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Galena, Illinois, 61036, United States
January 16, 2018

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William (Bill) Drews


The several decade consulting career of Mr. Drews spans a gamut of hardware3, software2, languages2 and applications4. Bill was involved in key roles5 throughout all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC) from concept through implementation, involving both on-line (OLTP/OLAP) and batch, many of which ensue5: management; user requirements; research; functional/detail system design; functional/detail data base design; conversion; interfacing; program design; programming; unit/system testing; installation; tuning; documentation; demonstration; user training; teaching; etc (ref Addendum) at hundreds of companies,

He has worked decades with QSAM (flat), VSAM (41), Data Bases:IMS (20) & relational DB2/SQL (36); CICS (34), DB2/IMS DBA (19) plus UDB-EE/EEE, DialogueManager-PDF/DM (13), Cobol/Cob2 (46), PL1 (08), Q/A (13), EDI-834/837 (10) plus years with Access, QMF (16), SPUFI (36), SAS, Unix, SAP, C#, Java, HTML, VB, MQ Series, WebSphere, MVS (40), Z/OS (17), ProdSupport (15), DEC VAX, plus D.R.(15), ChangeMan (12), Endevor (20), conversions (hundreds)

SPECIALIZATION: Software/Aps – mainly DBA work with sporadic Programmer/Analysis (ref Addendum for details)

On-Line: CICS; DB-2/SQL; IMS-DC; Cobol; QSAM (flat); VSAM; ISPF-DM-PDF; VSAM; Web

Batch: JES; JCL; PROCS; Clists/REXX/Execs/Scripts; DB-2/SQL; IMS-DB; Cobol; QMF/SPUFI; QSAM; VSAM

General: Structured analysis/design/program of flat, relational & hierarchal sys/dbs; conversions/tuning of platform/DBs/language/rls/etc (400+); many Disaster Recovery & Change Manager installations

D B A / Systems / Architect / Programmer / Analyst

Lead DB2 DBA & PA – Exelon via Accenture, 720WorldWide & HTP 11/16-Current

Mr. Drews contracted as DB2 DBA and Programmer/Analyst, collaborating on a Unix/Oracle to DB2 merger for an electrical power provider wherein some 500+ tables of data were unloaded (Extracted) from Unix, FTPd, converted (Transformed) and merged (Loaded) into a composite DB2 via ETL/DSNUTILIB tools, along with their corresponding Cobol (Passport 10) batch & online (CICS) programs, needing conversion/augmentation/recompilation; all DataBases and Programs were QA/Regression tested.

effected capacity planning for these DataBases/Tables and their corresponding unloaded, QSAM files (flat)

built 2000+ DBA jobs in four phases that Unloaded from Unix, FTPd to M/F, Converted, Loaded into DB2 (500+ per phase)

executed and tested above jobs in five regions, along with their corresponding processed/discarded row counts

built 0500+ SQL jobs that Counted table rows, at various phases as cross-checks (i.e. as well as DBA Unload, FTP, Load counts)

converted/augmented/recompiled/tested hundreds of corresponding Cobol batch and online pgms using those DBs/Tbls

built a comprehensive, Excel spreadsheet, tracking 500+ table JOB & SQL row counts for unloads/loads/discards/difs/merges at all stages: Unix PreLoads, FTPs, Unix PostUnloads, DB2 PreLoads, DB2 PostLoads (Unix+DB2) for five regions

wrote several new Cobol batch and CICS online programs to accommodate differences between old Unix & new DB2 systems

built a routine that imported the various SQL stages (i.e. checkpoints) of table row counts into that Excel

built a Spool Job concatonating all 500+ JHS/ESP table load JOB Sysprints into one filtered file (only load/discard cnts; no verbiage)

built a REXX Job concatonating above filtered Sysprint file with dozs of ‘stray’ Sysout files into a final, merged composite count file.

built a routine that imported the one, composite JOB table count file above, into that Excel, completing the tracking spreadsheet for five regions with a RESULT of: new Unix table row counts + old DB2 row counts = merged, composite, Unix-DB2 row counts..

resolved elusive, corrupted/missing/additional Cols/Rows in all DBs/Tbls, as well as, corresponding Cobol batch/online pgms

used: Cob, SPUFI, QMF, FileAid, CA Tools (RC-Query/Migrator/Updt), DB2, SDSF, CICS, DB2, ETL, REXX, JHS/ESP, FileZilla, SPF, MVS-Z/OS, DB2 v10/v11, BMC Utilities, OS-Utilities, Oracle, Passport10, REXX, DFSSORT, SQL-Developer, SharePoint, Unix, Excel, TestDirector, ALM (Application Lifecycle Management).

