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Web Developer Software Engineer

Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia
January 17, 2018

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Personal data

Name Movses Poghosyan

Skype movsespog


Phone (mobile) +374-**-**-**-**


• EDA Software Development and Verification, FPGA tool chain verification

• Parallel Programming: POSIX Threads, Proprietary technologies

• Design and implementation of Rapid Application Development Tools and Libraries/Frameworks

• Quality assurance, automated QA using embedded scripting engines

• Web development


Tools, libraries,


Subversion, Git, Doxygen, GNU Make, GNU C++ compiler/debugger GCC and GDB, VIM editor, Bugzilla, Trac, Jira, Visual Studio, Squish, RubyMine QT, Instigate Application Framework, POSIX Threads, Sockets Agile/Instigate Development methodologies

Operating systems GNU/Linux, Windows(XP/Vista/7),



C, C++, STL, Shell scripting, TCL, Python, Qt,

HDL Verilog

Web Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Mysql, PHP, ReactJs, Node js, Career history

2017 April – Present Web Developer at “Omni Code”

2016 October – 2017 April - Upwork (Freelancer) Web Developer 2014 March – 2016 October - Web developer at “EPAM Systems” 2012 January – 2014 March - Software engineer at “Instigate” cjsc Assignments history



Developed and maintained Web applications.

Spheres: Web developer

Create Web Applications in Php.

Create Content Managenment Systems.


PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS

2016 October-


Developed and maintained Web applications.

Spheres: Web and Software developer

Created cross compiler libraries

Present Technologies/Languages/Tools:

Automake,makefile,c++, ruby, gcc, llvm

Created Hostel web site


Ruby on Rails, javascript, css, html, mysql bootstrap, nginx and for hosting I used

Created store web site (only back end)


php/laravel mysql

Created chat app


nodejs, reactjs, socketIo,

Created Dice rolling game(real time)


nodejs, angularjs, socketio

2014 March-


Developed and maintained Ruby on Rails web applications. Spheres: Web Development

• Develop hundreds of features in an agile environment using Ruby on Rails, HTML, Ruby, CSS and JavaScript.

• Manage code with unit tests and GitHub.

• Work with MysSQL and search based data storage.

• Design applications using object oriented concepts.

• Supported product migration to various environments.

• Participated and supported platform upgrades.


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Mysql, GitHub 2013 December-

2014 February

Testing icmpm tool

Spheres: EDA

Icmpm is IC Manage Corporation’s cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) for managing VLSI design databases. There is a companion tool to icmpm called pm, which allows GUI operations to be performed from the command line or from scripts .

Test plan creation

Created tests

Development of scripts to run the tests automatically Bug reporting and verification


Python, Shell, Qt, squish, suvbersion, p4, jira

2013 September -

2013 December

Development of Instigate Application Framework

Spheres: EDA, GUI, Scripting

Instigate Application Framework is a model-based SW devleopment framework, providing very generic model-view-controller architecture for desktop application development with emphasis on EDA.

The architecture allows building generic GUI components (hierarchy browsers, netlist viewers, graph viewers) without imposing its own database format or in- memory data structures on SW developers.

Worked on generic Netlist Editor, Hierarachy View and Property Editor dialog engines, which were automatically fetching data from user's in-memory databa structures and displaying them suing underlying GUI toolkit (QT). Developed special API for SW developers (users of Framework) to publishe their native data structures entity/relationship information into Framework, to enable automatic generation of the above mentioned GUI components. Developed GUI components.


C++/STL, POSIX Threads, POSIX Sockets, TCL, Qt, GNU Make, GCC, GDB, vim, git, Trac,

2013 June -

2013 September

Timing Validation

Spheres: EDA

Verification of static timing analysis reports in FPGE through design flow

(synthesis, place & route).

• Test plan creation,

• Development of scripts to run the tests automatically

• verification of static timing analysis (Sequential timing verification).

• implemented script to validate timing reports of the timing engine (FPGA tool-chain)

Testing of the CCW (clock crossing widget) and F-System (foreign clock domain) in FPGA through design flow.

• Created parameterizable environment for the suite to easily add coverage of the testing.

• Bug reporting and verification


Verilog, Python, Shell, TCL, Aldec Riviera, p4, bugzila 2012 January -

2013 June Development of Proximus

Spheres: EDA/ESL, Parallel programming, High-performance computing Proximus is an electronic system design environment which is based on decomposing the system into the

essential elements “Function”, “Communication” and

“Platform”. Functionally, Proximus is a simulator, debugger and profiler for all of the above aspects. Proximus is a platform based on unique design methodology, targeting modern heterogeneous massive-parallel systems with distributed memory architectures ranging from embedded SoCs to multi-CPU and multi-GPU compute clusters. Implemented instrumentation tools and enabled interoperability with behavioral compiler/debugger/profilers, including GNU gcc/gdb, design/simulation environment and tool-chain.

Bug-fixing in the applications of the Proximus and Proximus. Technologies/Languages/Tools:

C++/STL, POSIX Threads, POSIX Sockets, Tcl, GNU Make, GCC, GDB, vim, subversion,trac


2003 – 2007 Yerevan State University - Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

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