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Engineer Engineering architect architecture CTO

Edgewater, Maryland, United States
January 15, 2018

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As a Leader: Object Management Group (OMG) Senior Vice President of Technology, Modeling, and Advanced Projects; Director of Testbeds, Industrial Internet Consortium; Board of Directors of the Object Management Group; Board of Directors of the SOA Consortium; Co-founded the Cybersecurity Consortium and Community of Practice; Systems Integrator partner and practice director; CTO for a manufacturing company; R&D Director for an ERP company; chief architect and chief engineer of numerous large and complex programs; manager of various IT departments, strategic consultant providing services to over a hundred different IT vendors, commercial businesses, and federal/state agencies; and multinational strategic business consultant for worldwide business integration and transformation.

As a thought leader: published and quoted in numerous publications ranging from ACM to ComputerWorld; session and keynote speaker at conferences and events; Patent pending – “System and Method for Architecting Pattern Based Models Within a Governmental Framework”.

As an Innovator: Led efforts to create framework for interoperability; new architecture framework for DoD systems; Service Oriented Architecture modeling and delivery frameworks; Expert system for system rehosting; virtual and cloud based Software development as a service”, As-is to To-be transformations; integrating ITIL and SCRUM.

As a Service Provider: assembled a world class “distinguished engineering” team of recognized industry leaders and then applied them, individually and collectively, to the most challenging and difficult problems: more business won, complex problems solved, and numerous programs successfully delivered. Led “skunk works” efforts in the development of leading edge solutions and service offerings.

As a Value Provider: Led the delivery of a multi-national supply chain system using 60 different development teams on three continents; developed an integrated hospital-lab-clinic-patient records system for an integrated healthcare provider; the next-generation architecture for a wireless services company; a practical and implementable future reference architecture for the DoD; the Enterprise Integration strategy for a security agency; a reusable solution framework for state Medicare/Medicaid agencies; composable solution framework for multi-organizational cooperatives (SOA and Interoperability based); and numerous shop floor, control system, and integration frameworks for truck manufacturers, food processing companies, and financial institutions.

As a trusted advisor: Equally capable of advising and providing services to C-suite, government agencies, operations, mission management, and product and solution delivery contributor.

As a problem Solver. Expertise in strategic technology planning and assessment, enterprise integration, Service Oriented Architectures, cyber architectures, event driven architectures, Net-Centric and cloud-based solutions,, Model Driven Architectures; intrinsically secure architectures; selection and application of pattern-based application architectures; program and project governance and execution; project rescue; development and systems integration; Testing and V&V; and strategic business consulting / integration.

Teach Computer Science and programming languages at a local college: JAVA, PHP, mySQL, and C.

Two undergraduate degrees, one master’s degree, and one post-graduate certificate in Data Architecture and Design. Masters work was 4.0 and Phi Beta Kappa.

Security clearance: TS/SCI from NSA and transferred to CIA. Full Scope Poly, expired from NSA. Courier Brief expired.

Professional Experience

Object Management Group 2014 – Present

Sr. Vice President, Technology, Modeling, and Advanced Projects July 2014 – Present

Provide guidance for the development for various initiatives and advanced projects affecting the OMG, its members, and its various consortiums – the Industrial Internet Consortium, the Cloud Consortium, National Retailers Consortium, Consortium for IT Software Quality, etc. Most notable efforts include the Software Defined Radio; NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) and multi-tool plugin; the inter-governmental “Project Interoperability” Initiative and associated modeling framework; unification of US, UK, and NATO architecture frameworks into a Unified Architecture Framework (UAF); dynamic and compose-able solutions for US Army Aviation; Service Oriented Architecture Framework and multi-tool plugin.

Of some note was the Interoperability work from 2014-to 2017. Different levels of interoperability were specified and then associated to library of reusable components. A meta-description language, based on work done at Microsoft, was defined permitting, among other things, connection and usage of databases such as Oracle 11g and mySQL.

