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Software Engineer Design

Los Angeles, California, United States
January 20, 2018

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Jan, **th ****

Chieu Q Luu

***** ****** **.

Reseda, CA 91335

Home: 818-***-****

Cell: 818-***-****


To: Hire Executive

Dear Hire Executive

I am looking for Software Engineer position. I am interested in C/C++/C# language as my expertise, least but not last, I can outperform other language as well. I would like to submit my resume in application. I believe my experience and qualifications will fulfill the requirements to perform the job.

As you can see from my resume, I have a background in programming for more than sixteen years with some different language such as Access, VB, Delphi, and my expertise was C/C++ for more than eight straight years, plus about ten years with .NET, and one year with PHP. My current position was programmer analyst III, and I was a team leader since 1997. I have also demonstrated the ability to coordinate and organize projects in the field under variety of working conditions with little and no supervision.

For my part, I would to put my expertise and experience to work for the benefit of teamwork projects, and/or individual, where quality and timing is the guiding values, as stated in your position description. Too often in the corporate world, the demand for higher profit margins takes precedence over innovative developments and quality. My experience in programming and, however, has given me the ability to achieve designed results in the most efficient manner possible, thus cutting costs and increasing productivity.

For a code sample, please visit or

Please review the enclosed resume and call me at the number above. I would like to talk with you about the position if you think that I can handle the job and what my experience can bring to your Department, and has an opportunity to contribute my abilities.

Yours truly,

Chieu Q Luu

Chieu Q Luu

18246 Blythe St., Reseda, CA 91335

Home: 818-***-****

Cell: 818-***-****




With in-depth knowledge of software development throughout the system’s lifecycle … Strong software professional with an extensive history covering Hardware communication, System Control, Window and Web application, end-user support, troubleshooting, and upgrades for existing systems full lifecycle process, from concept to completion. Lead in project phases, such as frame work architecture, analysis design, and infrastructures to system framework design, enhancements and technical support for Financial, Medical, Semi-Conductor, Auto-Mobil, Medical and Manufacturing systems. Redesign and rewrite existing application to new platform such as Visual Basic to under .NET frame work. Upgrade and perform product modifications to in-place operations to accommodate for new technological strides.


SQL, Access, Source Safe, MS Project, Java, JavaScript, ODBC SDK, Delphi 2.0/3.0, MS SQL, Oracle, C / C++ / C#, ASP.NET, MS IIS, VB 5.0/6.0 (OOP)/VB.NET, MS Office 97/2000 (Word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint), MFC/MFCEX(Stingray), Visual C++ 2.0/5.0/6.0/7.0, Win SDK 16/32 API, C++/COM, ATL/COM, MFC/COM, ActiveX, OLEDB, ADO, ADO.NET, DAO, MULTI-THREAD, TCP/IP, CSocket( MFC ), Winsock, VC++ 2.0 up to 7.0, Win 95/98, 2000, Win NT 4.0 and XP, Unix, Linux, Visual Studio.NET, Adobe Photoshop, Crystal Report, Paint Shop Pro, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, XML Schema, SOAP, WebService, Window Communication Foundation( WFC ), Window Presentation Foundation( WPF ), Service Oriented Architecture( SOA ), Expression Studio and Silverlight, Ajax, JSON, javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL Server, ASP.NET MVC with Razor and MS SQL Server, Angularjs 1.xx and Angular2


Full stack developer

HRL( Huge research laboratory ) June 2017 – current ( Contractor )

Malibu, CA


Perform data analysis for Scientist

Gather data and create full life circle application represent to end user

UI architecture for the entire project

Working on variety projects at the same time for difference scientists

Utilizing Google maps, Google Charts and Dygraph

Dynamic create user interface based on user selection

Design complex HTML user friendly table with feature such as: sort, CRUD

Create several complex dynamic custom component in runtime using Angular 2

Load data from multiple Excel and xml files. Create dynamic graphical charts depend on user click, double click and mouse drag

Heavily using complex json data structure to communicate between client and server


SQL Server 2012, DJango

Software tool:

Visual Studio Code, dot net framework 4.5, Entity framework 6.0, Svn Source control


C#, Python, T-SQL, Javascript, Angularjs 2/4, Typescript, HTML5, CSS2/3

Software .NET Developer

Bank of America June 2015 – March 2017 ( Contractor )

Westlake Village, CA


Perform data analysis

Optimize query

Implement IEF( Input, Export framework )

Gather data from difference source and download into the main stream

Collect data from difference database and export to end user

Maintenance, bug fix and modified Business core component using csharp

Modified client site UI and script to adapt business logic changed with css3, javascript and

Angularjs 1.4 / 2.0

Create or modified store proc, function to adapt business logic changed


SQL Server 2012, T-SQL

Software tool:

Visual Studio 2013, dot net framework 4.5, Entity framework 6.0, TFS Source control

Senior Web Developer

Fattail Feb 2015 – April 2015 ( Contractor )

Woodland Hills, CA


Write new component for Secure SFTP.

