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Irvine, California, United States
January 18, 2018

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Ishan Chadha

Test Analyst 949-***-****

Infosys Limited

7.5 years of experience in Testing, Requirement Analysis, Designing Test Cases and Execution Summary:

Experience of Equity Trading Applications, FIX messages and post trade activities

Build queries, perform data validation, and perform research on financial and risk data anomalies

Worked on different Broker Certification activities related to MIFID and other trading activities

Assist with the coordination of user acceptance testing (UAT)

Help define project objectives, scope, timelines, and success criteria

Ability to set up connections with connections with Brokers and others via different hubs

Experience in leading the Team of 5 to 8 people both at onshore and offshore

Worked in both Agile, Kanban and Waterfall model

Exposure to SDLC and STLC

Defect management and Defect Life Cycle

Adequate experience in HP Quality Center/ALM, JIRA, Secure CRT/FX, TOAD, VERIFIX, FIX-Flyer, QTP and RAPID SQL

Got experience in testing Web Applications, ORACLE, Automation Testing, Black Box Testing, Gray Box Testing, Regression, GUI, Foglight Monitoring, Browser Compatibility testing.

Good communication skills.

Worked with different teams from different vendors in on project

Experience in handling geographically distributed teams Visa Status: Authorized to work in United States without requiring any Visa Sponsorship Work Experience:

A. Test Analyst

Infosys Ltd – Dec 2015 to Present

Client: Capital Group of Companies

Project: Equity Trading Platform - This project is based on the day to day activities of the traders working on Equity Trading. The project comprises of all the steps involved in trading starting from Order creation to the trade settlement. This has many modules where different dimensions of FIX was analyzed and tested. Recent modules were: MIFID, Interaccount and Market Dashboard. MIFID: This project was based on the regulatory change made for European trades. The change required all the minute level details (such as commission rates – Execution commission and research commission, broker, trade quantity, etc.) to be reported for trades happening with European Accounts There were various activities performed for the success of this project such as:

Broker Certification – This activity involved setting up the FIX sessions with different brokers across the globe and working on the FIX communication. Validating the new MIFID tags was the key followed by assurance of trade getting settled successfully with the downstream applications.

Integration Testing – It was an important and major step in assuring quality. There was a big coordination effort among many teams to make sure that once the trade has settled all the reports were generated appropriately and were as per expectations.

Requirement analysis and System testing – This was the first and important step for the success of the project. Analysis was done how the system would react to the new tags, repeating groups and flat versions. Successful validations of the new requirements using VERFIX was great thing which helped to build up the trust on new changes implemented.

Team Lead – Played the role of Test Lead and assisted with coordination of the tasks with a Team which was geographically distributed. Worked on drafting weekly and monthly status reports and sharing those with the managers.

Interaccount: Many a times it is observed that one manager wants to buy a particular security and another manager wants to sell the same security, but since the portfolios are different so this scenario is very common. So in order to get this resolved the Global Investment group of the company had to sit down and manually settle these trades. This meant a lot of money; so in order to prevent this the process was automated. This lead to saving of millions of dollars in form of broker commissions manual effort. An Interaccount Cross Engine was developed which would internally cross the two opposing orders which satisfies the numerous validation factors. Bullet points of this project were:

Validation of the Allocation algorithm in order to make sure that all the shares were allocation properly across the participating accounts (authorizations).

Since this was an internal crossing network so the attention was paid in testing the Firm up happening over Trading limits and crosses taking place on the boundary values.

Validating the Trade data with OneTick using OTQ’s and working of engine as per different Exchange hours.

Integration Testing with upstream and downstream was a major test in project as well. Market Dashboard: In day to day trading traders had to fetch real time data for price, volume, bid and ask, limits, execution average, etc. from multiple screens. In order to meet this challenge this project came into picture where all this data was available on one screen in form of graphs and numbers. The data was fetched from Reuters using OneTick. There were multiple validation points including heavy calculations and One Tick Queries.

Onshore/Offshore coordination was the key in this project and that role was played well and was appreciated by the many.

B. Test Analyst

Infosys Ltd – July 2014 to Nov 2015

Client: Capital Group of Companies

Project: Site Management - Managing different American Funds websites and interfaces. The Project is all about maintaining the Web applications of the American Funds. It involves data validation on the websites that is updated daily. There are certain sections which are updated monthly. It also involves handling various change requests based on the new enhancements. Responsibilities included:

1. Lead the team of 7 people

2. Test estimation and Test Planning

3. Risk analysis and Defect Prevention

4. Test Case Preparation and Execution

5. Coordination with Offshore Team

6. Automation script analysis

C. Test Engineer

Infosys Ltd – July 2010 to June 2014

Client: Capital Group of Companies

Project# 1: eDistribution – This Project was based on bringing the e-Banking as a part of all the processes of Loan application and Withdrawal Requests.