Director Testbed Development, Industrial Internet Consortium 1 May 2014 – 30 July 2014

Provided startup and engineering establishment for framework, security, and testbed development of the “industrial internet” (aka the ‘Internet of Things’). The Industrial Internet Consortium is an element of the Object Management Group (

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), 1998 – 2014

I provided services to over a hundred different organizations including commercial enterprises, federal agencies, state agencies, and software vendors. Many have occurred concurrently. Highlights include


Managing Partner and Practice Director 2001 – 2014

In addition to numerous delivery roles (below), I managed various departments. This included personnel management, P&L, forecasting, hiring, evaluations, engagement planning tasks.

Enterprise Services Practice 2012 – May 2014

My capabilities in the area of pre-sales and proposal solution formation and delivery have benefitted many customers including: the US Navy Space and Naval Weapons Laboratory (SPAWAR), Pratt&Whitney, the National Reconnaissance Office, the US Army, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Practice Director, Distinguished Engineer Group 2007 – 2012

I set up and led CSC’s Distinguished Engineer Group in support of the CSC’s initiative to provide world-class technical leadership across all business sectors and lines of business. This group consisted of world renowned computer scientists, architects, and engineers who provide a full range of leading-edge services from pre-sales, subject matter and strategy consultative services, Bid & Proposal through execution transition, Delivery, and project rescue and remediation. In FY2009 over $2 Billion of additional bookings were a direct result of Mr. Harrison and his group.

Technical Director and Chief Architect, Joint Programs, CSC, 2001-2007

I provided leadership to numerous programs, engagements, and proposals. Activities included business development, customer briefings, proposal technical strategies, reference architecture development, team planning, SDLC method selection, execution startup, estimating, methodology application, solution architecture and chief engineering services. Acted as a trusted agent for agencies and departments and provide guidance on SOA, interoperability, and software systems engineering execution plans. During this period I also developed a common and reusable service oriented architecture framework for use on enterprise-wide, complex, and distributed systems.


Partner and Lead Architect/Engineer, Federal Consulting Practice, CSC 2006-2014.

Chief Architect, US Army Acquisitions, Logistics and Technology Enterprise Systems and Services (ALTESS) (2012 – 2014) Provided trusted advisor services to the ALTESS CIO/CTO for definition and delivery of advanced technical services. This resulted in the formulation, approval, and leading the execution of seven specific initiatives:

(1)ALTESS Customer portal system design, delivery, and testing. Functionality includes quotes, hosting scenario analysis, realtime access to technical health and status, and much more.

(2)Delivery of the Guidance for Hosting Applications in an ALTESS DMZ to ALTESS.

(3)Creation of an expert system of “forward-and backward-chaining” questions, rules, and outcomes used by potential customers to analyze and prepare their systems for hosting. Used to provision in VMWare databases such as Oracle as well as the rehosted systems.

(4)Root Cause Analysis procedures, processes, and Tool / Database development for use in capture, tracking, and Prato-based analysis of data center faults.

(5)ALTESS never had a successful physical inventory. I designed a process and the executed their first successful physical inventory of the computing facility. It resulted in a model based property book.

(6)Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGS) analysis, critique, and measures.

(7)Data center accreditation analysis using the STIG compliance information in number 6. This was in preparation for a DoD-led deep technical review of the ALTESS data center (ALTESS passed).

Chief Engineer for the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Apr – Dec 2011, 2015) Development Enterprise Consolidation Contract (DECC). In this capacity provided integrated contractor systems engineering services for a transformation program resulting in a SOA and Metadata-based solution using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for four CMS lines of business. Included a complete set of Oracle tools for decision making, warehousing, and data management.

As a contractor to provided services to CMS on the Social Security Number Removal Initiative (SSNRI). This would utilize a new kind of Personal Identifier on all Medicare, and ultimately, Social Security cards.