Generate Report, CSV and PDF and use SFTP upload those files to client secure sever.

Convert IO Status Configuration component asp classis to webform.

Redo UI for IO Status Configuration interface using CSS3 and Bootstrap.

Modify Telerik existing grid, added more feature such as filter, add hyperlink and image into the grid in the runtime based on user filter.

Write unit test for existing API

Software used:

Javascript, JSON, JQuery, Ajax, ASP Classis, ASP.NET Webform, C#, CSS2, CSS3, Bootstrap, .NET 4.0

Development tool is visual studio 2010 / 2012

SVN version control


SQL Server 2012

Senior Web Developer

Gridbot May 2014 – Nov 2014 ( Consultant )

Independence Consultant, CA


Build the entire website from beginning to end

Used Google Earth API to locate the nearest charging station for customer

Implement Socket communication between Charge station and sever

Software used for frontend:

Javascript, JSON, JQuery, Angularjs, Type Script, CSS2, CSS3, Bootstrap, .NET 4.5

LESS Compiler, HTML4, HTML5

Software used for backend:

Development tool is visual studio 2013

Entity Framework 5

TFS version control

C# is the language use thru out the entire application

Dot net 4.5


SQL Server 2012

Senior Web Developer ( SME )

Farmer Insurance Sept 2012 – March 2014 ( Consultant )

Woodland Hills, CA


Design and coding internet web base application under Microsoft web platform.

Convert asp classic legacy code to ASP.NET MVC 4 model.

Lead in design Client site Web interface UI.

Lead in design server site with RESTFUL approach and Repository.

Utilize ASP.NET MVC 4; C# is the language use thru out the entire development circle.

Convert ASP classic code to C#, re-factor and applied design pattern such as: Composite, Strategy, Decorator, Rule, Repository, Façade, Dependency Injection, etc.;

Defensive coding style approach.

LINQ and Lambda was used extensively in coding but Lambda is use often.

Design frame work follow S.O.L.I.D principle and O.O.P.

Full life circle development by self. First person lead the team develop web base application exploit ASP.NET MVC 4.

Help and teach team member with complex UI design. Teach them how to debug web base UI more effectively, and how to design complex UI interface by using Wireframe technic.

Bring in JQuery, JSON and AJAX and latest was Angularjs 1.2

Design complex data abstract with JSON structure.

Browser Independent such as IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Google chrome.

Write asynchronous communication for web services.

Help in design and test Repository with Data model Mapping approach.

Create HTMLHelper extension to provide more functionality for Textbox, Radio button,

Dropdown list, etc;

SPA ( Single Page Application ) by exploit Angularjs since start of Feb.

First person built SPA application from the ground up for Farmers with Angularjs and Bootstrap. Hundred percent hands on coding Angularjs.

W3C Compliance.

Agile Scrum development environment.

Software used:

Javascript, Typescript, JSLint, JSON, JQuery, Angular.js, Ajax, ASP.NET MVC 3/4,

C#, CSS2, CSS3, LESS Compiler, HTML4, HTML5, Bootstrap, .NET 4.0/4.5, WebApi

RESTFUL style extensive using WebApi back end and Angularjs front end

Development tool is visual studio 2010 / 2012 / 2013

Enterprise library 6.0


SQL Server 2008, DB2


One of SME( Subject Matter Expert ) team member( total of 5 )

Provide solution, advise to Offshore team in India ( total 27 members )

Handle all aspect of Farmer Business Insurance Enterprise application conversion

phrase to phrase, make sure that deliver on time with quality, adherence to

company policy and best practice.

Programmer Analyst III

Sept 2011 – Sept 2012 ( contractor )

UCLA ( University of Los Angeles )


Design and coding internet web base for Registrar office with full class search feature like Google, auto search when user type. The user can search by text or number.

Convert Short term loan application from window base to internet base.

