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Engineer Project

Houston, Texas, United States
January 16, 2018

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Victor A. Fulcher, P.E.-S.E., CPI


**** ****** **., ******* ***** 77007 C: 832-***-**** (Phone & SMS)

Professional Profile

Registered Professional Civil Structural Engineer and Certified Professional Inspector with a history of saving companies’ money, improving engineering quality, construction quality and job safety while completing projects generally under budget on time or early; seeking employment with a company that can utilize my experience.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management Plan & Calculation Checking Managed Engineering & CAD work

Structural Analysis/Design Quality Assurance/Audits/Reviews Construction Management

Professional Registration: PE - Professional Structural Engineer (by Exam) - Arizona - #24043 1990


Education: B.Sc., University of Colorado, Architectural & Civil Structures

M.Sc., (Passed Exams through ASU for PE) Structural Engineering

Professional Development: Management Training Courses in TeamPBA, Total Quality Management and PEMBOK systems. Engineering training in PCI Post Tensioned Concrete design, Fiber Reinforced Plastic Structural design, LRFD Crane Girder Design & Aluminum Structures design; AISC Direct Design Seminar; ASCE 7-10 Training

Computer Skills: STAAD.Pro-V8i; STAAD.FoundationAdvanced-V8i; RISA-3D 7.0; RISAFoundations3.5

RISA Masonry 1.0; MS Office 2007; MS Project 2003; DesconWin 4.0; Mat 3D v4.0.4; PCA Column V3.5;

Enercalc SEL V5.8; SmartPlantReview; Mathcad 14; DSAnchor; Foundation 3Dv4.0.4; ETABS; SACS;

Chevron PDP; spMats; spColumns; Digital Canal Versa Frame 7.0 rel 04.14; SAP2000

Professional Inspector, Action East LLC, Houston TX 77007 07/05/16-Present

TREC Certified Professional Inspector doing Commercial and Residential inspections per REI-7-5

Project Engineer, BR Architects & Engineers, Richardson TX 75080 03/07/16-07/01/16

Providing structural engineering on $1M architectural modifications to up-scale properties in the University district

of Dallas. On Silverleaf TVR Bldgs A-G, I analyzed replacement of 7 multi-span pedestrian bridges for bldgs A-G.

For the Winnwoood Residence designed 10' retaining walls, an infinity pool, Cabana bldg with basement storage &

surrounding decks, Parkland Hospital, designed screw-jack piles to underpin 195 failed bell piers, 85 causing exces-

sive settlement. Final Design of a Fairfield Inn & Suites, 59.5' (4 story) high, 102.77' deep by 213.9' long in wood

and glulams with steel member alternatives for the glulams.

AHIT Inspector Traing, University of Texas, Arlington (Class, Field & Online) 11/09/15 – 06/30/16

Passed Both Texas 96% & National 94% “Professional Inspector” exams first try; No. 22032

Structural Engineer, Diversified Projects Inc., 25000 Pitkin Rd, Spring TX 77386 12/10/14 – 10/21/15

Worked on Hess Tioga Hawkeye Compressor Station Expansion Project as a Structural Engineer on a shortterm contract. Structural Engineer on 4 piping process modules, performing on-site, lifting analyses plus pad eye designs, on: PK-750009 43.5x14'x11', PK-751201 60'x14'x19.5'; PK-751202 45'x12'x11', & PK-756106 45'x14'x11'. East & West Trussed Pipe Bridges 13' wide, spanning 40', 22' clear underneath, 26.5' to top of trusses high once on site. Versa-Frame7.0 structural analysis software released April 2014. Responsible for monitoring and reporting construction progress, quality control and construction safety. Scope of Work was on the Poly (NAG3 & 4), Utility and Flare Units within EXXON-Mobil's expansion. This included 18 steel process towers (1 minor), 21 Pipe Racks, and 17 equipment platforms on vertical vessels. Supervised PCI's construction on PR-R1 pipe rack 20' wide, 44' to 65' high and 471.67' long; Oversaw construction on process tower ST342-41'x 25.67'-210.67' high & ST452 25.67'x25.67”x121.4' high. Designed grading and drainage, storm sewers, pump blocks and pipe supports. Expanded former Naval wharves and piers in California converting them to Container ship use. Contract Completed

