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Administrative Assistant csr rep word processor etc.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
January 14, 2018

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Monica O Neal

Administrative P rofessional

**** * ********* * *** T rail

Douglasville, G A 3 0135


S kills:

M S O ffice S uites, L EXIS/NEXIS, W ESTLAW, P eachtree A ccounting, Q uickbooks, L awson, Fastrieve, P eoplesoft, D ictaphone, t ranscription, f ax, c opier, s canner, p ostage, k eypunch, switchboard, b inding m achinary, P aradox, L egaltrax, F oxpro, L eagalease, T imberline a nd Yardi

E xperience:

A ce A ttorney S ervices R iverside C A D ocument C ontrol C lerk 6 /15 - 1 /16

R etrieved d ata v ia e mail, D atatrac, o r p hone. C ompiled a ll p ertinent i nformation i nto t he D atatrac p rogram f or g eneration o f miscellaneous d ocuments t o b e s ent t o c ourts f or f ilings, e tc. P repared m iscellaneous documents ( subpoenas, s ummons, e tc.) f or s ervice & d istribution v ia c ourier, p rocess server, o r r unner.

Prepared d aily P OD f or s ubmissions t o c lients a nd a ccounting C SR, h eavy p hone & email

D aily c heck m aintenance & d istribution.

P repared & r eviewed m onthly m ileage l ogs f or a ccuracy b efore s ubmitting t o a ccounting.

O versaw d aily f unctions o f o ffice s ervices.

Farmer’s I nsurance W oodland H ills, C A A dministrative A ssistant 0 9/14 - 0 5/2015

R etrieved i nformation f rom s hared d rive d atabase i n c ompany’s P rocurement D epartment C ompileded n ecessary i nformation i nto a n E xcel S preadsheet Prepared m iscellaneous r eports a nd c orrespondence P repared d ocuments f or m ass m ail m erge a nd s hipping v ia F edEx S hip M anager Software P rogram

P repared s hipping r eports a s n eeded

P eople's C hoice S taffing. C orona, C A A dministrative A ssistant A ccounting 0 9/14 - 06/2015

Aided e xecutive i n s taff c apacity b y c oordinating o ffice s ervices.

E xecuted d aily o perations o f f acility. C ompiled a nd s orted d ocuments, s uch a s i nvoices and c hecks, m aintained d aily o perations o f f ront o ffice. C oordinated t he c ollection a nd preparation o f o perating r eports. S tructured a nd m aintained a ll a ccounting r elated r ecords. R eviewed a nd a nswered c orrespondence.

A ssisted i n t he p reparation o f b udget n eeds a nd a nnual r eports o f t he o rganization. D irected s ervices, s uch a s m aintenance, r epair, s upplies, m ail a nd f iles. R estructured a nd i mproved t he f ile m anagement s ystem. C ompiled, s tored a nd r etrieved m anagement d ata, u sing c omputer. R esponsible f or off-site s torage a nd d estruction o f c onfidential d ocuments. Jones F lowers, I nc. A tlanta, G A C onsultant 1 999 t o 0 8/2014 Executed d aily o perations o f f lower s hop. R eceived a nd i ssued c redits, r outed a nd c ollected p ayment f rom a ccount h older's a t shop.

Kept r ecords o f r eceipts a nd d isbursements a nd b alanced c ash o n h and a t e nd o f d ay. R ecorded a nd f iled c opies o f o rders r eceived a ccording t o e xpected d elivery d ate. T yped o rder f orms a nd e ntered d ata i nto c omputer t o d etermine t otal c ost f or customers.

C hecked i nventory c ontrol a nd n otified o wner o f o rders t hat w ould d eplete s tock. C onferred w ith c lients r egarding p rice a nd t ype o f a rrangements d esired. U tilized knowledge o f d esign a nd t he p roperties o f m aterials. D ecorated b uildings, h alls, c hurches a nd o ther f acilities w here e vents w ere p lanned.

J C P enney W arehouse F orest P ark, G A I nventory C ontrol C lerk/Auditor 0 5/2011 - 0 6/2013

R eticketing A gent w hich i ncluded u npacking m erchandise b oxes f rom v endor, i nspecting garments f or i mperfections, r etagging a nd r eboxing m erchandise. A uditor, d uties i ncluded r andomly s electing a c ompleted b ox o f m erchandise t o q uality check f or e rrors r etagging, e nsuring a ll e mployees h ad n ecessary t ools f or d uties performed

T RC S taffing A tlanta, G A

D ata E ntry O perator/Mail M erge C lerk

1 1/2010 t o 0 5/2011

S orted i ncoming m ail f or d istribution a nd d ispatched o utgoing m ail. O pened e nvelopes b y hand a nd m achine. S tamped d ate a nd t ime o f r eceipt o n i ncoming m ail. p rinting t ickets for S orted m ail a ccording t o d estination a nd t ype, s uch a s r eturned l etters, a djustments, bills, o rders a nd p ayments. R eaddressed u ndeliverable m ail b earing i ncomplete o r incorrect a ddress. E xamined o utgoing m ail f or a ppearance a nd s ealed e nvelopes b y hand o r m achine. S tamped o utgoing m ail b y h and o r p ostage m eter. O perated t he folding m achine t hat p rocessed a dvertising l iterature, f orms, l etters, a nd o ther p aper sheets. D istributed a nd c ollected m ail. W eighed m ail t o d etermine t hat p ostage w as correct. K ept r ecord o f r egistered m ail. A ddressed m ail, u sing a ddressing m achine. J ackson H ewitt T ax A tlanta G A I ncome T ax P reparer ( Supervisor)

