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Bioinformatician w/ C++, Python, R, NGS, statistics, CRISPR, and sport

January 14, 2018

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Name: Rafael Nozal Cañadas

Birth: **.**.****

Adress: Calle Horno de Abad 11, 18002

City: Granada (Spain)

Phone: +47 46897091




06.2017 - Current

Research assistant

CIBM (Biomedical Investigation Center), and IMUDS (Mixed Institute of

Sport and Health). Physiology department of University of Granada

In these centers I'm gaining experience in wet laboratory practices.

The main task is aiding a PhD student on her lab work which consist

on taking blood samples from children and passing on a series of

test such as DEXA scans and Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis assay.

It also include some non wetlab work, where my contribution reside,

with statistical analysis done in R and SPSS, consulting in general

IT practices such as databases, optimizing the code, and so on.

The project is about the effects of a gluten-free diet on a children

population with with the celiac disease. You can find more

information about the projects here:




01.2016 - Current

Developer and technical support.

Gimnasio Galaxy

While applying to several PHD and research positions, I began

working in this family gym.

In here I'm developing a program to assign exercises to clients

which helps trainers design tailored routines, and clients to

understand and follow the everyday diet and training. Similar

programs already exist, such as TrainingGym or Muscle&Motion, but

our aim is to create a much precise and detailed database of

exercises, where you can follow not only the muscle group, but also

the synergists, antagonists, dynamic stabilizers, and be able to

design each exercise to work or avoid each muscle, in order to help

a much more precise training to prevent injuries or to help

recovering from them. The program is being developed in Qt and C++.

I'm also maintaining the website,, and teaching

the workers how to update and make changes for them to become

independent and been able to run the site without need of an

external worker. I'm also educating them into safe computer

practices, such as avoid malware sites, general hardware

maintenance, teaching the wonders of open source and free software

that come with zero cost in licenses, and much more.

Apart from IT work; I also do substitutions as instructor in groups

training classes of cross-training and HIIT (high intensity interval

training) and boxing classes, general sport and nutrition

counselling, accounting and statistical models to forecast gain and

losses, video editing for marketing and supporting other training

groups of zumba and spinning, plus other internal video usage,

translator for foreign gym members or potential clients, and

reception work including sales.

09.2014 - 12.2015

Research assistant.

Computational Biology Unit, Institutt for informatikk

AmpliCan, an NGS analysis tool for high throughput screening of

candidate mutants.

I began researching CRISPR/Cas9 induced mutations. In order to

evaluate such mutations we created AmpliCan. This tools take

sequences from experiments and analyze the alignments of the mutants

with the amplicon. Depending on your desire parameter it will tell

you the success of the mutation and generate a complete web report

with the results summarized, as well as the complete data for detail


Other similar tools only allow for small samples; this one can take

enormous batch of data and works really fast. The application was

done using R, C++, Python and HTML5; and the invaluable

collaboration of the Molecular Biology Department of both Harvard

and the University College London.

Packages are available at Bitbucket:

( and soon to be published

at CRAN and Bioconductor.

01.2013 - 06.2014

Collegue / University teaching professional.


Starting on 2013 I was hired by different students as private

teacher to help them understand several fields of several subjects.

Most of it were focus on the use and program of MATLAB, Java and

elemental statistics.

05.2013 - 06.2013

Database designer

Quantidoc AS - University of Bergen

During Summer of 2013 I was fixing and redesigning the entire

database for this laboratory. The previous admin was a person with

limited knowledge of databases, SQL, or mathematics; as a result the

logic behind the entire system was in complete chaos, failing to

satisfy even the first normal form.

I created the database, triggers, populated the tables with examples

and left a few tutorials and examples on how to make the graphical

windows for all the functions. After that a biology student

continued administrating the database and finishing the graphic


08.2010 - 12.2013

Collegue / University teaching professional.

Institutt for informatikk and Institutt for matematikk.

Since summer of 2010 I have worked at the University of Bergen

teaching assisting in a computer laboratory for other students from

different levels.

The task consist of solving any doubts the students may have and

explaining concept of the curriculum of the given subject. Also to

correct exercises, give grades and feedback to the students on

mandatory assignments.

You can find more information about the subjects here:

INF109 Computer Programming for Science (NOR):

STAT101 Elemental Statistics (NOR):

01.2010 - 06.2011

Pre-primary education teaching associate professional

Fantoft Gård Barnehage, Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen (SiB)

Since the beginning of 2010 I have worked in Norway as a substitute

in a kindergarten for children from 0 to 5~6 years old.

