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Mechanical Design Engineer

Irvine, California, United States
October 22, 2017

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Laguna Niguel, CA*****



Advanced skill in 3D and 2D CAD (CATIA, AutoCAD, and Solid Works).

Demonstrated expertise in utilizing Finite Element Analysis software (ABAQUS).

Exceptional ability to optimize structural and shape topology of miscellaneous parts.

Proficient in using industrial animation software (Solid Works Composer).

Technical and practical knowledge of working with various types of additive manufacturing machines (FDM, SLM, EBM).

Experienced in programming languages, Python, C++ and MATLAB.

Extensive training in Manufacturing Process from crating CAM simulations to utilizing CNC milling. EXPERIENCE

Over 4 years of experience in the following corporations and institutions. Product Development January 2017 - Present


Spearheaded improvements in Vision Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for commercially sold autonomous devices.

Redesigned electric personal transportation devices through mechanical testing.

Innovated and developed electric foldable skateboard from conception to launch.

Designed and developed the world's first hands-free electric skateboard using FSR Sensors and C coding.

Enhanced cordless vacuum cleaner equipped with BDC motors to improve suction power by 20%. Design Engineer May 2011 - October 2015


Designed and Developed Robotic metal forming and stamping lines related to Diaphragm Gas Meters to automate the production line using Siemens PLC.

Performed reverse engineering projects (modeling and molding to machinery) to cut the costs and dependency on imported parts.

Contributed to the design and development of the Slitting and Cut to Length Machines for hot and cold steel coils, which increased reliability, durability, accuracy, and reduced the price by 30%.

Designed and Developed Special Purpose Machines for small high precision parts related to the valve industry through collaborative efforts.

Performed Finite Element Analysis of crucial parts with tension concentrations using Abacus with ASTM standards.

Developed and optimized the structural design of various products to improve the strength-to-weight ratio, using MATLAB and ABAQUS optimization module.

Created 3D computer models of industrial parts using CATIA/Solid works.

Created animated videos using Solid works composer to visualize products conceived through collaborative brainstorm sessions.

Designed and implemented the load & unload automation lines using Festo products through collaborative effort.

Tackled big changes in the plant, adding a new assembly line, using kaizen and Lean manufacturing led to a large impact on the efficiency of line.

Led ad hoc teams and tasks during manufacturing and development.

Created detailed Manufacturing Bill of Materials in order to enable the final transition from product concept to a concrete, touchable object.



Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) November 2012 Prepared thesis on design of progressive die for rotor plate ISFAHAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (IUT), IRAN

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) December 2015 Prepared thesis on Topology optimization of forming press frames Work Samples

Here are some work samples that I have done throughout my career as a Mechanical Design Engineer.

Not to mention, regarding to the companies that I worked for, I have been assigned to work on the varied projects from totally different areas of Mechanical Engineering. However, working in various industries has given me a precious asset which is experience. WIRE WINDING MACHINE

Designed and developed a spontaneous Wire Winding Machine being capable of applying variable tensile tensions to the wire while the whole machine is turning around the fixed frame. This machine is a vital equipment to produce wire wound frames used in the heavy presses

(100,000-Ton press) like Hot Isostatic Pressure.

Figure 1 Wire Winding Machine with Finite Element Analysis of crucial parts Figure 2 Wire Winding Machine performing its task at the Wire Wound Press Frame with Finite Element Analysis of Frame


This machine plays an unavoidable role in the sheet metal industry. Figure 4 Assembly view of the Cut To Length Machine Figure 3 Designed Cut To Length machine operating in the factory PNEUMATIC LOAD AND UNLOAD ARM

Designed and implemented the load & unload automation lines. A combination of four Pneumatic Arms led to increase the speed of assembly line, and decrease the number of required workers for a particular assembly line.

Figure 5 Chuck, Blades, and Flattening Rolers (My tasks in this particular project) Figure 6 Pneumatic Load and Unload Arm

Electric Foldable Skateboard

Innovated and developed an electric foldable skateboard from conception to launch. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Redesigned Cordless Vacuum Cleaner through mechanical testing Enhanced motorized Head, and also equipped with BDC motors to improve suction power by 20%. Figure 7 Electric Foldable Skateboard

Figure 8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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