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Test Management

Wyncote, Pennsylvania, 19095, United States
January 12, 2018

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Asim K Kundu

*** *** **** ****, ******* PA ***** Ph: 610-***-****,

Professional Experiences:

VISA/Security Status: US Citizen with Tier-3 Top Security Clearance {since 2015} from US Govt (OPM/DOD).


M.S. Computer Science. (Illinois)

M.S. Engineering. (Illinois)

(Alumni of IIT- Kharagpur - India, with

Publication in Refereed US Professional Journal)


SDLC QA/QC Business Analyst. SDLC QA Business Intelligence Analyst, SDLC QA Test Engineer, NETWORK QUALITY DESIGN {QA} Telecommunication Engineer {Commercial Wired and Wireless Telecom}, Computer Science Academic Professional; Worked on secured projects for US Air Force and US Navy.

Tools Skill: MTM Test Center; Microsoft Virtual Studio; Oracle GUI Interface; Virtual Basic; Oracle Data Model; ALM Test Center; Cerner; McKesson Star; Excel; MS Word; Outlook; SQL; Six-Sigma Quality Tools;


US NAVY - DEFENSE LOGISTIC AGENCY (DLA) – Medical; 700 Robbins Road, Philadelphia, PA 19111. (April 2017 – Current) {Through INTECON, LLC; Colorado Springs, CO 80916}

QA/QC Business Analyst.

DMLSS-Wholesale: Mediprice Application Maintenance Management; Mediprice Application- CAT Transition Design and Development:

Mediprice is a centralized Medical Item and Pricing solution that houses contract and pricing agreement data, and acts as the source system that feeds other applications.

1. QA/QC Application Testing skills:

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) – 2015:

Achieved Results at the MTM Testing Center: {Regression, Functional Testing.}

Test Plan: - Process Management and workflow information were used to Decomposed the Customer Contract

Requirements and authored the Test Plan based on the Customer requirements.

Test Suites:-Authored for each requirements scenario analysis, quantitative test suites.

Test Steps Heuristics: - Authored for each test suites, the quantitative algorithm test steps to test the

expected requirement results.

Manual Testing:- Manual testing of the tests steps are executed using valid Data;

Errors are automated reported to the Developer for further review.

Opened Bugs for the errors for developer to Bug fixes.

Overall Requirement Data testing test results analysis were graphically presented for

all management.

Oracle GUI User Interface (UI) - (Application User Data Source Page for Testing.):

Achieved Results at the Contract Service Items Page tasks and functions executions as a Contract Officer and Program Manager User. {Application User Development Data Source Work Page.}

Initialization: - Start a New or Follow on Contract

Addition:- Add a Contract Line Item from Data Spreadsheet.

Deletion:-Delete a Contract Line item from the Data Spreadsheet.

Modification:- Make Modification on the Data Spreadsheet.

Import:- Import the Data Spreadsheet to the Supplier.

Export:-Export the active Data Spreadsheet from Supplier.

Publish:- Publish the Data Spreadsheet to a Price- Master Catalog.

Microsoft Visual Studio – 2017: Requirement Testing Reporting Interface.

Achieved results at Microsoft Visual Studio Interface executions.

Requirements Log: - Itemize Requirement Scenario with descriptions in the Spreadsheet.

Task Log:- Child Task of the Requirement to the Spreadsheet.

Status Log:- Current status of the Testing of the Contract Task.

Email Service:-Email Test progress l to Management for Audit and acceptance for code review.

2. QA/QC Technical Publications skills:

Mediprice User Guide Authorship and Publication:

Achieved Results:

Author and publish the Customer User Guide of the Mediprice technical login and perform tasks by User Client.

Presentation of the document to Management.

Mediprice Release Notes Documentation Authorship and Publication:

Achieved Results:

Mediprice Completed and Published Current Release synopsis of the change requests and Bug fixes on that release.

Presentation of this document to the Management.

3. Other QA Skills:

Achieved Results:

Participate in QA SCRUM meetings;

Teamwork with Development Team’s Testing Support..

Establish Meeting Conversations and weekly review with intra and inter group team members.


