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United States
January 12, 2018

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Degree: Bachelor of Arts University at Buffalo May 2001

Degree: A.A.S New York City Tech June 1996

Skills and Qualifications:

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Manual Underwriting

Loan Processing

Commercial Underwriting (CRE)

Income Tax Analysis

Income Analysis for High Net Worth/Self-employed borrowers (AGI and SAM income evaluations methods).

Sound knowledge of HMDA and TRID rules and procedures.

Proficient user of Desktop Underwriter, Collateral Underwriter, UCDP, Encompass, CPM, Lexis-Nexis & Microsoft Office.

Sound knowledge of Fannie Mae and ATR/QM guidelines, rules and regulations.

Sound basic knowledge of financial principles.

Detail-oriented with a strong emphasis on excellent customer service.

Underwriting Experience:

Abacus Federal Savings Bank Nov. 2014 Dec. 2017

Senior Residential Mortgage Underwriter/Credit Analyst

Duties and responsibilities:

Underwrote purchase money and refinance residential mortgage transactions for all occupancy types within FNMA conventional loan limits; and non-conforming loan amount of 1 to 3 million dollars (ARM portfolio product) for AFBS’s high net worth customers. Credit decisions issued were based on AFSB’s credit policy; Fannie Mae’s (DU) results with strict adherence to ATR/QM rules, regulations and standards.

Managed a pipeline of 25-50 loans per month and issued denials, counter offers and requested exceptions for loans outside programs guidelines with supporting compensating factors when applicable.

Set all pre-closing and at-closing loan terms and conditions for final credit approval.

Appraisal review of the following property types: Single Family, 1-4 Family, Multi-Family, CO-OPs, condos and PUD developments. Analyzed condos and PUDs financials and insurance policies for credit approval per Fannie Mae’s project eligibility standards limited review (manually) and full reviews through Fannie’s CPM certification process.

Performed complex income analysis of self-employed borrowers for credit approval by reviewing rent rolls, business checking accounts, lease agreements, operating statements, income statement and balance sheets, business (1120s, 1065s, 1120, Schedule E) and personal tax returns.

Prepared property valuations, cash flow analysis, financials spreads and credit memos to the loan committee for credit approval for CRE Single-Asset Entity non-recourse loans for the following property types: 1-4 family, multi-family and mixed-use properties.

Reviewed credit reports (business and personal), personal financial statements, title reports, Phase 1, appraisal desk reviews, pay histories, organizational documentation, publicly available records on properties (i.e.; violations, real estate taxes assessments, DHCR registration, Certificate of Occupancy, etc.) and third-party verification reports.

Commercial loan (CRE only) annual review, HMDA review and Q/C responses of underwriting exceptions and/or credit defects on closed loans.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Residential Mortgage Underwriter Feb. 2012---Jan. 2014

Duties and responsibilities:

Underwrote purchase money transactions, refinances, HARP loans, CEMAs, HELOCs and 2nd lien residential mortgage loan applications according to DU and LP findings, as well as Bethpage’s credit underwriting policy and Q/C standards.

Set pre-closing and at-closing loan conditions for credit approval. All applications that satisfied the pre-closing conditions were forwarded to the closing department.

$725,500 signing authority but was also responsible for underwriting non-conforming loan amounts (max.$2mm) with the submittance of an acceptable credit exception approval form which had to be approved by upper management .

Reviewed appraisal for all property types: CO-Ops, Condominium and PUD developments, Single Family and 2-4 family residential properties.

Reviewed title reports for any issues that would affect the investors` (Fannie/Freddie) or Bethpage`s lien position (e.g. mechanic liens, judgments, bankruptcies and outstanding mortgage loans.

Underwrote all income types: W-2 wage earners; self-employed borrowers: commission, S corporations, C corporations, sole proprietorship and partnerships.

Loan pricing

Compliance review

PHH Mortgage Oct. 2011---Feb. 2012

QC Underwriter (Contractor)

Duties and responsibilities:

Reviewed full documentation conforming and non-conforming residential mortgage loan applications prior-to-funding for loan processing and underwriting deficiencies (e.g., expired documentation, large deposits, recertification of value, title issues). Any processing or underwriting deficiency were documented and addressed with the processor or underwriter to ensure that the necessary documentation was received to cure the processing or underwriting issue.

Ordered credit supplemental, internal subordination agreements and property inspections.

Verified VOMs, VORs, VOEs and WVOEs.

Reviewed and analyzed tax returns for all self-employed borrower loan applications.

Client: Bank of America (Home Loans Dept.) Apr. 2010---Mar. 2011

QC Underwriter/Mortgage Underwriter I

Duties and responsibilities:

Reviewed full doc. conforming and non-conforming mortgage loan applications prior-to-funding for loan processing and underwriting deficiencies.

Any processing or underwriting credit deficiencies revealed during the review process was documented and addressed with the processor and/or underwriter to ensure that all necessary documents were received to cure the processing and/or underwriting deficiencies.

Reviewed and analyzed tax returns for all income types (e.g. wage earners, sole proprietorship and self-employed borrowers).

Reviewed and analyzed purchase agreements, paystubs, bank statements, 401k(s), mutual funds, IRA(s),W-2s, 4506-Ts, credit reports, homeowner’s insurance policies.

Processed conforming and non-conforming mortgage loan applications.

Processed all transactions types: i.e., primary residences, second homes and investment properties.

Processed all property types: condominiums, CO-OPs, single family residences, 2-4 family residences, and PUDs.

Set and cleared underwriting conditions and sent final loan application to senior underwriter for final underwriting approval.

Verified borrower’s housing payment history (VORs, Mortgage Statements, VOMs) and employment history (VOEs verbal and written) and performed income validation for W-2 wage earners.

Ordered CEMAs, credit reports, internal subordination agreements, property inspections, title reports and appraisals.

Scheduled closings.

Mortgage Underwriter/Due Diligence Underwriter

Clients: Dime Saving, Emigrant Saving Bank, HSBC, Chase and Citibank Sept. 2008---Feb. 2010

Duties and responsibilities: (Contractor)

Reviewed residential mortgage loan files post-closing for the secondary market based on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and FHA/VA underwriting guidelines.

Compliance review

Due Diligence analysis was based on origination type, underwriting deficiencies, seasoning of pools, credit histories, appraisal analysis, servicing histories.

Manual underwriting

HMDA review

Accurately recorded date into the QAS system and reviewed conclusions for data integrity and errors; identified transactional components that indicated a potential for fraud and performed an independent investigation to resolve issue(s).

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