Netweaver BPC. Tunning Bo version 4.0

DataCenter Migration SAP - Customer (Cartones Americas) - Source / Target (Cali / Bogotá). Heterogeneous migration of DataCenter SAP products (BW Development, BW Productive); System used for warehouse of data, modeling, planning, etc. OS Source / Destination (Windows / AIX), Source / Destination Database (Oracle / db2). Heterogeneous migration of DataCenter SAP products (ERP Development, ERP Quality, Productive ERP); Retail System Core business. OS source / destination (Windows / AIX), Source / destination database (Oracle / db2). Datacenter (Cali / Bogotá)

Homogeneous migration of DataCenter SAP products (ERP History); Retail Core Business System. OS origin / Destination

(Windows / AIX), Source / destination database (Oracle / db2). Datacenter Argentina / Bogotá). Upgrade SAP version of ERP systems (ERP Development, Quality and Productivity). Replication installation to alternate DataCenter HADR Origin Bogotá Destination Medellín. High Availability (HA) configuration and installation for ERP systems. Customer (Gecolsa).

Upgrade CRM landscape AS400 / DB4.

Installation SAP products (ERP Landscape AS400 / Db4). Copy Homogenea AS400 / db4 (SAP ERP).

Customer (ARGOS).

Enable blue accelerator and compress in db2 database. Installation and technical configuration of SAP Identity management. Upgrade Solution Manager version 7.1 Installation and commissioning of BW on Hana Database. Deployment Technical Monitoring in Solution Manager 7.1 Installation and Upgrade of SAP SCM with APO. Configuration SSO with Active directory of the company.

Scenario Configuration Charm for Solution Manager 7.1 Customer (Nutresa)

Upgrade SAP SCM with LiveCache and APO.

SAP ERP installation with high availability solution. Installation and administration of BWA.

Customer (Sur Americana)

Upgrade Landscape SAP ERP with EHP 06.

Customer (Warehouses 14)

Installation, configuration and commissioning of Process orchestration SAP Netweaver 7.4 Sr1 Customer (Colsubsidio)

Installation SAP Application Server with Vertical Health. Upgrade ERP system EHP6 with Vertical Health.

SAP NWDI Installation.

Migration and Upgrade TREX.

Customer (ISAGEN)

Installation, post-installation, SAP Netweaver Portal startup, SSO configuration and connection between different systems. (Windows / Maxdb).

Datacenter Migration from IBM’s datacenter tier 2 to tier 3 IBM’s datacenter description of product (ERP, oracle RAC, BI, PI, GRC, NWDI, CRM, db2 database, oracle database). Installation high availabity solutions to all productions systems. Installation Oracle RAC for SAP with four nodes to ERP system (Vertical Health) Installation Oracle RAC for SAP with two nodes to ERP system (Retail system) Customer (Ditransa).

Installation, post-installation and commissioning of SAP BI EHP2 HP-UX / Maxdb Installation, post-installation and commissioning of SAP CRM EHP 1 on HP-UX / Maxdb Installation, post-installation and commissioning of SAP ERP EHP4 on HP-UX / Maxdb Customer (thomas Grep)

Migration environments ERP Development, Quality and Productive; System Copy strategy. SSO configuration with company Active Directory.

Customer (Petrominerales)

Installation and post installation migration of SAP Portal 7.3, Solution manager, ERP, BW, BO, PORTAL connectivity with sources systems configuration UME.

Customer (Cetesa)

Installation and Post-installation of Solution Manager 7.0 with Service Desk, S.O Windows Server 2008 Maxdb Database 7.0

Customer (Coolechera)

Migration Homogeneous SAP System copy with Restore ERP System Customer (Espumado).

Installation, post-installation and commissioning of Landscape ERP with Solaris / Oracle 10G Customer (PARTICIPATE S.A)

Installation, post-installation and commissioning Landscape ERP with Windows / maxdb Customer (traki)

Configuration and construction of roles and profiles for the different modules of SAP systems.

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