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Public Health Professional Experience

San Francisco, California, United States
January 22, 2018

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Esther Yuxin Tong

Email: Phone: 617-***-****

Address: **** ******* ******, *** *********, 94103 PROFILE

Master of Public Health graduate concentrating in bio-statistics, with strong statistical analysis skills, financial management skills, and administrative experiences; passionate about statistical analysis, research conducting and coordination in health care field. EDUCATION

BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, Boston, MA Master of Public Health in Bio-statistics September 2015 – May 2017 GPA:3.77/4.00


Logistic Regression and Survival Analysis, Statistic methods in Epidemiology, Database Management Essentials for SQL, Meta-analysis for public health and medical research, Intermediate Statistical Computing and Applied Regression Analysis FUDAN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LIFE SCIENCE, Shanghai, CHINA Bachelor of Science in Biological Science September 2011 – June 2015 GPA:3.0/4.0


1. Strong statistical analysis skills, experienced in using SAS program and R program 2. Database management skills, experienced in MySQL and Oracle 3. Research conducting and coordination, familiar with REDCap and EPIC 4. Literature review, Critical writing skills

5. Data visualization skills, experienced in Excel, Tableau PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Research Assistant May 2016-April 2017

Family Medicine Department, Boston Medical Center

I participated in a project named PRIMIER (Patients Receiving Integrative Medicine Interventions Effectiveness Registry). The purpose of the project is to value the best Integrative Medicine (IM) practices.

My responsibilities in the project are

Recruit eligible patients and help participants finish questionnaires

Retention records of email, mail, phone calls, and in-person visit in clinic

Lead weekly team meetings of a six-member team for and train new team members

Successfully build up connections with new IM clinics and maintained good cooperation with previous clinics

Recruited over 80 participants, increased overall retention rate from 35% to 75% in 10 months period

Course projects

Using logistic regression and Cox’s proportional hazards regression to analyze the association between life longevity, one specific genotype variable, and physical function.

Using meta-analysis method to reevaluate Holger’s paper on the effectiveness of yoga and its effectiveness of short term low back pain.

Using ANOVA, ANCOVA, multiple linear regression model, Collinearity analysis, and piecewise linear regression to analyze the association between parental smoking during pregnancy and pregnancy outcome.

Using descriptive analysis, t-test, and multivariable linear regression to examining the association between Personal Health Record Use and Glycated Hemoglobin A1c.

Using chi-square test and t-test to analysis the association between PHR Use and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus quality measure outcomes.

Using full cost analysis for Mount Vernon Case Study to adjust budget for each of the Mission Departments.

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