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Lisle, Illinois, United States
January 15, 2018

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SAP BPC/BW Consultant

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Over all 8 Years of SAP BW/BPC standard and SAP BPC Embedded experience with full life cycle implementation

BW Expertise:

Worked on designing and development of BW objects like InfoObjects, Infocubes, DSO (Data Store Objects), multi-providers and process chains

Experience in data extraction from flat files and SAP ECC using standard extractors and Generic Extractors

Experience in Extraction, Transformation, and Loading of data into BW constructs (PSA, DSO, Cubes) and expertise in data extraction procedures for non-SAP systems such as third-party systems

Managed the evaluation of ETL and OLAP tools and recommended the most suitable solutions depending on business needs

Worked on creating Info packages for the process chains and scheduling Data loads

Experience in using BEx query designer and BEx analyzer.

Developed Bex queries using calculated key figures, restricted key figures, structures, variables, conditions and exceptions

BI IP solution expertise, with ability to design the BI IP Planning objects.

Experienced in BI-IP (Integrated Planning) tool – development of Real Time Infocubes,

Multiproviders, aggregation levels, filters, planning functions, planning sequences Input ready queries and variables.

Expertise in naming standards, writing modeling guidelines, developing user training material and training users on utilizing, training and administering BW queries

BPC Expertise:

Experience in Planning, Budgeting, Consolidation and Reporting

Development of Environments, Dimensions and Models according to the requirement

Loading Master and Transaction data to BPC Dimensions and Models from Flat files and BW using Data Manager Packages

Worked on creation of Transformation and Conversion files for loading data into BPC

Worked on various types of Reports and Input Schedules for analyzing the data and for submitting the data to the database using the latest EPM Functions

Assisted customers with the application, reports and input schedules

Experience in working on BPF’s (Business process Flows) and Business Rules

Creation of EPM reports using Axis Sharing, Quick links and Work Sheet Generation

Creation of template for Distribution and Collection of Input forms

Wrote basic Script Logic and Member formulas for calculations as per the user requirements

Worked on Securities like creation of Users, Task Profiles and Data Access Profiles

Configure Work Status for locking data for required periods

BPC Embedded Expertise:

Experience in creating real time info providers

Experience in BPC Embedded Planning solutions, Planning Cubes, Aggregation levels, Planning Filters, Planning Functions and Planning Sequences

Experience in writing FOX code, Copy, Revalue, Repost, Currency conversion functions

Built queries using Query Designer for Analysis for Office (AO) Reporting and Input forms.

Done VBA coding for the reports and input forms as per the requirements

Developed different kinds of input forms and reports


Bachelor of Technology in Computer science from JNTU Kakinada, India.


Client: AT&T, Middletown, NJ Feb 2017 – Till Date

Role: SAP BPC Embedded Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Worked on migration from BPC 7.5 to BPC 10.1 Embedded

Participated in Business meetings to gather the requirements

Worked on implementing HCM,HR, OPEX and CAPEX planning applications

Created Embedded planning objects like Infoproviders, Aggregation levels, Filters, Planning functions and Planning sequences

Created ADSO’s (Advanced Data Store Objects) and Composite Providers for planning

Developed advanced reports and input forms using BEx queries

Created Customer exit variables, Calculated and Restricted key figures in the queries as per the requirements

Developed queries using different structures, formulas and by creating different variables

Developed Custom planning functions using FOX code as needed per the requirements of the users

Used AO (Analysis for Office) to create workbooks using the developed queries

Done VBA coding for the required reports or the input forms

Involved in testing of the reports and Created Documentation for the end users

Environment: SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded

Client: BMO Harris, Chicago, IL Jan 2016 – Dec 2016

Role: SAP BPC Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Implemented Budget and Forecasting Process for Financial Planning, CAPEX Planning and HR Planning

Responsible for Configuration, development and Support for all Planning applications

Development and Maintenance of Environment, Dimensions, Models and Exchange rates

Create BPC Transformation and Conversion files required to load data from SAP BI staging objects to BPC.

Loaded Master data and Transactional data to BPC dimensions and models using data manager packages and package links.

Developed Script Logic to transfer Data between Models for Calculations and Reporting

Developed various Script Logic and Member Formula Calculations required for generating EPM Reports

Developed various Input Forms and Reports using EPM Functions and VBA Macros.

Developed Complex EPM reports using Axis Sharing, Multiple source,Worksheet Generation.

Developed various Financial reports like Balance Sheet, P & L and Cash Flows

Created and Maintained BPC Security for Users, Task Profiles and Data Access Profiles.

Developed and Maintained templates for Offline Distribution and Collection of Input forms.

Created Business Process Flow for copying the planning data, saving plan data, reviewing, control for validation of data.

Configured Work Status for Locking the data for required periods

Created Drill through so the Reports and Input forms can drill down to a document number level details.

Created unit testing scenarios and resolved/trouble shoot issues identified during testing

Coordinate with end user during UAT and resolve any issues that are identified in a timely manner.

