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Software Engineer Manager

Irving, Texas, United States
January 16, 2018

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Irving, TX 75063

Phone: 972-***-****, 214-***-****


To find a position as a senior software developer, Software Engineer/Electrical Engineer, technical lead that works as an expert in Distributed systems, Internet solutions, pharmaceutical, business applications, data processing and database software development, software engendering and system integration.


Verizon Wireless 01/2016 - 11/2017

Consultant. Technical manager.

Development and improvement of FIOS device (STB).

- Environment: Motorola embedded, Vertex, Linux (Fedora) embedded, IDE VMware Workstation.

- Library: VZPAL, STDL and others. RT Memory manager.

- Tools: IDE CodeWarrior and others.. ClearView, JIRA

- Language: C/C++ (real time VRTX and Linux). MSVS C++ 99, 11.

Problem solving (Memory leaks, memory corruption, performance profiling, tasks synchronization, and more).

ACI Applied Concepts, Inc./Stalker Radar 06/2014 -08/2015


CopTrax - the new police in-car video system. Site link -,,

Development and improvement video/audio recording system along with GPS and Radar metadata (MSVC - C#, C

DirectShow API on .NET platform. Used USB Logitech HD camera C920 plus up to 3 analog cameras connected to USB through device eMPIA 2828x/28285, IP-cameras.

HID used to communicate with numerous event sources. Used Silicon Labs CP21xx USB to UART bridge.

Connected up to two wireless microphones (used standard USB AUDIO CODEC )

Implemented long time video buffering (up to 24 hours) with minimizing inter-chunk

latency. Provided auto extension FIFO AVI buffer to external USB or SD media.

Development completed for three OS: Windows 7x86, Windows 7x64 and

Windows 8.1. CopTrax works as on regular computer with Wi7/8 on dedicated Intel® NUC under Windows 8.1. integrated with all additional hardware.

This project developed to support multiple languages (UNICODE).

For instant video preview was developed media player based on WMP.

Used tools & technologies: Visual Studio v.10/12, Team Foundation Server, VLC, Win32. C++, C#, DirectShow 9, Active Directory, Beyond Compare, MS Silverlight. Open source libraries: A Forge Video, OpenCV and FFmpeg.

Other activities: participating in PCB/mechanics design, reading schematics to provide interfacing embedded and Win/UI applications. Experience with lab equipment and with soldering related to debugging processes.

GE Healthcare 08/2013 – 01/2014


CPS (Centricity Practice Solution)

Integrated electronic medical records and practice management system designed to help conduct the best practice.

Inspections of existing code as Coverity team lead in Plano.

Fixing, improving and re-creating C++\C# domains through whole project with Visual Studio v.12 + SQL server and ASP.

Worked with Agile methodology and daily feedback from Scrum stand-ups.

Additional applications and technologies used were:

ClearQuest for defect tracking application (SPR’s)

SmartBear Peer Review Complete v7.3.7303

Coverity ® Connect

Perforce P4 2010 for Version Control (SCM)

Microsoft MVC technology

Abbott Laboratories Diagnostics Division, Irving TX 11/98 – 06/2013

Senior Software Engineer

NT/Unix based application for Abbott’s newest automated blood analyzer systems:

AxSym- plus – this instrument processes up to 120 tests per hour while providing continuous access, random access, and STAT processing with a broad testing menu. AxSYM allows medium volume clinical laboratories to process a variety of immunodiagnostic tests simultaneously, as well as adding tests while the instrument is running. Over 10,000 laboratories worldwide have made AxSYM their choice for immunoassay assay testing.

Re-designing of Vertex Windows UI and implementation new functionality (auto-refresh).

Windows version of NPV project Offline v6.0 was completed to sustain assay developing without real instrument (received V.P. Award).

Created simulator of embedded parts in Windows environment with 3 dimensional representations of all moving parts.

Created special OCX32 with using of OpenGL API.

Currently AxSYM has been discontinued.

Separate applications created to simplify debugging, testing and reviving major development:

Created special network analyzer: tool for nondestructive in-real-time capturing specific ARCHITECT network exchange stream (based on Win Cap 3.1 library).

Developed application to simplify reviewing OOA models generated by Object Bench tool (Unix Shlaer–Mellor application).

Substitution of SilckTest (Borland) automating test environment – based on DLL injection inside of tested application and hooking OCX controls. Performance enhanced up to 6-8 times.

