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Backend Ruby / Unix Developer

Marietta, Georgia, United States
January 19, 2018

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Matt Lankford

Ruby Developer


Independent Contractor / Developer

Sep 2008 to Present

● This started without planning when one of my previous vendors noticed modifications I made to their client code and asked me to rebuild their Javascript based video serving platform. This morphed into creating and maintaining applications for various companies using many technologies such as: creating a pure Ruby library for Bank of America NACHA file creation, YellowBook style marketing platforms with Rails, prototyping a cloud based engine monitoring system for commercial vehicles traveling down the road on a single board computer, created many ETL workflows and more. Most jobs required Ruby and many Rails.

● Some projects only required maintenance or bug fixes and refactoring while others would require full life cycle development. Companies ranged in size from small telecom startups and medium sized marketing companies all the way to international financial companies and the US government. Some with datasets measured in hundreds of thousands, others in the billions.

● Sample of companies: US Naval Academy,,, Fiduciary Solutions, Annuity Alternatives,,, Walton Construction Services, Salazar Waterproofing, Carnival Promotions, Razer Global Marketing, Tingly Chiropractic Centers

● Technologies: Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, Ruby 1.8 - 2.4, Rails 2.x - 5.x, Sinatra, Git, Rspec, Minitest, HTML, Haml, SLIM, CSS, SCSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, RethinkDB, Javascript, Chef, Capistrano, Rake, Docker, Vim, Linux Command Line Tools, Python, Perl, PHP, JQuery, Rest APIs, JSON, SSH, Apache, Nginx, Caddy, Screen / TMUX, Google Apps for Domains, Bash Shell Scripting, TDD, BDD, Selenium, Watir, PhantomJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS, JQuery, DNS Chief Technology Officer

Your Best Rate Financial - Jul 2000 to Sep 2008

● Was a founding partner and key player in growing from a small family owned company to INC. magazine's 77th fastest growing company in 2007. Wanting to be hands on, I developed in house systems that allowed our rapid growth by utilizing what became known as Agile methodologies to keep my team lean and mean.

● Moved from many years of Perl programming over to Ruby for systems development very early in the life of the company. Most web work was created in Sinatra and Rails with some Ramaze.

● Used cloud based services ( SaaS ) to enable large company ability while maintaining small company flexibility.

● I created our backend with SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture ) in mind using SOAP / WSDL Rest like APIs

● Most Frontend work was standard hand coded Rails / HTML / CSS / Javascript for internal use with some external facing sites.

● Technologies: Ruby 1.x, Rails 2.x, Ramaze, MERB, Subversion, Rake, CVS, HTML, MySQL, Javascript, Vim, Linux Command Line Tools, HTML, CSS, Javascript,Vim, Unix Command Line Tools, Perl, Ruby, Windows (Server and Client) Norton Ghost, Linux (redhat and debian based) SCO Unix, Xenix, Bash, T1 / ISDN, Cisco, x.25, IP, Screen, SOAP / WSDL, CVS, Subversion, VMWare, MS Office, Google Apps for Domains, Batch, Bash Shell Scripting, PHP, Apache, JQuery, Prototype,, DNS, SSH


Data Center Operations Manager

Naviant - Nov 1998 to Jul 2000

● Started as a simple system administrator and quickly became responsible for all aspects of running and maintaining the data center.

● Redesigned and implemented entire platform to bring performance and uptime from a unsatisfactory level to more than anyone hoped for, at half the budget allocated.

● Relocated entire data center to new facility, again without disrupting business. Realigned operations and procedures after acquisition by a larger company.

● Technologies: CVS, Subversion, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vim, Unix Command Line Tools, Perl, Ruby, Windows (Server and Client) Norton Ghost, Linux (redhat and debian based) SCO Unix, Xenix, Bash, T1 / ISDN, Cisco, x.25, IP, Lucent Portmaster Access Concentrators, Nortel Meridian / Panasonic / Toshiba telecom equipment, MS Office, Bash Shell Scripting, MySQL, DNS Director Of Information Systems

American Liberty Mortgage - Aug 1997 to Nov 1998

● Quickly rebuilt entire network to alleviate dismal down-times costing thousands of dollars daily.

● Stabilized core applications going from nearly useless to outstanding performance and profitability.

● Took control of marketing data management and reduced costs from $1.2 million dollars monthly to less than

$600,000 while increasing customer contacts.

● Created entirely new telemarketing hardware and software systems from scratch enabling further cost reductions and performance enhancements.

● Technologies: Linux (redhat / debian), HTML, Javascript, Vim, Unix Command Line Tools, Windows (server / client), Norton Ghost, IP, Dialogic, MS Office, Perl, Bash Shell Scripting, PHP, Bash Shell Scripting, Cisco Routers, 3M Layer 3 Switching Equipment, MySQL, Predictive Dialers, DNS Programmer Analyst II

Internet MCI - May 1995 to Aug 1997

● Quickly became the "go to guy" in a fast paced support environment. Found solutions quickly and presented them in ways that non-technical people could understand.

● Continually improved knowledge as the Internet improved and evolved. Installed company's first Linux server in order to create tools and techniques to provide customer support faster and with better results.

● Technologies: Linux (redhat / debian), HTML, Javascript, Vim, Linux Command Line Tools, Windows

(server / client) mSQL (precursor to MySQL) Visual Basic, Basic, C / C++, Java, IP, PHP, Bash Shell Scripting


I have held CNE (Novel) / MCSE (Microsoft) / CCNE (Cisco) in the past SKILLS

Ruby (10+ years), Perl (8 years), LINUX (10+ years), MySQL (15+ years)

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