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Software Engineer Project

Sri Lanka
January 20, 2018

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Isuru Anuradha Wijesinghe



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OBJECTIVE Explore opportunities and gain more experience & knowledge while working with different tools/ technologies/languages/processes. Being a self-starter I always like to play an important role in a team to deliver a quality product to the customer


Concepts Design Patterns, OOP, UML, Web Services, REST Services, CMS

Languages J2SE/JEE(1.8), HTML, XML, SQL,JSON, Java Script,Type Script, C#

Frameworks J2EE (EJB (2.1/3.x), Spring(IOC, Boot, MVC, Data, AOP, DAO, Security, Integration), JSP/Servlet, JPA, AngularJS(Angular 2, Angular 4 ),Node J JAXB, JAXP, JSTL, Java Swing, JNDI, SPA, Bootstrap CSS, JDBC, Hibernate, JUnit, SOAP, Arduino

Software & Technologies MSSQL, Oracle (Database), Maria DB, SQL Server 2007

Microsoft Windows, Linux (Platforms),

Eclipse, NetBeans, Tomcat, Subversion (SVN), CVS, ClearCase, IIS 6

Maven2/3, Ant (Build tools), Visio, StarUML, Visual Paradigm (Modelling tools), Sonar, JIRA, Planisware,Collaborator,Joomla, Wordpress, Trello, Postman, git, gitbash

Methodologies Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, Kanban


Senior Software Engineer J2EE/Spring /Angular 4

Aug 2017 to Jan 2018 (6 months) Frost Colombo Pvt Ltd

Software Engineer Java/J2EE

Jun 2015 to July 2017 (2 years and 1 month) Zebra technologies Pvt Ltd

Research Assistant Researcher /J2EE /

Oct 2014 Apr 2015 (7 months) Sri Lanaka Navy

Junior Software Engineer J2EE / Java/AngularJs

Apr 2013 Aug 2014 (1 year and 4 months) Frost Colombo Pvt Ltd


Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Computer Science (2011-2014)

University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC Sri Lanka)


Hands on around experience of around 5 years participating in the full software development life-cycle (SDLC) of mission critical application development.

Hands on experience in Java Swing (2 Years).

Technical solutions and team lead experience (6 months)

Hands on experience in healthcare domain (2 years).

Hands on experience in design and developing backend using Spring, Hibernate (3 years).

Hands on experience in design and developing frontend using AngularJS/ Typescript / Bootstrap CSS

Hands on experience in Unit Test and Integration Test using TestNG, Junit

Hands on experience in working with a Scrum team (3 years).

Hands on experience in maintaining large software products (Zebra Scanner Management team) such as bug fixing, improving quality and change request (3 Years).

Experience in User Acceptance Test (UAT) in several occasions


 Senior Software Engineer @ Frost Colombo Pvt Limited, Colombo

Project Uppsala Health care (Healthcare Management Application Swedish Nursing School)

2017 Aug 2018 Jan

Team Size 12

Description Developed the Healthcare Management System.

This project aimed at modernizing the other healthcare management systems. The new solution

contained a centralized server together with remote servers in each clinic. These servers will handle

auto-syncing in distributed mechanism which enabled remote clinics with poor Internet connections

to utilize the system.


My Role Completed the design and development work for patient management module for Uppsala Health care management system v1.0.

This included patient record management, visit record management and appointment management.

Was the principle person responsible for the database design of the application in both

version 1.0 and 1.1. The database contained about 30 tables for the patient management module.

Implemented the Patient Management v 1.0 using Java 8, Spring(Boot, IOC, REST, Spring Data JPA), Hibernate, Apache Tomcat

Participated in Patient Management (v 1.2) to reduce medical errors and ensure patients are connected to the right care, at the right time.

