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Network Engineer

Santa Clara, California, United States
January 16, 2018

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Nadir M. Salih

**** ******* ***. #*** **** (571) ***-****

Santa Clara, CA 95051


Goal-oriented Network Engineer seeking a position that will fully utilize 14 years of ISP / Telecommunication experience. To implement superior decision-making skills to deliver elegant solutions to client based problems in a timely manner and constant desire to excel. A Team player with excellent written and verbal communications skills. I am seeking a career avenue that will provide an intellectually stimulating opportunity that significantly contributes to the organizations’ efficiency, growth, and overall profitability. EDUCATION

MSc in Telecommunications -George Mason University, Fairfax, VA - USA 08/2003 – 01/06/2006 Certified Microsoft Professional -Microsoft 2000

Certified Gensys Telephony Engineer -Gensys Telecom Laboratories Inc, San Francisco, CA 1997 UUNET Training: on RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, CISCO IOS, and Juniper JUNOS 2002 Post Graduate Diploma: Computer Programming, Systems Analysis & Design, Programming languages, Board of Technical Education, Bombay - INDIA – 1988 MA in Economics, Pune University – INDIA – 1987

BA Economics, with Minor in Mathematics - Jabalpur University – INDIA – 1985 TECHNICAL SKILLS

Switches: Lucent CBX-500, Cascade 9000 frame, Ascend TNT, Cisco Catalyst switch-CATOS, Nokia- Atrica, CYAN, BTI 700 &7000, CSU/DSUs, Juniper EX4200, Accedian MetroNID, MetroNODE. Routers: Cisco 2500, 1800, 2811, 3800, 12000, 3600, Cisco ASR 1000 Series. Alcatel Lucent (7750, 7450,7710,7210, 1830, 1631) Juniper routers (J2300, M5, M20, M40, M60, EX4200, MX80, and MX960). Nokia-Atrica, CYAN, BTI 700 &7000, CSU/DSUs, Accedian MetroNID, MetroNODE.

Operating Systems: Windows 98/XP/NT/2000/2003/DOS, Linux, Unix Solaris 8.0. Cisco IOS, Juniper JUNOS

Routing and Switching technologies: LAN/WAN, OSI, TCP/IP, BGP, OSPF, ISIS, EIGRP, RIPv1/v2 MPLS

(L2 & L3 VPN), RSVP, LDP, VPLS, QoS, Multicast protocols (IGMP, PIM), Switching technologies

(VLAN/Trunking, STP, RSTP, VSTP), Ethernet, TDM, SONET/SDH DS0 DS1 DS3, ISDN, ATM, VPN, Frame Relay, PPPoA, PPPoE, PPP, SSH, Telnet, HSRP, VRRP, IPsec, PVC/SVC RADIUS, TACACS, DHCP, SNMP. DNS/BIND Zone file and records.

Applications: MS Visio, MS Outlook, Splunk, Arbor Peak flow SP, Cacti surveillance, Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint. -13.04-0055

Software: Network monitoring tools HP Open View, Netcool and Netevent. ASPEN Network Manager, Planet Operate, SAM 5620

Ticketing Systems: Remedy ETMS. Sales Force.


IP/Ethernet Network Engineer

2012 - 2017

Zayo Group: Herndon, VA

Establish high speed point-to-point IPv4 & IPv6 DIA WAN connections; as well as MEF compliant Metro Ethernet services. Configure and install managed network equipment. Audit IP and Ethernet orders to ensure successful, on time delivery. Audit installation and support documents and topologies to ensure rapid support during times of diminished service. Provide engineering and design alternatives to clients with special needs. Work directly with customers, as well as internal and external organizations to install IP and Ethernet services specific to the needs of our clients.

• Provision, Test, and Activate Zayo MEF compliant, Tier 1 IP/Ethernet network services including E- Line, E-LAN and E-PDN across different telecommunication devices nationwide based on design records/diagrams.

• Responsible for the configuration and activation of customer circuits on various devices including Cisco 3560 switches, Juniper MX960, T640 IP routers, EX4200 switches, Alcatel Lucent 7750 Service router and ALU 7450/7210 switches, Cyan Z22/Z33 Series and Accedian MetroNID /MetroNODE.

• Maintain processes and procedures documentation relating to the provisioning, test and activation of Zayo Ethernet services.

• Ensure the proper documentation and network reliability standards are followed for the ongoing support of these services going forward.

