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Software Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
January 22, 2018

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An experienced Software Developer with extensive technical experience: Experienced in building complex systems, applying Best Practices and in mentoring and training teams on Best Practices and Agile Development.

Key points: 15+ years in the industry with a wide range of sectors and technologies. Expert on: Best Practices, OO programming, Design Patterns, Behaviour Driven Development, Agile Processes, Continuous Integration, Testing and Release.

Security Clearance: Enhanced Reliability

Software Development Manager, Hotel Communication Network: Ottawa ON

April 2017 to Aug 2017 (company failed to secure funding).

HCN installs customized Android Tablets in Major US hotels as in room interactive kiosks. Installed in multiple major hotels in the US, each with their own server, they have up to 2,000 tablets per hotel.

I took over as Development Manager after both the Lead Developer/Dev Manager and Sr Developer quit. Inherited a staff of a single developer, two manual QA and one Tier 2 Support/QA. I added 2 Sr. Developers to the team and was adding an automated QA developer. Next I set up a plan for implementing Agile Development as a formal process and,

in preparation, I worked with the development team to clear up over 600 stale Jira tickets and clean up the Git archives, some of which had up to 19 branches. Introduced Behaviour Driven Development (BDD, also know as Feature-Driven Development) with automated testing via the Robot Framework, Docker build machines for Android applications and Docker images for servers as a foundation for Continuous Integration and Testing.

During this time my team delivered three last minute features for the tablets to save endangered accounts, fixed install issues. We also began work on a number of key new features.

Agile Processes, BDD, Jira, Gitlab, Docker, Python, Java, Angular JS, Android studio, Robot Framework, Linux.

I.T. Manager, Lytica, Ottawa On.

Sept 2015 - Feb, 2017. (Restructuring)

Lytic provides consulting on Electronic Component pricing and supplier analysis for major electronics manufacturers. Team consisted of only one other developer, plans to expand did not happen. Spent 90% of my time on development tasks.

Set up the company's first formal development process, introducing Agile concepts such as Epics, User Stories, Story Points, Kanban Boards and Sprints. Educated the rest of the company on Agile Development.

Set up Continuous Integration and Delivery system with Microsoft Team Services. Developed a training program for IT staff to bring them up to date on latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Set Best Practices for development and introduced Behaviour Driven Development (BDD or FDD), Unit Testing (TDD), comprehensive use of Design Patterns and Feature Toggles.

Designed and built a website for client to gather detailed supplier information via a customizable online survey. The survey was reentrant, allowing suppliers to save their answers and return at any time.

Wrote a Excel Add-on to retrieve financial data from three separate API’s and integrate the data for analysis. Migrated the code to Python and Orange3 Data tool kit.

Agile processes, C#, Microsoft MVC, UML, BDD,TDD, JavaScript, Angular JS, Python, HTML5, CSS3, Microsoft Team Services, PowerShell, UML, SQL Server, Neo4J, Selenium, Specflow, MOQ, Unity IOC, Trello, GIT, Slack, Rollbar, Zapier, Orange 3, Rest API.

Manager Quality Assurance, Cenx. Ottawa Ontario

Jan 2015 - July 2015 (Restructuring).

Cenx supplies state of the art big data analysis tools for major cell phone companies world wide.

Hired as the first Manager of the 5 person QA team, checking the code of over 40 developers working on the core of CortX. Responsible for adding new tools and processes, mentoring team on Agile Testing principles. Planned sprint testing so that developers get QA within one sprint, Highly effective increasing the amount of testing and the quality of CortX 5.1.

Had team members migrate Cucumber to Clojure and set up the ELK Logging stack within CortX as part of a plan for automated testing.

Jira, Bamboo, Agile Processes, Agile Testing, JavaScript, Cucumber, Qtest, Linux, Docker, Amazon EC2, Python, Clojure, Cassandra, Solr, Postgresql, Dytomic, Kafka, Zookeeper, LogStash, Elastisearch.

Manager, Engineering and Support Processes,

RBRO Solutions, Pickering, Ontario

July 2013 – January 2015 (Contract)

RBRO solutions has multiple products (more than 20) that integrate Windows and Microsoft Office products with HP IManage document management system. At anyone time 15 of these products were under development.

