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DHA eligible general dentist-Dr Pratik Pitroda

Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, India
August 09, 2018

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Dr.Pratik Pitroda

B.D.S( Bachlor of Dental Surgery), DHA(Dubai Health Authority)Eligible

"Ambika krupa", Narshipara-1, Mayurbhuvan, Dhrangadhra-363310, Gujrat, India. +91-942*******, +91-884*******

Carrier Objective

A detail-oriented and enthusiastic dentist with 6+ years of experience in providing first rate professional dental services to patients while diagnosing and treating dental conditions successfully. Adept in using specialist equipment and specializing in general dentistry work, looking forward to work with a reputed, forward-thinking dental care unit to enhance my knowledge and abilities. Licenses

Licensed dentist by Gujrat State Dental Counsil,INDIA Reg No: A-6390. DHA Eligibility Letter Issued On: 1st October 2017 Ref No: DHA/LS/652017/714108 . Professional Strength

Possess more than 6 year of professional experience as a dentist. Diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and malformations of teeth gums. Examine patient to define nature of condition.

Expertise in RCT ( root canal treatment ) using rotary instruments. Expertise in replacing missing teeth by FPD( fixed partial denture), Implant, Cast partial denture. Expertise in taking Digital X-Ray by using RVG.

Expertise in extract decayed, fractured, non vital tooth. Expertise in filling of decayed, carious tooth by using composite restoration. Expertise in giving anesthetics to patient prior to dental procedures. Expertise in teeth whiting using the most recent dental innovations. Expertise in priscribing antibiotics and pain medications to patient who underwent dental procedure. Dedication to teach patient proper dental hygiene. Capability to remain updated with the recent developments in dentistry. Capability to choose treatment plans by carefully assessing patients’ conditions at the earliest without any day. Ability to work under pressure.

Excellent communication ability.

Professional Experience

Pratik Dental Clinic, Gujrat, INDIA

General Dentist

February 2012-Present

Educating patients on the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and oral care, explaining various dental conditions, making them understand the need of treatment and treating them. Coordinating the regular activities of the dental assistants, dental hygienists and receptionists and assigning tasks to them; training these staff by developing new training programs. Maintaining medical reports of patients for further use and updating those as required. Treating all types of gum and teeth diseases, like decaying teeth and performing treatments like fillings, placing sealants, repairing cracked teeth, removing teeth etc.

Using and maintaining different equipment required for carrying dental surgeries. Participating in various workshops and programs on dental care education, preventive measures and spreading dental care awareness.

Providing surgery and/or treatment related information to patients, answering their questions and boosting their confidence. K.M.Shah Dental college & Hospital,Vadodara, Gujrat, INDIA Intern Dentist

September 2010-August 2011

Educating patients on how to take care of teeth, how to brush and floss, what to do to avoid bad breath, cavities etc. in a word, every aspect of oral health care.

Taking measurements for different dental appliances like dentures, and making models. Using tools to examine teeth, gums and the jaw and diagnose several dental condition. Removing unwanted teeth causing pain and repairing cracked teeth. Prescribing medications.

Providing postoperative instructions to patients.

Educational Summary

B.D.S ( Bachlor of dental surgery)

B.D.S from K.M.Shah dental college & Hospital, pipariya, Tal- Waghodia, Dist-Vadodara, Gujrat, INDIA. (AUG-2011 Graduate) INTERNSHIP

1 year internship from K.M.Shah dental college & Hospital, pipariya, Tal- Waghodia, Dist- Vadodara, Gujrat, INDIA . (September- 2010 to August-2011)

Higher Secondary School

Higher secondary school from Sardar Patel Vidhyalaya, Surendranagar, Gujrat, INDIA. [PASS (86%)- 2006 March]. High School

High school from M.M.Shah Sanskar Vidhyalaya, Dhrangadhra, Gujrat, INDIA. [PASS(87%)- 2004 March]. Certificates

Certified Basic Course in ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY by Adin Dental Implants Sys.LTD from WORD OF 32: Dental Acadamy, Ahmedabad, Gujrat,INDIA ( April 2015 to July 2015) Certiied Course in CLINICAL ORAL SURGERY-SIMPLIFIED from WORD OF 32: Dental Acadamy, Ahmedabad,Gujrat, INDIA

( March 2015).

Certiied Course in PRACTICE MANAGMENT WORD OF 32: Dental Acadamy, Ahmedabad,Gujrat, INDIA (September 2015). Participate in Full Day workshop on CROWN LENGTHENING & POST N CORE by WORLD OF 32: Dental Acadamy, Ahmedabad,Gujrat, INDIA(September 2015).