DB2/IMS/SQL-Srvr DBA – ISAC via IO Datasphere 1/16-10/16

Mr. Drews contracted as a DB2/IMS/SQL-Srvr DBA for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

maintained/converted/designed/tuned various systems, including a Content Manager upgrade

implemented both DB2 and IMS encryption/compression conversions

wrote Quiesces/Backups/Restores for dozens of DBs involving hundreds of TableSpaces, as well as DBD/PSB/ACB gens.

monitored/resolved DB2/IMS/CM/SQL-Srvr databases daily in Prod and Test; ensured active, running and problem-free

monitored/resolved “thousands” of batch, Production Support jobs daily; ensured running and problem-free

conducted walk-thrus, recommended SQL methods, ran SQL code Explains

monitored/wrote SQL/Cobol/CICS/IMS-DB&DC programs; drafted procedures and diagrams

used: Attachmate/Extra, DB2-Admin, Erwin (models;entity relationships), DB2-Admin, JIRA, Omegamon, Mobius, FileMaster (DB2/IMS/VSAM), CA7/11, DataStudio, VisualStudio, Panvalet, QMF, SPUFI, CICS, BMS, IMS-DB/DC, HALDB, MFS, REXX, MVS-Z/OS, CLists, Macros, SDSF, ISPF, Explains, DB2, IMS, VSAM, SQL-Srvr, EZ-Trieve, Cobol, C#, SAS-VisualAnalytics, Crystal Reports, AbendData, Access, Excel, Word, PowerBuilder, Tableau, Visio, Word & Outlook.

Lead DB2 DBA – IDES via Alert I/T Solutions 9/15-12/15

Mr. Drews was a DB2 Websphere DBA using DB2, SQL, Cob2, C#, Java, Squirrel, DB2-Admin, Unix/LUW/AIX, Omegamon, Toad. Xpediter, IMS DB/DC & dozs of DML (SQL) queries. He built various TblSpcs/Tables/Indices for an ICON project plus provided Production Support. He also tutored SQL/Cobol, provided SQL/Cob advice, documented, built diagrams/charts and did some coding.

Lead P/A & DBA – SIRVA Trucking via K-Force 03/15-08/15

Mr. Drews had a minor project as Senior Programmer/Analyst for a trucking company plus some DBA advice.

wrote and maintained programs in Cobol/CICS/DB2/JCL plus C# and Java under mainframe emulation via DotNet, MicroSoftServer

provided Cobol/SQL tutoring/advice, as well as analysis, coding with some DBA advice plus Production Support

used additionally: Agile, Scrum, Sidebars, Sprints, Spikes, Stories, Standups, TFS (TeamFoundationServer), Visual Studio

Lead DBA & PA – RailRoad Retirement Board via Booz/Allen/Hamiltom 07/09 – 02/01/15

Mr. Drews Lead the RRB modernization as DBA and Programmer/Analyst with conversion to Shared Tables, IDMS-to-V8/V9/V10 DB2 conversions, MAMMA matrixed SS/RR conversions plus MOLI CICS design/pgm (yrs) of PartC/D & IRMAA-PartD, all in DB2/SQL/Cobol2. He advised SQL/Cobol/CICS techniques, provided seminars/tutoring, lead walk-thrus, developed standards for Specifications/Coding/SQL/DataBases/Keys/RI/Screens, etcetera. He chaired weekly meetings for project and database design, separately. He used Visio, Excel, Erwin (diagrams), DB2-Admin and Netview plus dozens of other tools.

charted various conversions via Visio and Erwin plus Excel, Word and Powerpoint, not to mention screen prints

collaborated on IDMS to DB2/CICS, mechanical convert (via Tiburon)-ETL: unload, bld DBs/Tbls/Ndx, normalize, reload

provided normalization/tuning effort for new Modernization system and addition of Medicare PartC/D.

developed partitioned database protocol (DPF) for a doz sys at RRB; partition for each; develop Loads/Unloads

built several DBs with dozs of tbls, indeces, RI for pension plans; built dozs more for Medicare PartC/D adjunct

built dozens of unloads, reorgs, reloads, image copies, ETLs, various utilities, etc.

