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C Nd

Texas, United States
January 15, 2018

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Jose M . M orataya * ** A llendale D rive 336-***-****

Burlington, N C 2 7215


To u se m y p otential a nd k nowledge i n t he f ield ( Applied E ngineering T echnology) a nd provide m y b est t o t he b enefit o f t he c ompany, b y a pplying m y s kill a nd k nowledge t o company’s e quipment a nd m ore.

Work e xperience

January 2 016-Present G KN D riveline a t A lamance N C ( work a s M aintenance T ech). April 2 008-June 2 015 E ngineered C ontrols I nternational, I nc. ( ECII) 100 R ego D rive, E lon, N C 2 7244

● Related e xperience, h ands o n t esting, t roubleshooting, a nd d iagnosing i ndustrial equipment a nd p hysical f acilities l ike e lectrical w iring, h ydraulics/pneumatics, m achining, welding, b lueprint r eading, p lumbing, a nd v arious m aintenance p rocedures.

● Programmable L ogic C ontrols ( PLC) p rogramming, t roubleshooting, i nterfacing a nd touch s creens p rogramming. W ork w ith d ifferent t ypes o f r obot. ( YAMAHA, F ANUC a nd more).

● Work e xperience i n S IEMENS’s p rograms. T roubleshoot o r m ake c hanges i n t he program a s n eeded, l ike I nputs, o utputs, t imers e tc. t o k eep p roduction r unning.

● Electrical w ork e xperience a dding n ew e lectrical l ines t o p roduction e nvironment o r replace m otors ( AC/DC), l ight c urtain, s witches, r elays, r ewiring o r a ny e lectronics devices t hat o r e quipment t hat n eeds t o b e r epaired.

● Mechanical p rocedures, r eplace o r r epair i ndustrial a rticular a rms, c onveyor b elts, machining t ools o r w elding p rocedures ( MIG, T IG a nd S TIG) e tc.

● Preventive m aintenance f or a ll m achines i n t he p lant ( ECII) i ncluding c hanging f ilters, regulators a nd l ubricators(FRL) o n a irline ( pneumatic t echnology), i ncluding v alves, a ir & electric c ylinders, s lides, g rippers, a ctuators

● Training f or L ean M anufacturing a t E CII, r elocate m achines, a dding n ew c omponents t o the e quipment e tc.

● Volunteered t o w ork a s a n i nterpreter a nd t ranslate ( Spanish a nd E nglish a t A CC a nd the c ommunity).


Bilingual i n S panish a nd E nglish.

Education s kills

January 2 010-May 2 017, N orth C arolina A gricultural a nd T echnical S tate U niversity Greensboro, N C

Bachelor’s D egree o f M anufacturing S ystems, A pplied E ngineering T echnology

● Implementing m y I ndustrial S ystems T echnology s kills

● Gaining m ore k nowledge a nd e xperience i n t hat f ield.

● Manufacturing E ngineer t o c ontribute t he c ompany s uccess.

● Class P roject, T he A ssociation o f T echnology M anufacturing 2 013 A pplied Engineering(ATMAE) C onference R obotics C ompetition a t N ew O rleans, L A

● NABJ T ech W eek P kg ( YouTube) i nterview f or c lass’s p roject. S pring 2 016. January 2 005-2009 A lamance C ommunity C ollege ( ACC) Graham, N C Industrial S ystem T echnology

Graduated i n t he s ummer o f 2 008 w ith a n A ssociate’s D egree. Nominated f or t he A CC A mbassadors i n s pring 2 006.

R eceived t he A CC M arshal A ward i n s ummer 2 007 a nd q ualified f or t he P resident's L ist

S everal t imes.

Received m ultiple C ertificate o n E lectrical, C ontrols, M echanical, W elding a nd t he

S panish C ommunity F acilitator C ertificate i n s pring 2 008 I”m c urrently e nrolled a t A CC i n t he M echatronic E ngineering T echnology p rogram, w ith expected c ompletion d ate M ay 2 018.

GPA a t A CC 3 .75 a nd A &T S tate U niversity i s 3 .0

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