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Lead Process commissioning Engineer

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
January 22, 2018

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Vijay Rajpal

Sama Tower Electra Street

Abu Dhabi

Cell no. 009**-*********


Skype ID: vijayrajpal1960

Dear Sir,

Subject: Application for the post of Lead Process Commissioning Engineer

It was pleasure to know that there is a vacancy for Lead Process Commissioning Engineer in your organisation.

I submit my CV for your kind consideration.

Graduated in Bachelor of chemical Engineering from I.C.T. Mumbai University in 1982.

Certificate in Advance EMS Auditor course from BSI

Certificate in Safety and Fire Prevention Course

Lead EMS auditor for Chemical plants in Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd; Mumbai; India.

Project Manager

Technical Parts Est.

Jul 2012 - Jul 2016(4 years)

Worked as Project Manager in Technical Parts Est. Abu Dhabi for four years from July 2012 to July 2016. I was involved in design, procurement, fabrication, integration of pipe spools and instruments, closure of punch points and factory acceptance test of Chemical Injection skids.

Estimation of Chemical injection skids and well head control panels.

80 workmen were reporting to me.

Production Manager

Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.

Jan 1986 - Jun 2012(26 years 5 months)

Operations and commissioning experience of 26 years of various chemical plants in Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. Mumbai from Jan 1986 to June 2012. Supervised operations, start up and shutdown activities in all the three shifts. Experience of Honeywell DCS C-300 system.

Sales Engineer

Gansons Ltd.

Jun 1982 - Jan 1986(3 years 7 months)

Sales Engineer in Gansons ltd; fabricators of capital equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Job involved meeting clients, getting inquiries, making proposals, technical and commercial negotiations, taking trials and follow up with the production team for delivery.

Please find details of my experience in the attached CV.

I am available to join immediately.

I hope you shall give me a chance to discuss personally with you, how I can be value addition in your already successful company.

Thanking you,

With regards

Vijay Rajpal

Job applied for: Lead Process Commissioning Engineer


CContact details:


Cell no: 009**-*********

Address: Electra street Abu Dhabi

Skype ID : vijayrajpal1960

Qualifications : Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from I.C.T. Mumbai India

: Trained in ISO-14001

Work Experience:

A.From Jan-1986 till June-2012

Production Manager in Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. Mumbai,

India a Fertilizer manufacturing company.

Worked in Project Department and was associated with implementation

of the following Projects.

Also involved in Pre-commissioning, commissioning and operations of

the following plants.

a Ammonia plant

b.Heavy Water plant.

c.NPK plant

d. Micronutrient plant

e. Bio fertilizer plant

f. Rapid wall plant

g. Nitrogen/Argon Plant

Key Achievements

1.Organize and co-ordinate all site activities, from pre-commissioning, hydro testing, leak test,loop checking, card board blasting and steam blowing up to the performance test of each equipment as per the data sheet as per procedure laid down.

2.Expertise in commissioning and operation of following equipment; Centrifugal Pumps, Positive Displacement pumps, Centrifugal air compressor, Reciprocating air compressor, Natural Gas Compressor, Synthesis Gas Compressor, Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor, CO2 Compressor, Condensate separator, Fluidize Bed Reactor, Absorption tower, Regeneration tower, Synthesis gas convertor, Ammonia cracker, Natural gas Steam reformer, Catalytic reactor, Ammonia transfer pumps, BFW pumps, H2S Convertor and Absorber, Dehumidifier, Rotary drum sprayer, Bag filter, Batch reactors, Steam driven turbines, Nitrogen generation plant.

3.Prepare mitigation plans in case of misses to achieve the targets.

4.Provide weekly progress reports and feedback to superiors.

5.Witness SAT for vendors supplied packages.

6.Can read P&ID and PDF.

7.Participated in HAZOP/HAZID studies of Chemical plants and Chemical Injection skids.

8.Expert in DCS operation.

9.Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

10.Ability to carry the whole team along and take leadership responsibility on projects.

11.Hydro test of process lines and vessels.

12.Computer proficient, knowledge of MS office and PowerPoint.

13.Take corrective action for punch list to the satisfaction of the client.

14.Ensured that all safety and quality measures were adhered to during pre-commissioning and commissioning, from beginning to end.

15.Expertise in DCS

16.Prepare SOP

17.Prepared various training programs, with consideration for complexity of commissioning process.

18.Enabled proper utilization of resources, reducing wastage.

19.Supervised 80 workmen in fabrication workshop in Technical Parts Est. Abu Dhabi.

20.Motivate team members.

21.Keep continual improvement.

22.Supervised Chemical Cleaning of pipe lines and vessels.

23.Make corrective action report for the non-confirmation reports.

24.Make SOP and train the operations people before any activity.

25.To provide the Commissioning Final Report that includes all observations related to the project concerning organization, manpower and technical aspects.

26.Prepare operations manual.

27.Lead auditor of ISO-14001.

28.Plan, organize, supervise and implement manufacturing procedures in accordance with Quality Assurance methods, new process technologies, organizational strategies and quarterly/annual budgets.

29.Supervise and administer staff and equipment/machines throughout production process.

30.Analyze and prepare production budgets and timelines required to complete production projects.

