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Network Engineer Manager

San Diego, California, United States
January 15, 2018

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Richard Kwabena Adu Newman


Sr. Network/Security Engineer May 2016 – Present

BOFI Federal Bank

Lead the implementation to upgrade and replace Cisco IPsec to AnyConnect VPN.

Project lead for RSA two factor authentication for all BOFI VPN users.

Project lead for the implementation and deployment of Cisco Umbrella for end user computer security

New switches deployment at BOFI site in Gualaradala; Mexico.

Installation of many switches such as 3700, 3800, 4500X distribution,4500,access,6500,Nexus 5548UP, Nexus 7700.

Lead the installation and deployment of F5 in the bank’s production network after the POC.

Configuration and troubleshooting of VPC, VDC and nexus related issues.

Configurations and troubleshooting of routers such as 2900,3900,4000, ISRs and ASRs.

Expert in troubleshooting Layer 2 and 3 protocols.

Proficient in configuring and troubleshooting of routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, and EIGRP.

Comfortable configuring MPLS and dealing with the service Clients providers

Cisco Firewall installation, deployment and administration.

Cisco IPsec and SSL anyConnect VPN administration and installation.

RSA Authentication Manager and WebTier administration.

Knowledge of OTV for datacenter consolidation.

Proficient in troubleshooting windows virtual servers

Good working knowledge of cisco SMA, WSA, ACS and ISE administration. Also Palo Alto PANORAMA.

Good working knowledge with McAfee SIEM and EPO.

Proficient working with DHCP and DNS

Used F5 as a proxy to direct multiple external users to their specific host servers internally.

Used Palo Alto to filter multiple malicious websites sites, block IP addresses, restricted users to certain internet activities.

Used Cisco WSA to block/Allow websites to suit the bank’s desire.

Managed multiple Cisco WSA using SMA.

Managed Multiple Palo Alto using Panorama.

Installed Solar winds to back up PRGT to back up all Cisco device configuration in NCM.

Sr. Network Engineer September 2013 – April 2016

Wipro Limited

Built and installed new racks in datacenter to support customer Network

Built a whole network (Fountain court site) from scratch for entire new hospital 3 floors. Including switches, routers, UPS, access points, and all cabling.

Installed, stacked and configured 3750/3850 switches to serve each floor on the new customer site.

Replaced 6500 line cards and upgraded the IOS.

Built site to site VPN IPSec tunnel using cisco ISR router and ASA firewall

Designed and successfully implemented network infrastructure on customer sites.

With a distribution switch configured the new Cisco 4500x 32 ports to serve the hospitals hub closets.

Replaced and installed Cisco 4507 with 4510 access switch to increase the ports capacity for end users.

On the Cisco 6506 connected and configured single/multi-mode fiber on SFPs GLCs and X2-LR/LRMs to link different buildings with port-channels.

Upgraded, configured and replaced all types of catalyst/IOS switches in hub closets/datacenters through approved change requests.

Configured VPC on two Nexus 5k switches as peers to support load balancing and redundancy for fabric extenders or N2Ks.

Troubleshot and configured of N2Ks on the fabric switches.

Supported a team to build OTV to link multiple sites for inter layer-two switching by creating VDC on the edge switch.

Installed Cisco voice gateway to support call manager and the subscriber for the voice team.

Configured routing protocols such as eigrp, ospf, bgp and rip for customer data/voice routing and layer two Protocols for wan such as MPLS and Frame-relay

Experienced and skilled in layer 2 and 3 troubleshooting and preventing issues that will bring the network down such as loops etc.

Built a new wireless SSID for the St. Joseph hospital pharmacy department for their new wireless Sonicu monitoring meter using Cisco 5500 wireless LAN controllers.

Daily interaction with customers and vendors to resolve issues both onsite and remote sites.

Practiced acquisition network engineer for St. Joseph hospital Kentucky

Expert in IP subnetting.

Troubleshot critical, high and medium issues to make sure the resolved tickets fall within the agreed SLA.

Configured a new vlans on the core switch for the nurse station patient monitoring devices and used HSRP as a redundant between the two 6506 core switches.

Have resolved several vlan issues relating to trunking, gateway, vtp, loop, spanning, tree…etc.

Configured new voice vlan to support the company's Mitel phone system.

Troubleshot MPLS, and Frame-relay circuits onsite and with circuit providers.

Installed new switches and routers for the hospital's new clinics and configured VRF on client side to face with the Provider's VPNv4 MPLS.

Both layer 2 and 3 loop troubleshooting to the port looping the network and resolve the issue.

Configured several port-channels to increase traffic flow and uptime for the customer.

Installed and troubleshooted access point using wcs and 5500 wireless controllers.

Monitored and troubleshoot network using Solar winds, Syslog, NCM, Remedy, VPM, WCS,

Used WCS to configure and monitor wireless devices using wlan controllers and access points.