Support production legacy code written in asp classis, and php.

Utilize ASP.NET MVC 3; C# is the language use thru out the entire development circle.

Full life circle development by self. First person in the team develop web base application exploit ASP.NET MVC 3.

Help other team member with their design and testing. Teach them how to debug web base more effectively, and how to design complex UI.

Bring in JQuery and JSON.

Create new database model and database access with Entity Framework

Design complex data abstract with JSON structure.

Browser Independent such as IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Google chrome.

Run on Mobile device without conversion effort.

Software used:

Javascript, JSON, JQuery, Ajax, ASP.NET Webform, ASP.NET MVC 3, VB.NET,

C#, CSS2, CSS3, HTML5, .NET 3.5/4.0, LINQ, LAMDBA

RESTFUL approach

Development tool is visual studio 2010

Kendo UI framework

Entity framework


SQL Server 2008, DB2, Access

Senior software Developer

GR Medical Management Feb 2010 – April 2011

Chatsworth, CA

GR Medical is the internet company providing online Practice Management System.


Design and create business work flow from the ground up with assist of senior accounting by employed UML design.

Design user specification and technical specification base on business work flow utilizing UML design.

Data migration between SQL Server( client database ) and MySQL server( grmm database ) with the help of SSIS.

Convert complex Transact-SQL to store procedure.

First person to utilize JQuery, Ajax and store procedure for the company, and also apply those into some existing project.

Project management, providing task to the other and report milestone directly to CEO.

Create and design web service with WCF

Build PHP extension library for HTML controls such as: html table, tr, td, selection etc,;

Eliminate the way create control by using html tag name. The design was utilized object

Oriented Programming, which are included: abstract class, inheritance and interface.

Create report under PDF format by using TCPDF library.

Use smart draw for UML design.

Design, Create and build EMR (Electronic Medical Record) form such as superbills, pr2, DFR etc, by self from beginning to end. Extensively use JQuery and Ajax for front end

Developed new applications with ASP.NET MVC 2 with Razor since August 2010. New application was utilized:

Javascript, JSON, JQuery, Ajax, ASP.NET MVC 2, VB.NET, C#, CSS2, HTML4, .NET 3.5/4.0, LINQ

Development tool is visual studio 2010

Use SVN for version control

Server support

FreeBSD Server / MS Server 2003

Browser support

IE8/ IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome


Apache webserver – FreeBSD server / IIS webserber – Window Server 2003


MS SQL Server, MySQL Server


Ajax, C#, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, JSON, PHP

Principle Software Engineer ( Consultant ),

Medtronic-Minimed Co. Sept 2009 - Feb 2010

Northridge, CA

Medtronic is the company develops manufactures and markets advanced medication infusion systems for intensive management of diabetes.


Supporting Comet software Library, which are use as the tool for variety of department such as: RF Dev, Controller, etc;

Write the black box test to test the RF library module and API call, make sure that the RF software library perform as said in SRS( Software Requirement Spec ).

Perform white box test on individual API call.

Senior Software Engineer – Team leader

MiyachiUnitek July 2004 – September 2009

Monrovia, CA

Hardware Communication and System Control.

Support existing application, which is written with Basic, Fortran, VB4/5/6-C/C++.

Design and coding multi-tier application FDLC, from begin to deliver by utilizing .NET Frame Work and C# is the main language, some VB.Net was used.

Design and coding entire frame work from the beginning to end by self.

Design and coding custom feedback control( ActiveX ), which will show different color, text and border by instant message response from different controllers back to main application.

All the application is Asynchronous application. Extensively using Server, Client communication by utilizing TCP/IP Socket base.

Utilizing all the feature .NET provided such as Indexer, Attribute, Lambda Expression, Linq, Event, Delegate, Interface, Asynchronous Delegate.

Incorporate existing technology such as Win32 API, C++ pointer to gain performance and to save project time line.

Design communication module and Winform frontend GUI to control and communicate with hardware by utilizing RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and USB.

Design and test whole framework, create test design document which are include unit testing and black box testing

Convert two project written in VB6 to C#.Net

Create a lot of custom Winform frontend and Custom Controls by C#.Net

Maintenance, debug and modified C-Embedded code.

Software Use: Visual Studio 2003, 2005 and 2008 / PainshopPro / National Instrument, Instrument Widget, CapitalOne, Infragistic, etc;

Language: VB4/5/6, C, C++, C# and VB.NET.

