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Service Manager

Markham, Ontario, Canada
January 17, 2018

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Skills Summary

Over ** years of experience in Managing development of Enterprise Applications and products focusing on Web Microservices, Mobile, Cloud, SOA and E-Business.

Experienced scrum master and leader of large scale IT Projects with proven record in all phases of SDLC including planning, architecture, design, development, deployment, and testing phases using Agile methodologies.

Master Degree in Computer Engineering (M.Eng.) specialized in Software and Master’s certificate in Project Management, focusing on leadership, financing, budgeting, contracting, and product delivery.

Extensive experience in converting requirements into design specification, and recommending Architectural solutions

Exceptional combination of technical and management skills

Strong problem solving, leadership and interpersonal skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Work experience

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - CIBC

Toronto, ON

Senior IT Consultant – Electronic Financial Transfer Systems

•Designed, led the development and delivered to Production a full migration project from the legacy Base24 backend to Payment Hub, fulfilling the budget and deadline restrictions.

•Architect responsible for the design of a DataPower adapter system that migrates Remote Banking SOAP Microservices from a legacy Service provider with an ISO interface to payment Hub which uses an XML/SOAP Web Services.

Technologies/Tools used: IBM DataPower Gateway, WebServices, XSLT, SOAP, XML, Jira, SDLC, Jenkins, UCD, Eclipse, Tomcat and Security Configurations.

•Managed the development team of 8 developers offshore and on premise, and responsible to hire and train new team members.

•Insure the project progress, and review the development artifacts to ensure compliance with best practices.

• Review the test plans with the Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure compliance with the system functional and performance requirements.

Royal Bank of Canada

Toronto, ON

Application Manager - Rewards and Cloud Services

•Managed a project to create a mid-tier layer of APIs for commonly used services both internally and externally. APIs are deployed on the RBC private cloud and external APIs on the RBC public cloud.

•Contributed effectively in multiple workgroups in an RBC/IBM mission to define best practices for APIs in the Mid-Tier layer in terms of security, logging, monitoring and exposure of Microservices.

•Technologies/Tools used: IBM Bluemix API Manager, WebSphere Liberty Server as a service, REST, SWAGGER and JIRA.

IBM Canada Ltd.

Toronto, ON

WebSphere Services Consultant (August 2014 – June 2015)

•DataPower Xi52, IBM DataPower Gateway IDG consultant for multiple IBM Clients in which I have conducted a wide range of services ranging from initial setup of DataPower Appliances to performing a full health check and assessments for live existing configuration.

Clients worked with include:

•BMO - Scarborough, Ontario: Ran a week-long training course to BMO deployment and operation team as part of the IBM training center. In March 2015, performed a full health check assessment for the deployment and operation processes for their DataPower layer. Assessment last for 3 weeks ended up with providing and discussing a report with list of recommendations and areas of improvements.

•Furzani Group - Calgary Alberta: Provided guidance and consultation to implement a high available and load balanced cluster of multiple IBM DataPower Gateway appliances.

•Ontario Health Services - Mississauga Ontario: Conducted initial setup of a new project environment for DataPower Gateways. Configured security for requests coming from mobile applications to a WebSphere Backend services. Also provided a detail plan on how to migrate the setup to higher environments, like Test and Production

•Intact Insurance – Montreal Quebec: Performed a health check assessment for the DataPower Environment and recommendations for automating deployments to higher environments, and best practices while using WSRR.

•Technologies Used: IBM DataPower Gateways, security, SSL, Certificates, Load Balancing, initialization, migration, and upgrading to new firmware.

Development Manager -Rational Mobile Solutions (January 2013 – August 2014)

•Cloud Services – Managed a project to build a Jazz based application and integrate it as a service (SAAS) within IBM Bluemix, IBM Cloud environment. The service (Mobile Quality Assurance, MQA) is a publically available service in Blumix that help customers monitor and test the quality of their Mobile applications using their systems of engagement.

Technologies used: Jazz, REST, JSON, Web Client, Services, Cloud Foundry APIs (Cloud Native), Java, Agile Development.

•Scrum master and a development manager, using Agile methodology throughout all SDLC. Experienced in running daily scrums and planning sprint sessions using Agile enablement tools like IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC), Git, Maven.

•DevOps – Managed and lead the implementation of a solution to bridge the gap between Development and Operations for fast and continuous delivery of Mobile applications.

•Working with an IBM OEM company (vendor) to define requirement and test the delivery of the service. Was involved at all stages from discussing the contract for OEM, Consumption of the service, testing and going live.

•Presented the product in multiple Conferences like VOICE 2013, 2014, Innovate 2013-2014, and Impact 2013.

•Managed, lead and presented technical enablement sessions for IBM Technical Sales and Support.

•Coordinating with User Assistance team to document setup instructions, and record best practices.

•Provide plans for Function Test and Integration Test to ensure coverage for each iteration of the product.

•Aligning with System Verification test teams to define test scenarios and review System Verification Test plans for complete coverage.