31.Held discussions with clients and modified the product wherever necessary.

32.Ascertained production cost does not exceed budget.

33.Implement modern technologies to increase production and reduce cost of production.

34.Develop product with better specifications.

35.Supervised operation of Ammonia, Heavy water and NPK plants in all the three shifts.

36.Supervised start up and emergency shutdown of the above plants.

37.Give Process, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 training.

38.Plan manpower and time frame of all the activities and budget.

39.Develop good vendors.

40.Negotiate contracts.

Commissioning Experience of following Plants:

01 Ammonia Plant

Ammonia Plant technology supplied by M/s Haldor Topsoe


i.Replacement of Primary Reformer with new reformer tubes and Catalyst.

ii.Replacement of Secondary reformer catalyst.

iii.Replacement of RG boiler tube bundle.

iv.Replacement of Absorber and Regenerator Tower packaging.

v.Replacement of Synthesis gas Convertor Catalyst.

vi.Installation of Steam Compressor.

vii.Installation of New Synthesis gas Compressor.

viii.Installation of new BFW pump with turbine (with 12 ata steam)

ix.Installation of new MP stripper.

02 Argon plant:

Erection, Pre commissioning and commissioning of Argon plant. The

purge gases which are vented through Ammonia Synthesis section are

used as feed for purge gas recovery plant. In this plant we recover

Ammonia, Methane, Nitrogen and Argon by Cryogenic Process.

Technology was supplied by M/s Linde.

03 NPK Plant:

a.Installation and commissioning of Dehumidifier

b.Installation and commissioning of Recycle plant

c.Installation of DCS controlled Coating agent metering pumps

d.Development of anticaking agent.

e.Taking trails of using different anticaking agents and giving performance feedback to R&D for further improvement.

04 Bio fertilizer Plant:

Erection, Pre commissioning and commissioning of Bio fertilizer

Plant. Layout design of the plant was suggested by me. It resulted in

increased production and manpower saving.

05 Liquid Micronutrient Plant:

It is a liquid fertilizer plant. Designing, erection, Pre commissioning and commissioning was supervised. Liquid micronutrient is produced in batch reactors by mixing 100% water soluble chemicals to produce different grades. The liquid fertilizer is packed in automatic liquid filling and sealing machine.

06 Rapid wall Plant :

Supervised Erection, Pre commissioning and commissioning.

In this plant we manufacture wall panels and wall plaster, first plant in India based on waste Gypsum. The technology was supplied by Rapid wall Building Systems; Australia. I was trained in operations of this plant in Australia. This plant has fluidized bed Calciner for gypsum.

Experimented different formulations for improvement of the products.

07 Heavy water Plant:

Experience of Erection, Pre commissioning and commissioning of Heavy water plant. The plant consist of Synthesis gas convertor, absorption towers, distillation tower, Vacuum distillation tower, separators, Catalytic Cracker and Compressors.

B.From July 2012 till July 2016

Project Manager in Technical Parts Est.; Abu Dhabi for Process


Involved in Design, Engineering, Estimation, Procurement,

Fabrication, Assembly and Factory Acceptation Test of Chemical

Injection Skids and Well Head Control Panel Cabinets supplied to

end users like ADCO, KOC, KNPC, SIPCHEM, ENOC,

TAKREER, Qatar Poly Silicone and GASCO.

Following projects handled

a.7 no. Chemical Injection packages for BAB Far North CO2

Injection pilot Plant. It includes Portable Methanol Injection package.

b.4 no. Chemical Injection packages for Rumaitha North CO2

Injection project.

c.Portable Chemical Dosing skids for Spiking gas project at Shah;


d. 2 no. Chemical Dosing Skids for Seal bearier gas project ; ADCO

e. Anti-static and Anti corrosion Dosing skids at TAKREER

f. 1 no. Chemical injection skid for Total Yemen

g. 17 no. Chemical dosing skids for Badra Project Iraq.

h. 16 no. Chemical dosing skids for KOC

i. 2 no. Stadis Dosing skids for ENOC at Jabel Ali.

j. 13 no. Chemical Injection skids for KNPC

k. 19 no. Pump skids for ONGC

l. 1 no. Chemical Injection skid for Gasco

m. 2 no. Chemical Injection skid for SipChem

n. 2 Skids for cooling safety water for Qatar Polysilicone

Supervised commissioning of Anti Static and Anti corrosion

chemical injection skids in Takreer.

Training was provided to the operation staff for the operation of these


Supervised commissioning of Stadis injection skids supplied to ENOC at Jabel Ali Dubai. The operation staff was trained for operation of the skids.

Supervised closure of punch points during commissioning of plant/equipment.

Supervised pre commissioning of Methanol Injection Skid; operating pressure of 465 bar and flow rate of 185 L/H at Adyard Abu dhabi;

End user: Dana Gas

Check the performance of the equipment as per data sheet.

Supervised 80 workmen in fabrication workshop.

C.From June 1982 to Jan 1986

Sales Engineer in Gansons ltd; fabricators of capital equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Job involved meeting clients, getting inquiries, making proposals, technical and commercial negotiations, taking trials and follow up with the production team for delivery

Thanking you,

With regards

Vijay Rajpal

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