Business Intelligence Developer. {A Tier-3 Security Clearance from US Govt.for U.S. Air force Project}

Technology: SDLC process methodology; Access Database; Oracle Data Model Requirement Development; Excel; Virtual Basic development; SharePoint Development; HTML; Outlook; Customer Support.

Achieved Results:

1.Achieved results of Service Development and Delivery Process: Oracle Data References Model:

Collect, Decompose the Requirements (Information Assets) for R&D, Logistics and Weapon Systems of US Air Force.

Developed Oracle Data Models for these Requirements.

Developed/Coded Excel spread sheet Data Reports documents by Virtual Basic Application Language.

2.Achieved development results of SharePoint Development:

Developed/coded HTML customer requirement and tracking Forms.

Developed Process Measurement Workflow.

3.Achieved Requirement results through Customer Requirement gathering Workshops:

Conducted and specified Requirements through workshops with Customer at Customer site Air Base.

Conducted Weekly Status Update conversation with Customer.


Standard Quality Test Analyst.

Technology: SDLC process; Manual Testing; Cerner; McKesson Star; Application Lifecycle Management (ALM); ICD-10; Customer Support.

Achieved Results:

1.SDLC Experiences:

Performed ICD-10 Test Case management and test script Execution in Test Lab HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM 11.25).

Performed communication and review process of the test scenarios with stake holders.

Wrote ICD-10 Scenario Test Scripts on SME spread sheets.

Help other testers with understanding and writing of flows of the Test Scripts.

Performed all ICD-10 test and reimbursement procedures analysis and execution on Cerner/McKesson Star environment.

Coordinated test results approval from test Leads.

Submitted weekly status to test lead which went to PM for Score Card submission to higher management.

2.TESTING Experiences:

End to End Testing Participation: Des Moines-Iowa and Centerville Market

Wrote Test Scripts for many Medical Scenario descriptions. It included Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Patient Registration-Admitting, Physicians orders, Nurse’s review, Surgery Scheduling, Surgery procedure, Diagnosis and Problems, Researched and found out ICD-10 DRG and ICD-10 DXs for each Scenario, Pharmacy medication ordering, Radiology Services, Pathology Services, Patient relocation, Reconciliations, Depart process, Patient Discharge.

Loaded test Steps for each test Scenario on the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Module.

Run these tests manually on ALM for Pass/Fail/Not Committed/Defect/Incomplete states.

Sent Email intimations to the Test lead for each Scenario Tested.

Obtained Charges for the service offered for each Scenario on the McKesson Star Module.

Performed Claim Processing for each Scenario on McKesson Star.

Performed ICD-10 DX verification for each Scenario on McKesson Star.

Performed ICD-10 DRG verification for Each Scenario on McKesson Star.

Executed Screen Shots for each testing activity for each Test Scenario on Cerner and McKesson Star that were added to each ALM test occurrences.

Reviewed other’s Test Scripts for some Test Scenarios.

3.User Acceptance Test Participation: (Des Moines-Iowa and Centerville Market)

Executed Screen Shots of each testing and validation activity for each Test Scenario on Cerner and McKesson Star that were added to each ALM test occurrences.

Analyzed and documented ICD-10 DRG and ICD-10 DX correspondence to each Patient used for Testing purpose for each Scenario.

4.Cerner Experience: (ICD-10)

Powerchart (Order, Reconciliation, Medication Administration, Charges, Depart Process, Diagnosis & Problems, Result Review, Patient Information, Inpatient Summery)

Scapptbook (Scheduling)

Surginet. (Surgery)

PathNet. (Pathology)

RadNet. (Radiology)

FirmNet. (Pharmecy)

5.McKesson Star Experience (ICD-10)

Patient Registration- Admission.

Patient Account Maintenance.

DRG processing (for Reimbursement) (ICD-10)

DX processing. (ICD-10)

Claim Processing.

Charge Processing.

Patient Discharge.

Test Script Writing Experience:

On Excel spreadsheet, for Different Scenarios, write process flow steps for Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Patient, Direct Admit Patients, Surgery Patient, Labor and Delivery patient management from Patient Registration to patient discharge.

Research ICD-10 DRG and DX values for the specific scenario and add to the Test Scripts.