collaborated/lead ongoing DBA Moderization/Shared Table Development meetings

consolidated various, multiple Employee and Address Tables (etc) into ONE set of Shared Tables

collaborated/lead a doz Stored Procedure standards, efficiency protocol meetings

lead/deconverted Tiburon/IDMS protocol in MOLI system into native Cob2/DB2/CICS; lead Unit/QA testing

designed/wrote RRB Reply File pgm (R26066) in DB2/SQL/Cob2; effect Unit/QA testing

developed requirements for Refunds and Canadian Claims

converted old legacy MAMMA system into TopDown, GoTo-less, Cob2 Structure, invoking 16 functions (28K lns of old code)

consolidated MAMMA’s 16 RailRoad/SocS functions into 8, Combined RR/SS, matricized functions (halved code)

built dozens of CICS maps for IRMAA PartD; built several programs for such and unit test

designed/wrote RRB CHICO Reject pgm (R26063) in D2/SQL/Cob2

built many batch & online (CICS) Cob2 DB2 pgms; built/tutored Stored Procedures; did REXX, Clists & BAL/Assembly maint

built CICSpgm & BMSmap design architecture templates for new MOLI PartC/D/AllDed for use by programmers

tutored programmers in BMS and CICS, as well as, DB2, SQL, SPUFI, VSAM and Cobol std techniques

advised/templated new MOLI CICS maps/programs (PartC/D/AllDed) – MOLI=Medicare OnLine Inquiry

converted MOLI old CICS IDMS/TempStor (e.g. GD/DB pgms/maps) to std Cob2/CICS protocol (several month effort)

installed converted/new MOLI CICS system into production; use MainView and DataStudio/Control Center (LUW)

developed requirements for segregating Canadian Claims and Medicare Refunds

advised changes to MOLI Load/Update (P26804/P26805); used: CA-Tools, DB2-Connect, FTP, NDM, Explains,Tuning, Cobol

used: DBA DB2-Admin & BMC-CatlgMgr, SPUFI, QMF, EDI, FileAid, DB2, SDF2, SDSF, CICS, DB2, BMS, Xpediter, Debug

Lead P/A + Sys Pgm + DBA Advice – Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Illinois 02/07 – 06/01/09

Mr. Drews was Lead PA/SysPgmr/DBA of five, effecting ImagePlus/HIPAA/DataCollect/ClaimsAdjud for insurance.

provided Cob2/DB2/CICS/BMS, PA/SysPgm/DBA/Support/Implement for ImagePlus/Claims/HIPAA/Collection sys

set DBA DB2-8.1 normalization, tuning/design/advice/methods, IMS, DB2Connect, explains, Cob/CICS security

ran JADS & user/QA meetings; wrote func/tech specs for DBs/pgms/rpts/infc/conv (Cob/EDI+ Java/VB/MQSeries

lead Comparex to Filemaster conversion; converted JCL file storage to new esoteric classes; separated Test from Prod

built new Cob2/DB2 exit pgms (IG VALTEX/SECUREX) & stored procs for ImagePlus (SDM+Test Director tests)

collaborated ITS 10.2 instal - RecLth/Scrn/Mapgen Chgs; SF/DF/RF/NF fmts; Sep Prof/Instit Hdrs with mult Srvc Lns

designed/wrote batch Cob2/DB2 purge insert/update/delete pgm to purge old scan docs; use Visio, SDM, PwrPt, ClearCase

designed/wrote several batch Cob2/DB2 Cash Reconciliation programs; also use Visio/PPT/SDM/DB2Connect; IMS DB/DC maint

collaborated on ITS 10.2 instal (RecLth/Scrn/Mapgen Chgs; separate into Prof/Instit Hdrs with multiple Service Lns)

AbendAid,Z/OS-Cob,BAL,BMC-DB2,DB2, C#, CA-Detector, CEMT/CEDF/CECI/CEBR, Clarity,Clear Case, ClearQuest, CICS, DR, Debug, EDI-837,Endevor,Excel,EZTrieve,FileAid,FileMstr,FTP,Intertest,ITS,IMS,InputAccel,NDM, SCLM, JCL/Procs, JCLPrep, Jscan,, Lotus/GrpNms/Trigrs, MSOfc, MQSeries, Omegamon(CICS/DB2), Mapgen, MVS, PwrPoint, Princeton-DB2-Tools, Panvalet, IMS-DC, SDSF, SDM, SPUFI, MainView, REXX/Clist,TeleView, TPX, TSO/ISPF, QMF, MS, Unix, Visio, Valgen,VSAM, XCOM

Lead P/A + DBA advice – R.R.B. – Railroad Retirement Board 05/06-12/06

Mr. Drews worked as lead Programmer/Analyst providing Medicare/SSA (Part B/D) conversion from IDMS to DB2-8.1.

