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Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
January 19, 2018

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Mark Sydow

DATE: ****/**/**

From April 1990 to 31 October 1994

I worked for the Department of Housing as a senior administration Officer. I was responsible for 13 staff members for whom I was a supervisor. I performed the following tasks:

Served on various committees;

Wrote complex responses to ministerial inquiries;

Wrote submissions to housing committees;

Attended to numerous personal interviews;

Attended to issues from the public who were in the main without housing and who were searching for a solutions to their housing needs. This was a very satisfying time of my life and I was involved in the writing of a number of very important submissions to the minister and various housing bodies. Answered numerous telephone inquiries;

Responsible for the Management of 13 staff members which entailed the following:

Delegation of work.

Monitoring of performance as pertaining to daily and monthly task execution..

Where under performance was discovered the development of suitable intervention strategies to rectify the

Aforementioned became a priority.

Yearly staff appraisals and the submission to higher echelons of management with accompanying review process.

Management of staff as pertaining to leave.

Disciplinary processes where applicable.

It was during this period that I completed my masters in public administration with a thesis directed at addressing housing needs in South Africa. In this thesis I proposed a model which would assist in alleviating needs in the area of housing.

I left to join my brother in law in a family business.

From 1 November 1994 to 31 April 1997

I worked for a Diamond mine in Barkly West as an Administrative Manager my tasks included the following:

Set up of a Yearly Budget and monthly monitoring of expenditure.

All bookkeeping functions, all ledgers were handwritten and maintained in this manner.

This included the following:

General Ledger; Bank Recon; Petty Cash

Creditors, Debtors; Invoicing

Provisioning included herein were the following:

Ascertain need usually identified in the form of a breakdown of provisioning requirements.

Communication with Operational Manager;

Sourcing of Parts;

Completion of Requisition;

Approval and ordering.

Monitoring of delivery;

Completion of process with payment.

Personnel Administration

Maintenance of Personnel Files;

Leave maintenance and approval;

Disciplinary procedures;

Personnel contracts.

Salary and wage administration

Maintenance of a salary register for 15 personnel.

Maintenance of a twice monthly wage register for 55 personnel

Management reports on budgeting and other issues

I left because I intended to start my own computer business in Kroonstad.

Form 1 May 1997 to 31 December 1997

I started my own computer business, but this failed two months after arriving in Kroonstad. I was unemployed from 1 July 1997 until 31 December 1997.

From 1 January 1998 to February 2005

I joined stats SA at the beginning of 1998 and was placed in the classification team of the then Sub Directorate Business Classification and Database. I was responsible as supervisor for three team members, and acted as a secretariat for all classification committees in statistics at that time, together with the steering committee for all these committees.

Towards the end of that year I indicated that I was prepared to assist with the redevelopment of the Business Address Register. I underwent extensive training and attended numerous courses within Statistics SA and with outside training bodies. On 1 July 1999 my post was redeployed in a chief programmers post.

I was involved intensively with the Business Frame up until Feb 2005 and I redeveloped myself into a highly skilled SQL, Visual Basic 6, and SSANAME 3 programmer. I developed a sound knowledge of Centura the front end development program used to develop the Business Frame. It is particularly my SQL skills which are of a high standard particularly in relation to writing queries, data down loading and data extraction, and the manipulation of this data into meaningful formats. I have also used crystal reports 8.5 to present data in a meaningful manner within a VB6 environment.

I was appointed in the post of Team Leader responsible for the following duties:

Management of a team of five programmers;

Operational planning

Performance management;

Maintenance of sections budget;

Team members Training;

Documentation of Database Infrastructure;

Database administration;

Data downloads and other programming activities,

Haglund 2005/02/15 to 2005/09/30

Responsible for the bookkeeping functions, all ledgers including the following:

General Ledger; Bank Recon; Petty Cash; Creditors; Debtors; Invoicing

Vat returns, PAYE, UIF, and SDL; Financial Management Reports.

Vukani-Ubuntu 2006/01/02 to 2007/06/30 (General Manager)

I was pointed to the position of General Manager which entailed the management four projects in four different provinces as pertaining to the following:

Project Management

Project Reporting.

Management of Human Resources at project level.

Management of four project budgets.

Management of four Petty cashes.

Management of all book keeping functions at project levels.

Monitoring of the quality of training at all four projects.

Project visits and assessment.

Report backs to Managing Director.

Management Administration

Human Resources:


oAdvertising of Posts;

oJob interviews;

oSalaries & Wages;

oManagement of all leave;

oDisciplinary Processes;

oFiling and maintenance of staff files;

oPerformance Management.

Financial Accounting:




oPetty Cash;



oYearly set up and maintenance of Budgets

oManagement Reports.

Quality Management System:

oAppointed as managerial representative;

oMaintain Procedures (i.e. Quality Management System QMS);

oManagement CAR (Corrective Action Records);

oChair quarterly management review meetings;

oMonitor the quality of administrative task executions in terms of the QMS.

