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SQL Analyst/ETL developer

Bartlett, Illinois, United States
January 17, 2018

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Seeking an excellent opportunity in a healthy and fast-growing company to take my career to a next level.


Bachelor of Science in Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Fall 2014 – Spring 2017


IKM (International Knowledge Measurement) Subject: SQL, SSIS Dec 2017

Score: 80% Result ID:93000219


Programming Languages



: Tableau Desktop


: Windows, Linux



Business Tools:

: Tableau, SSIS

Computer Skills:

: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel


Tutoring Engineering Courses (UIC) Fall 2015

Tutored mass and energy balance courses to junior chemical engineering student in a one-on-one and in a group setting.

Helped student in understanding core concepts related to mass and energy balances in different processes units such as distillation, filtration, evaporation, extraction, etc.


UIC AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers, UIC). Spring 2015-Present

UIC Senior Design Expo 2016 (1st prize).


M3Q Consulting – Emblem E-Commerce June 2017- Present

SQL Tableau Developer

Designed and implemented the robust database in SQL Server 2014 defining stored procedures, triggers, user

defined functions, xml types, table value functions etc.

Acquired strong SQL skill set while performing complex queries throughout entire lifecycle of the project.

Experience with Scripting (load data into Tableau from Excel, SQL Server), Debugging and tracing.

Expertise with Aggregation (Sum/count/max/min/average), Let and Set functions, Condition on a field in a table.

Worked as Data analyst using Tableau to help an E-commerce business data through effective dashboards visualization.

Performed analytical result on various tasks such as sales based on profit using Aggregation and drilling down.

Created dashboards by interconnecting multiple work sheets along with storyboarding on facts.

Worked with various functionalities to meet desired conditions such as Global Filtering, Sorting, Grouping, Parametrizing

Conducted many different type of visual charts such as Tree maps, Bar charts, Trend charts, Bubble maps, Heats maps

Align Work sheets interactions in Dashboard using Actions Functionality such as attaching URLs, highlighting etc

Have worked with Analytical tools such as Forecasting, Clustering, Trend line, Reference line, Reference band

Experience with implementation of security in Tableau using Section Access.

Developed great problem solving and analytical skills during entire period

Have worked with SSIS to set up ETL process to move data from OLTP to OLAP database for better reporting.

Worked on different data flow controls of SSIS for batch process and transformations artifacts of lookup. Astutely used SQL scripts and custom scripts over heavy weight artifacts of SSIS.

Experienced with different types of Data flow transformation such as Conversion, Conditional split, Merge join, lookup, Derived column, Percentage sampling, Sorting, Union All, Multi Casting and Aggregating etc.

Have worked in scheduling SSIS jobs using SQL server Agent.

Deployed SSIS Package, Execute Package manually, execute package through scheduler, also execute package through T-SQL etc.

O’Hare International Airport, Chicago IL Apr 11 - Mar 12

Service Agent- Provide customer support using linux system and scripts to lookup customer data.

Served as a supervisor at arrivals department by assigning various tasks and duties to staff.

Responsible for complete check in procedures by checking passports, baggage transfers.

Made terminal announcements and alerts for prospective travelers.

Assisted arrival department in resolving customer queries such as lost and found items, managing transit flights, and helping customers through boarding process.


1st Prize Winner UIC Senior Design Expo 2016

Presented the idea for the manufacturing of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) and Green diesel. Produce from Palm kernel oil feed in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

Goal of production for LAB 100,000 tons/year and Green diesel 24,000 tons/year. Initially, while conducting project analysis we found that this project was not economically feasible at all. Operating Cost was estimating around $285 Million/Yr, but total revenue was $288 Million/Yr which leads our ROI to 3.31%, payback period time up to 30.25 years and NPV after 30 years came out to be -$57.480. Which didn’t make sense at all.

We did brainstorming again as a team and found out through sensitivity analysis on excel that if we would cut down our cost of feed raw material then we could be able to make this project profitable. Somehow an idea shows up in our heads that if we would do our own plantation of palm kernel fruit then not only we can make our project feasible, but also, we will be able to generate more revenue out of plantation as well. Having this approach changed whole scenario of our project significantly.

Finally, we conduct our process on Aspen stimulation software and through optimization we successfully be able achieve gross profit of $89 Million/Yr., also our ROI went up to 29.0% which leads payback period to 3.44 years. NPV after 30 years went up to $21.288 Million.

We conducted analysis on data, process control, also Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) to meet OSHA’s safety and environmental requirements.

Compiled and presented a final report covering process flow diagram (PFD) including inputs and outputs of process.

Research on Aspirin Technologies

Performed a detailed research on medicine (Aspirin) covering its origins, physical and chemical properties and manufacturing process including complete reaction mechanism.

Elaborated its functionality while reacting with human body under different conditions e.g. advantages and disadvantages while reacting with human body under various health conditions.


Mohammed Murtuza – Lead Software Engineer


Cell: 313-***-****

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