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Forklift operator

Austin, Texas, United States
January 14, 2018

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Didice H arrison

**** * *** * **** D r.

Austin,TX 7 8724

Home: ( 512-*-**-**** C ell: ( 512-*-**-****




● Skilled in Microsoft (MS) Office applications, Windows technology, Functional skills include forklift indoctrination training and hands-on training; in addition to Associate Leadership Modules 1 and 2. Completed Speaking for Success and Effective Writing and Grammar Skills. Team orientated, self-motivated individual that takes pride in my integrity and a strong work ethic. HVAC certified hands on training.


Applied M aterial: 8 1 4-2017, 1 1-16-17

Ry der F .G.W

Fi ni sh G oods W arehouse

Industrial c ertified f orklift d river. M aintain w eekly i nventory a nd c ycle c ount. Load w arehouse c rates u nto t rucks. A nd u nload c rates o r p roduct o ff t ruck i n a p roductively c areful t imely m anner. 5 s c lean a s n eeded t hroughout t he d ay. Check e mails d ue t o t he h igh o r l ow q uality o f c rates c oming i nbound o r outbound.

Arytza: 1 0-1 1-2016 - 0 6-05-2017

Machine O perator. M aking s ure t he m achines a nd a utomatic r obot i s r unning p roperly f or the c ontinuation o f p roduction t ime. M y d uties w as t o e nsure t ouch s creen m achine w as operating w ithout a ny m alfunction d ue t o m y k nowledge. H elping a nd a ssisting o thers i f needed i n a rea. A lso i f i n n eed t o f ill i n a ny a rea o n p roduction f loor w as n eeded. I w as t he to g o t o g uy. T o a ssist i n p roduction f low t hroughout s hift. I nspect p roduct f ood g oods coming d own c onveyor. P ackage a nd p alletize b oxed p roduct a ccordingly t hen s hrink wrapped p roduct. M ade s ure a rea w as c leaned a nd p resentable f or g uest o r c ustomers. Pilkington N SG: 0 2-15-2016 - 0 5-03-2016

● Production warehouse glass assembly worker. Assembled side molding on side of glass windshield for all Toyota Tacoma Trucks. 5S everyday for safety compliance in warehouse.

Wilson C ompany: 0 8- 2 1 2 015- 0 2-07-2016

● Warehouse receiving material handler and assembly worker. Received Parker Store product in verifying PO and address. Completed pneumatic hose and rubber pipe fittings. Assembled parts inspected to be shipped for Applied Material, Luminex, and Laerdal. Completed Niece Trucks orders for Del Valle and Kansas. Forklift driver, a lso c ompleted y early i nventory f or w arehouse. FLEXTRONICS- A ustin, T exas 2 013- 2 014

M aterial H andler ( 2013 - 2 014) Off l oaded a nd v erified m aterial i n t he r eceiving d atabase t o b e r eceived f or o rders Completed c ycle c ounts r egularly i n s tockroom.

● 5S C ompliant f or a rea t hroughout t he d ay.

● Used A tlas a nd B aan p rograms t o r eceive p roduct c orrectly i nto d ata b ase.

● Used p allet j ack a nd f orklift t o o ffload m aterial i nto r eceiving a rea.

● Received m any p roduct i n w ith h and h eld s canner t o b e s tocked.

● Supported p roduction l ines w ith o rders p ulled a nd n eeded f or t he p roduction a rea.

L UMINEX T ECHNOLOGIES – A ustin, T exas 2012 – 2 013 Material H andler ( 2012-2013)

● Received and off load bio material and different products to their proper storage areas.

● Assembly m edical p arts f or d istribution i n m edical f acilities.

● Conduct d aily c ycle c ounts o n a ll i nventory p arts i n t he s tockroom a rea.

● Use Oracle and different Microsoft Window programs to restock products for the reagent s tockroom.

● Established a nd M aintained a 5 s w ork a rea.

● In c harge o f p ulling a nd c ompleting s ales o rders f or s hipping. DELL, I NC. – A ustin, T exas 2004 – 2 011 Senior M aterial H andler ( 2004-2011)

● Senior m aterial h andler f orklift d river o ff l oaded D ell p roduct t o a ssign a reas. Consolidated p roduct t o r educe o verflow. T eam l ead f or s upporting a reas.

● Developed a P owered I ndustrial V ehicle ( PIV) S afety J ob A id t o a ssist d rivers, managers, B ehavior B ased S afety ( BBS) o bservers, a nd E nvironmental H ealth a nd Safety ( EHS) t eam a t D ell I nc. w ith a ccurate B BS o bservations

● Teamed w ith c ross-functional a reas a nd S implified I dea G eneration ( SIG) t eams t o drive T MC r edemption p rograms

● Teamed w ith t he E HS t eam t o u pdate c riteria f or P IV t raining a nd r esponsible f or certifying H ands O n I nstructors

● Teamed w ith q uality t o d evelop q uality a lerts a nd p rocess c hanges t o r educe q uality errors

● Bronze S tar f or L eadership a nd 5 S C ompliant

● Dell V olunteer o f D istinction 2 005

● Customer E xperience A ward

Senior S hipping & R eceiving A ssistant ( 2003 – 2 004)

● Responsible for order completion on Speedway lanes to ensure an excellent customer e xperience

● Prepared completed systems and accessories for the customers and released them to the a ppropriate s hipping l anes"

● Tracked equipment usage for multiple manufacturing facilities, providing usage metrics and financial expenditures for all departments supplying or using equipment.

● Implemented a cycle count process that helped improved Net Inventory Accuracy by 25% i n Q 2, b y 5 0% i n Q 3, a nd 7 5% i n Q 4 F Y00.

● Communicated part ordering with planners and delivered parts to provide continuous f low o n t he p roduction l ines. SCHWAN’S, I NC. – A ustin, T exas

Loader ( 2001 – 2 003)

● Responsible for order completion and loading of Schwan’s products on trucks for delivery t o e nsure a n e xcellent c ustomer e xperience

● Drove Schwan’s trucks to the Taylor warehouse for routine maintenance and cleaning s ervices


● Everest I nstitute – A ustin T rade S chool – A ustin, T exas – 2 009

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