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Mechanical Engineering Design

Detroit, Michigan, United States
January 22, 2018

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A highly motivated Mechanical Engineering Graduate with Product Development and Design software experience incorporating direct participation with component manufacturing, design optimization and supplier communication from conception to the production phase. Looking to apply acquired skills from experience and academics to mechanical industry, contributing towards product improvement.

Experience in product design at Yeshwant Castings (Tier 1 Automotive supplier for Robert Bosch India).

Possess hands-on experience in tools such as CATIA V5, UG NX10, BOM, DFMEA, DVP&R, GD&T, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and comprehensive knowledge on SolidWorks, APQP and Six Sigma.

Streamlined and optimized production time by 15% resulting in $9000 annual savings.

In-depth knowledge of product design, FEM analysis, manufacturing processes and process optimization.

Knowledge of manufacturing processes like Injection molding, Forging, C.I. Casting and Sheet metal stamping.

Expertise in increasing Productivity, Quality and Profitability by data analysis and design optimization. Skills

BOM Excel DFA PowerPoint

DVP&R Word CAE Detail oriented

DFMEA Access AHP Problem solving

CATIA V5 ANSYS DFM Creative thinking

UG NX10 Ls-DYNA QFD ISO9001/TS16949

AutoCAD ABAQUS DFX Time management

SOLIDWORKS Optistruct DSM Interpersonal Skills

GD&T (ASME Y14.5) Hypergraph TRIZ Root Cause Analysis Autodesk Fusion 360 Hypermesh APQP Communication Skills EDUCATION

MS in Mechanical Engineering, CGPA: 3.80/4 (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI) Graduated: Dec 2017 Coursework: FEM, Product Design & Development, CAD, Manuf. Processes, Impact Biomechanics. Occupant Crash. BE in Mechanical Engineering, CGPA: 3.50/4 (VTU, KA, India) Graduated: June 2013 Coursework: Mechanics of Materials, Automotive Engineering, Kinematics of Machine, Machine Design. PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE

Design Engineer (Robert Bosch India deputed through Yeshwant Castings – India) Sept 2013 – Sept 2015

• Designed and Developed Transmission/Driveline components like V-Grooved Pulleys/Gears and Tapered Bushes for BOSCH(OEM) in CATIA V5 as per GD&T (ASME Y14.5) and analyzed structural stability.

• Designed casting components and patterns in CATIA V5 software.

• Created BOM and provided engineering 2D and 3D drawing of Pulleys and Bushes as per company standards.

• Conducted Root Cause Analysis and Metal Flow Analysis for Pulleys which increased production rate by 15%.

• Performed quality planning analysis such as DFMEA and DVP&R.

• Assisted in APQP at customer’s end with the voice of customer and design reviews inputs.

• Associated with product design review and helped in re-designing the failure parts for manufacturability.

• Validated components along with updating drawings, quoting orders, checking the parts, releasing.

• Released Engineering Change Request and tracked back Engineering Change Note (ECN).

• Trained and coordinated manpower, to improve individual and team performance. Achievement: Reduced labor cost and optimized pulley design which in turn decreased production time by 15%, profiting $9000 annually.

Graduate Student Assistant (Graduate School Dean’s Office, Wayne State University) Sept 2016 – Dec 2017

• Improved work procedure and advocated students and faculty members regarding academic requirements.

• Categorized 750 students’ coursework data from Salesforce to Excel and organized according to the standard.

• Planned, organized and prioritized executive seminars and handled 35 files/day & queries within the deadline.

• Volunteered and monitored presentations at “SYMPOSIUM ’17” held by University. PROJECTS

Design and development of Tunnel Inspection Drone – CATIA V5

• Designed and developed a Drone which assists in detecting minute cracks inside & outside the oil/gas tunnels.

• Conducted a survey, collected necessary data and performed AHP (Expert-choice) analysis for prioritization.

• Performed QFD alongside market segmentation, technology roadmap and product launch plan for the drone.

• Built House of Quality from collected data, to meet the desired target of the product with respect to its competitors.

• Carried out TRIZ, to identify best design alternatives and performed PERT, CPM, DSM analysis.

• Computed DFA, DFM, DFMA and cost estimation. Studied design for environment, S-PASS and Sustainability Product Lifecycle.

Design and optimization of Wankel engine (Mazda Vehicle) – UG NX10

• Designed and assembled Internal Combustion engine parts using UG NX10 per company standards and GD&T.

• Created 2D and 3D drawing, drafting, sectional views, BOM of the assembly of Wankel engine parts.

• Performed motion simulation by applying constraints and loads, to check the actual behavior of the engine.

• Analyzed and optimized Critical Stress area, structural & thermal behavior, forces on joints. Sheet metal operation, V-Bending by Press-Brake Forming – UG NX10, ABAQUS, HyperMesh

• Designed parametric model using UG NX10 and compared solid over shell elements in ABAQUS.

• Performed analysis considering spring back effect by varying punch angle, die angle and depth of punch, to achieve 90o V- Bending with different mesh sizes and elements (2D-CPE4, 3D-C3D8I) in HyperMesh.

• Analyzed Stress-Strain, Displacement, Elastic-Plastic Deformation, Fatigue Life Cycle.

• Optimized the design near severe deformation and critical stress areas to overcome spring back effect. FEM analysis for vehical door Bracket – CATIA V5, HyperMesh

• Designed, meshed and analyzed bracket for high-stress performances.

• Computed 2D & 3D meshing with different element types (S4R, C3D8I) in HyperMesh (Optistruct).

• Applied proper constraints and loads to the door bracket, to analyze deformation and stress.

• Redesigned the door bracket without changing the gauge, to achieve stress reduction by more than 20%. Design of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Process – ABAQUS, HyperMesh

• Modeled dies and Aluminum billet in HyperMesh, for extrusion process and performed analysis in ABAQUS.

• Studied the effect of coefficient of friction, temperature and width-to-thickness ratio of the plastic strain.

• Modified channel geometry to get optimal plastic deformation. Thermal Analysis of Flip Chip Package – ABAQUS, HyperMesh

• Designed, meshed and analyzed heat flow of solder ball, filler material and substrate in HyperMesh.

• Simulated two different Thermal Deformation analysis (cyclic thermal load) of Flip Chip Package in ABAQUS.

• Calculated and compared fatigue life of a Clean and Void model. Vehicle Crash and Occupant Safety analysis – LS Dyna, HyperMesh, HyperGraph

• Performed different crash analysis (Full Frontal, Oblique, Side, and Roof crash using LS-Dyna) & rated according to FMVSS, IIHS, and NCAP standards.

• Analyzed the crash pulse, barrier forces, structural deformation for fore and aft engine and compared with available crush space and checked for intrusion into occupant space.

• Conducted simulation with Hybrid III 50th male dummy at driver’s position and 5th female dummy at the passenger seat and analyzed dummy responses and injury curves on HEAD, CHEST, NECK & PELVIS.

• Optimized design in critical load-carrying parts, to reduce intrusion into occupant space. Effects of Active Safety on Passive Safety

• Studied effects of Automatic Emergency Breaking and Pretensioner in frontal and oblique crash tests.

• Analyzed Pretensioner and load limiters effect on occupant injury reduction.

• Studied epidemiology, injury biomechanics and regulations of active on passive safety.

• Compared crash pulse, injury criteria and occupant displacements for different safety systems. Crash Impact on Child

• Presented a seminar on Child Side Impact explaining Epidemiology, Injury Mechanism and Injury Criteria.

• Detailed analysis of side and front impact on children, with and without a booster seat.

• Studied Head, Neck, Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis Injury criteria and their AIS score during severe impact.

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