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Engineer Electrical Engineering

Raleigh, North Carolina, 27606, United States
January 22, 2018

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Trampas Stern

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Raleigh NC ***06



I am currently looking for a small startup environment where I can apply skills I have learned to design and develop a product to solve problems for customers. I am unique situated for a startup in that I capable of doing most all the engineering for a rapid product release including DSP, FPGAs, PCBs, firmware, software, embedded Linux etc. While setting up processes and procedures to grow business as well provide management for other engineers as needed.

Note: I am not currently interested in relocating from the Raleigh NC area


October 2016 – Present HMRI Cary, NC

Senior Electrical Engineering

Responsible for Electrical Engineering division, setting up lab and designing hardware and firmware.

Responsibilities include

Firmware Design and Development

Hardware (Schematics and PCB) Design

Areas of work include

Schematic and PCB design and layout

Embedded software development in C

Documentation of design and support of manufacturing.

Database setup for monitoring test equipment

Writing patent applications

Interfacing with other groups and management as needed

June 2011-October 2016 Sensus Durham, NC

Senior Design Engineer

Lead engineer responsible for hardware and firmware design on battery powered water meters with 20 year life expectancy.

Responsibilities include

Firmware Design and Development

Hardware (Schematics and PCB) Design

Leadership and Mentoring for Junior Engineers

Areas of work include

Schematic and PCB design and layout

Embedded software development in C

Documentation of design and support of manufacturing.

Work done

ASIC cost reduction and redesign of battery operated solid state water meter with 20 year product life expectancy:

Investigate Technology and designed hardware for an electronic register with 20 year battery life from an A-cell battery with cost savings over previous mechanical solution

Instrumental in improving the development process to decrease product development time.

Implemented an Altium component database system to reduce design errors and accelerate product releases.

September 2007-June 2011 SDI Corporation Cary, NC

Development Engineer and Chief Technical Officer

Helped grow business from 3-4 engineers to over 25. Moved from engineering into management

Responsibilities include

Understanding customer requirements

Leveraging latest technology to meet requirements

Product development from concept to production

Hardware and software development using embedded controllers, DSP and FPGAs.

Areas of work include

Schematic and PCB design and layout

Embedded software development in C

FPGA development using Verilog

Promoted to VP Engineering and then to Chief Technical Officer

Sample Designs include

Miniature Stereo Audio record to micro SD card

Digital Video Recorder to SD card running Linux

FPGA design for customer specific application with custom DDR2 controller

Interface product to stream audio through TCP/IP from beam former

OMAP based products

Custom TCP/IP protocol analyzer, and reverse engineering of protocols

Custom designs using RF and various microcontrollers

Custom analog designs with specialized requirements

Nov 2005 – September 2007 Signal Innovations Group RTP, NC

Research Engineer

Responsibilities include

Understanding customer requirements

Designing statistical signal processing algorithms and classifiers to meet customer requirements.

Prototype implementation in Matlab

Real time implementation of algorithms in C/C++ and on dedicated hardware

Writing reports and white papers which are then presented to customer

Areas of work include

Image processing for change detection

Sensor data fusion

Video processing

Several patents applications in process

June 2005 – Nov 2005 RTI international RTP, NC

Research DSP Engineer

Research various algorithms for system identification purposes

Implemented various hum and noise removal algorithms on C6713 DSPs

Prototyping algorithms in MATLAB and testing with RTDX

Work with DSP BIOS RTOS in C/C++

Field testing of system for verification of operation

Application for government secret clearance in progress

Nov 2002 – Nov 2005 Stern Technologies Inc. Raleigh, NC

Principle Engineer/Owner

Contract engineering work for various companies, including:

1.DNA group – rewrote firmware for their products to improve performance and testing. Help designed and develop next generation products. Designed and implemented new CAN protocols as well as RS485 protocols. Rewrote software for most of their Digital Switching Systems products to add new features and make maintenance and support easier using C.

2.MCNC/RTI – Implemented DSP firmware for government contract using DSP BIOS RTOS in C/C++ for Texas Instruments C6713 DSP. Improved processing algorithms and implemented micro controller to DSP communication protocol. Developed and prototyped algorithms in MATLAB before implementing in DSP firmware. Optimized algorithms for to take advantage of the processor’s cache and DMA system.