Structural Engineer, DOW 1254 Enclave Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077 11/13/12-06/14/14

Structural Engineer on DOW, Freeport’s Gulfstream Poly-5 Project; Reduced the Structural Steel in DEVO Str-5511 by 34% by switching from Thailand 34ksi Steel to ASTM A990 Steel: Structure 70’long x 46’ wide x 85’ high on a 2’ thick Mat slab 63’ by 93’ on 30’ deep driven piles. Lower 33’ main frame in CIP with steel superstructure; Str-5810 Raw Material Purification Bldg. 100’long x 60’ wide x 56’ high with concrete rigid bents down the center 30’ high by 20’ wide. Column’s 2’x2’; beams 1.5’x2’; The rest of the structure in A992 Steel. Redesigned connections for increased loads, checked tabletop steel to concrete connections. Designed/Analyzed the Tank Farm Mat 3’x102’x149’ on 118 piles 2’ 30’ deep. SFU Mat 134’x63’x3’ with a steel process tower, a heater, 6- 80’ vertical vessels, pumps, & 10 exchangers. ASU Mat 3’thk 128’x 102’ a steel pipe rack 15’x120’x20’high, foundations designed for 5, 102’ vertical vessels. Considered Conductibility issues in the analysis. Working as the on the FutureGen 2.0 Project, near Meredosia, IL for Amergen; to reduce atmospheric emissions to near Zero utilizing the Oxy-combustion Process to capture 90% of CO2. Scope of work is foundations for HP/LP Coolers, Exchangers, large capacity pumps, Vaporizers, Turbines/Generators, LP/OG Silencers, 4 Large Cryogenic Tanks, Heat exchangers, etc. Tracked/Reported progress against manhour expenditures in the Civil/Structural Department. Came up with the type, number and length of Pipe Piles/H-Piles under all equipment with loads. Analyzed odd ball North CPU pipe rack module 66.25’x 20’ by 17.75’ high both on site and lifting analysis to verify initial member sizing and material estimates. Performed both lifting an on site analyses of the combined, fully loaded modules. Did the same for ASU piperack modules, and the fully assembled 410’ of 24’ wide by 20’ high piperack by both the individual module where the 10’ wide, 80’ long side pipe rack T’s into the side of the rack inducing extra stresses. Modeled the Compressor Building Piperack Modules 20’ wide, 20’ high and 90’ long.

Lead Civil/Structural Engineer, IHI E&C, Houston TX 77077 11/13/12-03/24/13

Modeled/Analyzed the PA-24 Seed Classifier Structure 33’ high by 30’ wide by 70’ long. Analyzed/Designed the PA-26 Bldg Mat slab 70’x128’-18” thick with grade beams on column lines and supported by 30 under-reamed drilled caissons. Designed Mat Slab Foundations for the Compressor, 22’x10.5”x18” thick on compacted native soil. Designed 2 Dust Collector platforms under-reams. Dominion Cove Point LNG project, designed 3 typical sections for buttressed counter-fort retaining walls at 42.5’, 32.5’ & 22.5’ high; We settled on 16” wall thicknesses; The width of buttressing varied from 10’ to 18’ with increasing height as did the number of piles. Checked a sheet pile retaining wall design to go next to a new road in the Tank Farm project Lead Civil Structural Engineer doing OCI Pasadena revamp, designed foundations for the SCR structure 62’ x 22’ x 72’, Foundations for vertical process vessels foundations for 5 double heat exchanger 30’ long by 5’ diameter, a new heater foundation 35’x35’ and modified 135’ of existing pipe racks. Preliminary Steel and Concrete quantity survey & supported detailed estimate for Enterprise Products, Mont Belvieu, TX CATOFIN Project. DGC (North Dakota Gas Company) coal gasification project; Selected borehole locations in the highly variable filled site with Scoria mixed into the variable fill area. Utilized API 650, 651, 653, 661 ACI, AISC codes.