• Maintain DNS database records accurately while configuring new IP blocks so as to avoid duplication by documenting and following documented procedures and adhering to RCS so as to keep track of changes to zone files and provide rollback capability.

• Maintain and update new devices in RANCID database by insuring information is entered timely and accurately.

• Document work efforts in OSS system to track circuits through the install process.

• Ensure Zayo is creating the finest network available for the support of our customers and long term company financial success.

• Interact with customers to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

• Work well as a part of a team as well as being able to perform as an individual with minimal supervision.

• Perform special projects and other duties as assigned.

• Work nights and/or weekends as the On-Call Engineer based on a rotating schedule. IP Design Engineer

2014 - 2015

Design customer IP circuits providing Network Diagram detailing port, router, transport, fiber links, building, equipment location, and any other pertinent information to fiber teams (ISP, OSP), field engineers and IP install teams. Hands on experience with design, implementation, configuration and troubleshooting of IP Networks circuits to customer such as Akamai, University of California Davis, Juniper Networks, Skylink Digital, Bragg Communications and more others. Responsible for creating and updating Network documentation and drawings. Process engineering tasks as assigned in a timely manner while communicating with multiple groups and organizations.

• Fully understand the configuration and capabilities of Zayo’s product line, I review “Customer Service Order” details on Sales Force, Interpret customer’s needs (Add, Change, Upgrade, Move or Disconnect

) and determine order requirements generating workarounds as necessary.

• Review SOF (Sales Order Form) for circuit information such as CPE location, Circuit type, Port Handoff type, Handoff speed, Bandwidth etc. so as to fully understand the configuration capabilities and provide alternate solutions if need be.

• Circuit Design, Provisioning and Troubleshooting over a multitude of network platforms/ devices such as Juniper routers (J2300, M5, M20, M40, M60, MX80, EX4200 and MX960), Alcatel Lucent (7750, 7450,7710,7210, 1830, 1631), Cisco 2500, 2811, 3800, 3600, Cisco ASR 1000 Series, Nokia-Atrica, CYAN Z77, Z33, and Z22 Series, BTI 700 & 7000 Series, Accedian MetroNID and MetroNODE, all while applying working knowledge of Layer 1-3 networks including STP, fiber, optics, CAT5/CAT6, VLANS, MPLS/VPLS, BGP, OSPF.

• Determine customer building requirements such as Location, Distance from POP, Floors, Conduit, Riser Cable, Cross Connect, Space & Power, CPE and LOA-CFA information.

• Provide consultation and recommendations to Sales Team on all pre-Sales/post-Sales activities as need be.

• Use Google Earth IP & Ethernet Network Map KMZ to locate Customer Premise and determine which IP POP is closest or has the best route to it.

• Determine Zayo’s available network infrastructure and resources, such as transport (Alcatel-Lucent, Cyan, BTI, etc.), network capacity, existence of facilities and/or equipment in proximity to the customer premise, port availability, and the best method of bringing it back to Zayo POP? OSP fiber tail? Existing NNI? NID?

• Access network resources directly to verify the availability and reservation of switch/router ports utilizing 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM) for Alcatel-Lucent, Planet Operate for Cyan, Junos CLI for Juniper, IOS CLI to Cisco, and PSM Client or CLI for BTI.

• Utilize several other Utilities, Databases, and Network Tools on the network to gather, verify, or update information.

• Use MetaSolv (M6) database to verify PoP router port availability and create and assign a circuit ID for the Circuit order.

• Create Master and Child ISOs (Internal Service Orders) for each location with a Statement of Work detailing the needed jumpers, optics, ports, devices to be installed.

• Create EB’s (Expense Builder) orders for OSP, WAVE, ISP, or zColo to complete the physical work for fiber, cross connects or riser fiber along the extent of the circuit.

• Continuously follow-up and coordinate with involved groups such as Install Engineering, Sales, SDC, FE, OSP, WAVE, or zColo as need be to ensure that the project information is disseminated in a timely fashion.

• Communicate with customer and provide technical support to ensure customer connectivity and initiate escalations to the relevant groups such as OSP, NOC, Architecture or Install as need be. Network IP Engineer


AboveNet Communication: Herndon, VA

Duties include: advanced troubleshooting of the IP network infrastructure, providing knowledgeable and experienced resolutions to common and uncommon issues across layers one through three encountered on the IP infrastructure; providing customer support in respect to outages, change request, customer installation and service provisioning; general involvement in all day to day functions of the Above-Net IP Operations Department in the 24x7 Network Management Center. Responsibilities include but not limited to:

• Performing install and turn up, and outlining CLR (circuit layout records) in Visio for various Ethernet and IP services provided on Juniper MX960, T640 IP routers, Cisco 3560 switches, and Juniper EX4200 switches.

