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Web Developer Computer Engineering

Mountain View, California, United States
January 20, 2018

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Computer Engineering Graduate student with strong technical skills and knowledge in C, C++, JAVA, Data Base Management Systems, Web Technologies, C#, Computer Arithmetic Structure, Advanced Computer Architecture, and familiar with Android Studio, Hardware Security is actively seeking full time opportunity as a Web developer. Work Experience:

Worked with India’s largest IT firm INFOSYS for around 2 years in various development projects and have profound experience of SDLC using SCRUM methodology.

• Web Search Automation

o In this project we made use of Google and Bing APIs to search a company name and its child/subsidiaries. o This application makes use of NLP Machine Learning to capture the names of parent and child companies to maintain their licenses and to send email notifications it makes use of Microsoft Exchange Web Service. o To handle the entire procedure, we used Azure Web Jobs. o I helped in gathering the requirements, designing User Interface, web application and Database Architecture.

o Technology: C#, ASP .net, Microsoft Azure, jQuery, SQL, HTML5/CSS3.

• Costing Tool

o Using multiple dashboards, this application monitors the over all costing of all the available resources in all the platforms and helps the users in finding the trends over previous months and helps them in choosing the best configuration of all the resources that are available with optimum cost. o I helped in requirement gathering, Application design, SQL jobs needed for the data. o Technology: C#, SQL, Microsoft Azure, PowerBI.

• AGW migration tool

o I was involved in technical design and implementation of AGW migration tool following Agile


o Developed a MVC web application in JAVA based on Structs2 framework with Tomcat server and MySQL

database as the backend.

o Implemented many modules such as user authentication and have written Junit test cases for the code by coordinating with the quality analyst to test the product and communicated with the BA about the specifications.

o Technology: JAVA, Structs2 framework, SQL, HTML5/CSS3. Education:

Master’s in Computer Engineering GPA: 3.84/4 Dec 2017 California State University, Fullerton, CA, USA

Bachelors, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering GPA: 8.16/10 May 2014 GITAM University, INDIA

Academic Projects:

• Developed a news application in Android Studio which helps blind people to select the desired news category by taking voice as input. Along with the vocal ability designed the application with buttons.

• Developed a traffic rush android app in Android Studio, whose functionality is to show if any accidents occurred on the way that routes to the destination location and allows the user to know about the cop traps.

• Modeled a ripple carry adder circuit to find the delay of the adder using C language. Designed the circuit taking two 32-bit inputs and added them to check whether the delay of the circuit is less than that of 32-bit worst case delay that is 64.

• Modeled the hardware functionality of a 4-bit wide booth’s multiplier algorithm taking two signed numbers which are in 2’s complement formant using JAVA.

• Designed the functionality of Caesar cipher taking key length as 3 also designed the same functionality using 2 key substitution method.

• Designed a 128-bit AES block cipher, which is used for encrypting and decrypting information using a symmetric key in MATLAB. Plain text is converted into cipher text by performing 10 rounds of repetition on the plain text.

• Developed an RSA algorithm in MATLAB, which is an asymmetric key based algorithm which uses 2 keys one for encryption and the other for decryption.

Technical Skill Set:

• C, C++, JAVA, C#, ASP.Net, MySQL, MVC, Microsoft Azure, HTML/CSS basics of Web services.

• Tools: Eclipse, Visual Studio, MATLAB, ANDROID studio, HSPICE, XILINIX ISE, Model SIM.

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