•Designed the solution for Modernizing Enterprise applications to provide a Mobile interface to open up legacy applications and systems of records to Mobile Users.

IBM Workload Deployer Tools Architect – IBM Rational (September 2012– June 2013)

•Managing the team responsible for Designing tools to enable deployment of Enterprise applications, and Virtual Application Patters (VAP) to Pure Application Server and IBM Workload Deployer. IWD

•As the main solution architect, provided and built a solution to Virtual System Patterns for IBM Rational products (RAD, CLM) to enable users to provision instances of these products on the Cloud ( PureSystem).

•In charge of the Design and implementation of the innovative solution for licensing Rational products provisioned on the Cloud using a shared service that fronts a Rational License Key Server.

•Aligning with System Verification test teams to define test scenarios and review System Verification Test plans for complete coverage.

SOA Architect – IBM Rational (February 2009 – January 2013)

•Architect and development lead responsible for implementing tools for Service Oriented Architecture;

•Interlock with IBM WebSphere Application Server teams to define Runtime and Tools requirements and limitations

•Involved in the SOA Standard committee and alliance (SCA and OSGi, Spring) to ensure that IBM products implementation is following the latest technology standards.

•Delivered SOA Tools within IBM Rational Application developer that allows creating, editing and deployment of OSGi, and SCA components and deployments to the IBM WebSphere Application Server.

•Coordinated the development efforts with the Performance analyses team to ensure proper response time and improve customer experience

Web Services Team Lead – IBM Rational ( April 2000– February 2009)

•Lead the team efforts in documenting user requirements in Use Case format, and transiting business requirements into system technical requirements.

•Designed and delivered tools within IBM Rational Application Developer for Web Services based on latest Standards JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, REST services, and JAX-B

•Responsible for designing User scenarios to create a Web Service Provider and a Web Service Client.

•Designed and delivered tools to provide Quality Of Service (QoS) configuration for Web Services to ensure secure transactions and expected response time and quality.

•Worked close to Function Verification Test (FVT) and System Verification Test ( SVT ) teams to define coverage and review the test scenario to ensure quality.

Software Developer - IBM VisualAge C++ Compiler ( May 1997 – April 2000)

•Development of the new VisualAge C++ Compiler release.

•Delivered features to ensure proper parsing for C++ templates.

•Design and implementation for compiler command line options that provide user preferences and performance configuration to the compiler.

•Responsible for identifying Test types, and drafting Test Plans/Scenarios to be reviewed, and approved by Test Management.

•In collaboration with the Testing team, managed the functional/system testing.

•Responsible for the design, implementation and testing of new features for the new releases.

•Managed the deployment and administered the use of IBM version control system to keep track of implementation changes, and provided training to team members to ensure proper use of the version control system.

Interactive Image Technologies

Toronto, ON

Development Team Lead

•Lead the development efforts to produce the architectural design as defined, and provided mentoring to less experiences developers on the team.

•Recommended building a new interactive and friendly user interface GUI, and coordinated the Design and implementation process to achieve this goal.

•Coordinated the Testing process to ensure product acceptance.

•Responsible for the operation of rebuilding the core of the simulation engine of the product using Assembly language. The task was a great success to the organization. The resultant engine after optimization was 6 times faster than the original engine.

Mentalogic Systems Inc.

Markham, Ontario

Department of Research and Development.

Software Engineer and Project Leader

•Coordinated the research and development of process control systems based on artificial intelligence and Fuzzy Logic Control.

•Lead the development efforts of implementing a multitasking object-oriented operating system, designed to be the core of a distributed Fuzzy Logic Control System.

•Coordinated the development of the MSI-Shell: an Object Oriented System for control application customization, configuration and Information packaging in a knowledge base.


Master of Engineering Specializing in Software Engineering.

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario (1997)

Master degree in Project Management.

George Washington University – School of Business via IBM Canada (1999)

Professional Engineer (P. Eng.)

Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario PEO (1998)

B.Sc. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

University of Baghdad (1991)

Professional Highlights

Focal point and formal designated speaker for IBM in Multiple Conferences

•Rational Mobile Solutions and strategies in multiple IBM hosted venues ( Impact, Innovate, Enterprise Modernization, CASCON and others)

•Cloud solution and strategies in multiple IBM hosted venues like Enterprise Modernization Europe 2012- 2013, Impact 2013 &2014, and IBM Innovate 2012-2014, and VoiCE 2013.

•Rational Application Developer and SOA strategies in multiple IBM hosted venues like CASCON 2010-2011, EM Europe 2012- 2013, Impact 2013, and IBM Innovate VoiCE 2013, and Innovate 2013.

•Web Services solutions and strategies in multiple IBM hosted venues like WebSphere Technical Conference WSTC 2008-2009, CASCON 2008-2012

Registered Patent with IBM:

Command Status Management Framework for a Multiple User Interface Environment (2003)

Author and Reviewer of multiple developer Works articles

•Develop a SOAP/JMS JAX-WS Web services application (2009)

•Web Service Policy Framework to share policy configurations (2009)

•Convert Java-based applications to the OSGi framework (2010)

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