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Network Engineer

Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
January 12, 2018

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Cheikh Aibout

VoLTE /LTE-A planning & Optimization consultant

Email: +966-*********

To work in a creative and innovative environment and acquire a challenging position in a reputable, growth

oriented organization, which provides constant personal and intellectual development.

Having excellent skills in

LTE PS Handovers, LTE CSFB Solution, LTE KPI’s, LTE Basic Principle, LTE Dimensioning Tools, LTE Cell Planning, LTE Radio Network Planning, and LTE MIMO & LTE Random Access Procedures.

LTE EUTRAN, HSPA, UMTS/GSM solution includes BSC6900, BSC6000, BTS3900L,and BTS3900, DBS3900 & BTS3900A installation, configuration, operation & maintenance.

LTE Feature, 3G and 2G Radio Interface Procedures.

Description of Models and Tool, Coverage and Capacity Estimation of 3GPP Long Term Evolution radio interface

Strong knowledge of 3GPP protocols, especially LTE protocols like S1_U, S1_MME, X2, NAS, RRC, E-RAB, RLC, MAC, and PDCP.

GENEX PROB, GENEX ASSISTANT, U-NET, OMstar, Atoll, NEMO, ACTIX ANALYER, MapInfo, NASTAR Network Optimization, TEMS, LMT, PRS, Huawei M2000,Smart RNO,Astellia,FMA, Genex cloud,Smart care,ACP Tool.

LTE Protocols and signalling analysis.

CME Tool for 2G, 3G and LTE sites script making.

Huawei & Ericsson OMC-R terminals (M 2000 & X manager).

SMART, A tool for monitoring RF carrier stats (PB, Losses, BER, FER, etc).

Basics of Huawei OpiX iManager T 2000 SNMS for Fiber Optic Transmission.

Ability to solve complex problems under pressure.

Using OPS, tool (Ericsson OSS), to schedule necessary command.

Business Object Designer (Creating Universes)

MCOM (Mobile Communications Network Application (MCOM) as a Map basic

Hands on experience on ZTE Products like: ZXWR IBSC,ZXSDR BS8800 ZXSDR BS8900

Skilled in planning and having excellent communication skills

Use of planning tools like TEMS CellPlanner, Asset, Atoll .

Using OPS, tool (Ericsson OSS), to schedule necessary command & have MOSHELL BASIC.

WCDMA experience .

LTE VoLTE experience .

LTE Carrier Aggregation experience.

GPEH post-processing

3G Planning and optimization .

Aexio Xeus 2013 R2 .

Good experience using A 9155 V6 (Alcatel-Lucent ) for 3G RF Planning and have Knowledge of 2G Parameters

Re-farming of Frequency 1800 MHz & Analyse of LTE Zain Project Using Link Budget calculation.

Re-farming from 15MHz to 5MHz using Atoll tool.

AFP using Planet tool

Knowledge & Understanding of Small Cell Technology.

Good Knowledge RL40/RL60 and latest features RL70/FL15A

IOT knowledge.

VoLTE /LTE-A planning & Optimization consultant (FDD/TDD):Huawei STC MS from May 2016 till Now

VoLTE/LTE Baseline Parameter & Optimization

VoLTE/LTE KPI Monitoring & Troubleshooting,Look for areas to improve LTE network performance and to meet network KPIs.

Paramter tuning

LTE Trials

Address VIP/VVIP customer complaints and recommend solution.

Modified parameter SintraSearch to avoid frequent cell reselection procedure

VOLTE Testing and troubleshooting for blocked and drop calls.

Network KPI improvements with parameter trials.

Planning Network Strategies for different LTE layers including FDD & TDD.

Responsible for improving & achieving contractual LTE TDD/FDD Network KPI’s such as Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility, service integrity, utilization & Availability.

E2E assessment of telecommunication networks with special focus on IMS network and VoLTE service

Optimization of IMS networks and correlated VoLTE/SRVCC services

Analysis of IMS/VoLTE E2E signaling

Reporting and presentation of findings and results

LTE planning & Optimization consultant: Huawei,Zain Saudi Arabia Project from November 20014 Till May 2016

Perform analysis of network KPI’s, troubleshoot issues, and be involved hands-on with day-to-day performance management / optimization functions for assigned markets.

