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Project Software Engineer

Farmington, Michigan, United States
January 16, 2018

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Sindhu Jampani



An entry-level software development position that utilizes my technical skills, education, work experience and passion for solving interesting problems and transforming complication into simplicity.


2+ years’ experience in C, C++, Java & C# programming on Windows & Linux Platforms.

Good object-oriented programming skills and familiar with multi-threaded programming.

Good coding and debugging skills .

Experience in creating Test plans and Test Automation Scripts development in Linux.

Experience with Computer Vision libraries such as EmguCV and OpenCV.

Experience with application of Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN).

Experience with deep learning tools like TensorFlow.

Experience with Software Configuration Management like GIT and SVN.

Familiar building Android based Applications.

Good verbal and written communications skills and problem-solving skills.


Operating Systems: Linux, Windows.

Languages: C, C++, C#, Java

Open Source Projects: Linux Kernel Janitorial, Automotive Message Broker, Tizen.

Scripting Languages: Python, JavaScript, ColdFusion, JSP, HTML, CSS

Compilers & IDEs: GCC, MS Visual Studio, Qt, Eclipse, Net Beans.

Databases: SQL, MySQL, Oracle.

Embedded Protocols: I2C, SPI, CAN.

Hobby Projects: Baby Monitor using Raspberry Pi & Android App, Arduino with EV shield (interfaced different sensors like light, infrared, ultrasonic and servo motors),

Education/ Certification:

Masters in Computer Science from Lawrence Technological University, Michigan, with 3.8 GPA (as of Spring 2018).

Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering, JNTU Kakinada, India in 1st Division 2013.

Microsoft Certified in Windows Application Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Graduate Courses: Robotics Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Web Server Programming, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Theory of Computations, Distributed Computing.

Achievements: Competed in RoboFest World Championship in Vision Centric Challenge 2016.

Academic Projects:

(Lawrence Technological University, January 2016 – January 2018)

Project: Vision Centric Challenge Mosaic

Description: A numerical digit or alphabet letter pattern on a mosaic comprised of 15 pieces of colored paper is set on the floor. The mosaic will be arranged in 5 rows and 3 columns. The robot must move to read all paper colors necessary to identify the digit or letter represented. As the robot must be completely autonomous, due to the camera’s limited field of vision, the robot can see only a portion of a numerical digit or alphabet letter pattern. The robot must report (display) the recognized digit or letter after spinning twice (~720 degrees) on the field.

Skills: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, EmguCV, OpenCV.

Project: Cross Border Vehicle Transport System (CBVT)

Description: Travel by car to Canada from the US is complicated, since most Banks/Insurance do not authorize driving US registered vehicles in these countries. So, I developed an electronic system, the Cross-Border-Vehicle Transport (CBVT) System that will permit car owners to request and be granted permission for driving in Mexico and Central America. The driver will request permission by providing personal information to CBVT. CBVT verifies through DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) and sends travel request to the Bank/Insurance. When everything is approved, CBVT generates a travel permit to the driver.

Skills: C#, MS SQL, MS Visual Studio

Project: Automated Analysis of Ethnicity Bias Over Scientific Social Network

Description: The USA has large cultural and ethnic diversity. Our hypothesis for this project is that a given individual regardless of his race and ethnicity has more social connections from his/her own race/ethnicity than others with different races/ethnicities. In this project we prove this hypothesis using ResearchGate, which is a social network of researchers. Web crawling techniques are employed to go to each profile page for a given university to collect their follower's name and race. Using web crawling framework like selenium with Gecko driver and a python based tool has been developed to go through the profile pages to collect data like user's profile image and analyzed to determine the probable race of the user. The photo in each profile is classified using TensorFlow to automatically identify the ethnicity of the profile’s owner. Then, the distribution of the ethnicity of the follower of each person is analyzed to profile patterns in links between different researchers based on their ethnicity.

Skills: Linux, TensorFlow, Python, Selenium, CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks)

Project: University Time Table Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms

Description: Currently in our university, courses are scheduled randomly without any knowledge of students and faculty preferences which leads to time conflicts and hence a student cannot register more than one class, if their classes falls in the same time slot. So, I provided a web interface which takes student preferences and faculty preferences to come up with a best schedule using Genetic Algorithms.

Skills: Microsoft Windows, Java, MySQL, NetBeans, JSP

Project: Remote Medical Care System

Description: This project demonstrates some of the futuristic ideas in Medical Care Systems with the help of a simple website, demonstrating features like user login authentication, real time audio/video communication between Doctors/Nurses-Patients and provides the users a web interface to manage the user profile data. This website enables browser to browser real time communication without the need of separate browser plug-in or standalone desktop application. So, for a user (doctor/patient), it would take a single click to start a video conference.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Apache Server, JSP, Microsoft Windows.

Work Experience:

CMC Limited, Junior Software Engineer, August 2013 – August 2014

Projects: Picture postage, Dazzle, Endicia Professional

Team Size: 6

Client: Endicia


Designed and developed user interfaces for the windows desktop applications.

Developed scripts in ColdFusion for bug fixers.

Re-factored the legacy code base and added new features.

Requirement analysis and implementation.

Business logic implementation for the UI.

Involved in MySQL database operations.

Developed test automation scripts using ColdFusion.

Resolved Issues along with the team members.

Configured test infrastructure and involved in test and validation.

Prepared Technical Documents.

Development Environment: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Database and proprietary tools.

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