Main Task:

Design advance complex control program which is optimized for industry’s best

Seam Sealing. Pick, Place and Weld with Vision checking for best result.

Design stand alone Vision checking library modules, must be flexible enough to reuse for

different system with minimal or without any modification.

Design custom atmospherics enclosures so it is flexible and capable to meet, and achieve customer need base on customer’s specific process requirement. The glove box system can be combination of ovens and antechambers, gas Analyzer, moisture monitors, environment controls and much more.

Seam seal with Weld Monitor to control the bad welds, which is almost bad weld free to maximize cost saving and maximize production for customer.

Spark detection during Seam Sealing process when Voltage or Current is outside the user set limit. When spark occurred, stop the seam seal immediately or stop when finish that weld pass or stop after completion of pallet.

Real time graphical chart and data logging help customer review the entire process at any instance and can be retrieving later for any purpose.

Maintenance, Debug and custom modified C-Embedded by using CCS’s PCW &

Microchip’s C16 for the PIC & IAR’s Workbench for the ARM

Chips support: PIC 16F877 & PIC 18F452 PIC 18F8620 & AT 91SAM9261


Design and coding from simple to complex application of motion include point-to-point positioning, linear and circular interpolation position, motions support up to 8-axis. The system analysis as it captures numerous types of data for each axis in real-time. Up to eight channels of data and can be displayed at once with precise synchronization of data.

Design and coding real time interactive by handling both analog and digital I/O Asynchronously with internal and external device system such as Auerboat Magazine, Lid Centering etc;

Design and coding high performance Automate Pick and Place system with vision checking. Easy to use application, novice operator can learn how to operate the entire system in short period of time.

Vision checking system.

Find Lid damage, if lid was damaged, advance to next one.

Find Part damage, if part was damaged, advance find next part.

Verify Lid Placement, make sure lid not rotated when place on part,

or slide away from one side to the other

Glovebox system with Real time graphic chart with lot of custom Winform frontend GUI.

All developed application was N-Tier.

Weld Monitor with Sparkling detection in real time, Graphical data display Weld

Pulses base on Voltage, Current or Power, and much more feature utilize National

Instrument DAQ NI 6040E. ( utilize VC++ studio 6.0 ), the project was developed in C++.

Maximize customer’s production by develop easy to use application, help customer save cost and time, eliminate dead line problem.

Generate huge revenue for company by careful design, reuse module, flexible frame work, which can be use in variety platform from one application to other application

with minimal change as possible.

Always thinks how to improve the systems, make it run faster and reliable. End user operator without technical background can be train to operate the system in short period of time.

Create installation using Wise for Window Installer and/or Microsoft installer.

Create specification under engineer perspective and user perspective.

Fast learner, work completely without supervision such as:

oLead in design complex system, divide big project into small individual

project. Generate specification for technical and end user.

oPrimary make decision with all phrases of designs.

oGuide junior co-worker with their design and technical difficulty.

oReport directly to Vice-President:

How long the whole project take time to finish?

Report mile stone each project phrase.

Estimate total cost for the entire project.

oWeekly or bi-weekly report to Vice-President, depend on project size

Senior Software Engineer-Project Manager ( Contract )

UMITech May, 2003 – Feb, 2004

Cerritos, CA

Join in field of for Analog and Digital Image Processing.

Design and build entire frame work from the beginning to end by self.

Design several custom control( ActiveX ), such as Progress bar which will show different color base on user selection, and show percentage in text at runtime, Circle button with gradient color in three-D, transparent button with different shape and color in three-D, thumbnail list view which show images in custom thumbnail view and more…

The application is multithread application. Extensively using GDI+ to draw custom controls and to manipulate image processing such as: Zooming, Cropping, Change image color RGB or CYM, Density, Brightness, draw text on image or freehand drawing on image, draw image with several different shape.

Show XML data in Grid view control, manipulate data such as: Insert, Edit, and Delete thru Grid control and update data instantly.

Applied XML Schema, Dataset and Table for XML format.

Use WebService as Server-Component to let the technician upload the specification and data when they work on different machine.

Utilizing all the feature .NET provided such as Indexer, Attribute, Event, Delegate, Multithread and XML.

Incorporate existing technology such as Win32 API, C++ pointer to gain performance and to save project time line.

Design communication module and GUI to control and communicate with hardware by utilizing RS232.

Design the GUI interface to let the user communicate with Fuji MiniLab machine a lot easier.