Chief Engineer and Architect, DHS’s Development and Testing as a Service (D&TaaS) (Sep 2010 – Jul 2011) D&TaaS is an advanced cloud service offering used by all 22 Dept. of Homeland Security agencies. This pay-for-use Cloud based service offering covers all aspects of software development and testing for multiple deployment technologies (JAVA, dotNet, Websphere, etc.) as well as databases (Oracle, mysql). Of some significance was how VMWare instances were provisioned with the correct tool configurations required for specific DHS projects.

SOA Modeling Language development (2009 – 2010) While leading the Distinguished Engineering Group as a CSC employee and as a board of director’s member of the Object Management Group, I sponsored a team that included two of my engineers that delivered the SOA Modeling Language (soaML) – a standardized, multi-tool modeling framework for the specification and delivery of SOA solutions.

Chief Architect, Cyber Security High Growth Market Segment (Jan 2009 – Dec 2010) While leading the Distinguished Engineering Group, acted as the chief architect and technical strategist for CSC’s Cyber Security High Growth Market Segment. In this capacity I was responsible for the (1) service delivery and strategy; (2) CSC’s cyber security technical playbook; (3) the model based approach to cyber delivery; and (4) specified the principles, patterns, and success measures for intrinsically secure architectures and advanced security ecosystems. It included defensive, offensive, and exploit capabilities.

Chief Architect & Strategist, Metadata Driven Architecture service offering (Sep 2009 – Sep 2010) While leading the Distinguished Engineering Group, took on the role of chief architect and technical strategist for an advanced Metadata Driven Architecture service offering in augmentation of both SOA and Cyber Security offerings. Metadata driven architectures are foundational to net centric and multi-context integration of data. They are also one of the final missing elements for true SOA implementations.

Technical Director, North Carolina Medicaid/Medicare Program (May 2008 – Jan 2009) While leading the Distinguished Engineering Group, I provided technical direction and execution transition for all aspects of a “next generation Medicare/Medicaid solution. Responsibility included total technical solution, project execution, Basis of estimate, staff profiles, and execution transition. This role ended on award and the local execution team took over.

Chief Architect, National Counter Terrorism Center Standup (Nov 2006 – May 2009) It was a classified Intelligence Community program. While leading the Distinguished Engineering Group provided the Agile Service Delivery methodology, Services Architecture Approach, Modeling standards and techniques, Oracle databases and BI tools, and continuous deployment strategies for this program. I provided leadership to the architecture and engineering community that spanned 23 companies and over 500 architects, engineers, and developers. The name and the client are unclassified.

Partner and Chief Architect CSC Team, National Security Agency 2001 - 2006

Chief Architect, National Security Agency Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) Program. Established the enterprise integration architecture strategy, process, and set of reference architectures for the service-based integration of numerous transformational programs across the cryptologic community. Responsibilities expanded to provide direct assistance to the government in the definition of a unified, cross-agency, service-based cryptologic architecture. Support to the Unified Cryptologic Architecture Office to assist in the smooth and effective transformation of cross-agency intelligence systems into an integrated whole was provided. Issues addressed included (1) reverse and forward engineering in-process programs, (2) cross program optimization, (3) process analysis from capability identification to deployment architectures, (4) implementation of SOA and interoperability principles, (5) establishment of a reference architecture for the community, and (6) techniques for assuring service components, interfaces, deployment packages, and information architectures work together.

Chief Architect, National Security Agency, Cryptologic Mission Management. Led the team of architects in the creation of a Government Reference Architecture (GRA) for agencies and services involved in SIGINT.

Partner, Commercial Consulting, CSC 1998-2001

SPAWAR Joint Program Office, Joint Tactical Radio System. Provided consulting services to the Joint Program Office regarding how to certify, test, and qualify the multi-vendor implemented software radio; advised the JPO on appropriate strategies, practices, and standards necessary to achieve software reuse and portability; and advanced architecture analysis of the JTRS reference architecture.

