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Engineer Management

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
September 14, 2017

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Sujan K



Having 8 years of experience of professional experience in Unix Administration and Cloud Computing which includes OpenStack, AWS

Installation and configuration of OpenStack Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, Cinder

Installation and configuration of OpenStack on Cent OS 7.

Currently working on OpenStack Liberty Release.

Experience in AWS services like IAM, VPC, EC2, S3, SNS, RDS, CloudWatch, ELB, Auto Scaling,

Knowledge on Docker Containers

Has implemented configuration management automation tool Ansible and has worked on integrating Ansible.

Installation, Administration and Upgradation of Solaris 10 on SPARC and x86 Servers.

Installation, configuration and Troubleshooting of Oracle VM(LDOMS), Zones.

Provided support, maintenance and troubleshoot SUN Hardware and OS.

Troubleshooting other hardware like HP and DELL Servers.

Cabling and Rack mounting servers like SUN, HP, DELL, IBM

Good interpersonal skills confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels readily developed rapport with client and team members.

Detailed oriented and resourceful in the completion of project with an ability to multitask and meet strict deadlines.

Comfortable in high pressure 24/7 on-call environment with team members and mentors.


Administration on OpenStack Services like Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, Cinder, Heat

Day-to-Day administration task of OpenStack Services

Creating Virtual Machines using Openstack Nova Service on Compute Node.

Has strong experience in using Openstack CLI prompt and dashboard service.

Manage the configurations of multiple servers using Ansible

Having knowledge on installing and configuring Docker Containers on CentOS 7

Installation and Day-to-Day administration on Sun Solaris 10 which includes troubleshooting server problems

Configuring and installing Solaris using custom jump start

Implemented and configured Logical Domains (LDOMS) or Oracle VM on SUN Servers

Installation of Solaris on LDOM

File system administration and management like monitoring logs, files system size for optimization of space and performance

Monitoring System performance of virtual memory, managing swap space, disk utilization and CPU utilization.

Configuration and implementation of Solaris Zones.

Installation of containers in Solaris Zones.

Network Configuration, IPMP and IP bonding implementation.

OS process administration and management (Monitoring, start/stop/kill various process and sub processes).

User management (Creating users, giving permission and SUDO access).

Configuring NFS environment and mounting and ownership management for the NFS file system.

AutoFs configuration and Cron job scheduling.

Knowledge on VMware and Vsphere like power ON/OFF, taking Vsphere console while troubleshooting OS issues.

Experience in Open Boot Prom for SPARC platform.

Good knowledge of configuring ALOM and ILOM for remote management.

Hardware firmware upgrade on Sun Servers.

Hardware administration – replacement of disks, system boards, power supply, CPU, memory modules and network interfaces

Cabling and Rack mounting of Sun, Dell, HP servers.

Commissioning and decommissioning of Sun, Dell, HP Servers.

Redhat 6 OS installation on DELL Servers.

HP-UX 11.31 installation and configuration

Maintaining customer relationship through engagement and customer value by meeting customer expectations and handling issues.

Sharing technical knowledge and gathering to quality processes in ensuring team objectives are met.

Presented regular updates at meetings involving multi-disciplinary teams.

Operating System : Oracle Solaris 10, RedHat Linux 6, HP-UX 11.31, Cent OS 7

Hardware : Oracle Sun, Dell, HP

Virtualization : KVM, Libvirt, QEMU, Oracle VM for SPARC(LDOMS), Zones.

Containers : Docker Containers

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

Cloud Technologies : OpenStack Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, Cinder

AWS IAM, VPC, EC2, RDS, S3, SNS, CloudWatch, ELB, Auto Scaling, Lambda

Automation Tool : Ansible

Language : Python

Database : MS SQL Server 2008


X86 Platform : X2100/X4140/X4240/X4170/X4270, R720, DL380

SPARC Platform : T1000/T2000/T5120/T5220/T5240/T5440/T3-1/T3-2


Graduated in Bachelors of Electronic Instrumentation and Engineering from JNTU, India 2008


Southwest Airlines, TX (Oct 2016 - present)

OpenStack/AWS Cloud Engineer


Role: OpenStack Engineer

Designed,Deployment and maintenance of Linux Servers Systems to run OpenStack Cloud Environment.

