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Windows System Administrator, IT manager, IT Director

Carrollton, Texas, United States
January 17, 2018

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Carrollton, TX *****






Motivated IT Director with solid experience managing projects of all sizes, including designing, budgeting and administration. Strong skill set from 24 years experience. Equally comfortable assisting users in a cubicle as well as speaking in a board room to CEOs and VPs, explaining IT system needs and requirements.


Chief Technology Director, Cathedral Plumbing of Texas, LLC Carrollton, TX Carrollton, TX 2016-2017

I maintained the entire IT infrastructure that enabled the business to be competitive. My primary objective when hired was to create a scalable network that could quickly expand as the company expanded to other markets. Another core objective was to help design and implement a custom built application suite to replace the current paper intensive method of business. This was to include mobile device apps, internal web based applications and the corresponding database and server backends.


● Researched, designed, budgeted, purchased and implemented a network for use in expanding the company into new markets.

● Collaborated with the owner and his staff with documentation of core business practices.

● Working with the owner and his legal representative, we worked with multiple software development companies to find one to develop a custom suite of applications for the home building subcontractors and builders.

● Planned the migration of the company from a Microsoft Small Business Server environment to a VMware based virtual server environment based on DELL servers, Compellent SAN devices and switches.

IT Director, Capform Inc.

Carrollton, TX 20001-2016

Instrumental in modernizing the IT infrastructure. Built up the network from a single Novell server to a hybrid mix of VM and physical servers with a High Availability solution with a remote disaster recovery location. Established and implemented many of the company IT policies and procedures. Accomplishments

● Migrated the company from a Novell based network to Microsoft Windows.

● Researched, designed and maintained a HA solution for the accounting department After servers. This helped them achieve 99+% up time.

● Recruited and built IT department as the company needs increased.

● Researched and implemented a company wide email system away from the Yahoo mail,

● Migrated to an MS Exchange based system allowing for more control of emails and attachments.

● Custom built servers to uniquely match the requirements needed for servers roles.

● Researched, purchased and implemented several generations of SAN storage.

● Strategized with developer of iris recognition software. Instrumental in coming up with many concepts and design aspects of the final product. The system is for use at job sites to eventually gather payroll information and prevent loss due to "ghost" employees.

● Worked with CFO in vetting accounting software from the hardware prospective and back end database usability.

● Migrated data from a flat file system to MS SQL databases to keep the payroll data integrity as mandated by federal law.

● Implemented a document management system to help facilitate AR/AP work flow.

● Routinely wrote queries, as SQL administrator and DBA, for the accounting and safety departments based on information requests from Federal and State agencies as required.

● Directed the IT team in the designing, then budgeting and purchasing DELL PowerEdge servers, Compellent SANs and network switches for use in migrating to a virtual server infrastructure.

● Installed and configured new DELL equipment in a co-location data center.

● Spearheaded the design of a fireproof vault that was built on site to be the IT disaster recovery location.

● Installed and configured new DELL equipment in the disaster recovery vault. This fulfilled a board mandate that a copy of all company data be kept local.

● Directed the IT staff in migrating the company servers to Hyper-V VMs. This enabled the company to reduce its server count, thus saving money on replacement servers and associated software licenses.

● Moved the company from a DSL based internet to a fiber based 250 Mbps direct link to our data center and 100 Mbps DIA. This was critical as more and more plans and such were being sent to the company electronically.

● Researched, budgeted, purchased and implemented a robust remote connectivity solution based on a Citrix VDI solution at the core with SSLVPN and RDP as redundant connectivity to ensure near 100% availability.


University of Texas at Arlington

BA in Advertising and Marketing 1993

Cedar Valley College

AA in General Studies 1992


I have experience with: Windows Server NT4, 2000, 2003, 2003R2, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016, Microsoft SQL server 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012,2014, Exchange server 5, 2003, 2010, IIS, Windows OS from 3.x to 10, MySQL, T-SQL, Watchguard, Juniper, Cisco ASA, Cisco routers, HP switches, DELL PowerEdge, DELL Compellent, Dlink xStack SAN, DELL Latitude series latops, DELL Optiflex series desktops, DELL Precision workstations and laptops, TCP/IP, SSL, VPN, BOVPN, ACL, SSL certificates, Active Directory, Group Policy, NTFS, Trend Micro, McAfee, Vipre, Kaspersky, Enterprise class firewall, Nortel Catalyst, Linux, Appasure, DELL Rapid Recovery, Quest Rapid Recovery, CA Backup Exec, RDX, LTO, Citrix, Citrix VDI in a box,, Netscaler, Chameleon Document management system.


Available upon request.

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