Lead of R&D.

Teach other team member how to design, how to document their design, how to create test procedure, write unit test to test their own code, and do code review.

Software Use: Visual Studio .NET / PhotoShop / PainshopPro.

Language: XML / XML Schema / SOAP / C++ / C# / VB.NET and WebService.

Software Engineer( Permanent )

SONE Sep 1999 – July 2002

West Hills, CA

Authored a conversion batch processing program to support each bank’s data format. Design new feature wrapper interface to support Pascal language. Substituted the ODBC connection with OLEDB. Implemented a third-party tool, such as Stingray, into the core library by designing the wrapper interface. Converted the existing code to support UNICODE, and implemented DCOM into select existing project.

Designed full life cycle several projects and authored test cases for each of them. Testing

were integrated unit test and regression test.

Research .NET Frame Work and create demonstration project, writing report document to submit to upper management. Those are include: ADO.NET, .NET Remote( HTTP Channel, TCP/IP Channel and Web Services ), Winform and Custom Control.

Perform unit test for all APIs call of R&D library.

Database Tables Normalization base on client business rule and model.

Data table integrity to make sure that the relationships between tables have been properly maintains.

Using Store Procedure to encapsulate all data logic into single component object, create user predefine function to eliminate all direct SQL calls, so improve application performance.

Transformed data for all banking systems.

Implemented third-party tool into core product – MFCEX (Stingray).

Maintained and implemented more feature for system file structure.

Design Standard Data Transfer by utilizing Socket communication.

Fix bug and Implement new feature for Report Generator which design and build with SDI by utilizing Win32 SDK.

Generate Report by using Internal Tool.

Implement DCOM into existing project by utilizing ATL 3.0.

Software Use: Visual Studio C++ 6.0 / Smart Draw / SQL Server 7.0 / ORACLE 7.0-8.0 / PhotoShop / PainshopPro.

Language: C++ / MFC / Win32 SDK/ COM / DCOM / ATL / XML / SQL / OLEDB / SOCKET.

System Analyst – Team Leader( Permanent )

Sungard Financial System Co. May, 1994 - August, 1999

Canoga Park, CA

Upgraded existing C codes and SDK development tools in Win16 and eliminated redundancy and code overlapping due to the lack of Object Oriented Design (OOD) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Converted the system to support 32-bit application in 1995, allowing the use of C++, STL and MFC. Designed and created the project to perform and support the functionality of the existing code while ensuring ease of use. Created modules (including multi-threaded applications), such as portfolio, instrument class, budget balancing, and –request for change applications, etc..;

Converted 16-bit API Application to 32-bit by utilizing win32 SDK and MFC.

Create Report by utilizing Crystal Report.

Designed the library using O.O.D( Object Oriented Design ), O.O.P( Object Oriented Programming ) by utilizing Template and COM.

Design, code and test procedure for more than 50 modules. Create new generic frame work, which is can be reuse from one application to other application

Database Tables Normalization base on client business rule and model.

Data table integrity to make sure that the relationships between tables. have been properly maintains.

Implement Socket Communication by utilizing MFC CSocket.

Promote to Project leader since 1997 and employee of the year 1998

Software Use: MS Access / Visual Basic 4.0-5.0 / Visual Studio C++ 4.0-5.0 / SQL Server 6.0 / ORACLE 7.0 / Crystal Report / PainshopPro.

Language: VBA / C / C++ / STL / MFC / Win16-Win32 SDK / COM / SQL / ODBC / OLEDB / WinSock MFC

QA Analyst ( Consultant )

JB Systems Inc. June 1993 - April 1994

Woodland Hills, CA

The company product is manufacturing maintenance software, using SQA Basic 4.0, I did design and implement many test script procedure to test for variety of modules, Automate importing, exporting, or linking of data by using a macro.

Consultant, 1992 – 1993

Simi Valley, CA

Utilized Visual Basic and Delphi for the development of a visual application interface for a doctor and dentist office. Databases: Access 95 / Paradox / Visual Dbase


Bachelor in Math Since 1987, Saigon Vietnam

Need few more units to accomplish B.S Civil Engineer from Northridge University.


Fast learner

Work independently without supervision.

Strong design, architect and coding skill.

Modernize user perspective and business logic to Technical perspective and specification.

Will provide all the design documents, and projects source code


Will be providing all the reference upon request.

Lot of demonstration on past and current project.

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