Deployment and support of OpenStack Cloud based on CentOS 7.

Installation and configuration of OpenStack Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, Cinder, and Heat.

Setting up Linux virtualization platform using Libvirt, KVM.

Identifying and troubleshooting OpenStack components related issues.

Everyday observation on Openstack Services to make sure all components are up and running.

Creating virtual machines using command line and Dashboard.

Installation and configuration of OpenStack liberty on CentOS 7 with multiple Compute nodes

Virtualization Deployment and Administration

Manage OpenStack Liberty via Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, Heat and Cinder

Create and manage instances using Nova Compute.

Creating and customizing the flavors.

Launching instances or virtual machines on cloud to provide IaaS.

Create and manage users, tenants, roles using Keystone as Identity Service.

Create, retrieve and manage Images using Glance Image Service.

Create and manage Cinder volumes in OpenStack Cloud.

Configure networks for guest servers using Neutron.

Used Neutron with Linux bridging to create virtual sub-nets for individual tenant projects.

Launch stacks from templates and manage stacks using the Heat Orchestration Service.

Monitoring running stacks including events & resources on OpenStack Cloud.

Used Nova commands to build and manage OpenStack VMs of different flavors and different images

Install and configure CentOS 7 OpenStack Platform for private cloud deployment

troubleshoot IP networking and created virtual network (routers, subnet, switches) for virtual machines by using neutron;

Manage and troubleshoot the Nova Compute and Controller Services

Configure and manage the users and services with the Keystone Identity service.

Regularly using OpenStack command-line-interface tools (Nova, Keystone, Glance, Cinder, Neutron) to manage hypervisors, authentication, system images, storage, and networking respectively

Deployed and managed the Openstack control plane in a highly available way with 24/7 Pager Duty support.

Role: AWS Engineer

• Used IAM to create new accounts, roles and groups.

• Managing IAM accounts (with MFA) and IAM policies to meet security audit & compliance requirements

Building servers using AWS, importing volumes, launching EC2, creating security groups, auto-scaling, load

balancers, Route 53, SNS in the defined virtual private connection.

• Used Auto-scaling and Elastic Load Balancer features on EC2 instances to serve the end users using

applications during unexpected traffic/demand.

• Configuring IAM roles for EC2 instances and assigns them policies granting specific level access to S3


• Creating S3 buckets and managing policies for S3 buckets and Utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for storage and

backup on AWS

• Configured S3 Buckets for EBS backed Snapshots, versioning for data backups and setting up lifecycle

management policies

• Using Cloud Watch service, created alarms for monitoring the EC2 server's performance like CPU Utilization,

disk usage etc.

• Using Amazon RDS Multi-AZ for automatic failover and high availability at the database tier for MySQL


• Configuring and managing AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) and integrated with CloudWatch.

• Created Snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMI's) of EC2 Instance for snapshots and creating clone


• Created and worked on Elastic Block Store and Instance Store Volumes.

• Applying company security policies using Security groups and Network ACLs for instance and subnet level

security as per project requirements.

• Setting up private networks and sub-networks using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and creating security groups

to associate with the networks.

• Used Elastic Load balancer, Auto scaling, Security groups and NACL's to manage network security.

• Implemented Auto Scaling for high application availability.

• Configured Elastic load balancers for incoming loads.

Having knowledge on installing and configuring Docker Containers on CentOS 7

Knowledge on Pulling images from Docker Hub and assigning volumes to Containers

Deployed mircoservices, including provisioning OpenStack environments using Ansible Playbooks.

Experience in writing playbooks for Ansible and deploying applications using Ansible

Installation and administration of Solaris 10 and RedHat 6.

User administration by creating, maintaining user accounts and groups and setting up user’s environment.

Configuring and installing Solaris 10 using jump start and interactive installations.

Server Virtualization using Solaris Containers (zones) and Oracle VM (LDOM’s).

