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Director - IT Service Delivery & Project Management

Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States
January 16, 2018

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John A. Luoma

Mobile +1-262-***-****


The accompanying resume illustrates that I have over 25 years of business experience in multiple industries, with a number of technology and business job titles. My resume demonstrates my versatility and experience working for companies large and small but there is also a consistency in my approach to all those roles over my career. My approach consistently includes the following:

• Listen first

• Assess the situation

• Work with subject matter experts to formulate a solution

• Communicate the solution and when possible, gain consensus

• Execute the plan

• Report progress

I work very closely with business units like IT, Finance, Marketing and Sales. At different points in my career I have had responsibilities within all of those business functions. I pay close attention to sales, new revenue opportunities and budgets. Those are typically the critical indicators for financial success.

In my career, I have frequently been asked to take on difficult projects because of my ability to deconstruct a problem and get to the root cause rather than just addressing the symptoms. I surround myself with the best people because I respect the best solution regardless of who’s idea it was. I believe that the work day is not over until the day’s work is done and I try to live up to the work ethic that my father set in his 40 years of working in factory jobs. I always find some reason to engage in my work. That may mean that I believe in the company or the client and their mission. I may find passion in the purpose of the project or sometimes, when projects are difficult, the engaging factor is simply to help out a colleague in need. I find it difficult to tell people about my skills because I would much rather demonstrate them with my work. Of course, in a hiring situation that is not possible but I hope I get the opportunity to discuss my experience in greater detail and answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you.


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