Earlier for applying any loan or while requesting any withdrawal from 401 accounts, participant had to submit a paper application for that; but with this project going live all such requests were made online. It also involved getting approvals from Third Party Administrator for different type of requests. The development team for this Project was from DST (a third party vendor), so coordination amongst three different teams from three different Vendors was the key here. Daily tasks included: 1. Test case creation/execution

2. Test data creation

3. Defect Reporting and Management in QC

4. Creation, Execution and Analysis of Automation Scripts using QTP 5. Reports and Status pulling from QC

6. Collating the weekly data from automation and manual testing team and sharing it with the client Project# 2: Payroll and Loan Monitoring – The Project involved online processing of the Payroll of one Participant or of few in a group. It required much of Functional testing around the impacted areas. The scope was much large in this project as it catered three different websites which involved Payroll transactions. Other part of the project was Loan Monitoring; that was basically regarding monitoring and managing loan sanctioned to different participants. It involved a lot of boundary value validations. Responsibilities handled: 1. Manual Test case creation and execution in QC

2. Data Validation using Oracle Queries

3. Automation script execution and analysis

4. Data validation between UI and DB using automation scripts Project# 3: Oracle 10g Upgrade – The project involved the testing based on the impact Oracle upgrade may have on different American Funds’ applications. Tasks perfomed: 1. Comparing the Data

2. Execution and Analysis of Automation Scripts

3. User Interface validations

Project# 4: Institutional Redesign – It was based on the redesigning of a whole North American Institutional Website. Adobe CQ5 was used as a Web Content Management tool here. The project required testing the existing functionality on the legacy website on the newly designed website. Much of regression testing was involved in this as it was only the UI that was to be changed and not the functionality. Major testing was to be done for the post login sections as it involves various data validations and those were preceded by monitoring various Autosys jobs. Responsibilities performed:

1. Execution and monitoring different Autosys jobs 2. Database versus UI testing

3. Manual test case creation and execution

4. Automation script creation, execution and Analysis 5. Browser Compatibility testing

Project# 5: Cost Basis – The project was based on the changes in the IRS taxation rules. It was regarding inclusion of the surcharge of any mutual fund purchased or sold in its cost price or selling price respectively. It involved the testing based on the different types of Cost Basis methods used by particular user. Those could any of these: First in First Our, Last in First Out, Maximum Value, Low Value, Average Out, etc. These methods decided which fund would be involved in transaction first and which would follow the next. DST a third party vendor regarded this as a Second largest project in terms of Man hours after Y2K. Duties performed as part of this project were:

1. Web Analytics Testing

2. Browser Compatibility testing

3. Calculation based Functional Testing

4. Mobile Testing

Other Key Responsibilities during various projects:

Playing role of Scrum Master in few standups

Understand and analyze business, technical, functional and user interface requirements for each Sprint in the project.

Provide test estimates for the types of testing to be carried out.

Ensuring timely deliveries of each Sprint by coordinating between different teams and vendors

Look for various opportunities to reduce cost of effort by helping in creating different utilities.

Review test deliverables, defects and test results provided by team members. Tools/Technology used:

Tools Experience

FIX 2 years

Broker Certification 6 months

Verifix 2 years

Secure CRT/FX 2 years

JIRA 4 years

HP Quality Center/ALM 7 years

QTP 1 year

Agile Methodology 5 years

TOAD 5 years

Site Catalyst 1 year

SQL/ORACLE Queries 5 years

Load Runner 0.5 years

ClearQuest 4 years

Xenu 4 years

SeeNowDo 3 years

Academic Credentials:

Course University/Board Year of Completion Percentage Marks Bachelor’s Degree in

Computer Science


Punjab Technical


2010 76.6

Senior Secondary C.B.S.E 2006 71.4

Higher Secondary I.C.S.E 2004 86

Awards and Recognitions:

Multiple appreciations from different stakeholders for work done on MIFID and Interaccount

Got INSTA Award for exceptional performance at Infosys Ltd

Got Best Performer Award for the Quarter for performing well in Cost Basis Project at Infosys Ltd

Organized the Annual UDAAN fest at Infosys, Chandigarh for the year 2011

Member of Organizing Committee of Infosys which organized the DC Heads Meet at Infosys Chandigarh, in April this year

Volunteered for various social cum educational drives made by Infosys: SPARK, Catch Them Young, Voice of Youth, Employee Development Committee, etc

Received various awards during school and college years for organizing and participating in different events


I hereby declare that all the information furnished by me in this resume is correct to the finest possible extent till date.

Ishan Chadha

Irvine, CA

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