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Information Technology Project

Kuwait City, Kuwait
January 15, 2018

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Taher Ali Badnawarwala

Mobile: +965-******** Salmiya-kuwait

Career Objective: A Responsible Challenging and Innovative Work Environment, with an opportunity to Work with the Best IT Mind and culture in the Industry.

About Myself: A hardworking and fun loving individual, I like immersing myself in whatever I do. For me, the more challenging a job is, the more I enjoy doing it and solving problems associated with it. Thinking Clearly under pressure is one of my strengths. I believe in going beyond and wish to make my degree more meaningful by engaging myself in various extra-curricular activities. Being updated with the latest news and sport related activities helps me to stay ahead and allows me to have meaningful conversations with people. CERTIFICATION

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) Information Technology (FIRST CLASS) Diploma in Hardware and Networking

Adtect computers(local institute)

Skill Set

Software Management

Core Language C,C++,c#,JAVA,C

Objective, PHP,AngularJS

Implementation of LAN

Create database, users, tables, set

privileges for users in SQL SERVER,


Assembling of computers


Web design: AngularJS, HTML,HTML5

CSS,javascript,VB script, Angular

Material Design


Knowledge of Making POS(Point of

Sale) module on Website,Android App

and Desktop



Self project of making paint application in

core C language



You can draw a line, rectangle, circle using in-built functions of C

You can undo Your drawing

You can add text in the application .

You can color your sketch by any color of your like.

Manage different figures

Mini Project on of Gym

management System


Project is aimed for designing a GYM management program by using as a Scripting and developing language for offline website of gym management System . We had used mysql as a database server for data storage. We added many functionalities in our which is highlighted below.

User may register himself for getting enrolled to the GYM.

After registration is admin will contact address through its email address and gave him Link to choose its available for gyming. All the available time will be show to him.

Customer after getting enrolled can talk to the training through his website account and Ask his help whenever is needed in schedule.

All his diet plan is show to the customer when ever it logs in and also get his daily Weight measurement and full schedule of his gym. Which all exercise he want to perform.

We Had also puts offer so that he can get discount when ever he choice big plans.

We had introduce three plans which are platinum, gold and silver. Customer had to select one plan at the time of registration . Plan is set such that it suits individual budget. LIVE MOBILE BACKUP SYSTEM ON



Project is aim to make software for android operating system which can take backup of CONTACT,CALENDER LIST, MESSAGES. We got this idea because one of our friend lost his mobile And didn’t able to get all his contact back due to which it is frustrating for him. So we decide to make such project which will backup contacts. For project we use java platform for making android app, for writing webpages in JSP and SERVLET and also use MYSQL server database for data storage. We had put following functionalities in our project:

Contacts get update from mobile on live basis . when ever You first download your apk from Android market . software will ask username and password and IMEI number of your mobile for registration . As you register one account is created in server side and all Your contact is stored in server database after install ion of apk.

You can check all your contacts on server website.

Whenever you add new contact it will automatically update to server site that’s why it is called LIVE MOBILE BACKUP SYSTEM. But you have to have GPRS 24*7 so that mobile is always connected to server

Whenever Your mobile is lost you buy new android mobile download LIVE MOBILE APPLICATION and enter your previous username and password and IMEI number and new IMEI number of your mobile. Your contact will be downloaded and stored automatically. But due to some unavoidable reason we won’t be able to put it online but we executed it offline We used our laptop as server and we had connect our mobile and laptop through WIFI hotspot And execute full Application.

Worked On POS(Point of Sale) Module 2 Year Experience

Design Desktop Software for point Of Sale Module in c sharp(C#) in Visual Studio

Using Microsoft SQL SERVER .

Different functionally has been given in it User can add Item, supplier,customer,item group in it And Can Made Purchase Invoice, Purchase Order

Functionality for Sales like Sale entry and Use of Barcode in It. Development on Android 6 Month Completion

Developed Accounting Module for Android which has Sales and Purchase Module by using android studio

It can Handle Basic Accounting function with report printing facilities

More than 1000 downloads in play store

Visit and find out more details

Developed AngularJS - PHP web


1 year Experience

Developed AngularJS – PHP application by using Angular Material Design for one of the company which provides full ERP Solutions for multiple companies on one single domain. It contains Purchase Module,Sales Module, Full Inventory Module for all businesses, Multi – User, Multi –location, Bank Reconciliation, Salary Module, Full Office Document Support, Invoice Designer Module and Many More Functionalities

It Contains High use of Triggers, Procedure in database .

It is hosted on google cloud

Its Link

Warranty Management Solution 6 Months Completion

Warranty Management Solution is solution provided to batteries trading companies. Who all have big problem of maintaining warranty for their batteries.

Solution is divided in to three dashboard system. One for Company from which company can maintain its stock and track each batteries detail. It’s Life Period, Life Expiry and to which customer it is allocated.

One For Retailer in which retailer will enter batteries sold or repair information. And can see its Redeem points which will it get from selling batteries and can also get discount of it

One for Customer in which customer sees its batteries information with it expiry date and can also apply for Warranty Service. If battery is under Warranty Service.

This full solution is developed using .Net Technologies and with the help of some javascript framework as angularJS and its database is developed in MSSQL server. It Contain high use of triggers and Stored Procedure .

Academic Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E)

Information Technology

Pune University, India

Extra Curriculum skill set Love to learn new technology as know I am learning Angular 2, TypeScript

Also have interest in learning new Languages

Management Skill as in college handle

Many culture function .

Good in swimming


Ability to Learn fast

Quick Performer

Good Communication Skills

Good Interpersonal Skills

Out of box Thinker

Personal Details

Nationality : Indian

Driving License : Available

Age : 27 years

Visa: 18 (Transferable)

Languages : English, Hindi,Gujarati, Arabic (learning) References to be furnished upon request.

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