Army Systems Engineering Office, Army Battlefield Command System. Delivered the reference model for the technology, architecture, and infrastructure base for the next release of the Army Battlefield Command System.

US Transportation Command, Global Transportation Network. Provided technical and architectural and project management services, including construction of a multi-project framework and engineering baseline, for the next generation Global Transportation Network. Completely metadata driven solution.

Defense Information Systems Agency, Supply Chain Strategy Established a supply chain strategy plus the construction of a reference model for the technology, architecture, and infrastructure base.

Chief Architect, General Motors, CSC GM Account Team Provided advanced architecture, program, and planning services for a number of projects; The first premium release of the Onstar system; A Global (100 plants+) MES and Plant Event System A Global (all of GM plus subsidiaries) portal for intranet services

Strategic Architecture Planning, Navistar International, Business Process, and Technology Consultancy Services Provided Architecture, business model, technology model, and project plan for a very strategic project that will enable advanced business processes distributed across 1,500+ server nodes throughout Navistar, its dealer network, and its vendors.

Strategic Architect, Application and Technology, General Motors. As a CSC employee, lead the creation of a number of application and technology architectures for General Motors; Created a Web-accessible engineering configuration system based upon CORBA, EJB, and JAVA 2; A shop-floor and Quality Warehouse system utilizing three levels of persistent data architectures; “Information Hub” (aka Master Data Management) strategy based upon services and agents; reverse and forward engineering of numerous legacy systems.

Director, Worldwide Electronic Commerce Engineering, General Motors. As a CSC employee, had worldwide engineering support responsibilities for GM’s various sectors and process organizations including engineering, program governance, and delivery assurance best practices, architecture implementation, strategic internal consulting, and process engineering.

Director, Applied Technology, General Motors – GMAC Established an Applied Technology Center; set up and governance of an Architecture Council; re-established GMAC technical and strategic leadership; technology and integration partner vendor relations, advocacy of competitive-advantage enabling technologies, established technology vision and strategy; defined and implemented architectures and frameworks; and more.

Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA. 1997-1998

Chief Engineer, Enterprise wide healthcare integration architecture

Project Governance and Project Rescue services for a $2 Billion strategic initiative,

Created a Development Technical and Business Object Architectures

Mentoring services to the multiple, concurrent teams charged with delivery

Established a set of common services and signatures for the initiative.

Systems Software Associated, Chicago, IL 1996 – 1997

Director of Technology

Established and measured technology and infrastructure strategies of current and future products.

Strategized, positioned, and planned technology for clients, prospects, and partners.

Developed new business and created/expanded client services technology organizations.

Established a Software Factory and Industry Competency Centers.

Created and the led worldwide product and technology conferences. Modeled after Objectworld.

Established and articulated Electronic Commerce, Work Coordination and Control (Workflow), Message-Oriented Middleware, and Toolset Strategies.

Stabilized the demonstration environment for the corporation in such a way that salesmen and business development could effectively compete with other ERP vendors.

Deere & Company (John Deere) 1972 – 1996

Chief Technology Officer, IT Manager, and Various

Chief Technology Officer. Management of Deere's Advanced Technology and Technology Assessment Department; achievement of “non-redundant Data architecture; brokered and established a number of "virtual companies" in pursuit of advanced technical solutions (e.g., the first SOA solution built on a CORBA framework); served on the Board for the Object Management Group, representing the first end-user company on this board.