Civil Structural Engineer, CB&I, Houston TX 77056 04/02/12-10/19/12

Worked on Kearl Oil Sands project KID & KEP performing on-site, lifting and transport analysis on Modules 1710-BLD-046, 2300-BLD-1325, 2300-BLD-0525, 1300-BLD-024, 1300-BLD-025, Area E HVAC Platform, EDP Crane Structure and answered RFI’s (Construction Support Project) about out of plumb and out of level issues with the pile supports. On Dominion’s Natrium (Ohio) 400MMSCFD Gas Processing Plant (LNG) project, checked shop drawings (connections) for all members, red lined, consolidated, stamped and published the drawings and developed foundation/base plate schedules. Designed a Mat slab (PSV 100 and similar) Platform incorporating a 6’ diameter LNG pipe running across the 18’x 20’ mat with a 10’x10.5’PSV tower 21.5’ high. Designed 6 miscellaneous pipe supports with foundations. Worked on paving and drasinage at the Truck Loading Area and designed the Slops drainage system to handle spills and rainfall. On Oxy’s Elk Hills Cryogenic Gas (LPG utilizing API codes) plant in Tupman, CA, Checked concrete rebar shop drawings. Prepared the Lessons Learned file from E-mail feedback from the Construction Department. Designed an oily water sump 30’x12’x10’ deep. Answered RFi’s and surveyed concrete and steel quantities. Reficar (Cartagena Refinery S.A.) in Cartagena, Columbia performed a heavy lift (Construction Support Project), settlement and bearing pressure analysis on the TC36000 tower crane. Designed concrete covers for piping and storm drains that the tower-crane stands on. Checked the structural member sizing on Pipe Rack 97, designed 4 truss splice connections for the rack to keep the lengths below 40 feet, and checked the foundation designs under added loading. Analyzed and sized 2 span 50’ crane beam on 5 triangular supports. Designed 3 pump blocks, Mat Slabs 27x14.25x2 for the Fluidized Air Compressor and the FC-P-2001 Pump Block. Analyzed/Designed Foundations for FL-E-2609 A/B, FL-E-2606 A/B. On Williams Ethylene Expansion (Gas to Plastics) investigated 3 methods of raising the compressor building’s roof 2’ to make room for larger compressors. Investigated changes to the Area 93 West Pipe Rack Modifications added new level at +34’ with 2 large bore pipes pipes and removed piping lower down; Designed the required strengthening elements which included double columns, extra trussing, bracing and weld plates. Designed the OSBL Piperack which is comprised of individual A frame bents and T Supports with CIP Concrete Pile Caps on 40’ Auger Piles. Designed T-Supports for Areas 51, 52, 91 & 92. Contract completed.

Senior Structural Engineer, Jacobs Engineering Group, Baton Rouge, LA 05/29/11-11/28/11

Worked on EPCO’s MTBV Frac IV for Mont Belvieu, TX. Performed Structural Engineering on Wacker Polysilicon NA, LLC in Charleston, TN designing mine equipment supports and weather enclosure buildings. ower Pump bldg. Base Plates and Concrete pedestals. Reworked B340 CUB bldg’s moment connections and back checked the structural drawings. Designed the moment connections for the Waste Water Treatment building’s tower. Designed grading and storm sewers for the project. Quit to care for dying mother.

Civil Engineer, Commonwealth Engineering LLC, Houston, TX 02/28/11 – 05/11/11

Civil & Structural Engineering: Worked on BIS-TEPSCO (EPCO-Eagle Ford Shale project), expanding Lyssy, Milton, Marshall and Sealy Stations Oil Storage, Pipelines and equipment. Grading and drainage project for 7 Tank Farm expansions. Company Lost Work

Sr. Civil Structural Engineer-Kellogg Brown &Root, Houston, TX 01/07/09 – 05/27/10