Administrating and troubleshooting disk related and file system crashes on Solaris 10.

Viewing and controlling the process running on the system and automating repetitive task.

System efficiency and performance monitoring, disk and network usage.

Administrating and installing OS patches and packages.

Involved in many projects for creating Logical Domains (LDOM) or Oracle VM as per user’s requirements.

Installed/Upgrade patches, firmware or Open Boot Prom, and kernel patches for all application in installed infrastructure.

Regular disk management like adding/replacing hot swappable drives on existing server workstations.

Partitioning according to requirements, creating new file system or growing existing one over the hard drives and managing file system.

System performance evaluation, monitoring and troubleshooting using vmstat, Iostat, netstat.

Scheduling system task using cron job.

Hands on experience in building systems in data center for handeling projects.

Responsible for developing corrective action plans of critical issues that had wide impact.

Perform responsibilities of providing support in data center deployments and implementation of the organization.

Implementing, measuring and improving all processes, procedures and activities required to ensure maximum availability, utility, flexibility and responsiveness of the production environment.

Good interpersonal skills, confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels readily deployment rapport with client and team members.

Efficient time management and reporting techniques.

Highly organized, details oriented, proactive and resourceful.

Ability to multi-task and meet tight dead lines.

Experience in all four phases of Plan-Do-Check-Act information life cycle.

Environments: Solaris 10, CentOS 7, Rhel 6, OpenStack Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, Heat, cinder,

AWS IAM, VPC, EC2, RDS, S3, SNS, CloudWatch, ELB, AutoScaling, Route53, Lambda, Ldoms, Zones, Oracle Sun X86 and SPARC Platforms Sun Fire V440,V210,V240, Sun Fire X86 : X4140,X424, T-Series servers T5120, T5220, T3.

Unisource Technosys Private Limited (Dec 2015 - Sept 2016)

System Engineer


Excellent hands on OpenStack cloud and implementation.

Helped Users create VMs in Nova, create public and private networks in Neutron and setup appropriate security groups for security.

Designed and architected cloud application deployment in OpenStack with Nova, Neutron, Keystone command line clients.

Automated deployment of OpenStack Clouds in data centers and availability zones. Deep understanding of all OpenStack services including Nova, Neutron, keystone, RabbitMQ, Swift, Cinder etc.

Created and managed provider networks and public networks shared by different projects or tenants in OpenStack Neutron.

Used Nova commands to build and manage OpenStack VMs of different flavors and different images.

Deploying the OpenStack components on multimode with High availability environment.

Manage and troubleshoot the Nova Compute and Controller Services.

Experience in Data Center Operations to manage and maintains the Lab under Unix based operating system and servers and Storages under production.

Virtualization of SPARC environments onto Solaris LDOM

Experience in Solaris volume manager implemented various RAID levels, logical volume creation, mirroring and file systems.

Knowledge on Custom Jump starts server and package administration and patch management.

Resolving the production issues within Service level agreement period (SLA).

File System and Database Backups/restores operations.

Monitor Server logs and troubleshoot them to resolve issues, perform all phases of system management.

Expertise in attending to various software and hardware problems, detecting the reason of malfunctioning and resolving various problems.

Have strong technical skills, excellent business understanding and strong communication skills. And on-call (24x7) production support.

Maintain security templates for hardening the servers and maintain compliance.

Responsible for upgrading patches on development, pre-production and production environments.

Organize and manage hardware repairs Performance Monitoring Shell scripting and multiple Operating System and third party software installation, upgrades and maintenance.

Performed the tasks of improving storage infrastructure, both for internal and external purpose

Ability in multi-tasking and timely completion of all assignments.

Have Knowledge of Sun Solaris 10 & Sun Virtualization Technologies such as Ldoms, Zones, and VMware configuration.

Experience on Installation, configuration and troubleshooting various FTP, SSH, Telnet.

Responsible for applying latest patches, user administration, kernel tuning parameters, file system space monitoring on Solaris systems.

Handling Tickets various Unix Flavors like Sun Solaris, Windows and Linux.

Good understanding of ITIL lifecycles and processes.