Responsible for completely revising the development and testing processes with Agile Processes using Team Foundation Server and Behavior Driven Development(BDD). This included purchasing the IT infrastructure, installing and configuring Microsoft TFS and VM testing lab. During this time I responsible for code reviews and setting up a training program on Agile Processes, Coding Standards, Event programming, UML, OO Development, Design Patterns, and BDD. Worked with Sr. Execs and sales to educate them on Agile processes

Agile Processes, TFS 2014, C#, MVC, Powershell, UML, TDD, BDD, Coded UI, Selenium, Active Directory, VB, MSBuild, NAnt, Specflow, SQL Server, Hyper-V Server, Autonomy DMS, Office integration, SOAP, Rest API, PowerShell, Microsoft Office products (SharePoint, Dynamics, Visio, CRM, Word, Excel).

Self Employed Consultant, Toronto

Oct-2012 – July 2013

Various projects (while working as a photographer) including:

●Produced a White Paper on the next Generation of EMR software.

●Wrote distributed document Management system

●Migrated at Twitter data mining application to the latest Twitter API.

●Consulting work for various Healthscreen Clients

Ruby, C#, GIT, Neo4j

Lead Developer, Development Manager Heathscreen Division

Optimed Software, Toronto

Oct-2011 – Oct-2012 (Work completed)

Promoted to Team Lead, then Development Manager of the Healthscreen product, HSPratice while existing clients were migrated to the Optimed product. With a very small team (reduced to 1 QA, 1 Sr Dev as attrition during the take over), I redesigned the development process alog Agile lines which included coding a Continuous Integration and testing system (all done with free or open source tools). Worked with Customer Services to identify and prioritize client issues with the current product. In 10 months my team was responsible for 11 releases, with over 300 code changes and a 1% bug rate and kept 95% of clients through to the conversion to the Optimed product.

Delphi, UML, BDD, TDD, CoffeeScript, NAnt, MSBuild, Cruise Control, Test Complete, Jira, MySql, Amazon AWS, Trello.

Senior Software Developer, Team Lead.

HealthScreen Systems, Toronto - Bangalore India.

Jan 2011- Oct 2011 (Acquired by Optimed)

I was responsible for leading the development and upgrading HSPractice to OMD 4.0 specifications. Initialed several changes to the development process to improve productivity and quality of code. Traveled to Bangalore, India to coordinate work with and mentor the outsource team (15 programmers and Q.A. staff). Returned to Toronto manage the team there as well as the team in India). HealthScreen was purchased by Optimed Software in Oct, 2011.

Delphi, UML,TDD, MySql, Jira

Mobile App Developer, Systems Consulting

June 2010 - Jan 2011

●Developed a custom iPhone app for a local company (using Objective C) as well as a iPhone game (Using LUA).

●Developed a Website that allowed users to outline areas on Google maps, save them in Fusion Tables and then use web service to find which of the areas contained a given point.

●Contract to investigate problems with a J2EE based Online gaming website.

Java, Objective C, IOS

Sr. Software Developer

MAX CAPITAL GROUP, Bermuda, Richmond, Virginia Morristown, New Jersey

Sept 2007 to June 2010 (Contract)

Responsibilities included analyzing, developing and supporting in-house ERMS software for property pricing and risk modeling. Developed a system for managing and scrubbing large property database used by Reinsurance underwriters. Worked with underwriters from divisions of the company to come up with a common property model that was data driven, allowing the underwriters to adjust the model to each situation. Participated in design and planning for migrating applications to C# and .Net web apps.

Delphi, C#, UML, TDD, SQL Server, TFS, SharePoint

Sr. Programmer, Team Lead BLACKCORAL INC, Ottawa, ON

2004 to 2007

Responsibilities included architecture and development of version 3 of BlackCoralLIVE, a collaborative mapping system for the Defense and Emergency Response sectors. Version 3 introduced ESRI’s Arc Engine as the GIS base for the map, Groove as the data storage and Atom/RSS feeds for interfacing with outside systems and a change in the overall look and feel of the interface.

Delphi, UML, TDD, ArcGIS, SQL Server

Programmer/Analyst, BROADVIEW SOFTWARE, Toronto, ON

2002 to 2004

Broadview makes software for the broadcast industry, managing everything from Deal negotiation and accounting to scheduling broadcasts and controlling broadcast hardware.

They had multiple customers, each with their own extensions and product line.

Responsibilities included developing client/server software to handle television broadcast programming needs, from accounting to controlling tape machines and video servers for broadcast. I was rewarded with bonus for finishing projects bug free and ahead of schedule.

Delphi, UML,TDD, SQL Server


Bachelor of Science, Honors (Computer Science/Biology) – University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

Bachelor of Arts, Honors (Psychology) – University of Guelph, Guelph, ON


I am a frequent presenter at local Meet Ups and have given talks on Agile Processes, Team Foundation Server, Project Planning and Costing, Behaviour Based Development among other topics.

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