Prototyped and Developed the mechanism for data saving between central application and remote applications together with Solution Architect

Technologies J2EE, Java8, Hibernate, JPA, Eclipse, Spring(IOC, REST, Data, Boot),Angular 2, Postman, JIRA, Git, Collaborator

 Software Engineer @ Zebra Technologies, Colombo, Sri Lanka - 2015 July - 2017 June

Project Device Management Inventory (web application + windows service) Aug 2016 - Nov 2016

Team Size 4

Description System Provides Comprehensive Zebra device management capabilities that establish and

maintain a centralized system of record for each and every device. Employs can easily find out

necessary devise without putting much effort.

My Role Identified difficulties that employees currently faced

Discussed and designed solutions with Teach Lead.

Implemented approved designs and solutions using Java, MYSQL

Prototyped and Developed the mechanism with automatic email

Technologies J2SE 7, Java Mail, Hibernate, JPA, Eclipse, Spring (IOC, REST, Data, Boot), Postman, JIRA, Clearcase, Kanban, AngularJS,

Project Zebra Scanner management (SDK for Windows/iOS) 2015 Aug - 2017 June

Team Size 10

Description Zebra s Scanner Software Development Kits (SDKs) give you everything you need to easily create fully featured applications. Capture and optimize images and control all aspects of your scanners and your data collection process. Upgrade firmware and enable multiple applications to simultaneously talk to one or more scanners. Keep enterprises ahead of the curve by solving tomorrow s challenges. With these SDKs, ensure peak and continuous performance of Zebra scanners.

My Role Re-write the XML- parser for Zebra Scanner Management

Maintain Jpos components of Windows SDK and adding new features such as DirectIO.

Implemented fully automated jpos test tool from the screech unit Junit.

Conducted the annual reviews for team members

Gathered requirements by communicating in person with Barcode scanner users from Australia, America. informatics leads,

Reviewed code using Collaborator

Team Lead for iOS SDK testing team.

Creates test plan and test cases accordingly.

Created plugin creation automated tool Srajana globe competition.

Submitted three patent disclosures.

Technologies Java 7,Juint, XML,XSL,XST, StarUML, JavaFx, C#,, Eclipse Juno, MSSQL Server, Planisware, Clear case, Collaborator, Kanban

Project Improve Health care (Zebra Health Care solution Demo) Oct 2016 - Mar 2017

Team Size 6

Description From admission to discharge, Zebra s patient identification solution allow you to access and confirm

essential patient information throughout the entire care journey . integrated wristband printers and

Barcode scanners help to minimise errors and protect patient rights

My Role Completed the design and development work for patient management module for IHC V1.0.

This included patient record management.

Implemented the Patient Management v 1.0 using Java 7, Spring (Boot, IOC, REST, Spring Data JPA),

Hibernate, MYSQL, Apache Tomcat

Prototyped and Developed the mechanism.

Technologies J2SE 7, Hibernate, JPA, Eclipse, Spring(IOC, REST, Data, Boot),, JIRA, Crucible, ClearCase, Kanban

Project Sinhala OCR using Zebra Image Scanners (Convert text images to digital text) July 2016 - Sep 2016

Team Size 4

Description Convert input images Which are taken from the scanner directly to the digital text.

Improved accessibility options to make it usable for vison impaired people.

My Role Understanding existing business processes which were documented earlier

Discussed and designed solutions with solution Architect

Implemented approved designs and solutions using Java 7

(Multi-Threading, Lavenshtine s edit distance algorithm)

Guided Software Engineers and provided them with technical guidance

Three threads were used to improve text accuracy

Technologies Java 7, Java Swing, JIRA, Git

 Research Assistant @ Navy, Sri Lanka 2014 Oct - 2015 Apr

Project TIDE (Tide height monitoring System) 2014 Oct - 2015 Feb

Team Size 6

Description Developed web based solution for monitor the tide height variations. Wave changing information is important for various purposes ranging from guidance and safety of terrorist Dvora attacks and natural disasters. So In this system real time graph generator helps to give signal if something happening.

My Role Team Lead for Design and implementation software solution.