Built/tested monthly/annual IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts) programs which extracted eligible candidates from the RailRoad employee master (MIRTEL) and transmitted them via NDM to SSA for processing

Built/tested statistical programs which counted IRMAA & Non-IRMAA individuals by Direct Billing, Benefit Deduction, State Buyin, Other, categories for use by CMS (Centers for Medicare Service)

provided Cobol, Endevor and Xpediter assistance, as well as SPF, FileAid, etc.; interviewed for RRB DBA position

provided DBA recommendations: normalizing new DBs, backup/recovery, foreign keys, referential integrity

Lead DBA - Blue Cross / Blue Shield Association 01/06 -05/06

Mr. Drews was lead DBA Modeler/Tuner/Security/Support for an insurance company’s VSAM-to-DB2-8.1 conversion.

built Erwin model for Database Definition Language regarding fifty databases; FTPd & rebuilt on M/F (3K lns cd) V7

segregated M/F model by TableSpace member, with Drop TS, Create TS, Create Tbl, Ndxs, Prim Key, Foreign Key

built eight functional JCL groups, each with many TS parmbrs (1-Drop/Create DB; 2-Create Prof TS, 8-CreateGrants)

modified JCL model with symbolics for JobName, Lib, DB, TblCreator, BfrPool;, etc.; rebuilt 11 unique JCL from mdl

built/ran DDL JCL for each of 11 unique DBs and load data; same for three subsys (33 DBs or 99K DDL lns cd)

redo entire scenario for DB2 Version 8 (V8) using newer options (more buffer pools; better partition algorithm, etc.)

held JAD for Auths (Grants) for two doz pgmrs in 33 DBs; build such in Excel; build/run such Grants

tuned Databases as needed (indeces, buffers, etc.); provide on-shore/off-shore DB2 DBA support

modelled/built/tuned Database Definition Language for JAVA based Blue Squared (LCL/NCL) systems

used: BMC, ChangeMan, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Clist, Cobol, C#, DB2, Erwin, Excel, FileAid, JAD, Java, JCL/Procs, MSOffice, NDM, Panvalet, $AVRS, SDSF, SPUFI, SQL, QMF, TestDirector, TMS, Visio, Xpediter

Lead DBA + Architect/Analyst - Lawson 08/05-12/16/05

Bill provided Functional and Technical Analysis, Conversion, Management, DBA, Modeling, Testing in a DOS/VSE/IDMS to OS/MVS/DB2/CICS Cobol conversion for a mid-sized parts supplier.

collaborated on master plan for platform/DB conversion, DB2-8.1 modeling, security, program/JCL conversion, unit/system/UAT testing, disaster recovery, change management, job scheduler and implementation

analyzed DB2 security; recommended and drafted RACF with secondary authorization IDs

analyzed DB2 model via Erwin; recommended, modeled, drafted tables with third level normalization

analyzed entire JCL/library/DSN/program standards, recommended/drafted new standards with catlgd Procs

analyzed unloads/loads for efficiency and standardization; built Disaster Recovery plan for offsite unloads

recommended IBM or Platinum plus FileAid; also JCLPrep or JEM for JCL

converted Batch/CICS pgms to Z/OS Cobol; converted DOS JCL to OS JCL; converted IDMS & VSAM to DB2

analyzed entire run stream schedule; researched/recommended job scheduler for OS such as CA7

setup testing scenario/scripts; tested manually (Unit/System/Regression/UAT/Parallel) and with Rational Robot

collaborated on tracking (Excel) all programs/JCL from DOS to OS; recommended change management Endevor

participated in Endevor facilitation for change management plus ClearQuest/ClearCase for Issues/Defects

Used: CList, DOS/VSE, OS/MVS, ICCF, IDMS, DB2, VSAM, CICS, DOS Cob, Z/OS Cob, CA-Insight, Omegamon, AQT for DB2, ISPF, SDSF, Endevor, Clear Quest, Clear Case, DB2, Visual Explain, Erwin, REXX, SQL, SPUFI

