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Engineer Microsoft Office

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
January 22, 2018

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Address: *** **** *** *, **** *** Minneapolis MN – 55454

Mobile: +1-541-***-****


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I want to contribute my skill-set and gain professional experience in the field of Embedded System Design. My goal is to work with passion and perfection to build a successful career.


Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering [Jan 2013 to May 2014].

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (NC). GPA – 3.5/4.0

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication [Aug 2008 to Jun 2011].

University of Pune (India). Grade – First Class with Distinction: 68.34% [GPA - 4.0/4.0 as per WES]


Coding Language Proficiencies: Embedded C, C++, Python, VHDL/Verilog, Assembly level coding

Development Software Proficiencies: MATLAB (2013), ModelSim (10.1b), MP-LAB IDE (by Micro-chip), TI Code Composer Studio v6, Renesas HEW, Multisim 12.0, NI LabVIEW (Beginner)

Microcontrollers/Processor Architectures: Atmel 89C51, Microchip PIC18F, Renesas RX62N & RX63N, TI MSP430, IA64, Power PC, ARM

Laboratory Equipment: Digital Multi-meter (DMM), DSO, Function Generator, Logic Analyzer

Other Software Proficiencies: Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), LaTeX


Master’s Project (August 2013 – May 2014):

Recycle Bot - A prototype of an autonomous robot. Roles and responsibilities: Team Lead and Systems Engineer, also responsible for the design of Drive Train and distribution of appropriate power supply.

B.E (Undergraduate) Project (2010-2011):

Programmable S.M.P.S - (Switch Mode Power Supply) – A variable output voltage and current sourcing supply, which is set using a PIC MCU (18F by Microchip). A RTC using I2C bus gives a timed operation.


Simulating Data Cache Memory Controller [Computer Architecture; Spring-2013]

To detect Data and Control Dependencies in a Code [Computer Architecture; Spring-2013]

Construction and Control of a 4 wheeled robot [Introduction to Robotics; Summer 2013]

To Construct a Color Image of the Abell 1689 in MATLAB, [Applied Computer Graphics; Fall-2013]

To Design and Simulate (using Test-Bench) an 8-bit RISC Processor with Interrupt handling [Advanced Hardware Design using VHDL; Fall 2013]

Implementation of CAN bus protocol for transmission of data using two Renesas RX63N development boards [Advanced Embedded Systems Design, Spring 2014]

Run FreeRTOS on Renesas RX63N board [Advanced Embedded Systems Design, Spring 2014]

Wireless communication using Xbee module [Advanced Embedded Systems Design, Spring 2014]

Automatic Baud Rate Detection of UART [Advanced Embedded Systems Design, Spring 2014]


Embedded Firmware Test Engineer – Medtronic (MN)

1.Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (Medtronic Monitoring, Cardiac Rhythm And Heart Failure - 09/14 till date)

I am working as a Firmware Test Engineer for Cardiac Rhythm Diagnostic and Monitoring product. My main responsibilities include the following:

Designing and validating the Firmware Test Plans as per the Quality and Regulatory framework.

Designing and validating the Hardware Test Setup for testing the product.

Write (and validate) Test Scripts for possible automation of Functional Testing of Firmware.

Prepare and review the Test Reports for the release of Firmware to production.

2.Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure – 07/17 till date as part time project)

I am working part time in the implantables group as a Firmware Verification test developer to enhance my development skills. My responsibilities include developing tests (in C language) to verify firmware requirements for the Polaris ICD. Other work includes reviewing tests and compile a test suite for regression testing for firmware verification.

Other projects:

Design and implementation of a python based application for playback of ECGs for testing the SEEQ MCT system. The ECG signals used are from a large and growing archive of well-characterized digital recordings of physiologic signals known as PhysioBank. The standardized formats used are MIT standard Format 212 and Format 16.

The DAC used for waveform playback is LabJack T7 (

Teaching Assistant-ship for the course ECGR 2181 Logic Systems Design – 1 with Dr. Madhav Manjrekar (01/14 to 05/14)

The course was based on basics of digital circuit design using Boolean algebra and their transistor level implementation. The work included grading home-works and tests, conducting recitation lectures once a week for problem solving and doubt removal, and to help the students with their difficulties and concerns throughout the course.

Worked with Cognizant Technology Solutions, India ( 9/11 to 10/12) – Software Engineer – Testing

Worked as a member of the web-testing team for Banking and Financial Services Sector, for our client Credit Suisse on a project named Global – Know Your Customer (GKYC – Singapore and Hong-Kong)

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