Perform parameter audits, data fill parameters, conduct, pre-post analysis, and prepare performance reports.

Analyze drive test data and propose software and hardware recommendations to optimize and improve network performance.

Look for areas to improve LTE network performance and to meet network KPIs.

Monitor and trend network statistics, troubleshoot issue sites and resolve capacity issues.

Identify and resolve data performance issues – e.g. outage, latency, throughput, failed connection attempts, and drop connections.

Work with RF Integration and technical support teams to resolve any hardware/technical issues and implement changes.

Perform RF optimization/performance activities according to project plan and in project manager’s guidance.

Implementation of new features, tuning LTE radio network parameters, and perform Multi-Layer (carrier) management.

VoLTE/LTE Baseline Parameter & Optimization

VoLTE/LTE KPI Monitoring & Troubleshooting

LTE Handovers, LTE SRVCC Solution, LTE Random Access Procedures, and VoLTE

Call Drop Analysis, Blocking, HO analysis, RRC analysis, ERAB analysis, Pilot Pollution analysis, PCI, RSI, and Interference analysis

LTE sites initial tuning and pre-launch optimization for performance improvement

LTE post-launch optimization

LTE Trials and Radio Interface Procedures

Implementing Features e.g. ICIC, MRC/IRC, Minimum Rate Proportional Fair Scheduling, TCP Optimization, End-user bitrates shaping, UE Level Oscillating Handover Minimization, RoHC, MRO, Service Triggered Mobility etc

Identifying PCI clashes

Analyzing Drive Test Log files .

Analyze & create Performance Reports.

Consistency Checking and create / delete neighbours

Cluster & Area Optimization of LTE Sites – Defining Intar-cell neighbours & configuration of time to trigger for successful Handovers.

Increase the Cell-specific reference signals power tuning for RF Conditions improvement.

Analysis of IMSI Traces & Call History Records (CHR).

Many X2 abnormal interfaces monitored and deleted on periodic bases to improve HO success rate.

Many sites RSRP coverage and throughputs were tested and benchmarked by changing the RS(reference signal) power of enodeB by balancing Pa, and Pb values.

Capacity solutions for Max users & throughput for NW, Special Events like EID, Matches & Major Gatherings

LTE planning & Optimization consultant: NSN,Mobily Saudi Arabia Project from September 20013 till Aug 2014


Maintain the Radio Network Performance as per the contracted KPIs (Accessibility, Retainability, and Mobility & Service Integrity) in LTE (RL40) /(RL60)

Monitor & analyse the LTE Radio Network Statistics on daily basic.

XML writing for parameter modification .

Cluster Optimisation. KPI related to Data & CSFB follow up. Weekly KPI report to the customer.

Worst cells analysis and troubleshooting. Parameters adjustment recommendation for improving the reselection,CSFB,Traffic,handover,RRC CSSR, & E-RAB Establishment Success rate, paging,MIMO Penetration,coverage ….

Troubleshoot Low Traffic, HO failures etc.

Traffic and signalling monitoring. Traffic balancing and improvement on cell basis.

Drive testing analysis to determine coverage and quality problems on Data.

New sites RF physical configuration recommendation. Parameters Data fill.

Initial tuning report. HC, AC parameters adjustment recommendation for commercial launch.

FDD and TDD spectrum analysis.

PCI & PRACH & TAC & neighbours Planning using Atoll toll .

Sites database maintenance and parameters consistency checks in Netact plan editor 4.8-3-1.

Cell rehosting procedure management, script preparation, execution, parameters consistency check. Rehosted cells KPI report .

Model tunning procedure using Netact Planner .

Implement feature (ANR,DRX,CSFB,PS handover )

Implement Proactive scheduling, VoLTE, PDCCH Symbol,MaxNumActUE's, riPerM-riPerOffset, dlRsBoost trial .