Lead P/A + DBA – Allstate 01/05-08/05

He offered Technical Analysis/Conversion/Mngmnt/DBA/Specifying/Programming/Testing in CICS, DB2, IMS, Access and Z/OS Cobol and PeopleSoft for a large insurance company.

analyzed Nemo IMS/CICS re-insurance databases; identify segments to CONVERT to DB2 DBs/Tbls

built Access Data Dictionary to monitor/track/join DBs, segs, fields, cols, attrs, values & descriptions

define/create new DB2 DASD/DBs/Tbls with normal/inherited keys to represent IMS segments/DBs

setup FCTs, DDF, PCTs, PPTs, RCTs;TCTs; tune DB2 tables, jobs and CICS communication

built some 85 IMS to QSAM (flat) downloads; built corresponding 85 uploads to DB2 (IBM utilities)

setup job scheduler in ESP for unloads/reloads; setup Backup & Disaster Recovery scenario/jobs

analyze/setup capacity; verify IMS vs DB2 seg/row counts and some 700 field/column amounts

built hundreds of DB2 QMF/SPUFI & Access queries to certify conversion

Used: AbendAid, Access, CICS, Clist, Cob-Z/OS, ESP, DB2, Dumpmstr, FileAid(IMS), IMS, JCLCk, JEM, JobScan, Pan, Panscan, Platinum, QMF, QW, REXX, SAR, SDSF, SNDM, SPF, SPUFI, Startool, Strobe, Telon, TIMS, TMS, Toolbox, XCOM, Xpediter, Zeke

Lead P/A + DBA – Kraft Foods 08/04-01/05

Mr. Drews effected Functional/Technical Analysis/Mngmnt/Specifying/DBA/Programming/Testing/Debugging in Unix/LUW/SQL/PL-SQL/DB2/EDI//Cob as senior analyst/DBA/coordinator for a global food company.

built Platinum/IBM unloads/loads for such; defined/built DBs/Tbls; tuned such

built Demand Supply Forcasting software/test plans for Pizza/other divisions; built hundreds SQL QMF queries

analyzed/spec’d EDI M/F to Unix forecasting (VMI) with SOX compliance & APPC infc; ran JAD for DASD

determined/allocated Capacity/DASD/tables/partitioning/databases (DB2); built Platinum/IBM unloads/loads

used multitudes of software including: AS400/I-Series, Cob-Z/OS, CompareX, ControlM, DB2, Endeavor, Excel, IBM tools, ISPF, Java, JCL/Prcs, JEM, JEM, JSCAN, Manugistics, MS Project, ODBC, Oracle, PL/SQL, Platinum tools, Powerpoint, QMF, QuickPlace, RUP, ServiceCenter, Sort(Sum/None/etc), SPUFI, TOAD, UML, Unix, VB, Visio

Lead P/A + DBA – SBC 04/04 – 08/04

Mr. Drews effected Functional/Technical Analysis/Supv/Specifying/DBA/Programming/Testing/Debugging in SQL/DB2/CICS/IMS//Cob as senior analyst/DBA/coordinator for a global telephone company.

spec’d/built/altered IMS billing software (CABS) for dozens of nationwide subsidiaries

facilitated IMS DBD, PCB, PSB gens; Image Copies, Restores, Reorgs, etcetera

built/created DBs, Tbls and tuned pre-existing

BMC, BMS, ChangeMan, ControlM, CICS, Cob-Z/OS, DB2-Connect, FileAid, FileAid IMS, Focus, IMS, IMS/DC,

MPP/BMP, ControlM, ISPF, JEM, JSCAN, MFS, Omegamon, PDS, Platinum, Vantive, Xpediter Batch/Online

Lead Analyst + DBA – ConAgra 01/03 – 03/04

Mr. Drews effected Functional & Technical Analysis, Specifying, DBA, Programming, Testing and Debugging in MF, SAP, Manuugistics, Unix/LUW/SQL/DB2, CICS, IMS, EDI, CICS, & Cobol, as senior analyst/DBA/coordinator for a global company.