Learnership Manager Tasks:

oLiaise with seta;

oManage learnership contracts;

oManage learnership attendance;

oManage learnership payments;

oAnswer and deal with all learnership enquiries.

BCS COMPANY HOLDINGS COMPANY (PTY) LTD (15/09/2008 till 31/07/2011) - Financial Controller

I started working for the above company on 15 September 2008 and had the following responsibilities:

1.Team leader of the financial department and I perform various supervisory functions which include the following:

1.1The delegation of tasks to individual staff members.

1.2The monitoring of the performance of tasks executed by individual staff members.

1.3 The analysis of the final product and the provision of input which is conveyed to both staff and management as to how the final product can be improved.

1.4 Management in this area included the following although it should be noted that this is not exhaustive:

Debtors control;

Creditors control;

Account reconciliations

Ensuring that all financial procedures are followed correctly and adhered to.

I was personally responsible for the following financial functions:

Management of all cash books and the daily processing of information into Pastel Evolution.

Responsible for SARS reporting and the delivery of the following:

EMP201 & VAT201 reconciliations.

Fleet Services including monthly recons and the capturing thereof on Pastel Evolution.

The monitoring of credit card usage and reporting

In addition to the above I was appointed to the position of Company Secretary of the above Company and I was responsible for the following:

The attendance of all Directors Meetings, minute taking, sign off and filing of all minutes in a secure register for future record keeping

All Directors resolutions approved were recorded signed off and there implementation facilitated and then filed safely for future reference.

Where decisions were made in resolutions which had a direct bearing on staff and the operations of the company this was disseminated and distributed as a notice to all staff.

All Company documents were safely filed for future reference and for audit purposes.

All decisions that effected the company requiring that the implementation of these changes be reported to DTI were reported and changes made by documents like CM29’S etc.

Human Resources Manager:

I was also responsible for this function in its totality with no supports staff.

Monitoring of all staff leave whether it be sick or ordinary leave and the capturing of information on VIP;

Salary processing VIP;

Generation of reports on VIP;

IRP 5 Recon and submission;

Maintenance of staff discipline;


oNotification of hearings.

oScheduling of hearings.

oHearing Support.

oCCMA attendance where required

Management of the identification of staff requirements, advertising, interviews, placement, induction salary determination and signing of contract

Capacity reports.

Monitoring of staff working hours.

Management Reporting on Human Resources.

Career-Pathing and identification of training needs.

Management of performance management and staff appraisals.

Responsible for the whole filing system of the company.

Implementation and monitoring of a filing system as it pertains to Optiplan a colour coded

system was used for ease of reference.

Atteridgeville Jewellery Project (Project Administrator) 2007/07/01 till 2014/06/31

I have worked at the above jewellery training and manufacturing organisation situated within Atteridgeville for the above period.

I was responsible for the following:

The Management of all administrative tasks including the following:

oCorrespondence with donor organisations and other company’s

oAll submissions to donor organisations.

oThe set up and maintenance of a filing system. (Optiplan)

oAll communication with Government Setas, Fet colleges and departments like SEDA and DTI.

oCosting linked to the production of jewellery.


Finances including the following:



oFinancial Reports

oElectronic Banking

oMonitoring and approval of spending.

oPetty Cash.

I also provided Learner support particular in the area of Learner assessment, providing a help desk for all learners and queries. I am also responsible for the management of grants, reporting to our SETA on progress.

I was a serving Director on the Board of Directors.

I am a qualified Moderator and Assessor who has experience in the implementation and maintenance of ISO procedures.

MStores - Debtors Analysis 2014 .07.01 till current

Creation of Debtor Accounts on Accpac:

oShops send request to birth client on Accpac.

oAscertain if client exists from on strength files loaded on SQL.

oIf not, return enquiry to Shop asking for a payslip if not on the on strength file.

oBirth new client onto the system.

Update the following tables on the collections database.

A tabulated yearly schedule of submissions to be made.

The table reflecting statistical information on submissions as to dates, mine and total number of entries.

Statistics South Africa

Do the workings and enter the statistical information on the prescribed form and submit on a monthly basis.


oReceive Termination notifications from mines

oCheck for outstanding balances.

oIf an outstanding balance does exist check submissions raised already to determine if it has already been submitted.

oIf not approach mine for clarification as to whether it can still be deducted.

oEnsure by all means that the mines raise the outstanding amount and pay it to MSTORES

oSet all terminated employees to the position of on hold a position of 1 on ACCPAC, using SQL

Import on Strength Files

oResponsible for the sourcing of 19 on strength files from various mines usually by means of email.

oOnce received these files must me formatted correctly so as to be properly downloaded into SQL.

oDownload these files onto the SQL database


oGenerate +/- 42 Submissions per month of various sizes and formats.

oRun checks on these files in SQL to check firstly for duplication and secondly the structure of the current submission as it relates to previous submissions in terms of its submission & payment history.

oEnsure that the submission meets the requirements of the specific mine i.e. Word or Excel format.

oObtain approval from Management for submission.

oSubmit once approval has been obtained in terms of mine requirements i.e. cover letters etc.