6.Test Lab Experience: (ICD-10)

On Application Lifecycle Management (ALM 11.25):

HP ALM is CHI’s standard tool for capturing test cases, test run logs, expected results, actual results and defects. It will also be used for test and defect reporting. The ICD-10 implementation project will utilize the HP ALM testing tool for storage, management and reporting of Test Cases, test results, test traceability, and defects found during testing.

Load Test Steps from Test Scripts on ALM.

Build Test Cases on ALM.

Generate and attach Screen Shots for different steps and add to the test cases.

Manually Run the Test Cases. - analyze the test outcome of the Tests.


Quality Analyst / Developer.

Technology: Standard Statistical Models; Requirement Gathering Tools; OR Heuristics

Six-SigmaQuality Design Service Performance Improvement Analytic for First Office Application (FOA).

Achieved Results:

Implemented an overall service improvement plan in consultation with the Operations Manager.

Improved corporate profitability performance applying Statistical Six-Sigma techniques to Power Plant Design Services.

Used methodology like requirement collections and analysis, process definitions, use case diagrams etc,

Used DMAIC methodology for the process optimizations to meet the Business goal.

Coordinated and partnered with Business and Technology clients to establish the Process methodology Standard. And efficient flow of data traffic.


Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Technology: Computer Network; SDLC process;

Teach Computer Science Courses and Mentor Student’s Research:

Taught Software Engineering (including SDLC Management), Computer Networks.

Mentored Student’s Research Projects for the B.Tech (Undergraduate) degree requirement.


Release Quality Analyst.

Wireless Network Generic Release (FOA Project) Management:

Authored technical requirement document for FOA Implementation of IOS in the Wireless PCS Network. Authored Design document for many IOS implementation alternatives for the First Office Application of IOS in Sprint PCS wireless network.

Managed the Implementation Schedule of over 20 Sprint Departments and three Sprint Vendors involved in the IOS FOA project.


Member of Technical Staff (Generic Release Management).

Develop Maintain, Support and Instruct Software Test Bed for Generic Release management:

Developed Software testing tools (in C) for Wireless Execution Environment (EE).

Resolved technical issues for day-to-day use of the EE tools by Internal Customer.

Taught internal customers the usage of EE tools.


Requirement / Generic Release Analyst.

Authorship, Ownership and Dissemination of SS#7 (ITU) Network Requirements and Feature Testing Tools to the Corporate International Customers:

Prepared analyses of EMX-2500 wireless switch ITU SS#7 Telephone User Part (TUP) requirements for Telefonica (Customer Spain). Created requirement specification document for Software development of the SS#7 Features.

Negotiated feature requirements with Telefonica (Customer Spain).

Coordinated and controlled the software release quality with development and testing groups using quality matrices. Monitored the transition of the quality effort from old to new methodology for this software release.

Prepared analyses and recommendation of software testing tools for SS#7 signaling system - Feature Test, Unit Test, and DMX testing. (Recommended improvements for existing tools and selected new tools).

Coordinate and Support Software Generic Release Roll-Out to International Customers:

Developed Project Development Plan for Software Release for Austria PTV (Customer).

Coordinated development efforts for software release. Resolved schedule and resource conflicts between Motorola branches at CORK (Ireland), Swindon, UK, DSC Inc., and Austria PTV Inc.

Product Management:

Developed Budgetary Quotes and Feature Requirements Documents for Special Feature Request from customers

Previous Employment:

AT&T Bell Laboratories, (Naperville, Illinois), Member of Technical Staff, 1988-1990: Responsible for requirement gathering, analysis, Detailed process flow design, to develop feature developments and testing...Authored Feature Requirement Document for ITU SS#7 TUP and Interworking of SS#7 and R2 Signaling Systems for 5ESS Switch. Lead in disseminate technology and business requirements to developers.

UninetInc, (Lenexa, Kansas), Research Scientist, 1984-1988: Designed and implemented Reliability Optimization Algorithms and Homeostasis Analysis Algorithms for a public Data Network.

Southern West Virginia Community College, (Williamson, West Virginia), Instructor, 1982-1984: Taught Pascal, Basic, Computer Math, Database Management Systems


Application Lifecycle Management Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Expert Rating

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