The task consist in taking care of the children in several ways.

Watch then, play with then, feed then, put then to sleep, etc.

Everything under advance pedagogical supervision.


01.2012 - 12.2013

Master in Bioinformatics.

Institutt for informatikk, University of Bergen.

Techniques and methods from computer science are used to solve

problems related to molecular biological research, particularly the

analysis of the large amount of data being produced.

In addition to general information ready methods are used, the new

methods developed to solve the new problems that appear. Master's

Degree Program in Bioinformatics aims to set students able to

participate in this development, while providing a general

information on biochemistry education.

My thesis consisted on semantic web with heavy use of HTML5. A

solution to analyse workflows between systems using WSDL.

10.2006 - 09.2011

Technical Engineering of Management Computing.

University of Granada. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías

Informática y de Telecomunicaciones.

The Technical Engineering of Management Computing has as objective

to train professional and prepare them for acquire competence in all

that make reference to configuration and management of computer's

projects for all kind of organization, making a special emphasis in

the development of communicative and management skills. Included

areas of electronics, geographical information systems, CAD systems,

sysadmin, operation systems, databases, networking, systems

architecture, automatons, data mining and maintenance.

I did my last year degree at the University of Bergen after been

awarded the Erasmus grant of the European Union plus a Free Mover

access from both University of Granada and the University of Bergen.

I obtained an average of 73 percentile per credit on my studies.


Deep Learning with Tensorflow. Udacity, online. May 2017

Calisthenics instructor. FEDA (Spanish Federation of Fitness

Activities), Cadiz. June 2016

Physical therapy for special population, FEDA (Spanish Federation of

Fitness Activities), Málaga, May 2016

Unity engine and VR applications for C#; Unity3D, online. April 2016

SDL 2D Graphics for C++ ; Udemy, online. March 2016

Advance course in fitness therapy and personal training FEDA

(Spanish Federation of Fitness Activities), Cadiz, March of 2016

Course of Instrumental Basic Life Support and handling of external

semi-automatic defibrillator agreed with the requirement of European

Resuscitation Council, May of 2007.

Course of "Auxiliar de Transporte Sanitario" (Medical Care Transport

Auxiliary), March of 2007 (40 hours)

Course of "Primeros Auxilios Psicológicos" (Psychological First Aid), February of 2007 (40 hours)

Course of "Actuación ante Catástrofes" (Intervention against

Catastrophes) February of 2007 (40 hours)

Course of "Formación Básica en Socorros y Emergencias" (Basic

Formation in Help and Emergencies) December of 2005 (60 hours)

Working Days about Study Techniques, 1999.


Starting at 2005, I have been a freelance making small websites

projects for small companies with low budget.

Since December 2006 experience in the volunteer program

"Socorros y Emergencias" (Help and Emergencies) of Spanish Red Cross

as ambulance personal and radio operator. Totaling more than 2000

hours on ambulance experience.

In the tournament FACE 2007 (First Aid Convention in Europe)

champion in the provincial stage of Granada, champion in the

autonomous stage of Andalusia, fourth classified in the national

stage of Spain and champion of the lifeguard test of the national



Communication skills

Experience caring immigrants from Red Cross programs.

Capacity for take right critical decision and leadership in

emergency situations.

Excellent contact skills with children gained through my experience

as kindergarten worker.

Organisational / managerial skills

Proven leadership and management with multiple ambulances.

Leading many groups of students of very different profiles. At

university mostly, but I had also worked with inmates at a prison,

with seniors students, and immigrants.

Job-related skills

Inborn skill for optimisation problem's solution and design new


Interest in acquire all kind of knowledge and predisposition to

learn new abilities.

Since December 2007, volunteer in the project "nAndalucía"

administer by the competences "Junta de Andalucía" for teaching

about new technologies to the people how has no means of support.

Specialized teaching to inmates, immigrants and seniors citizens.

The project is co-sponsored with the Red Cross.

Amateur in digital photography, video editing, and 3D modelling.

Some experience in developing videogames and modding.

Since autumn 2015, collaborating with Created3D. Is a platform for

workshops and coworking related with anything to do with engineering

and electronics. The main objective is to give and receive tutorials

about state of the art technologies, and make constructions to solve

automatically complex or mundane problems proposed by the other

members of the association. [SPA]

Driver license: B


Spanish - Native

English - C1

Norwegian - B2

French - A2

Japanese - A2

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