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Web Services Java Developer

Westland, Michigan, United States
January 21, 2018

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Manoj Kumar


Over all **+ years IT experience and 12+ years’ experience in Java/J2EE Development, Enhancement, and Maintenance of Web application and enterprise applications.

Designing and deploying enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS and Managing multiple services in AWS like IAM, S3, Route53, RDS

Extesively used CloudFormation for creatring AWS resources.

Proficient in building application in AWS cloud environment.

Worked with IAM to manage the users and groups using IAM by assigning individual policies and roles to each users and group as per requirements

Excellent working experience on JSP.0, Servlets2.4, Struts 1.1, 2.0, spring (2.5, 3.0), Hibernate 3.0, JDBC, and SQL.

Implemented Composition controller and Gateway Pattern of ESB using IBM IB9.

Extensive experience in distributed application development using various Web Service technologies like JAX RPC, JAXB, JAX-WS, SOAP, WSDL, JAX-RS Restful.

Extensively used design patterns like MVC, DAO, Proxy, Decorator, Singleton, Session Facade, DTO and Factory patterns.

Worked on multiple IDE’s like Eclipse3.2, RAD7.0 and XMLSpy.

Worked on web/application servers like Apache Tomcat 6.0, 7.0 and Web Sphere 6.1, 1, 7.0, 8.0, WebLogic 12.

Worked on Build Tool ANT,Maven and IBM uBuild.

Working experience on various configuration management tools like SVN, VSS, Clear Case and Accurev.

Extensive experience working in data-layer using JDBC and ORM package like Hibernate 2.5, 3.0.

Have strong analytical, technical and logical ability to work independently or in a team environment.

Worked on several system services such as logging, transaction management, exceptions, security.


Architectures Amazon Web Services(AWS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Languages Java

Frameworks Struts, Spring, Hibernate

AWS Cloud S3, RDS, CloudFormation,IAM and Storage Gateway

Web Technologies JSP, Servlets, Java Script, AJAX, XML, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

Distributed Technologies XSL, JAXB, SOAP, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Apache CXF, JMS, WMB, IB9 (ESB), JMS

Web/Application Servers Tomcat, Web Sphere and WebLogic

Database Oracle 9i/10g-11g, SQL Server 2005/2008,2014

IDE Eclipse, My Eclipse, Spring Suite, NetBeans, IBM RAD, XMLSpy

Build Tools Maven, Ant,IBM uBuild

Version Control Tools VSS, SVN, Clear Case, Accurev

Other Tools Mercury Quality Centre 9.2, Test Track, ZIRA, SOAP UI, JUnit,Maven

Operating Systems Windows,Unix,Linux


First Class, Master of Computer Applications (MCA) .

First Class, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mathematics.


AWS Solution Architect Associate.

Successfully completed SCJP 1.6 certification.


AIMS Services migration on AWS Cloud May’17 to till date

Associate Architect

Client: Ford Motor Credit, Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Skill Used: AWS Services used: EC2, S3, RDS, DMS, Filegateway

Project Description:

AIMS is an Automated Image Management System which mainly deals with transferring, manipulating and storing Images and PDFs. AIMS application business usage is increasing rapidly and these services are required to be stable and highly available. As part of this process, the services in the legacy Infrastructure are being migrated to AWS Cloud. Backing up of customer level information is also very critical since the document deals with customer contract information, which needs to follow both PCI and PII standards.


Analyse on premise application architecture and propose target architecture in AWS based on offered web services.

Carry out proof of concept to evaluate feasibility of the proposed stack in AWS.

Migration of on premise SQL Server 2008 to AWS RDS using data migration service.

Setup Filegateway for automatic transfer of files in S3.

Develop parameterized cloud formation templates for stack deployment to respective environments

Migrate AIMS contract repository to S3 with life cycle rule for the archival of files to Glacier.