built interface/conversion/consolidation/datawhse software for its hundreds of whse/distrib food subsidiaries

worked with hundreds of managers, functional/technical analysts and DBA personnel locally and countrywide

recommended, specified, built, interfaced, unit/string/UAT/regression tested, tuned, installed dozens of aps

created the same for their corresponding tables/views/indeces/loads/unloads via UDB on Unix

worked with Inventory Balance/Adjst/Reconcile, Orders, Expected Receipts, Customer and Product Master

created hundreds of analytical/reporting SQL/stored-procedures during the ongoing, multiple rollouts

used multitudes of diverse software including: AS400/I-Series, MF-Cobol, Oracle/Unix, Shell Scripts, AIX, FTP/Connect-Direct, Mercury Test Director, Informatica-test/designer, ETL, UniCenter, Manugistics, Legacy, MAPICS, Quest. ASI, CPFR, Erwin, SAP/R2/3, Innatrack, Mapics, IMS, DB2, CICS, WMS, TMS, PIMS, Korn, Oracle, Unix, LoadRunner, Winrunner, EDI/Gentran/IBM-DataInterchange, DWH, Crystal Reports, AS400, Triggers, Stored Procedures, utilities, Toad, Coolgen, Red Hat Linux, SQLPlus, PL-SQL and Ultra Edit.

Lead DBA – SBC 09/01 – 12/02

Mr. Drews effected DB2/IMS/CICS/Access DBA/Analysis/Conversion/Coordination for a nat’l communications merger.

built/unloaded/reloaded/reorged/tuned DB2/UDB/IMS DBs via IBM & Platinum software (BMC discontinued)

built various IMS and Access databases.

wrote dozens of Cobol programs in CICS/IMS/DB2/VSAM, MPP/BMP/batch plus REXX

wrote Cobol/SAS series which unloaded/reloaded RACF to DB2

built CICS internals with a host of online inquiries & updates; setup FCTs, PCTs, PPTs, TCTs, RCT, DDF

coordinated various subproject groups during the conversion from a local computer to one in California

effected Time-Lines, Excel charts, Visio, process flow, ControlM, conversion protocol, MSProject

wrote specs & hundreds of SQL Access Queries

converted pgms/JCL/Procs, EDI-837/834 Gentran/Sterling, SAS/Powerbuilder/ClientServer/VB, TPXtoSupersession

debugged/built IMS/DB2 in CICS/Batch programs via Xpediter, FileAid, SAS & Platinum & ETL.

altered JCL/Proc sysouts to interface/feed another Java/Webshere/HTML

built reporting warehouse system (EOS) interfacing with altered JCL/pgms/DBs below

altered thousands of JCL/procs plus hundreds Cobol/CICS/SAS pgms plus dozens of DBs (DB2/IMS/Access)

Lead P/A+DBA - Anixter 03/01-09/01

Mr. Drews provided DB2/IMS/E-BUSiness DBA/Management for a global parts supplier.

provided DBA/management/analysis for an IMS/DB2/CICS to Web/Java four man, interface project

provided Time-Lines, process/data flow charts in Visio, Excel charts, wrote specifications

setup stored procedures, SQL queries, reviewed code, held meetings, provided weekly statuses

effected Explains, ACB/PSB/DBD gens and tuning/diagnostic/resizing efforts for DB2/IMS

provided test procedures; setup CICS/Batch Xpediter debugging, FCTs, TCTs, PCTs, PPTs, DDF

coordinated productionizing one hundred order entry, allocation, ETL programs

analyzed/programmed/debugged hundreds of IMS/DB2/CICS Cobol2 programs

wrote specifications, Excel, Visio & MSProject charts

programmed/tested for a six man Java/Web to IMS/DB2 (Nurun) project using MQ Series Websphere software

provided Cob/IMS/DB2/CICS/DBA/VSAM/ClientServer Xpediter/CEDF/ETL 7x24 debugging pager support

Lead DBA – IBM at SBC 09/00-03/01

Mr. Drews provided DB2/IMS DataBase effort for a large, nationwide communication company.

performed ongoing ACB/PSB/DBD installations (IMS Vers7) on dozens of systems (same as 1999)

provided continual tuning, diagnostic, resizing efforts using BMC/IBM/Platinum Utilities plus DBRC/IRLM for DB2/IMS DBs, as well as Vantive, Boole & Babbage, Omegamon, Princeton plus Candle

co-installed new release of DB2 plus new BMC utilities;

provided daily SYSADM & DBAADM functions

provided ongoing production pager support (7x24) via Rome logon for IMS & DB2 & DB2 UDB-EEE