• Troubleshooting, maintaining and supporting BGP peers MPLS, QoS and Static routes to Data Center hosted customers.

• Troubleshooting, maintaining and supporting Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC), Layer 2vpn, L3vpn and VPLS in an RSVP signaled MPLS architecture for E-LAN, E-Mesh and E-Hub services.

• Creating Zone files, editing A records, and PTR records for customer DNS resolution.

• Working with Vendors to identify/isolate Operating System and Hardware bugs and performing mitigating steps to resolve.

• Performing network maintenances to include hardware replacement and software upgrades as well as customer migrations to facilitate network optimization.

• Maintaining frame relay circuits which comprise the OOB DCN (out of band data collection network) of network infrastructure.

• Providing Tier 2 Technical support to Customers, Network Surveillance Group, Field Groups, and Project Managers.

• Responding to customer trouble calls and automated tickets in Remedy.

• Providing Support to field engineers, operational and installation personnel to rectify faults, and to perform testing before the service delivery, using testing equipment such as Light Meters, optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR), JDSU 8000.

Network Support Engineer


Marriott Corporation: Responsible for Cisco router configuration, IP sub netting/design, DNS/BIND assistance registering and configuring zone files for client's domains, quality assurance/customer service. Skills include Configuration of Cisco routers (2524, 2600, 3600, CRS-1, 12000 series) for IP connectivity, OSPF, RIPv1/v2 BGP4, ISIS, EIGRP, HSRP, PVC/SVC. Configuration and troubleshooting of Juniper J series and M series routers, UNIX, cabling, PIX and Checkpoint firewall, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet trunking and experience on Catalyst switches Providing advanced technical expertise in a WAN environment for configuring, installing and troubleshooting of Cisco, Ascend, Lucent, 3Com, Whistle inter jet, Open route routers. Working with Remedy, Net cool, Hp open view tools. LAN/WAN Engineer

1998 – 2004

WorldCom: As the LAN/WAN Engineer for “Emerging Technologies” a multi-department organization group of 150-200 employees (High level executives, internet backbone engineers, software developers and admin staff), I was responsible for provisioning, maintaining and troubleshooting of the Windows NT/2K/03 servers and other network-platform components such as network printers and print servers. Configured and optimized TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, WINS, Directory Service and security on LAN servers. Connected hubs, switches and routers. Supported user desktops/laptops and applications including MS- Office and other email packages Supported remote dialup access and wireless LAN. Included also was network LAN/WAN support and escalation. Provided support for connectivity of wired and wireless devices such as routers, switches and hardware firewall. Coordinated activities with other engineers to provision network equipment as need arises. Run router testing, to test TCP/IP, OSPF, BGP and RIP protocols, on IOS under Cisco, Juniper and Allegro routers as part of supporting other teams. I was also responsible for making HW/SW recommendations while entrusted with procurement of new HW/SW to the department. Completed follow up and escalation of support cycles through HW/SW vendors. Project Manager

1997 - 1998

MCI: Managed the implementation of InnovAgent, a Call Center product for routing telephony data over IP networks. My role involved supporting and project managing the process of installation, integration and provisioning of the of the T-server platform. As a Certified Genesys Engineer, I was responsible for implementation and administration of telephony software on both Windows NT/2000 and Sun Solaris systems.

UNIX Administrator


Marriott Corporation: As part of the NGS technical support team, I was one of six UNIX administrators, responsible for supporting AIX Unix running on IBM RISC 6000 machines. Our goal was to ensure support of TCP/IP and hospitality software running on servers in over 80 Hotels nationwide. Technical Support Specialist

1996 - 1997

American Red Cross (Norrell Services): As part of the MACS (Manufacturing and Computer Standardization) project support team my responsibilities involved the support of three UNIX applications: DMIS (Downer Management Information system), CDIS (Component Distribution Information System) and INTouch which were applications developed by BIS (Biomedical Information Systems and BDM) to manage blood downer information nationwide across 9 US regions. These duties involved initially testing of the beta SW on the SCO test platform, trouble shooting and escalation of support issues. Also support of other standard desktop office automation applications that ran on the regional Novell LANs

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