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Software Engineer Sql Server

Dallas, Texas, United States
January 17, 2018

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Dallas, TX 75204



Deep software development skills developing multi-threaded, large-scale, mission critical low-latency systems (including finance, telephony, and VoIP). Ph.D. in economics. U.S. European Patent 13180750.5 - 1958 inventor. CAIA Level 1 completed (level 2 in progress). Comfortable in small and large companies. Played role as individual contributor, team lead, manager of offshore development team, Director of Software Development, and subject matter expert. Hired and trained development teams. Taught finance. Cogent writer. Geographically and travel flexible.

Looking for a position involving creative product and feature development with significant design responsibility. Welcome opportunity to step out of a narrow ‘coding’ function into broader analytical and leadership roles including involvement in client interaction.


General languages: C++ (gcc, STL, Boost, MFC, Visual Studio 2015-2003, Modern C++, C++11), C, C#, VB.Net, VB, VBA, Java (JNI), XML, TinyXML, x86 assembler;

Scripting languages: Python, TradeStation EasyLanguage, NinjaTrader C#;

Operating systems: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit). Linux (CentOS, Fedora, RedHawk, Ubuntu). Solaris. VMWare.

Web: MVC, Ajax, ASP.NET, Javascript, W3C Standards, Atom, RSS, HTML5;

Database: SQL, MS SQL Server 2014-2000, SSRS, entity framework, mySQL, Firebird, ODBC, ADO;

Statistics: R, SAS.

Financial Data Feed Experience: FIX, QuickFIX, NASDAQ UQDF, Systex IXGW, RealTick, Bloomberg.

Technologies: .Net 1.0-4.51, multithreading, REST, COM/DCOM, ATL, DLLs/Solaris Shared Libraries, TCP/IP, Berkeley Sockets/Winsock, Active/X, WMI. Embedded work on multiport asynchronous communications elements. Dual-mode interrupt handlers under real-protected mode switching architecture.

Source Code Control/Bug tracking/Methodology/Testing: Git, Microsoft TFS, Visual Source Safe, CVS, Subversion, Mantis, Agile Methodology, scrum, MS Test, Jenkins continuous integration server.


Senior Developer, Blackheath Services, LLC (December 2017-


Senior Developer, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (December 2016-October 2017). Contract role.

On the Integrated Battle Management system team working on real-time weapon control systems. Development 90% Linux (RedHat, RedHawk, CentOS, Ubuntu) and 10% Windows 7 64-bit. Language C++11. Tools: CLion, CMake, Confluence, cppcheck, Eclipse, gcc, Jenkins, Qt, rpmbuild, Visual Studio 2012/2015, xWiki.

Major work was on real-time missile control systems in C++.

Developed continuous integration environment using Jenkins;

wrote a tool in C++ to 'anonymize' an XSD file (i.e. strip all proprietary semantics while preserving syntax). Used when sending proprietary data to third parties;

Senior Risk Developer, Crestline Investors (December 2014-November 2016).

●Equity long/short hedge fund and fund-of-funds risk monitoring and manager evaluation. Development 90% Linux, 10% Windows. Tools: R, Python, SQL Server 2012/2014, mySQL, C#, Visual Studio 2013/2015.

Software Engineer, Thomson Reuters, Inc. (July 2014-November 2014). Contract role.

●Tax software team. Tools:: C++, C#, Visual Studio 2012/2013, SQL Server 2012/2014 to port an enterprise-level tax app. product from a thick client to a web application.

Software Engineer, EZLynx Inc. (April 2014-July 2014). Contract role.

●Using MVC 5, entity framework, .Net 4.51, C#, Visual Studio 2012/2013 and SQL Server 2008R2/2012 to develop components of the company’s insurance business management product;

Software Engineer, Verizon/Terremark, Inc. (July 2013-March 2014). Contract role.

●Using WebAPI, MVC 4.0, entity framework, Knockout, .Net 4.5, C#, Visual Studio 2010/2012 and SQL Server 2012 to design the new database for the major corporate client’s web site;

Software Engineer, Alcon Labs, Inc. (April 2013-July 2013). Contract role.

●Developed software to test intraocular lenses.

●Used SQL 2012 and entity framework to design a database for corporate experimental research result storage in compliance with new FDA standards;

●Used C# and .Net 4.0 to create desktop lens-testing applications;

●Used Visual Studio 2010/2012, 64-bit Windows 7 operating environment;

Senior Software Engineer, NCR, Inc., (April 2012-March 2013).

●Developer assigned to Point-of-Service (POS) enhancements team;

●Used Visual Studio 2010 64-bit Windows 7 operating environment.

●Development language C++ making extensive use of the STL (including TR1) and boost libraries. Including vector, list, set, deque, string, shared_ptr, auto_ptr.

●Development language C# using .Net 4.0., HTML5, Javascript;

●Participated in architectural committee.

●TFS source code control/bug-tracking.

●Patent application submitted “Techniques to Maximize Retail Traffic”.

C++ Software Engineer, TradeStation Securities, Inc., (May 2011-December 2011).

●Assigned to the market data team. Designed and coded an API in C++ to allow third-party data providers to use the TradeStation platform as their end-user front end.

●Visual Studio 2010 64-bit Windows 7 operating environment.

●Coded in C++ making extensive use of the STL (including TR1) and boost libraries. Including vector, list, set, deque, string, shared_ptr, auto_ptr.

●Developed under an Agile/scrum methodology. Worked on a team that incorporated three other developers and two Agile testers.

●TFS source code control/bug-tracking.

●Took product from concept to late beta. This product expected to produce six to seven-figure annual revenues in the Asian and mid-east markets.

C++ Software Engineer, Codekko Software, Inc. (October 2010-May 2011).

●Designed and implemented in C++ a new cross-platform user interface using the MVC design pattern in MFC for the company’s web server acceleration product. This gave access to web server internals in a fashion that abstracted from the details (e.g. Active Directory) of each web server.

●Implemented the interfaces for IIS v7 and for prior versions of IIS in C++ and C#. Supported native and managed IIS APIs;

●Designed and coded the program’s data store architecture, replacing an OS-specific registry interface with a portable keyed access design.

●I designed and implemented a C++ to Java interface using the JNI for a new version of the UI written in Java. I maintained the earlier MFC UI.

●Refactored the inter-process information transfer to use XML rather than a proprietary byte buffer to transfer parameter data.

●Refactored the threading architecture of the ISAPI filter to eliminate blocking code.

●Used Subversion for source control and Mantis for bug tracking.

Magna Carta Software, Inc. (1988 – October 2010). Founder and president.

Company focusing on communications applications, tools and services. Provided consulting services for client-specific communications projects (see list of projects below).

Law Enforcement Technologies, Inc. (1993–1997). Co-founder and CEO.

A market leader in information systems and video imaging for law enforcement. The company developed and marketed innovative software for law enforcement which was installed in more than 95 sites.

Hired, trained and led, and a team of four programmers. Sold company to strategic partner in 1997.

Asst. Professor of Finance, Edwin L. Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX (1982-1988).


Ph.D. Washington University, Economics (1983)

M.A. Washington University (1980)

B.A. Warwick University (1977)


Permission to work in US and EU.

Software Products Authored

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Consulting services

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Publications, honors and other professional activities

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