Developed new application to sustain work of international translators – helped translate hardcoded strings by finding and extracting already translated text.

Tool for automatic database schema updating for storage based on MS SQL 2005 express.

Numerous tools for checking and pinpointing memory leaks and heap/stack overflows.

Created various small tools for finding, fixing software problems and bugs.

Application for preparing C++ source code for reviewing process – automatic formatting according to coding standard

Simulator of embedded functionality of ARCHITECT in Windows environment with implementing COM/DCOM interfaces.

Libraries for Windows workstation site on C, VC++, Visual Basic, C#, .NET, MS Java.

Interfacing existing C++ modules with 3rd party C# DLL’s and .NET applications (during last 4 years).

Universal Technologies and Services, Inc. Troy, MI 7/98 – 12/98

Senior Software Engineer

Developing active elements for Web site on C++ and Java. Developing set of OCXs, using OLE2 technology.

VB project was used as integration platform.

In AxSYM, ARCHITECT and CPS projects (tech lead):

Use project’s best practices and coding standards.

Coding and unit testing. Test driven development.

Conduct peer review and provide feedback.

Remove the technical impediments

Assist project manager in the project coordination/management

Track and resolve issues (PRS/SPR system)

Participating in design and feature teams.

Motivate/encourage the team members.

Cooperate with testing group starting from prototyping phase.

To simplify testing process, develop special applications as ‘solo’ projects.

Agile (3 years) and SDLC (10 years) models have been used.

Microsoft MVC technology

Tools and technologies used:

COM, DCOM, DAO SDK, MFC classes, ActiveX controls and extended DLLs, MS Access. MS SourceSafe, PVCS, Clear Case and Rational Rose, scheduled releases, FDA standards, total quality control. UI/UX design.

OpenGL API was used to create ActiveX controls for three different projects. OpenGL controls were created completely on C++ (MSVS ver. 8.0) to be inserted in any Win application developed with MS tools (VB, ACCESS, C++ and so on).

All controls implemented with different specific interfaces to allow container application interact with visible model according to requirements.

Responsible for developing and tuning of DAO based transaction layer for multithreading environment, RPC connection to instrument part (real time tasks run under UNIX).

Implemented C++ version of Data Requestor on Windows site.

For latest Architect project developed new graphic library to support hi screen resolution with semitransparent images.

Participated in development of embedded software for microcontrollers (Intel and Arduino and more).

Have experience in working with electronic schematic. Familiar with different com protocols like RS232, I2C, VM-BUS, UART, etc.

Used to debug in hardware/software mix environment with special test equipment like oscilloscope.

Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Office applications used: DOORS, Lotus Notes, MS Office applications, Visio, Team Track, Agile

Unit and automated testing experience: Silk Test. VNC, and so on.


Languages: C, VC++, MS Access, Visual Basic, C#, Cgo (Google), .NET, VB.NET, MS Java, VBA, Pascal. Delphi, MS SQL, HTML5, XML. MS Assembler, FORTRAN, PL1.

Compilers: MS Visual C++ v2.0 – 12.0, Borland C++, MS Visual Basic, C#, MS Access v10.0, MS Assembler, Borland Delphi, Arduino IDE (C++ for microcontrollers).

Libraries, Methods, Technologies: OOP, GUI, COM(OLE2, ActiveX, OCX, DCOM). MFC4.0/9.0, WIN32 SDK, OpenGL, DAO, ODBC, Win Sockets, Multithread programming, M/Slots, N/Pipes, CGI, STL, ASP, ADO, OLE DB, UML, Rational Rose, Shlaer–Mellor OOA translation, MDA (Model driven Architecture), .NET 3.5/4.0, MS Java.

Databases: MS Access 10, MS SQL Express 2005-2012 Express.

Operating Systems: MS Windows (server/ workstation) 95, 2000, XP, 7-10, IIS, Active Directory. Unix, Vertex, RTX (Real time windows extension), PC-DOS, CPM3.

Hardware: IBM PC, PCI, VME, ADC/DAC, USB, RS-232, I2C, Analog Video, Digital Video, etc. Firmware for Arduino based RT controllers. PCB/mechanics design, reading schematics.


M.S. degree, Optical and Electronic Components, Moscow State University, Russia (Bauman Institute), Specialization: Optical and Quantum Devices (Lasers)


English and Russian.

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