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Sales Manager

Portland, Oregon, 97219, United States
$100,000 minimum
January 17, 2018

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Thank you for this opportunity in the hopes of working in Sales/Management. It is my passion to help people and make a difference in their lives. I have great people skills and know how to build trust and put people at ease by asking the right questions where a person comes up with their own solution and not feel sold. I have many years of experience on how to sell the intangible and know how to teach others these same set of skills and be confident in their performance. I have attended college and specialized in interpersonal communications and psychology. I do not have a degree however with my many years of combined experience and proven results in sales and management, I know I would bring growth to your company.

Radio Shack Computer Center: 1984-1985 I was hired as a sales associate and within in 3 months I was promoted to Assistant Manager over several people who had worked there for years and had extensive computer experience. When I started I literally did not know how to turn a computer on. I strongly believe selling is all about the relationship with the customer and how you connect with them because then the product becomes the end result to a natural process.

Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime: 1985-1986 I was a counselor for court mandated clients on parole and probation. I facilitated group sessions, one on ones, wrote treatment plans with client, short term and long term. Reported to their P.O on a monthly basis and made recommendations to the judge during their sentencing phase when applicable.

Nutri/System Weight Loss Center: 1986-1993 I was hired as a Sales Consultant then promoted to Sales Trainer and oversaw 10 Centers and 20-30 sales people in the market. I hired, trained, did on going coaching and development where as a result grew the Sales Force district wide to the highest volume region in the market. I was then promoted to Center Manager and supervised 25 people. Counselors, nurses, sales, receptionists and C.S.R's. I oversaw the entire center operations. Hired, trained, coached, on going development, built morale with praise and encouragement by looking for the positive people did rather than the negative and focused on that, at the same time I am able to be assertive and correct any issues an employee needs help with if necessary. I brought the revenue to a million dollar Center within 4 months where it had never reached before and maintained this throughout my employment. I balanced daily records, inventory, daily deposits and much more.

National Missing Children's Locate Center: 1994-2003 I was hired as a Sales Representative and promoted to Operations Manager within 1 year. I oversaw 2 territories and hired, trained and coached 2 separate sales crew's which consisted of approximately 10-15 people in each territory. We sold coupon books door to door. I sold myself as well as supervised, gave out territory daily, gave out product and collected money from each rep at the end of the day. Once a week I turned in the weekly sales dollars to the owner. I also maintained company and personal goals and superseded volume the company had not enjoyed before. I personally sold business to business as well as maintain the crews. I was also on the N.M.C.L.C's Board of Directors for 5 years.

Danny Stoltz Casting and Extras Only: 1992-2010: Over the last 20 years I have been in many commercials, movies, infomercials and industry films. This is something that I only do a few times a year off and on. I have also worked in the casting office and would audition people for different roles. I also taught workshops to new people coming into the industry on Set Etiquette, the do's and don'ts on set. This was in front of 50-100 people at a time. I also did years of street casting.

Heather's Closet & then some: 2003-2009 I was owner and operator of a consignment/thrift store. I opened one then within a short period of time I opened a larger one. I bought and supplied inventory as well as consigned for people. I priced, put up displays, advertised, paid out money to con-signers, made daily deposits.

Design Consultant Luxury Bath/Bath Planet:9/ 2010-2/2012 I did in-homes sales and traveled all over Oregon and Washington with pre-set appts and assessed the home owners needs in their bathroom by measuring, taking photos, did a drawing of the shower area and helped determine what would best fit their needs. Then I built this area with them by showing samples and pictures and depending on the need I sold a walk-in tub, walk-in shower or tub replacement. I then gave a presentation on my ipad to build value and so they can visualize what their new shower will look like. These range from $5000 to $35,000. During this past year I've maintained top sales position in the country for most of the year over several hundred reps. I believe I achieved this by being genuine and honestly caring about making a difference for my client and truly listening to what is important to them . I believe it is all about the relationship even if that relationship only lasts for a few hours. I worked out of my home office and was e-mailed my appts for the following day. I only go into the office to turn in the file and down payment and weekly sales meetings. You may contact this employer if you wish… My direct supervisor Ryan Vorhees 619-***-**** or the GM Pete Miljkovic 541-***-****..

RCM 5-2013 to 7-2016 I sold first page Google to lawyer all over the U.S. and Canada via phone with > pre-set appts and used Salesforce. I was the top sales person for this company

I believe I would be the best candidate for this position because I have many years of experience selling and managing with a genuine approach. I know how to draw out of people what their true needs are and they know I genuinely care. I am trustworthy, dependable, self motivated, goal oriented and results driven. I am someone that you can rely on to be doing the work set out before me with little to no supervision. I would take ownership of the company goals as well as set my own personal daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I am looking to make a permanent career change to grow with a solid company..

Thank you in advance for this opportunity and I am looking forward to the future in your company. Every company I have ever sold for I have sold volume above where the company had ever been and raised the bar for others. As a result built revenue beyond previous highs.

Respectfully, Tamlyn Ommert


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