Researched about the system and the hardware that has been done partially up to that time.

Finished hardware implementation and system was built from the screech.

Real-time Graph Generated.

Participated in V1.0 release and Give thundering speech about Sea security.

Implemented backend using IIS 6 SqlServer 2007

Re-Implementing the system using Spring and tomcat because All Navy Software systems move to java


Technologies J2SE 1.5, J2EE 6, Spring, Hibernate JUnit, Tomcat,JavaScript, C#, MSSQL Server, SqlServer 2007, Git,

Arduino programming, Scrum, Google Maps API. Angular JS.

Ultrasonic sensors (for hardware implementation)

Project Officer Carder details 2015 Feb - 2015 April

Team Size 3

Description Sri Lanka Navy has 2192 Naval Officers (FEB 2015) and 17 branches (EX: Executive, Medical, Civil Eng, IT) and 10 Ranks. There was not a system to get the head count in a camp fro given moment in an emergency. This system easily helped to get the total count for given moment. RIFD tag based ID card

has been implemented to solve this problem.

My Role Developed the Prototype

Implemented project

Tested the functionality on local test environment

Technologies J2SE 1.4/1.5/1.6, J2EE 5, EJB 2.1, Java Swing, XML, StarUML, JUnit, Eclipse Galileo/Juno, JBoss 4.1, JProfiler/JProbe, SQL Profiler, MSSQL Server

 Junior Software Engineer Part-time @ Frost Lanka Pvt Limited, Colombo, Sri Lanka - 2013 Apr - 2014 Aug

Project Sinhala Holy Bible (Android application). 2013 Apr - 2013 Jun

Team Size 4

Description The Sinhala translation of the Holy Bible to be viewed digitally.

My Role Developed the Prototype

Mainly Implemented Front-end of the project

Boyer Moore Hotspots Algorithm used for fast string search.

Tested the functionality on local test environment.


J2SE 1.5, Android, Java Swing, Restful web services, MySQL., Dynamic and Responsive,

Project Smart Bus system (Port city). 2014 Jun - 2014 Oct

Team Size 4


Dynamic central bus transportation system is a research project which is mainly designed to apply Fort city Colombo. System helps to reduced traffic and waiting time of a passenger. Online payment gateway was a functional requirement which is helped passenger to pay easily.

My Role Discussed and designed solution with solution Architect.

Implemented approved designs and solutions J2EE, Angular and Spring

Implemented Payment gateway.

Tested the functionality on local test environment.


J2SE 1.5, Angular, Spring, Restful web services, MySQL., Dynamic and Responsive, Google maps API

Project XApps 2014 Jan - 2014 Aug

Team Size 4

Description Xapps is an enterprise web app portal which provides developers an online developer kit to enhance their web development and is a place to publish their web applications. Simply this fills the gap between app store and online app development platforms.

My Role Developed the Prototype

Mainly Implemented Front-end of the project

Tested the functionality on local test environment


VS2013, JavaScript, MVC 4, AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS, Trello, Git, MS Visio, Agile,


Represent IEEE COMSOC student Competition 2012/2013/2014

National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA Sri Lanaka) 2014 Finalist for Xapps

Three times university colours holder for Baseball

Represent 48 national baseball tournament for SLT cup 2012

Captain of interuniversity champions baseball team 2014

President of the school chemistry club and the vice president of the school science union Ananda college, Colombo 10 in 2009


Full Name Godage Isuru Anuradha Wijesinghe

Date of birth 22/02/1990

Marital status Single

Nationality Sri Lankan

Passport No N0774616

FIN Number -


Dr. Shiromi Arunathileka

Senior Lecturer

University of Colombo

School of Computing

Colombo 11 +947********

Mr W.M.R.N Wanisekara

Senior Software Engineer.

Sita Information Networking Computing (Asia pacific) Pvt Ltd

Loyang Way,

Singapore, 508723 +658*******

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