3.Arrow Electronics – Designed custom PCB for rapid prototyping and proof of concept products.

Stern Technologies

Responsible for all development and engineering tasks from conception to production.

Designed and developed schematics, printed circuit boards, and mechanical enclosures.

Designed and developed multi-controller boards, FPGA integration using verilog, composite video interface and drivers, and firmware using C for DSPs and Microcontrollers.

Procured parts and built prototypes, alpha and beta releases.

Created engineering documents for all stages of development.

Sourced cost and complexity of production as part of development and provided cost-of-manufacturing estimates.

Responsible for website as well as set up entire office network, server system, and all accounting and business management.

Please see for overview of products which I designed and developed.

Created advance field updateable firmware for products, with encryption for protection of firmware.

Various automotive OBDII protocols (J1850) including CAN, ISO, VPW, and PWM.

Designed and implemented system for detecting splices in audio recordings in conjunction with JBR technology

2001– Oct 2002 Digital Audio Corp. Raleigh, NC

Staff DSP Engineer

Designed embedded circuit boards to meet product and marketing requirement specifications.

Wrote embedded firmware, including DSP algorithms for advanced audio processing.

Developed and prototyped audio enhancement algorithms using MATLAB.

Performed as Lead Engineer on last three projects.

Obtained government security clearance.

Developed TI DSP applications and algorithms for the F206 and C6x platforms in assembly, C and C++.

Did all the software and algorithm designs for the first version of the Quick Enhance AS product:

Did the software and large portion of the hardware design for the UltraScope project

Did the hardware design for their MiniDAC-S product using C67xx DSP

1999 – 2001 BOPS Chapel Hill, NC

Software Engineer

Developed audio, video, and imaging applications and algorithms for custom DSP chipset.

Developed MP3 decoder and image dithering and filtering algorithms and implemented in assembly for iVLIW multi-core DSP chip.

Worked with customers to determine requirements and product specifications.

International travel with sales team to customer sites to provide technical training and support.

1997-1999 Ericsson RTP, NC

Staff Engineer

Developed acoustic audio test applications using Matlab, Labview, C/C++ and Visual Basic.

Responsible for recommending components and testing to industry standards

Implemented advance echo canceller test station which measures echo return loss using real speech.

1990-1997 Automotive Diagnostics Raleigh, NC

Automotive Technician

Diagnosed and repaired computer control systems on automobiles


June 2005 – December 2008 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC

M.S. Electrical Engineering

Focus on signal processing and computer vision (video analytics)

Additional courses in advance robotics, networking, and advance mathematics

1988-1997 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC

B.S. Electrical Engineering

B.S. Computer Engineering

Focused on embedded product development and signal processing.


Computers, electronics, automotive repair, signal processing, software development and brewing beer.

Processor Experience

Texas Instruments C6x Platform – Implemented a couple of projects with TI’s C6713 DSP. Beta tester for Code Composer Studio (CCS)

Atmel’s AVR and xMega family –Certified Atmel AVR consultant and have worked with various AVR processors.

Various ARM 7, 9 and M series processors.

Microchip’s PIC family – Implemented numerous projects with various PIC processors in both assembly and C.

Texas Instruments F28xx Processors – Implemented the Pulsar 200 using the F2812 processor, Moderator for Yahoo’s F28xx group.

Texas Instruments F206 – Implemented DAC’s Ultrascope product using the F206 with all code in assembly.

X86 – Implemented DAC’s First version Quick Enhance AS using MSVC++,

Embedded Linux experience


Altium, C/C++, OpenCv, Eclipse, PHP, GCC, Visual Basic, Matlab, embedded firmware development, DSP algorithms, AutoCAD, P-CAD 2002, Verilog, Micro controllers, schematic capture, PCB layout and design, project scheduling., TI’s Code Composer Studio (CCS), Firmware development in various assembly languages and C.



Hearing aid compatible piezoelectric speaker


Acoustic testing system and method for communications devices


Accessory allowing hands-free operation of a cellular telephone


Dual use speaker for both voice communication and signalling






Battery pack with audio coil

Method and apparatus for multiple stage video decoding

Method and apparatus for multiple stage video decoding

Sensor exploration and management through adaptive sensing framework

Analyst cueing in guided data extraction

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