AIMS (Automated Image Management System) Mar’15 to Apr’ 2017

Senior Java Developer

Client: Ford Motor Credit, Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Skill Used: Java, J2EE,Ford ADT framework(MVC Framework), JDBC, JUnit, HTML5, CCS3, Velocity Template, JavaScript, JQuery, Eclipse,IBM uBuild,AccuRev, Weblogic12 and SQL Server 2014

Project Description:

This Project is an automated imaging management system (AIMS) where a user can easily manage the contract/customer/vehicle related documents. AIMS is a tool used in North America to assist in the management of images, whether they are via faxes, scans or other sources. AIMS is a table-driven web application that can easily be configured for different high level business processes – or departments (wholesale, originations, account servicing, etc. It has two modules one is AIMS which is used by internal users on daily basis and other one is Dealer Web Form which is used by external dealers to upload the images (documents). All the documents or pdfs are called as images where entire customer information is stored. These images are stored in our system and can be used later on customer request basis. Currently this application is being used by USA and Canada customer and now we are making it global for Europe,China and India in phases and we are also migrating AIMS into modern web browsers.


Analysis, design and execution of application architecture, to defined technical and business requirements.

Providing Architecture Analysis & Develop Architecture Proof of Concept.

Analysing AIMS (Automated Image management System) user interface and identified the changes for migration the browser from Internet Explore IE to Chrome.

Implementing the browser migration using JavaScript, CSS3 and JQuery.

Implementing HTML5 features for supporting the cross browser functionality.

Configuring the various business processes from backend Oracle Database for Europe, North America, China and India.

Used the design principles in coding for reusability and maintainability.

Implemented Global AIMS Archive batch processing module using Core Java and JDBC.

Implementing SOA web services to communicate other systems(Pinnacle System)

Writing the unit test cases using Java Junit framework.

Designing and developing the solution for historical data migration from oracle to DB2.

Helping with application performance improvement.

Prepared the Application server instances using Oracle WebLogic server for various country like Europe, North America and China.

Building and Deploying the AIMS application on various Integration and Production environment using uBuild and Accurev tools.

Production Support of AIMS application for Europe, China, India and North America.

Multimedia Presentation (MMP) Oct‘14 – Mar’15

Client: RCR Technologies, Indianapolis, USA

Role: Senior Java Developer

Skill Used: Java, J2EE, Hibernate3.0, Spring3.x, JUnit, HTML5, CCS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS Framework, Eclipse, Maven, VSS, SAOP and Restful Web Services

Project Description:Multimedia presentation offline mobile application helps the sales Reps to show the healthcare professional’s formulary access information for the HCP’s state and core based statistical area (CBSA). The data was based on state level data where we can have a distributed view of data on different states. Using this mobile application Sales Reps can show the different-2 medical plan view to the respective healthcare professional (HCP). Multimedia presentation application fetches all HCP information from the veeva sales forces system using web services.


Analysis, design and execution of application architecture, to defined technical and business requirements.

Used the design principles in code for reusability and maintainability.

Design and Development of Restful Web Service using Apache CXF framework.

Developed Entity classes and Data Access Objects using Hibernate.

Used the Hibernate fetching (Eager, Lazy loading) strategies for improving performance.

Implemented the Hibernate secondary level cache for non-transactional data using EH Cache.

Used the Spring IOC for layered architecture between business and DAO components.

Integrated Web Services with AngularJS framework.

Used the AngularJS for implementing MVC architecture.

Implemented the Spring AOP Advice for business validations exception handling.

Creating test cases using JUnit to achieve 95% unit test code coverage of web services.

Used Maven for jar Dependency management.

Used VSS for source code repository.

Agile Methodology is used to develop the application, involved in daily SCRUM meetings to discuss the status and progress of individual Sprints.

IP (Investment Platform) of Fidelity Worldwide Investments May‘13 – Oct’14

Client: Fidelity, UK

Role: J2EE Developer

Skill Used: Java, J2EE, Hibernate3.0, Spring 2.x,3.x, Web Services with JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JUnit, Web Sphere 8.0, AJAX, Maven, RAD and ClearCase.

Project Description: Fidelity Worldwide Investments provides asset management services to investors all over the world outside the US and Canada. It manages $240 billion worth of assets under management and has offshore IT development centre in Gurgaon, India.


Participating in various requirement and customer meetings, understanding business stakeholder’s expectation and converting into technical requirement.

Analysed the limitations and issues of existing Web services, and Designed as per requirement like apply the various aspect (Transaction, instrumentation) on Web Services.

Replaced the deprecated Acg security framework from Spring.3.1 security.