Technical Management and Leadership including

(a) Managed and chief architect of Design Retrieval & Geometry Management systems;

(b) Managed Data Systems Planning & Development (Oracle & IBM databases, data as a company asset);

(c) Worldwide Distribution Network Systems Development, and

(d) Inventory Management and Financial Management Aftermarket System management

Architecture and Engineering accomplishments including (a) Chief Architect and Chief Engineer, Worldwide Distribution Systems – at the time the world’s largest distributed and heterogeneous computing system; (b) Chief Engineer, Integrated Inventory Management Systems, and (c) created three “engineering languages” plus interpreters, editors, and execution managers for use by manufacturing and structural engineers to optimize engineering decision making


Dr. Richard Soley

Chairman and CEO Object Management Group

Steve MacLaird


Doug Tolbert

CTO Unisys (retired)

Others on request

Enabling Technology Experience

Development Methodologies: TOGAF, UAF, DoDAF, FEAF, DoD EA RM, MDA, Enterprise Unified Process (EUP), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Agile Modeling, Select Perspective, Martin-Odell, Yordon, Mellor, Objectory, Jacobsen, OOT, Structured Analysis and Design, JAD, HIPO, SDLC

Project Management Methodologies: Concurrent Engineering, XP, SCRUM, Crystal, CMMi, MBSE, IEEE 1058, IEEE 1074 and IEEE 1220, PMBok, TOGAF, Value chains, DoDAF/MoDAF, …

Modeling & Architecture Product: MDA, UML, SysML, BPMN, UAF, TOGAF, OWL, ADL (Architecture Description Language) C4ISR, Zachman

Tools, Upper Case: IBM-Rational and SA, Modelio, SPARX EA, MagicDraw, Eclipse tools, XP and RSA, Poseidon, Select Enterprise, Paradigm+, Erwin, Oracle tools, Archimate, etc.

Tools, Lower Case: RSA, NetBeans, Eclipse, Vi, Visual Studio .NET, JDK, Protogege, JGrasp, VisualAge, Pure, ADW, IEF, Oracle*Case, Oracle*Forms, Oracle*2000, Galaxy, Newi, OMW, CodeCenter, TSO/ISPDF, MicroFocus

Computer Languages: I teach and Use these: C, Java, PHP;

I use but do not teach these:, C++, C#, Java Script, Ruby on Rails, ASP, SmallTalk, COBOL, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, JCL, Various UNIX shells, Various Scripting Languages

Frameworks: DRUPAL, WordPress, PHPBB, Node.JS, AngularJS, Fusion, Spring, …

DBMS: Oracle 10, 11g, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM UDB, MySQL, IMS/DB

Documents and Data Design: XML, XST, XMI, XML Schema, DTD, SGML, NXD (Berkley), OWL

Special Technologies: CORBA, EJB, JINI, RIO, OpenWings, COM/COM+, ASP.NET, IMS DB/DC, TCP/IP

Operating Environments: UNIX (Various), MVS, Tandem, OS/400, DOS, Windows (Various), Linux

ERP Packages: BPCS


B.S., Computer Science, Kansas University - 1972

B.S.B., Business Administration, Kansas University 1972

MS, Software Engineering University of Maryland University College, Phi Beta Kappa

Graduate Certificate, Database Systems, University of Maryland University College

Certifications & Training

Certified ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance, January,2007)

PMP (Crosswind, Jan 2007)

Rational Rose Subject Matter Expert Program (1999)

Catalyst Project Management (1999)


System and Method for Architecting Pattern Based Models Within a Governmental Framework (Patent Pending)


Pattern Based Model Checking


Presentations at OMG, CSC Partners, Oracle, Guide and Share, COOUG, ObjectWorld, IONAWORLD, OOPSLA, GUIDE, DECUS, and others

Invited to give internal presentations to IBM, Tandem, DEC, Ciba, Hyperdesk, and others

Quoted in ComputerWorld, Uniform, CIO, Case Strategies and other magazines

Edited Object Oriented Testing and other books

Service Oriented Architectures, CrossTalk

Professional Affiliations

Board of Directors, Object Management Group

Board of Directors, SOA Consortium

Co-Founder, Cyber Security Community of Practice

OASIS Sponsor for CSC


OpenWings Expert Group member


Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, C, PHP, JAVA, and MySQL. Anne Arundel Community College

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