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Power Electrical Engineering

Irving, Texas, United States
January 23, 2018

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Shivang Desai


**** ******** **** ***-****, Dallas, TX-75252

Career Summary

oExpertise in software like MATLAB/Simulink, P-SIM and Multi-Sim.

oExperience with TI power management lab kit PMLK buck LM3475 and TPS54160.

oExpertise in design, modelling and control of power electronics feedback circuits.

oExperience with DC-DC converter and DC-AC inverter topologies.

oExperience in testing power electronics equipment with measuring equipment in the lab.

oExperience in selecting components and Designing PCB’s.

oExperience in testing and maintaining AC and DC motors.

oLead a team of 52 people while conducting technical events and workshops for more than 300 students.

oPaper Published: Design simulation and Development of Electronic tap changer in IJAREST journal Volume-2 Issue-4 april-15.


Master of Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Jan ‘16-May ‘17

The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX GPA: 3.36/4

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Aug ‘11-May ‘15

SVIT-Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat, India CGPA: 7.55/10

Pertinent Courses: Power Electronics, Control modelling and simulations in power electronics, Adjustable speed motor drives, Power Management Circuits, Electric drives in vehicle traction application, Semiconductor Process Integration, Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Linear Systems, Electrical Machines rotating and stationary, Power Systems Protection, Control Systems, High Voltage Systems, Machine Design, Power System Analysis and Simulation, Electrical Power, Switchgear, Power System Protection, microprocessors &controllers, advanced digital logic, Digital Signal Processing.

Work Experience

Student Volunteer -University of Texas at Dallas Oct’17-Current

oWorking on setting up a new power electronics lab.

oResponsible for quotation inquiry for multiple lab equipment like power impedance and frequency analyzer, digital oscilloscope, DMM’S, thermal imaging camera and AC and DC programable sources.

oActively involved in communications with sales team of companies like Tektronix, chroma, Keysight, Teradyne Lecroy and Yokogawa.

oWorking on Altium for designing PCB’s for power electronics circuits.

Engineering Intern -Voltamp Transformer Ltd, Vadodara June’15-Nov’15

oResponsible for smooth transition from 3rd to 1st shift and scheduling work of technicians throughout the morning shift.

oConducted multiple routine and special test of wide range of distribution and power transformer from11KV-220KV

oWorked under IS2026 compliance for testing.

oPerformed voltage breakdown test and insulation resistance test on commissioning site.

oSuccessfully commissioned a 160MVA,220KV transformer under respective supervisor.

Summer Trainee -Diamond Power Transformer Ltd, Ranoli, Gujarat, India July’14

oReceived hands on experience with manufacturing and testing process of Distribution transformers.

oBecame competent in test like open and short circuit test, voltage break down test, IR test, temperature rise test.

Summer Trainee -Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd, Vadodara, Gujarat, India June’14

oWorked on manufacturing and testing of Vacuum Circuit Breaker product PIX-15(11KV) and PIX-36(33KV) used in the AIS system.

oWorked under IEC62271 compliance.

Software Skills

oTools: MATLAB, Simulink, Power Sim, Multisim, LTSpice, Cadence Virtuoso, PSPICE, ANSYS-MAXWELL, C, Code Composer Studio, Keil uVision5, SKM Power, PS-CAD, Lab-view, Auto-CAD, CREO, Altium and MS Office.

Academic Projects

Stabilizing the cascaded converters by using different feedback control

Software: MATLAB-Simulink, P-SIM.

oDesigned two Buck converters of 48-12V and 12-5V in cascaded connection after checking for individual stability.

oObserve the effect of CPL as the first converter acts as a negative impedance load to the first.

oDrafted a feedback PID control loop with the help of a mathematical model of the feedback system.

Single Stage Buck Boost Inverter using Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation

Software: MATLAB-Simulink.

oDesigned a non-conventional Buck-Boost topology with bidirectional flow of current.

oThe control circuit is developed with a unipolar SPWM in the simulation tool.

oDesign Specification: Vi=200V, Vo=180V, L=9mH, Lf =50mH, Fc=1Khz, R=250Ω and C=5uF.

Frequency response measurement on STM32F429 Discovery Board

Software: Keil-uVision

oGeneration of a test Signal with DDS sine wave technique

oAnalyzing the response using FFT algorithm.

oDisplay the Phase and Amplitude response of the test signal using a bode plot.

Sizing, Wiring and Troubleshooting a Mitsubishi low voltage drive for fault

oSized a Drive for Running an Induction Motor of 230V, FLA-4.6A.

oDiagnosed a 0-1000V,0-400Hz, FLA 0-500A Mitsubishi Drive for different real-time faults.

oTroubleshoot the whole system including motor to find the source of the fault.

oRun the system at full capacity after a brief repair work or a part change.

oGenerated a report listing the probable source of the fault and then the steps taken to solve it.

Effect of Number of Poles on IPMSM Performance

Software: ANSYS-Maxwell

oDesigned the 8-Pole Toyota Prius IPMSM motor with exact specification.

oDesigned 6 pole and 10 pole similar machines keeping the stator inner and rotor outer diameter to be constant for obtaining a maximum flux density distribution of 2T at the back iron of the stator.

oCalculated the parameters like stator slot area, number of stator and rotor slots, mechanical strength of the teeth, number of conductors per slot, gauge of the conductor, cooling capacity and dimensions of the internal permanent magnets with the same orientation as of 8-pole machine.

oAnalyzed the two designs and generated a comparative study in performance parameter with the 8-pole Prius motor.

Literature review on types of multi-level Voltage source inverter.

oStudied flying capacitor MLI and Diode clamped MLI for a 5-level design.

oAnalyzed the working phenomenon and switching scenarios of both the inverters.

Control of PMSM and its Performance analysis

Software: MATLAB-Simulink

oDesigned a Field Oriented Control/Vector control for a PMSM

oDefined the algorithm and simulated the circuit on MATLAB-Simulink.

oStructured a 3-phase inverter to convert the power into 3-phase AC.

oModelled the feedback loop with speed, voltage, current, mechanical and electrical angle information and feeding it to the algorithm matrices involving Clark-Park and Inverse Clark-Park transformation.

Design Simulation and Development of Electronic On-Load Tap Changer (Undergrad - year long)

Software: Multi-Sim, PS-CAD

oDesigned a 230/36V transformer with 6 Tapings on the output side and submitted the structural and magnetic design to the vendor for the manufacturing process.

oDesigned a control circuit working on the principle of Active shunt diverter circuit for tap changing purposes.

oImplemented the design on a hardware basis using both SCR’S and IGBT modules.

oModelled two different driver circuit for SCR controlled design and IGBT controlled design.

oPublished a paper on the same in IJAREST journal Volume-2 Issue-4 april-15.

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