0 1/2007 - 1 2/2012

U sed a ll a ppropriate a djustments, d eductions, a nd c redits t o k eep c lients' t axes t o a minimum. C hecked d ata i nput a nd v erified t otals o n f orms p repared b y o thers t o d etect errors i n a rithmetic, d ata e ntry, a nd p rocedures. C omputed t axes o wed a nd o verpaid, using a dding m achines a nd p ersonal c omputers, a nd c ompleted e ntries o n f orms, following t ax f orm i nstructions a nd t ax t ables. I nterviewed c lients t o o btain a dditional information o n t axable i ncome a nd d eductible e xpenses a nd a llowances. R eviewed financial r ecords s uch a s i ncome s tatements a nd d ocumentation o f e xpenditures i n order t o d etermine f orms n eeded t o p repare t ax r eturns. C alculated f orm p reparation f ees according t o r eturn c omplexity a nd p rocessing t ime r equired. C onsulted t ax l aw handbooks a nd b ulletins i n o rder t o d etermine p rocedures f or p reparation o f a typical returns. F urnished t axpayers w ith s ufficient i nformation a nd a dvice i n o rder t o e nsure correct t ax f orm c ompletion. P repared a nd a ssisted i n p reparing s imple t o c omplex t ax returns f or i ndividuals a nd s mall b usinesses.

A tlanta A tlanta J ournal C onstitution H R B enefits C oordinator 0 3/2004 - 1 1/2007

I nformed j ob a pplicants o f t heir a cceptance a nd r ejection o f e mployment. A rranged f or i n-house a nd e xternal t raining a ctivities. R ecorded d ata f or e ach e mployee, i ncluding s uch i nformation a s a ddresses, w eekly earnings, a bsences, a mount o f s ales a nd p roduction, s upervisory r eports o n performance, a nd d ates o f a nd r easons f or t erminations. A nswered q uestions r egarding e xaminations, e ligibility, s alaries, b enefits, a nd o ther pertinent i nformation.

P rovided a ssistance i n a dministering e mployee b enefit p rograms a nd w orker's compensation p lans.

E xamined e mployee f iles t o a nswer i nquiries a nd p rovided i nformation f or p ersonnel actions.

S earcheded e mployee f iles i n o rder t o o btain i nformation f or a uthorized p ersons a nd organizations, s uch a s c redit b ureaus a nd f inance c ompanies. E xplained c ompany personnel p olicies, b enefits, a nd p rocedures t o e mployees a nd j ob a pplicants. Gathered p ersonnel r ecords f rom o ther d epartments a nd e mployees. P rocessed, v erified, and m aintained d ocumentation r elating t o p ersonnel a ctivities s uch a s s taffing, recruitment, t raining, g rievances, p erformance e valuations, a nd c lassifications. U ltima H oldings, L LP A ccounting A dministrative A ssistant 0 9/1997 - 1 1/2004

C alculated, v erified a nd p osted f inancial d ata f or u se i n m aintaining a ccounting r ecords.

C ompiled a nd s orted d ocuments s uch a s i nvoices a nd c hecks s ubstantiating b usiness transactions.

V erifieded a nd p osted d etails o f b usiness t ransactions, s uch a s f unds r eceived a nd disbursed.

Computed a nd r ecorded c harges, r efunds, c ost o f l ost a nd d amaged g oods, f reight charges, r entals a nd s imilar i tems.

Typed v ouchers, i nvoices, c hecks, a ccount s tatements, r eports a nd o ther r ecords, u sing typewriter a nd c omputer. R econciled b ank s tatements. Sullivan & C romwell L aw F irm

Los A ngeles, C A

Record's M anager 0 7/1994 - 0 6/1997 R eviewed a nd f iled p leadings, p etitions a nd o ther documents r elevant t o c ourt a ctions.

Stored, c ataloged, a nd m aintained c urrency o f l egal v olumes. Searched f or l egal d ocuments f or a ttorneys t o i nvestigate f acts a nd l aw o f c ases Retrieved a nd r efiled a ffidavits o f d ocuments, m aintained d ocument f iles a nd c ase correspondence.

m aintained t he d aily o perations o f t he R ecord's D epartment

O 'Melveny & M yers L aw F irm

L os A ngeles, C A

B ound V olumes C lerk

0 3/1990 - 0 6/1994

Bound V olumes C lerk, w hich i ncluded t aking a s et o f c orporate d ocuments, c reating table o f c ontents, i n p reparation o f b ook f ormation. Entered d ocument i dentification c odes i nto s ystems i n o rder t o d etermine l ocations o f documents t o b e r etrieved. A dded n ew m aterial t o f ile r ecords, a nd c reated n ew r ecords as n ecessary. E liminated o utdated a nd u nnecessary m aterials, d estroying t hem a nd transferring t hem t o i nactive s torage a ccording t o f ile m aintenance g uidelines a nd l egal requirements. F ound a nd r etrieved i nformation f rom f iles i n r esponse t o r equests f rom authorized u sers.

G athered m aterials t o b e f iled f rom d epartments a nd e mployees. Performed p eriodic i nspections o f m aterials a nd f iles i n o rder t o e nsure c orrect placement, l egibility, a nd p roper c ondition. S canneded a nd r ead i ncoming m aterials i n o rder t o d etermine h ow a nd w here t hey were c lassified a nd f iled.

P laced m aterials i nto s torage r eceptacles, a ccording t o c lassification a nd i dentification information. A ssigned,recorded a nd s tamped i dentification n umbers a nd c odes i n o rder t o index m aterials f or f iling. M odified a nd i mproved f iling s ystems a nd i mplemented n ew filing s ystems. R etrieved d ocuments s tored i n m icrofilm a nd m icrofiche a nd p laced t hem in v iewers f or r eview.

E ducation:

M etropolitan B us. C ollege, C hicago I L U niversity o f P hoenix, A tlanta G A

R eferences:

A vailable u pon r equest

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