Recommended new site for area with bad coverage .

Analyse System Architecture / Network Elements configuration - eNodeB, MME, PGW, SGW, HSS to guarantee End to End Quality of Service - QoS.

Supervise and coordinate with the customer the development of Official Trial tests.

Define optimisation strategies and final procedures for the trial tests.

Self Test and Automatic Neighbor Relation configuration.

INTER RAT ANR, PCI Planning, Tracking Area planning

Senior LTE RNPO Engineer: Huawei/Swap of NSN, Zain Kuwait Project from December 2011 till August 2013

Link Budget, Capacity Planning, Coverage Planning, Frequency Planning, Cell ID Planning, PCI Planning, PRACH Planning, Reference Signal Planning, TAC Planning and Neighbour planning.

Analysis of Drive Tests done by measuring Throughput(FTP,HTTP,UDP SNR, RSRP, RSRQ, Attach, Detach Delay, handovers.

NSN to Huawei swap experience during this project.

Responsible for achieving and maintaining Kuwait region KPI targets. The following Major KPI’s maintained

Accessibility [RRC SSR, ERAB SSR]

Retain ability [CDR]

Mobility [HHO SR inter/intra frequency/X2 handover]

Availability [radio network availability rate]

Utilization & traffic [UL/DL RB utility rate, Cell UL/DL Traffic volume, Radio bearer ]

Integrity [Service UL/DL Throughput]

Preparing, top worst cells on each TAC/Cluster for main KPIs: (RRC failure, ERAB failure, Service drops, HO failures, CSFB Fail etc) using Huawei iM2000

Making analysis for worst cells and provide solution to improve KPI’s

Health check of cells on daily bases using iM2000.

Use Huawei PRS tool to manage mobile network performance reports and analyze network performance.

Schedule drives in areas with worst cells. Post processed logs using Genex Assistant tool and recommended solution to improve the performance.

Analysis of Cause, effect and correlation of KPI’s to Alarm & faults to limit the problem sources.

Experience in conducting and analysing field measurements

Schedule Quarterly Cluster drives to evaluate and optimize RF network coverage. (RSRP, CINR, CQI, Packet loss Latency and DL ) by physical optimizations & Parameter tuning.

Call Trace Analysis (VIP Complaints) and coverage complaints with Nastar.

Define neighbor, (add missing neighbor).

Achieve& maintain the Radio Network Performance as per the contracted KPIs (Accessibility, Retain ability, Mobility & Service Integrity).

Reporting the KPI’s violation to the associate stakeholders and manage the clearance of the problem.

Recommended cells physical antenna optimization to improve coverage and reduce interference

Cell parameters tuned and optimized to improve the KPI’s

Modifying the threshold And Cell parameter for better cell-reselection 3G to 4G.

Changed mobility parameters to better the handover and reselection and redirection (to UMTS). LTEß>UMTS reselection and LTEàUMTS redirection.

Implemented ANR (Automatic neighbor Relation) feature successfully, changed the ANR parameters like IntraRatEventAnrSwitch:ON, IntraRatAnrAutoDelSwitch:OFF, AddCellThd=80, DelCellThd=60, NcellHoStatNum=200, StatisticPeriod=1440 to build the neighbour relation table Automatically in a new network.

CSFB (CS Fall Back) successfully implemented in the network and tested MO and MT calls successfully. CSFB implemented with Blind redirection from 4G to 3G network by configuring BlindHoSwitch=TRUE & UtranCsfbSwitch=TRUE

Many X2 abnormal interfaces monitored and deleted on periodic bases to improve HO success rate.

PCI Overshooting analysis, Missing Neighbour detection.

Many sites RSRP coverage and throughputs were tested and benchmarked by changing the RS(reference signal) power of enodeB by balancing Pa, and Pb values

Modified parameter SintraSearch to avoid frequent cell reselection procedure

Check Average download throughput and ping time,Attach time for 120 locations every month.

LTE RF coverage and capacity simulation/prediction planning done for existing sites and future sites on 1.8GHz separately using U-Net and Atoll.