SKIKDA Refinery, Algeria, new cryogenic LNG Train Project, performed structural analysis on pipe bridges (up to 10m high x 5m wide, 19m long with mat foundations), single expansion loop bents and 16 T-supports on spread footings. Checked and corrected analysis/design of BBX 15-MJ05 equipment access platform/pipe rack 6m high x 6.33m wide x 11.2m. Studied changes to a small pump platform to make pump access easier. Structural Analysis of 2 structural steel platforms, 10.7m x 4.5m, over cryogenic LPG Tank sump pits (API 650, 651 & 653). Designed storm drainage systems. Interfacing with Construction Contractors in the field to solve a serious large bore pipe support problem; redesigned the mat slab pipe support linking 2 pile caps, cantilevering 2m one way while spanning 5.6m. Preliminary estimate on a new E-W pipe rack (62’ high x 85’ wide x 210’ long), re-engineering a process tower 70’ x 40’ x 65,’ and answered RFI’s. Worked on Hankamer cryogenic butane/propane pump station foundations. Designed pile/spread footing foundations and T-Supports for Caprock Pump Station, miscellaneous equipment supports/foundations, plus E-house and control building foundations. Lead Civil Structural Engineer responsible for 5 subordinates and 3 trainees, working on 6 oil and gas gathering projects. Foundations were a combination of pilings under heavy loads and spread footings under light loads. Contract Completed

Structural Engineer – Jacobs Engineering, Golden, Colorado 80401 05/12/08 – 11/14/08

Structural Analysis/Design – Concrete, Steel & Foundations; Dynamic Analysis of heavy rotating equipment foundations: Work on Climax 2010 mine expansion project. Reviewed all plans and interfaced with construction management to simplify structural designs to accelerate the construction schedule Contract Completed

Lead Civil Structural Engineer – Thyssen Krupp Robins, Denver, CO 05/15/06 – 04/26/08

Engineering Management; Concrete, Steel, Foundation/Piling Design and Blast Design. Combined Cycle Power Plant expansion project; adding 46 50MW generators. Checked the design of unusual transmission towers with asymmetric loadings. Working on Jacob’s Ranch mine in WY, gathered field data, performed the structural analyses on Take-Up/Counter Weight Towers, Magnet Tower, Surge Bin Tower and Crusher / Conveyor Towers. Designed Latticed Towers and overland conveyor trusses (with catwalks and cable-tray). d reinforced Concrete Masonry Units where over 100 feet away from a HAZOP defined blast source. Implemented design process improvements and helped prepared several programs for improving the technical quality of engineering submittals. Final plans were reviewed for constructability and with an eye towards avoiding differential settlement of the incompressible scoria soil. Contract Completed

Lead Civil Structural Engineer - Saudi Aramco, Bldg. #728A, Dhahran 31311, KSA 03/11/04-03/13/06

Project / Construction Management & Inspection: bird doged a 6 Billion+ construction project monitoring 23 project sites up & down all of Eastern Provincd. Enforced QA/QC and looked after ARAMCO's interests dealing with the Construction Contractors. Checked contractor bid proposals and final designs for Saudi Aramco. Working in Inspection Assessment Group 726-120, checked civil and structural project Submittal’s for both adequacy and for compliance with SAES. Implementing the SAES and maintain inspection procedures: Wrote 48 draft civil and structural inspection checklists, revised 50 and finalized 127 out of 150. Logged suggestions from SAPIS, NAPIS, WRPIS, QPIS & DAPIS about improvements to the SAIC/SATR’s and made required changes. Monitored the Inspection Checklist “Project Recovery Plan” (using MS Project and MS Excel) to chart the progress of 8 disciplines in 6 divisions for the Department Manager. Administered the safety suggestion program and the annual Exceptional Safety Achievement Recognition Program audit. Contract Completed

Senior Structural Engineer- URS, Denver, CO 07/07/80 – 01/14/04

USCG Fuel Depots, latticed antenna towers, Port Security Systems and USGS Projects; Performed extensive ASCE Blast Resistant Design/Analysis on all Structures; Industrial, Architectural and Bridge Projects. Company lost work

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