Cetificate of appreciation by COLGATE by participating in the Free Dental check-up Program as part of the Oral Health Month- 2016.


IDA ( Indian Dental Assosiation) ID: 169271 DIST- Surendranagar,GUJRAT. ROTARY CLUB INTERNATIOAL R.I.DIST: 3060

Volunteer Work.

Volunteering and Humanitarian work is a part of my life. Held Free Dental check-up camps in more than 25 rural village areas in Dhrangadhra, Dist-Surendranagar, Gujat,INDIA. Held Free Dental check-up camps in Pratik Dental Clinic,Dhrangadhra, INDIA (September 2015). There is always challenging to practice in Dhrangadhra, Dist- Surendranagar, Gujrat, INDIA because there is naturally more fluoride level in a region that causes dental fluorosis common in general population and in that situation there is difficult to do dental treatment but than also so many patient satisfied with my quality work in that challenging situation. Personal Information

Nationality : INDIAN

Date of Birth : 17th May 1989

Language : English,Hindi.

Hight : 167cm

Weight : 65kg

Eligibility Letter

Date: 01-Oct-2017 Ref.: DHA/LS/652017/714108

Nationality: India

Applicant Name: Pratik Pitroda

Have been approved as:

To whom it may concern,

Kindly be informed that:

And this letter was given to the applicant in order to seek employment and to submit it to the concerned Healthcare Facilities for the issuance of DHA license. Health Regulation Department


• This is electronically generated report, no need for signature or stamp.

• This letter is NOT a license and you are NOT eligible to practice.

• This letter is valid up to one year from the issuing date.

• Any changes or alteration, this certificate will be cancelled. Yours Sincerely,

General Dentist General Dental

Health Regulation Department ςΣλϟ ϡϳυϧΗϟ Γέ Ω


India ΔϳγϧΟϟ

Pratik Pitroda ϡγΣ

ϙ ΎϧϳΩϟ ϡϳϳϘΗϟ ςΎ Οϧ ϥ ΩόΑ ϡϳϳϘΗ ΔϟΎγέ Ϫ Ύρϋ ϡΗ Ωϗ ˬΩόΑ ϭ ΔΑϳρ ΔϳΣΗ

ϥ ́Α ϡϠόϟΎΑ ϝοΫΗϟ κΟέϳ

ˬˬˬˬˬˬˬˬˬ ήϳΪϘΘϟ ϭ ϡ ήΘΣΣ π ΎΎ ϝϮΒϘΑ ϮϠπΫΗ ϭ

ςΤμϟ ϢΘψϨΘϟ Γέ Ω


ϡΗΧΗ ϭ ϊϗϭΗ ϥ κϟ ΝΎΗΣΗ ϻ ˬ ΔϳϧϭέΗϛϟ ΓΩΎϬηϟ ϩΫ

ΎϬΑ ϝϣόϟ ϥϛϣϳ ϻ ϭ ιϳΧέΗ Εγϳϟ ΓΩΎϬηϟ ϩΫϫ

έ ΩλΣ ΦϳέΎΗ ϥϣ ΓΩΣ ϭ Δϧγ ΓΩϣϟ ϝϭόΫϣϟ ΔϳέΎγ ΓΩΎϬηϟ ϩΫϫ

ΔϳϏϻ ΓΩΎϬηϟ έΑΗόΗ έϳϳβΗ ϭ ρηϛ ρ

Oct-2017 01 ΦϳέΎΗϟ DHA/LS/652017/714108 ϡϗέ ΓΩΎϬη

ϥϣ Δϳ ΎϬϧϟ ιϳΧέΗϟ ΔϗΎρΑ έ Ωλ ϥϳΣ κϟ ΔϳΣλϟ Ε ́ηϧϣϠϟ ϝϣόϟ ϳέΎλΗ ϡγϗ κϟ ΎϬϣϳΩϘΗ Ϫϟ κϧγΗϳ κΗΣ ΔϟΎγέϟ ϩΫϫ Ϫϟ Εϳρϋ Ωϗ ϭ ςΣλϟ ϡϳυϧΗϟ Γέ Ω

ϡΎϋ ϥΎϧγ ΏϳΑρ ϡΎϋ ϥΎϧγ ΏϳΑρ

Health Regulation Department ςΣλϟ ϡϳυϧΗϟ Γέ Ω

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