Replace the Persistence layer design and implementation using Hibernate ORM framework, annotated lazy-loading and fetching strategy implementation and implemented caching using EH Cache for various Standing Data(types of Funds).

Implemented distributed transaction manager (XA Transaction manager) for managing the transaction between database and JMS Queue.

Migration of JAX-RPC based Web Services into JAX-WS using Apache CXF framework.

Used the JAXB for generating the schema stubs for web services.

Migrated the RAD based development into Open Source Eclipse for WAS 6.1 for reducing the license cost.

Developed FNW (Find Network) Web Interface using HTML5/CSS3, Media-Query, JQuery and JavaScript.

Integrated the Web Services with FNW Web Interface using Backbone.js.

Migrating IBM Build Forge build tool into Open Source Maven build tool for reducing the license cost.

Developed solution for high performing and mission critical Deal Processing System using Websphere Message Broker (IB9), XSLT, ESQL and host of other Web Services.

Managing the deployment of applications on various deployment environments (QA, SIT and UAT).

Participating in SCRUM meeting.

SkillPort e-Learning Application Jan ‘11 – Mar’13

Client: SkillSoft, Nashua, U.S.A

Role: Senior Java Developer

Skill Used: Java, Struts2.0, spring 2.x Hibernate 2.5, SQLServer2008, Apache-CXF, FTL, JUnit, Tomact6.0, JavaScript, Eclipse, Maven and SVN.

Project Description: SkillSoft is a leading e-learning and performance support solution provider for global enterprises, government, education and small to medium-sized businesses. SkillPort provides an unparalleled learning experience by quickly delivering highly targeted learning through an innovative, cloud-based solution that connects formal, informal and collaborative learning, when and where people want to learn. With this fully hosted platform you can ensure your employees have access to relevant learning content when they need it,


Participating in various requirement and customer meetings, understanding business stakeholder’s expectation and converting them into well-defined technical requirement.

Developed the SkillPort mobile version using HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, sencha-touch.

Migrate complete replacement of BCD legacy framework using spring framework to enhance transaction management and exposing them as service for third party consumption.

Used Spring as AOP and DI Framework to implemented fine grain Authentication, Authorization and method level logging.

Refactored the data layer and removed legacy approaches like direct SQL and Stored Procedure (SP) based data access, by introducing Hibernate ORM framework in conjunction with spring to improve data layer abstractions and caching performance.

Developed the eLearning content related web services Web Services using Apache-CXF framework.

Involved in developing test cases using Easy Mock and JUnit for unit and integration testing.

Used SVN for version controlling.

Used the Maven build tool for jar dependency and plugin management.

Involved in development, performance testing & defects fixing, also followed a Test Track to log the issues and fixes applied on a daily basis to streamline the application development.

Continuous code reviews to maintain and deliver with quality.

NBP (New Banking Platform) Application July ‘08 – Dec’10

Client: Allied Irish Bank (AIB), Dublin, Ireland

Role: Senior Developer

Skill Used: Java, JSP, JavaScript, Spring2.5, Hibernate2.5, Web Services with JAX-WS, RAD, Web Sphere7, AJAX, Clear Case, Oracle9i.

Project Description: The Allied Irish Bank NBP (New Banking Platform) application handles the retail bank related processes. The application has various modules including CRMS, Teller Application, Term Deposit, Home Mortgage, Loan Account, Current Account and Saving Account. The CRMS enables creation and maintenance of Customer Information while the Teller Application enables Lodgement and Withdrawal of funds.

The Term Deposit module was designed to facilitate easy introduction of new products and enables users to customize system features to rapidly meet changes in volume, market scenarios or customer needs. The module supports the complete life cycle of an account from opening of the account, interest accruals and payments, part redemptions, premature closure, tax deductions and finally maturity of the Deposit and its subsequent pay-out or renewal


Involved in the requirement analysis, design and development of the application built in Java/J2EE using JSP, JavaScript and AJAX.

Created project branches, rebasing, and Baseline of source code in Clear Case and setup the development workspaces.

Clarifying complex technical and business requirement and incorporating to architecture as early as possible in design and development phase.

Used Spring-IOC and Spring MVC architecture for developing the application.

Developed Entity classes and Data Access Objects using Hibernate Annotations.

Implemented Pagination functionality using Hibernate Query API.