Maintaining reports of servers and storages in data center and communicating with vendors with various system related issues.

Installation and configuration of UFS and ZFS file system in Solaris Operating Environment.

Hands on experience in setup, configuration, upgrade, maintenance, performance monitoring and troubleshooting of servers running on different OS platforms like Solaris 10 and Linux, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 Server Family.

Environments: Solaris 10, Rhel 6, Ldoms, Zones, Sun Fire V440,V210,V240, Sun Fire X86 : X4140,X4240, T series servers T5120, T5220

Infobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (June 2012 - Nov 2015) Associate Software Developer


Installation, configuration and administration of Solaris 10.

Administrating software packages like adding, deleting of packages in Solaris 10.

Create, patch, and administer sparse root containers, whole root containers, Logical Domains (LDOMS) and Solaris Zones.

Building primary LDOMs and quest LDOMs on T5240 Sun servers for new development and production environments

Monitoring the servers like Sun, Dell, HP using remote control management.

Troubleshooting hardware issues on Sun, Dell, and HP servers.

Checking the health of the system if we receive any error messages from the server, guide our first level support to resolve problems on initial stage.

Checking the event logs and informing the higher management to inform the unplanned server outage and planned change activities.

Reviewing system logs for errors, setting up cron job for backup and monitoring process.

Monitoring and troubleshooting server and application performance issues.

Updating shift handovers with all the problems occurred in the shift and open issues.

Carrying out Solaris zones and administration.

Configuring and administrating of swap space.

Troubleshooting boot related problems.

Recovering Root password in the Solaris servers.

Configuring FTP, Telnet, SSH services on Solaris.

Closely coordinated with SAN team for Fabric connectivity and upgrading Emulex cards.

Manage and maintains of UNIX, Sun Solaris based operating systems Sun server in production and development.

Day to Day oversight and maintenance of Solaris and UNIX environment.

Adept at mapping client’s requirements, troubleshooting for complex information systems management on Sun Solaris platform.

Logging the cases to Oracle Sun Support for Software and hardware support under warranty and AMC Support.

Installation and configuration in storages and partitioning disks, creating and mounting of file systems.

Implemented various LUNS and Raid configuration.

Handling Tickets various Unix Flavors like Windows, Sun Solaris and Linux.

Expertise in attending to various software and hardware problems, detecting the reason of malfunctioning and resolving various problems.

Ability in multi-tasking and timely completion of all assignments.

Handling the team of sun engineer for providing Sun Support to all the clients.

Experience in providing remote support.

Environments: Solaris 10, Rhel 6, Ldoms, Zones, Sun Fire V440,V210, V240, Sun Fire X86 based server: X4140,X4240, T series servers T5120, T5220, T3

Accel Frontline Limited (June 2009 - May 2012)

Client: SYMANTEC SOFTWARE (Research and Development center)

Engineer – Customer Service


Interacting with the Business Users to analyze the business process and gathered the requirements made necessary changes to fulfill their reporting and business needs.

Day-to-day oversight and maintenance of Solaris and UNIX environment.

Expert in Asset management collecting all the data and maintain in the centralized location and providing the best practice for processes

Updating SYM Resource (Tool) if any of server is moved from one location to other for easily tracking purpose.

Maintaining SYM resource Tool for editing, tracking and locating servers.

Worked on a project where we have moved more than 800 + servers from one block to another within the Campus.

Expert in cabling and Rack mounting.

Commissioning and decommissioning of SUN, DELL, and HP servers.

Identifying resources which are running out of warranty and informing to higher management.

Diagnosing hardware problems and providing solutions.

Perform daily maintenance routine on SUN servers, monitoring system access, managing file system space for optimum performance.

Provide technical assistance to other team members by way of assisting them in solving challenging technical problems.

Effective communication skills developed through continuous interaction with global clients and internal management and motivating team player.

Ability in multi-tasking and timely completion of all assignments.

Environments: Solaris 10, Ldoms, Zones, Sun Fire V440,V210,V240, Sun Fire X86 : X4140,X4240, T series servers T5120, T5220.

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