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Elementary School Education

Austin, Texas, United States
January 12, 2018

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Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Sciences Graduation Date: May, 2017 GPA: 3.791 on 4.0 scale University of Nebraska-Lincoln Endorsement: Elementary Education

Praxis Status: Completed Praxis I and Praxis II


Nebraska Initial Teaching Certificate

Related Experience in Education

Student Teaching

Grade 4: West Lincoln Elementary, Lincoln NE January-May, 2017

• Taught in a self-contained classroom with 22 students in a Title I School including 8 ELL and 3 SPED

• Formed lesson plans and incorporated technology into all content areas including writing, math, reading, intervention, guided reading, and unit studies

• Planned/taught a science unit on the Solar System and a science unit on Electricity following the Lincoln Public Schools curriculum

Practicum Experience

Grade K: Belmont Elementary School, Lincoln NE January-May, 2016

• Worked in a classroom of 24 students in a Title I School including 12 ELL, 3 with IEPs, 2 with behavior disorders, and 1 with a slight hearing impairment

• Planned/taught a Thematic Unit focused on how things in nature can be used to make new things

• Demonstrated the theme using the literature book, “Bread Comes to Life” and allowed students to make connections between own life/other cultures in literary and informational text Grade 2: Roper Elementary School, Lincoln NE August-December, 2015

• Worked in a classroom with 24 students including 2 ELL and 1 with an IEP

• Developed a case study on a student that thoroughly captured her mathematical behavior

• Comprehended why she had trouble visually representing values in the hundreds, tens, and ones place and precisely observed child-child interaction with the student she sat next to Grade 1: Sheridan Elementary School, Lincoln NE January-May, 2014

• Observed a classroom of 20 students including 1 with an IEP

• Taught a lesson on adding 2 digit numbers in a vertical format

• Implemented instruction by showing the extra ten and using the new group method Grades K-5: McPhee Elementary School, Lincoln NE August-December, 2015

• Observed an ELL classroom in a Title I School including students on varying reading/writing levels

2 Schense

• Assisted the ELL teacher in modifying lessons and supported the students in their tasks at hand Additional Experience with Children

Private Family Nanny: South Lincoln, NE January-April, 2016

• Provided care/assistance to 3 children in 4th grade

• Helped the children with their homework and observed piano lessons Tutor: East Campus Tutoring Center, Lincoln NE June-July, 2016

• Worked with a low reading level student over the summer who was going into 4th grade

• Created several lessons plans each session that accommodated to the student’s needs Helper: Read-Lead-Achieve, Lincoln NE Mach, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016

• Spent time at after school programs to read to the students at Everett and McPhee Elementary Lesson Creator: Lincoln Children’s Museum, Lincoln NE November, 2016

• Designed instructional practices that connect to exhibits at the Lincoln Children’s Museum Honors

Dean’s List: College of Education and Human Sciences, 7 semesters Professional Skills

Computer (Internet, Word, SmartBoard, iPad, PowerPoint) Basic speaking skills in Spanish

Experience working with diverse population

Strong writing and editing skills

Experience with tactile and kinesthetic learning

Skills in creating crafts for varying grade levels Volunteer Activity

CARS (Champions are Readers), Lincoln NE March, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Town and Country Humane Society, Papillion NE June 2014 Dance Marathon, Lincoln NE February 2015

Campus Activities

Member: Pi Beta Phi Sorority, UNL 2013-present

Additional Work Experience

Yankee Hill Country Club, Lincoln NE Summer 2016

MAA Concessions, Omaha NE 2011-2015

Stepping Stone School, Austin TX September 2017-present

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