Involved in design of Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams as a part of Documentation.

Extensively used JavaScript for front end validations.

Involved in developing JAX-WS Web Services to the external clients during the Service oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation.

Involved in generating check style reports using sonar tool.

Developed the Test Suite for regression testing using TestPartner testing tool.

Implemented Unit and Integration test cases with JUNIT Framework based on Functional Flow.

Build and deployed application into QA Servers and responsible for bug fixing and releases.

Mapped one-to-many, many-to-one and one-to-one relationships in entity classes using hibernate

India Localization for SSA ERP LN 6 Dec’06 - July ‘08

Client: Switch Master Ltd, Delhi, India

Role: Java Developer

Skill Used: Java, Struts1.1, JSP, JavaScript, Ajax, Eclipse3.2, Tomcat5, VSS, Mercury Quality Centre and SQlServer2005.

Project Description: Indian Laws have a wide ranging impact on the operation and running of domestic Indian business. The statute laws relating to Central Excise, Sales Tax, Service Tax and Octroi have a direct bearing on the logistics involved in distribution and manufacturing operations. Company compliance with the statute is essential and all appropriate IT solutions must likewise comply. The standard ERP packages which depend on the global or international legal requirements did not meet the basic requirements of Indian Laws, so the purpose of the project was to ensure that the software was modified accordingly


Prepared high and low level design documents for the business modules for future references and updates.

Developed various screens (Sales Order generation, Stock Transfer Advise) using JavaScript, JSP, JSTL, Ajax and Struts1.1 framework.

Configured the struts-config.xml, validator.xml and validator-rule.xml according to application flow and Business validation.

Design and implementation of the Business Components and Services using Java.

J2EE design patterns like DAO, DTO, business Delegate.

Used VSS for version controlling, and Log4J is used for Logging and Tracing the messages.

Designed database and involved in developing SQL Query.

Developed the various report (Sales Register, Stock Transfer Advise, export and import invoice) using Jasper Report.

Successfully integrated Tomcat Server with BaaN ERP.

Involved in integration testing, regression testing and defects fixing, also followed a Mercury Quality Centre to log the issues and fixes applied on a daily basis to streamline the application development.

eTopUp (Electronic TopUp System) Jul’05 – Dec’06

Client: MobileCom, Amman, Jordan

Role: Java Developer

Skill Used: Java, JSP, Struts1.1, Linux, WEPT tool, MyEclipse, Tomact5.0 and Oracle 9i.

Project Description: eTopUp enable prepaid mobile phone users to refill or top-up their accounts over the phone. This reduces operational costs while offering subscribers an easy-to-use and convenient way to recharge their credit. The 348-encryption algorithm secures this transaction. The retailer tops-up the subscriber’s talk time account directly with the amount requested against the payment made. The subscriber has the freedom to choose any amount within the value ranges defined by the operator.

eTopUp supports top up through USSD, SMS, STK, WEB, IVR, and ATM


Involved in design of Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams as a part of Documentation.

Involved in presentation, business, controller and data layer development using JSP, Struts1.1, and Java.

Developed the business validation multilingual framework using Struts1.1.

Written the API for integrating the PreTUPS with Alcatel IN (Intelligent network).

Used VSS for version controlling, and Log4J is used for Logging and Tracing the messages.

Deployment on Linux Red Hat Cluster application.

Involved in integration testing, regression testing and defects fixing

Load testing using WAPT testing tool.

Involved in UAT test cases execute with Customer at Onsite Jordan.

Deployment on Linux Red Hat Cluster application.

Support the system at Production

IMSIS (Indian Mine Safety Information System) Aug’02-Jul’05

Client: DGMS Ministry of Labour, India

Role: Developer

Skill Used: Visual Basic6.0, Oracle.

Project Description: This module is designed to provide the security feature and manage different functionality for IMSIS Web application. Through this module, an Administrator can manage the entities related to DGMS (Internal or External) through the Entity Management tool. The module also allows the Administrator to manage the mines in each region through Mine Code Management.


UI Form designing in VB6 for various modules.

Developed Data layer using using ADO DB library.

Designed database and involved in developing SQL Query.

Support the system at Production.

Worked on unit testing, smoke testing and regression testing and defect fixing.

Followed java coding standards to develop and maintain quality.

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