Resolve issues identified during user testing

Environment: SAP BPC 10

Client: Yaskawa, Waukegan, IL Oct 2014 – Nov 2015

Role: SAP BPC Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Created DM Packages to load Master and Transactional Data into BPC Dimensions and

Applications respectively. Worked extensively with Copy, Move and Optimization Packages

Used Advance scripting to call Script logic Files, to customize selection screens, Passing

parameters etc

Carefully analyze the data and developed Dimensions and its properties to suit the complete

operations of the planning process

Created complex Input Templates and Reports using Excel interface of EPM add-in with

combination of EPM add-in and excel based formulas and along with VBA coding

Created Reports using Excel interface of EPM add-in to pull the transaction data from different


Created multiple Input Templates using Excel interface of EPM add-in to submit the data to

different models within environment

Created process chains to automate loading of data from BW to BPC system

Developed Financial Planning and Forecasting models, involving multiple sets of Input

scheduling templates

Hands on experience in setting up of all the business rules including – Account Transformation,

Carry-Forward, Validations, Currency Translations, and Allocations

Developed Script logic for complex calculations

Designed transformation and conversion files for data loading from SAP BI/ ECC

systems into BPC

Created data load automation for transaction data from SAP BI system to SAP BPC

Tested the data validation with SAP BPC and SAP BI and created many test script for testing purpose

Set up Security by developing member and task assignment profiles and assigning them to members and teams.

Developed many reports including Trend, Variance, Drill down and Rank templates

Maintained and extracted Master Data from SAP BI system using data manager packages

Prepared multiple complex static and expansion reports using EVDRE, EVPRO, EVGET, EVHOT and other functionalities

Created multiple reports to perform drilldown to see the summary level data at dependent and

base level members

Performed the integration testing and prepared the test scripts

Executed the optimization tool for Lite and Full optimization

Prepared the documentation on the reports and input template

Detailed Training Guide is prepared and hands-on training is provided to the Users

Environment: SAP BPC 10

Client: Oakley, LosAngeles, CA Sep 2013 – Aug 2014

Role: SAP BW Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in full life cycle implementation as a SAP BW consultant

Involved in requirement gathering and Functional Designs for reporting

Designed, Developed, and Deployed backend data models to support various reporting initiatives from various Business Units giving varied reporting front ends like BEX/BOBJ/Xcelsius, Crystal reports etc.

Developed various backend/ABAP objects like Data sources from Function Modules, Custom extractors, LO cockpit, Info objects, DSOs, Info Cubes, Multi Providers, Virtual Provider, Hybrid Providers, Info Sets, Process Chains.

Activation of standard Info Cubes and definition of new Info Cubes

Involved in the monitoring data transfers from source systems into BW

Worked on ETL (Extraction, transformation and loading) activities like Extraction from Source system, Transformation rules, Data Transfer Process (DTP), Open Hub service etc.

Developed Custom enhancements to the data sources, Customer Exits, Expert routines, complex Transformations, Function module/Program based extractors.

Created process chains for periodic upload of the master data as well as the transactional data.

Used ABAP code to write start routines, update routines, end routines in transformations to facilitate reports for Purchase Price Variance, Inventory Accuracy.

Implemented FI cubes such as 0FIAR_C02, 0FIAR_C03, 0FIAP_C03, and DSO such as 0FIAR_O03, and 0FIAP_O03 with proper transformations.

Experience in creating formula variables, conditions, exceptions, exception aggregation, cell editors, customer exit variables and structures for developing complex custom reports.

Involved in the creation of the dash boards for sales, purchasing and delivery using Web Application Designer

Extensively involved in production support issues involving data loading and monitoring

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, SAP ECC 6.0, BPS, ABAP, FI-CO, BEx.

Client: PSEG,Newark, NJ Jan 2013 – Aug 2013 Role: SAP BW/BI Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Actively and regularly involved in Load Monitoring of Daily, weekly, and Monthly, Data Loads using Process Chains using RSPC, RSMO, SM37, and SM50

Involved in managing of Info cube, which involves Info cube content, performance issues like Indexes, Statistics, compression of Info cube and rolling up the data to the aggregates

Maintaining Reconciliation’s to verify the data in SAP R/3 and SAP BW are same or not after the data loads

Monitoring Info packages and analyzing the reasons for failures.

Actively involved in rectification of load failure errors like master data and transactional data loads.

Involved in debugging update routines, start routines.

Extracted the data using logistics from Sales and Billing Data Sources to populate the Custom Info Cubes that evaluates quantities and values for sales orders, deliveries and returns, and invoices.

Worked on Inventory cubes for business content DS. Analyzed the requirements to implement Snapshot scenario for cumulative key figures. Worked on 2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_BF Data Sources.

Worked on BEx Query Designer in designing queries using filters, variables, navigational attributes and structures to facilitate flexible, detailed drill down data analysis to required level of information.

Environment: BI 7.0, ECC 5.0, BO XI 3.1, BEx, MM, SD

Client: Mangalore Petrochemicals Limited - India Sep 2009 – Sep 2012

Role: Jr. SAP BW Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

Installed Business Content and activated the SAP delivered Standard InfoCubes and InfoSources

Worked on Generic Data Extraction (RSO2) to create Data Sources for transaction and master data

Created Views in the non-SAP database systems and generated Data Source for the tables/views.

Maintained customized InfoCubes, Operational Data Sources, and Multi Cubes for the business requirements

Defined update and transfer routines in transformation rules

Worked on Process Chains to load Info Cube, ODS, aggregate roll up etc

Used BEX Analyzer to build queries, queries with maps and charts and Worksheets to access data from BW data targets

Involved in the development of programs for data conversion, interfaces, custom reports and transmission of data to vendors using advanced concepts like BDC, LSMW, and SAP Scripts

Migrated material master legacy data into SAP system using LSMW in MM module

Design, development and testing of reports, user exits, SAP scripts and print programs

Developed programs using Step Loops and Table Control using multiple screens

Environment: SAP BW 3.1C, SAP R/3 4.6C

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