Payment Files

oReceive payment files from Mines and Area Managers.

oSet up files for download and check firstly that the correct mine prefix has been appended to the coy number.

Secondly ensure correct bank code, dates and correct format of numeric values are used

oPrepare for upload.

oLoad information onto ACCPAC and the Collections database on SQL in the case of Lonmin.

Collections Report

oExtract information from Mstores Web reports.

oDistribute to Area Managers and operations manager

Debtor Maintenance

Customer Queries

oDetermine nature of query.

oExtract information from Debtor account.

oFormulate report.

oGive report backs to enquiries on the possible nature of the problem and solution thereto.


Where creditors complain about balances do reconciliations.

Reconcile all Debits to Credits showing clearly how each reconciles back to the other.

Provide a clear report which the shop manager can then discuss with the client.

Monitor overspending

Extract debtors report showing high balances.

Do reconciliation to determine reason.

Where no reasonable reason can be found place the offending debtor on hold and report it to the area manager.

Payment of Credits to debtors

Receive request from Area Manager.

Extract a submissions profile from SQL. Determine If the credit note was applied after the submission was made or before as the will impact on the application of credit processing.

Extract and Age Analysis from Accpac to see if credit is readily available for repayment.

In some cases have to wait for the next payment file before payment occurs.

Ensure a bank statement, id and salary slip reflecting payment to debtor are attached.

I have also worked for a number of Other Clients performing similar financial tasks as mentioned above, the following is a list:

Siyavuna Floral ( Floral Business)

Leamogetswe Safety Home (Children’s Home)

World Creative Manufacturing Jewellers (Jewellery Manufacturer)

Super Size Packs (Packaging and Distribution)

Pastoral Experience

I was ordained in October 2010 as Pastor in Victory Life Church situated in North-Pretoria, South Africa.

I was involved in an evangelical outreach body for a period of 10 months and was actively involved in the winning of souls. I however started actively getting involved in a church ministry from 01 April 2011 where I became responsible for the following:

Preaching on a Sunday sometimes both morning and evening services

Leading the church prayer hour on a Wednesday evening

Counselling of men an woman

Evangelical outreach on Saturday, actively involved in the winning of Souls of Jesus.


Church Administration

House Visits

Hospital Ministry

When the need arose Weddings and Funerals.

Educational profile


I completed my matric at Empangeni High School at the end of 1978 obtaining a matriculation exemption in the following subjects:








I completed a Bachelor of Social Science Degree at the University of Cape Town with the following subjects:

Psychology 1, 2 & 3

History 1 & 2

Biblical studies 1, 2 & 3

Philosophy 1

I completed an Honours Degree in Public administration at the end of 1992 at the University of Stellenbosch with the following subjects:

Introduction to Public Management Science

Introduction to State Science

Introduction to Economy

Public Personnel Management

Public Financial Management

Public Policy Analysis

Public Organization Science

Advanced Public Management

Local Government and management

Local Administration law

Research methodologies

Oral Exam

I completed a Masters Degree in Public Administration at the end of 1993 at the University of Stellenbosch. My dissertation covered Housing issues and proposed a model for future action in this area of great need.

I have completed numerous courses and I attach them for perusal.

I was busy studying at Unisa towards a Data metrics Diploma ad have completed the following courses:

Introduction to programming 1

Theoretical computer science 1

Introduction to programming 2

Computer systems fundamental concepts

Introduction to visual programming

Systems analysis and design methods

I have also attended a number of other computer courses and they include the following:

Administering databases using SQL 7, administering SQL 2000 server, Ventura programming, SSaname 3, VB6 courses, a system design course and other Microsoft courses in excel, access, word and PowerPoint. I have partially completed a project Management course offered by Stats.

Highest achievements

Outside the work environment

The day I graduated with my master’s degree was a day of great joy and achievement, and one to be treasured for the rest of my life.

Within the work environment

That I was able to transform myself from an administrative position, to that of a programmer successfully in Statistics South Africa. One of my most important achievements was the interview that I had with computer week magazine; I appeared on the front page of this magazine, and also featured as a main article in this magazine. It gave me such joy to feature in this magazine and promote the image Statistics South Africa positively. (Copy of front page attached at the back)

Personal Particulars

Name Mark Anthony Sydow

ID 5902085032086

Address 875 Vetrivier Weg, Suiderberg

Telephone 074 *** ****

Home Tel 061 *** ****



Fana Maseko Tel: 012 *** ****

(Atteridgeville) Cell: 073 *** ****

Matlakala Makhubela Cell: 083 3319 994

(Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors Atteridgeville Jewellery Projects)

Willie Maritz Cell: 082 5629 486

(Personal Friend)


If given the opportunity I will dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the attainment of your organisational goals.

I enjoy new challenges and find them to be effective places for growth and development. In the end any problems faced are but doorways to new opportunities. I am a team player who enjoys the vibrancy and dynamics of team interplay, sharing the opportunities given and the discovery of original and creative solutions.

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