Lead P/A – Anixter 03/00 - 09/00

Mr. Drews provided DB2/IMS DataBase/System Management for a worldwide electrical parts provider.

managed six people effecting modifications, upgrades and conversions plus Disaster Recovery

coordinated/instructed company’s educational program of DB2/IMS/CICS/Cobol/SQL, Xpeditor/Clists/PDF

Lead DBA – IBM at Ameritech 09/98 - 03/00

Mr. Drews effected DB2/IMS DataBase work via IBM on OS390 & Unix for a large telephone company for 1 yrs.

built both DB2 & IMS Y2K test databases (Vers 7) on dedicated logical partitions (Platinum migrator for DB2)

had ZERO database problems during the late Dec 1999 through Jan 2000 (successful Y2K testing)

built hundreds of DB2/IMS Image Copy, Reorg, Unload, Load, utility jobs via BMC/ DBRC

built dozens of new DB2/IMS databases to mirror other geographic areas

created hundreds of tables for these DB2 databases with larger, new Y2K attributes

unloaded/reloaded hundreds of DB2 tables from old to new databases via FTP/ConnectDirect/NDM

maintained several IDMS databases and supported code conversions for Y2K

maintained/built Oracle databases couched in Unix

maintained two Sysbase databases on separate platform

performed ongoing ACB, PSB, DBD installations

performed continual tuning/diagnostic efforts for DB2/IMS databases

created hundreds of SQL procedures via SPUFI & QMF for analysis and reporting

updated all DB2 JCL to allow on-site & off-site Image Copies using SMS, TMS, for Disaster Recovery setup

provided conversion from BMC utilities to IBM utilities and DBRC for DB2 & IMS

collaborated on Recon tuning for IMS and faster, partitioned Tablespace copies for DB2

setup/tuned IMS/DB2 DataBases, DASD, buffers, RCT, IRLM, Lock Mgr & Disaster Recovery installations.

IMS team representative for meetings - chaired several; Researched various hardware/software and capacities

supported many systems: ACIS, CABS, CAMPS, LMOS, MTAS, NSDB, SWITCH, TNDS, TIRKS & WFA

collaborated on comparative BMC vs IBM software studies intending to acquire the faster, cheaper product

pager accessible daily/nightly for both IMS and DB2 database problems via Rome, remote logon

installed DB2 UDB EE on one platform

created several databases, tablespaces and numerous tables via UDB control center

built security, UDB scripts, backup/recoveries and performed tuning operations using UDB tools

worked on many systems including: ACIS, CABS, CAMPS, LMOS, MTAS, NSDB, TNDS, TIRKS & WFA

Platinum; CEMT; DB2-Connect; Connect-Direct; EDF; Xpediter; Omegamon; Boole; Candle; Princeton; BMC; IBM

Lead P/A-DBA Bank 1 08/95 - 08/98

Mr. Drews offered several years of conversion and DBA assistance for the Vice President of a major Chicago/Detroit bank.

provided DBA & DA services in support of dozens of projects,

set Standards & Prototypes,

built/tuned ImgCopies/FullCopies/IncrCopies/Restores/Reorgs for IMS/DB2/VSAM

built an IMS Dictionary handbook and an IMS Usage handbook,

provided IMS seminars and ongoing tutoring/mentoring in IMS/DB2/Cob2/QMF.

built/supervised Disaster Recovery jobs/files/test using SMS, ABR, VSAM-Assist, File-Aid, VTS, TMS

built dozens IMS ImageCopies, Unloads(DFSURGU0), ReOrgs (DFSURPR0), Reloads(DFSURDB0)

built dozens DB2 Unloads/Reloads via DSN1COPY & DSNUTILIB

supervised a Y2k conversion in IMS/DB2/CICS

unloaded/rebuilt/loaded larger Y2k Segment/Rows (sole responsibility); DB2-Connect; Connect-Direct/NDM

reloaded the augmented databases for IMS, DB2, VSAM and QSAM

altered dozens of corresponding Batch and On-Line (CICS) programs

built new IMS PSBs, DBDs, ACBs and copybooks

built DB2 Table Creates/DCLGENs to accommodate the new, larger, Y2K Century/Year modifications.

