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Software Ms Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Photoshop, PDF, Excel

Austin, Texas, United States
Per my experience
January 12, 2018

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I have experience writing and illustrating test plans, manuals, specifications, books, proposals, data sheets, case studies, white papers, errata documents, policy and procedure documents, test documents, dashboards, and other documents for hardware and software applications. As a writer and illustrator for various companies, I have worked on both software and hardware projects. In all projects, I used standard research and interview practices to gather source information. The writing tools I used include MS Word, Excel, FrameMaker, XML Mind (for single source documents), Madcap Flair (an XML tool), Visio, PowerPoint, Paint Shop Pro 7, Excel, Snagit, and Acrobat. I also used Subversion and Sharepoint for document control. When and where I used them is listed in the following resume by date. I am available now.


June – December 2016. Technical Writer. AMD. Austin, TX

Completed 136 software verification test plans. Converted and updated the test plans from HTML to MS Word for distribution from AMD to a joint venture partner. Used Visio for Illustrations. Managed the document review process. Delivered the documents in PDF format. Used Sharepoint for document control.

October 2010 – September 2015. Lead writer. Tolteq Inc. Cedar Park, TX

Completed 60 -70 documents per year. Organized, trained, and led the writing staff. Created documentation plans for new equipment. Wrote and illustrated production procedures using Madcap Flair, PowerPoint, MS Word, Snagit, and Acrobat. Used Subversion for document control. Other duties included managing the document review, training new writers, and managing the release process.

May 2009 – January 2010. Writer and Editor. Veterans Affairs Office of Business Oversight Internal Control Service, Austin, TX.

Used MS Word, Acrobat, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.

September 2008 – February 2009. Writer. American Innovations, Austin, TX.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited hardware installation guides. Wrote manufacturing, accounting, testing, and engineering procedures. Also worked on one software manual. For these documents, I used FrameMaker, Acrobat, and Paint Shop Pro 7.

June – August 2008. Writer, Editor, Illustrator. Luminary Micro, Austin, TX.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited data sheets, user's manuals, and application notes using XML Mind and MS Visio for single-source documents. Edited data sheets in support of other writers.

November 2006 – August 2007. Writer and Editor. IBM Tivoli, Austin, TX.

Edited and updated software training courses using MS Word, FrameMaker, PowerPoint, Acrobat, and IBM style and functional requirements.

August 2006 – October 2006. Writer and Editor. Dell, Austin, TX.

Updated hardware and software service manuals, tech sheets, and a user guide. Used FrameMaker, MS Word, Acrobat, WebWorks, and FrontPage.

February 1995 – July 2006. Writer and Editor. IBM PowerPC and ASICs, Austin, TX.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited over 80 hardware and software user manuals, data books, data sheets, white papers, and errata documents. Used FrameMaker and MS Word for text and graphics.

April 1994 – December 1994. Writer. Eaton SED, Austin, TX.

Wrote illustrated and edited manuals for semiconductor end station and laser equipment on an ion implantation system. Used Lotus AmiPro and FrameMaker for text and graphics.

May 1993 – December 1993. Writer and Editor. SEMATECH, Austin, TX.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited case studies applying statistical methods and the SEMATECH Qual Plan to the practices of the semiconductor industry. Used MS Word.

February 1993 – April 1993. Editor and Writer. Westinghouse, Round Rock, TX.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited design specifications for the superconducting super collider project. Used MS Word for text and graphics.

June 1992 – February 1993. Writer and Editor. SEMATECH, Austin, TX.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited specifications for microchip production processes. Used Word Perfect for text and graphics.

November 1991 – May 1992. Writer. Century Design. Austin, TX

Wrote hypertext online help documentation for IBM AIX.

December 1990 – November 1991. Writer. Therma Wave. Fremont, CA.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited software manuals and service manuals for IC test equipment. Used MS Word and iMAC.

August 1989 – December 1990. Writer. Comtech Services. San Jose, CA.

Wrote, illustrated, and edited proposals for documenting telecommunication equipment and reports on software tools for online documentation. Used MS Word Apple 2e.

October 1986 – August 1989. Writer. Delco. Goleta, CA.

Wrote software and hardware manuals. Used MS Word and DECMate.


Master of Fine Arts. Emphasis on technical writing. Eastern Washington University. Cheney, WA.

Bachelor of Arts. English. University of California. Santa Barbara, CA.

Associate of Arts. Engineering Technology. Diablo Valley College. Pleasant Hill, CA.

Hardware/Software Skills

Document control using CMVC (IBM version-control tool and secure database), Sharepoint, and Subversion

Word processing and document production using FrameMaker, MS Word, Excel, Word Perfect, AmiPro, XML Mind, Madcap Flair

Experience reading engineering drawings and using them in technical documents

Experience interviewing engineers

Graphic production using FrameMaker, MS Word, MS Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, Paintshop Pro, and other tools

Slide production using PowerPoint

Photograph editing using digital cameras and Paint Shop Pro 7 and Photoshop

Professional Organizations

Society of Technical Communicators

Writing Samples

Since my recent writing is proprietary, I have no up-to-date samples. Some of my old work is available on request.


References available on request.

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