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He General

Pretoria, GP, South Africa
January 20, 2018

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Place I'm hard worker and I just need general worker when I finish my metric I didn't get the money to go to school that is why I need this job the only job that I need is any job this u can give me and I will do and I will make sore I don't make mistake and I like to pay attention when u took with us and if I don't want understand I ask and when we work as group I like to be a litter if there something that I don't understand I asked WHO he or she understand and I follow the roles im the person who don't want to lose my job and I don't want to came late to work and I like to share ideas with people and I focus on my job and I like to respect My litter if there some one of us he or she get injure I tray to help her and I don't want to take risk and I don't life to stole and if I sow some one of us she or he stole Smithing I report here to my boss

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