setup IMS/DB2 for a ChangeMan conversion

setup IMS alterations for a Cob to Cob2 conversion

provided 24x7, rotational, OnCall diagnostics via Passport

wrote many programs in COB2/IMS/DB2/QMF/MarkIV

wrote 50 pg conversion proposal replete with Scope,Analysis,SysFlow,Estimates,PgmSpecs,JCL,PROC,Code,Stds,Screens, Layouts

Lead P/A-DBA – Caremark

Mr. Drews was hired as consulting manager providing analyses, Data Administration (DA) and Data Base Administration (DBA) activities for a large pharmaceutical company for a Quantum Leap project.

established databases and their elements as a leader of five

recommended SQL queries

wrote voluminous specifications & programming standards

conducted walk-thrus

coded, tested, implemented Drug Eligibility/Inventory application systems

(couched in main-frame software CICS/DB2/BMS/SDF2/ChangeMan/COB2)


Mr. Drews consulted as both DB-2 and IMS Data Base Administrator for a major Chicago retailer for several years.

built/presented DB-2, RI data base models (conceptual/physical) in compliance with EDI 837 Gentran protocol

built associated DCL/DDL/DML and mechanisms for populating/unloading/reorganizing/etc.

resolved continual IMS data base problems and requests.

recommended. co-installed. demoed, taught (classroom)

offered DBA support for the CICS Xpediter testing software.

tutored (on-site) Command Level CICS

researched methods of building primary/clustered/random DB-2 indeces for large tables

setup DB-2 naming/staging/recovery/backup/etc. standards/protocol.

built ISPF-DM/QMF/SQL DB-2 system queries

collaborated in a major PACBASE conversion.

utilized several dozen products: BTS; DLT0; DB-2 Explain; DB2 utilities; E-Mail; File Aid; Flasher; IEW; IMS utilities; IMS Dictionary; IRLM; ISPF-DM; OMEGAMON; Candle; Macros(TSO); mastermind; PACBASE: PACDESIGN; EDI; Platinum tools: QMF; REXX; SPUFI: TMON & TSO.

P/A-DBA – First Chgo

Mr. Drews was analyst, designer, modeller, DBA, supervisor, programmer for a bank's ACF-2 Security System

built system in ISPF-DM, PL1, REXX & DB-2

calculated/built file and table space

determined indeces and table architecture

set Grants/Revokes/Locks

P/A-DBA – Baxter/Caremark

The prior year's effort largely involved DBA/analysis/design/conversion of a major healthcare company's A/R (CARMS), billing, etc. couched in IMS/CICS/DB-2 from IBM (XA/Sys38) to DEC (VAX).

provided Security Maintenance Program changes

provided database unloads & reorganizations via IBM utilities and DBRC

setup IRLM, generated Data Base Definitions using IFOXOO and DFSILNKO programs and data dictionary,

setup terminal/transaction gens via LINEGRP, CTLUNIT, TERMINAL & TRANSACT macros

generated Program Control Blocks, Program Specification Blocks and Action Control Blocks, etcetera.

P/A-DBA – Amoco

He installed/tuned a macro/commmand Rand McNally CICS product and associated dynalist/region/ACF-2 setup.

setup CICS PCT/PPT/TCT/etcetera table gens as DBA

effected IMS PCB/PSB/DBD/ACB definition gens, transaction gens

built staging gens via IMS utilities

setup/used DBRC, IRLM, Fast Path, data dictionary & SMP

P/A-DBA – StdOil

This project involved supervisory/design/DBA collaboration of an IMS DB/DC world wide integrated sales system (ASIS) and its customer databases, plus building name/screen/MFS/program/database techniques/standards.

built logical and physical databases (HDAM/HIDAM)

built main and alternate indeces

loaded, unloaded and reorganized via IMS utilities

setup/used Data Base Recovery Control

built new access method called DrewSam

used IMS Resource Lock Manager and the resident data dictionary

P/A-DBA – 1st Natl

Mr. Drews acted as designer/programmer/DBA for a major Chicago bank.

effected system/database/screen-design/programming

effected MFS/PCB/PSB/DBD gens for IRS 1099 & Controlled Disburse projects

developed appropriate access methods (HDAM/HIDAM)

used IMS utilities to build/load/unload/org/reorg DBs

P/A & Software Designer – Motorola

Mr. Drews designed and partially programmed an innovative, IMS interface/audit trail software package for a major communications company's payroll allowing use by non-IMS programmers.


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