Troubleshot of network issue relating to Printers, Phones, PCs, radiology devices; i-stat; I-clocks; work stations with Diocom and Kronos time clock in machine that couldn’t register employees’ time.

Replaced a 45megabite DS3 circuit card with 90meg. In a 3950 router linking to another site for a better bandwidth.

Increased the subnets of a vlan due to lack of IP addresses in DHCP scope

Rebooted routers and switches to clear and release slow traffic in a network caused by retransmission of packets.

Traced switches using LAN drops and cables through patch panels.

Built racks in a datacenter from scratch to support applications, Security, wireless and the entire network.

Installation of new switches and routers for new sites through circuit providers such as Windstream, CenturyLink and ATT.

Weakly bridged meeting with vendors to discuss issues and activate circuits. As a team lead, meet with client managers so discuss problems and issues they might have.

Used Fluke and Toner to trace a switch and find the configuration on the switch port. And device vendors for technical support.

Stacked switches together by using stack cables for redundancy.

Used DHCP to reserve address to devices that needs static IP addresses.

Network Engineer September 2012 – September 2013

Andy Frain

Configured 3550 switch for edge distribution between the enterprise edge and the enterprise campus

Applied a Virtual Switching System VSS at the distribution layer to link the access and the core layer and VSL to connect the two 6500 chassis for redundancy, speed, bigger bandwidth and to eliminate loop at the layer 2.

Configured BGP at the enterprise edge to link two related clients. And IBGP within their local areas.

Applied Port channels/ether channels such as PAgP and LACP on the access and core switches to link the VSS. Also between two 4500 switches for high bandwidth

Troubleshot LAN and WAN to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to maintain the network in its best condition.

Packet analysis using ethereal to determine the source of traffic or packets.

Daily activities such as configured the switches, routers and firewalls.

Network Engineer April 2007 – August 2012

Next Generation

Configured prefix-list for the company’s enterprise edge router to reduce data processing times and speed up packets as they pass through the edge router that come from the vendors BGP routing table

Implemented HSRP on the Cisco 3550 Layer 3 switches, and EIGRP, OSPF on the 2 Cisco 7200 routers, 2 Cisco 2610 routers, the Layer 3 switch, 3 Cisco 3508XL Switches, 2 Cisco 3524XL switches for load balancing and fail-over

Replaced antennas, wireless routers, cable set-boxes and wiring if identified as cause of problems.

Detected and solved the connectivity issue caused by DNS server down, and DHCP conflicts through the issue of double incidence.

Load Balanced traffic using EIGRP Multiplier (variance)

Possesses strong knowledge in Cisco Networking protocol

Analyzed LAN to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure

For Security reasons configured Cisco site to site VPN for client remote access using cisco PIX/ASA

Enabled bpdu guard and snooping on switches for security reasons.

Engineered a dedicated server to move them from a peer-to-peer network to provide more reliable service and to reduce the latency

Migrated their primary record keeping software AviMark to the server along with the time keeping software TimeWolf so it could be accessed from any workstation

Implemented a backup strategy along with a disaster recovery plan in the event that the core switch or router should go down to prevent lost revenue

Implemented site to site VPN from North Carolina Durham site to Charlotte site using Microsoft MPPE

Deployed Cisco routers and switches throughout the network provided by the administration as needed

Instructed and thought co- workers on seminar about the IPV6 and its implementation

Updated all software from their vendors’ website to prevent zero day attacks and intruders

Monitored the network using omnibus and created tickets from the IDS/IPS software output


•Virginia Union University – B.S. Chemistry & Minor Computer Science

•ECPI University – Bachelor Computer Networking

•CCNP (Cisco ID: CSCO12075968)

•Cisco CCNA

•COMPTIA Network +

•CompTia Security +

•CompTia Network+ instructor

•FOI (Fiber optic installer)

•FOT (Fiber optic tech)



oRouters: 2600, 2800,3800; ISR, ASR

oSwitches/Bridges: 2900, 3500, 3560G, 3750, 7200, 3850,4500, 6500, Nexus 5/7k. fabric extenders.

oServers: 2003 and 2008,2012 for Active Directory

oSecurity: ASA FIREWALL, WSA, RSA, ANYCONNECT VPN, IPSEC VPN, Cisco Umbrella (OpenDNS), McAfee EPO, SIEM, Ivanti for patching. Secureworks, Firemon

oExperience in Palo Alto

oF5 Load balancer

oSolar winds for monitoring.


oCisco IOS, IOS-XE, Excel, Microsoft Word, Access, and PowerPoint.



oMPLS, DHCP, DNS, ACITIVE DIRECTORY, CHAP., VoIP, Cisco wireless software (LWAP, WAP, WLC, WCS).

oLoad Balancing: F5, Using Cisco IOS.

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