Address VIP/VVIP customer complaints and recommend solution

PCI Overshooting analysis, Missing Neighbour detection, and checking overlapping sites.

Analysis of Service Layer Architecture and attempts to minimize number of hops to reduce latency and increase throughput.

Analysis of IMSI Traces & Call History Records (CHR).

Application and verification of parameters and initial functionality eNodeB .

Physical Parameters Verification of new sites as per the planning data

Primarily responsible for all KPI TEST scenarios for the performance management of LTE Network. Test consisted of 3 point Data Uplink & Downlink, Ping Test, handovers checking, Attached & Detached.

Identify the cross-feeder issues rectify it through the PCI.

Increase the Cell-specific reference signals power for Cluster to Improve the Coverage.

Modifying the threshold And Cell parameter for better cell-reselection 3G to 4G.

Extensive knowledge in Functionality and configuration of Huawei LTE RAN L11, L12 or Idle Mode Behaviour, Radio Connection Supervision, Power Control, Link Adaptation, Scheduling, Capacity Management, Handover ( Intra - LTE IRAT ), ANR, Channel Switching.

Advanced Knowledge of Performance Monitoring and Optimization of KPIs in eNodeB, SGW, MME

Cluster & Area Optimization of LTE Sites – Defining Inter-cell neighbours & configuration of time to trigger for successful Handovers.

Co-ordinate with DT team members for supporting them to overcome any issues arising on the field.

Improvements investigating the new sites in the network after the integration and scheduling drive test for network services.

Mobility Load Balancing (MLB), Inter/ Intra -LTE Mobility Load Balancing, Mobility Robustness Optimization, RACH (RANDOM ACCESS CHANNEL) Optimization.

Perform the Download and Upload throughput tests on each sector of the site and make sure to get maximum achievable DL & UL speeds at the best point of each cell with the best BLER, & SINR Parameter values.

Perform coverage optimization by altering antenna down-tilts (Electrical + Mechanical) or azimuths to ensure better coverage around sites.

Identification of coverage holes in the area of interest based on Customer complaints.

Responsible for checking the radio performance for the newly integrated LTE sites analyzing drive test logs & preparing SSV reports.

Good experience in LTE RFP.

Integration of new sites to improve KPIs.

Good knowledge and experience with LTE parameter and feature (Huawei,Ericsson)

Good experience in planning using deferent toll (Atoll,Unet,TCPU ) from deferent vendors .

Plotting the drive route using Genex Assistant to show the coverage with the RSRP, SINR, and PCI Downlink and Uplink data as per the requirements of the customer.

Prepare monthly report, containing drive test analysis with statistics, and make prediction for whole network using Unet .

Benchmark LTE performance from different Operators.

Escalating trouble tickets with GTAC & headquarters and keep following it till the closure of trouble ticket.

3G optimization troubleshooting .

Analyse of 3G drive test log .

3G neighbour audit

UMTS KPI optimization, feature implement and troubleshooting.

Use Huawei PRS tool to manage mobile network performance reports and analyze network performance.

2G/3G RNPO Engineer, Mobilis, Algeria from July 2009 to December 2011

During my experience working over three Vendors Ericsson and Huawei and ZTE in Multi-Vendor wireless operator MOBILIS ALGERIA with good GSM RF, GPRS & EDGE Planning & Optimization background. Good Dimensioning and Planning and Optimization skills, familiar with several optimization tools. Experience of frequency planning, BSS parameters, handover problems, call drop problems, fine tuning, field measurements, capacity issues, RF design, and network performance, Nominal cell planning (Data collection, capacity dimensioning and coverage calculation), Technical site survey and candidates evaluation, Initial tuning and site re-engineering, Radio network optimization and KPIs monitoring, RF parameters setting, Drive testing preparing and analyzing Inter-vendor reselection and handover parameter definition.

Used optimi tool for tuning the coverage according to different clutter service levels required by Mobilis.

Compare the drive test coverage and prediction by Atoll of obtaining the required standard deviation

Responsible for the Frequency planning.

Analyzing weak coverage areas and providing solutions such as Boosters, Repeaters etc

Optimizing RF related parameters such as HSN, MAIO, BCCH, BSIC and frequency retuning by analyzing drive logs.

Handling customer complaints and then optimize network according to complaint areas.

l Fully proficient in set-up, calibration, utilization, and data post processing of drive-test hardware and software products

Daily monitoring of the radio network quality, through network performance statistics

Il Understand equipment co-location requirements for multiple operators and perform inter-modulation analysis.

l Comprehensive understanding of RF channel environment (fast fading, slow fading, time dispersion, scattering, diffraction, wave length/frequency dependence, etc.) and proper prediction model selection (Okomura, Hata, COST231, etc.) and their key parameters calibration for various frequencies.

I Carry out optimization techniques (proper antenna selection for optimal horizontal/vertical performance,

mechanical/electrical tilting, appropriate transmit power setting, antenna clearance, neighbor list analysis, etc.) for optimal site/cluster performance.

l Perform link budget, design criteria and traffic analysis.

Preparation of RF parameters for the integration of new sites.

Analysis and adjustments of all radio related parameters on BSC and Cell levels.

Perform coverage optimization by altering antenna down-tilts (Electrical + Mechanical) or azimuths to ensure better coverage around sites.

Solve Problem of interference (Adjacent frequency interference and co-frequency interference).

All of above duties were applied over either Ericsson BSCs that I have handled.

Furthermore the following milestones:

Check statistics to determine any possible problems. Radio Network Quality Improvement.

Check BSS parameters, Cell parameter tuning.

Solid WCDMA theoretical and practical knowledge

I perform 3G RF planning project Using Atoll tool .

Performs analysis of UMTS networks designs, customer deployments,RF Planning.

Using RNO tools like : NCS Neighboring Cell Support, FAS Frequency Allocation Support,

CTR Cell Traffic Recording,MTR Mobile Traffic Recording.

Maintenance Engineer : (2007 – 2008) with Mobiserve:

Supported field personnel in integration and acceptance testing activities.

Site survey, equipment delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Trouble shooting of All BTS

Initial tuning .

LTE BTS3900L, BTS3900, DBS3900 includes installation, commissioning, configuration, operation & maintenance conducted by Huawei, Kuwait.

LTE Radio Interface Procedures conducted by Huawei, Kuwait.

Initial Tuning, LTE RAN Systems Huawei, L11, L12

LTE Cell Planning & Radio Network Planning by Huawei,Kuwait.

eNodeB Configuration and Maintenance by Huawei, Kuwait.

9400 LTE RAN Radio Principles (Alcatel –Lucent )

Training in Ericsson « Radio GSM Feature (Algeria)

Ericsson GSM OSS Radio Network Optimizers (MRR, FAS/FOX, NAS/NOX). (Algeria)

Audit of 2G Radio Network Features & Parameters .(Algeria)

Model Tuning of GSM 900MHz and 1800 MHz with Huawei. (Algeria).



Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in Algeria.

Training July 2005 (2 month) Transmissions systems (PDH, SDH and FHN), Hertzian Amplification Cente, Algeria Telecom.

Training July 2006 (1 month) Commutation in the Axe10 Exchange of the Local Combined Center and of Transit (CCLT).

RL30 (Bearer Management, Admission Control, Power Control, MIMO Mode, Idle Mode Mobility, Connected Mode Mobility, Scheduler…)

RL 20 ( Planning and Link budget).

Using XCap and Xcal as Drive test tool .


2002 - 2007

Telecommunication Engineer (National Institute of Telecommunications, Communication and information Technology of Oran Algeria.)

Have been categorized as the best performer in the evaluation on 2012 performances with Huawei LTE Project

Have been categorized as the best performer in the evaluation on 2014 performances with NSN LTE Project

Got four performance achievement awards from my manager (Mobilis).

• Arabic (Native language)

• French (fluent)

• English (fluent)

Suitable references will be provided upon request.

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