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Competent carpenter related all kind carpentry construction jobs

Uttar Pradesh, 246763, India
6$ hourly
November 12, 2017

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+964 780-***-****

Skype:- indu.singh1986

URL :-Harjeet-singh/69/933/76

Uttar-Pradesh [ INDIA]


A carpenter (Diploma) and construction worker, seeking a responsible job and a challenging tasks which offers opportunity for professional growth together with growth of organization in a competitive environment. Looking forward to work in the organization where i can perform and execute my tasks with perfection, to the task assigned with experience gained during my tour of duty for a period of more than 5 years along with KBR & FLUOR company s of United state of America. Qatar Airways, Certificates (nine) pertaining to my profession, skills, dedication and hard work shown during my stay towards better productivity and high quality, work, experience, communication skills is in possession.


Journeyman Carpenter with multiple skills over 12 years of National & Foreign work experience. Working wood or metal Framing light and Heavy gauge metal, Aluminum work, hanging all different type of Sheet-rock, build foundations, installs floor beams, lays subflooring and erects walls and roofs systems, maintains, repairs and renovates residential and wooden structures, build all kind of furniture etc. In residential, industrial and commercial fields, renovating old buildings. Working with power tools and hand tools, operating Scissor lifts, Forklifts, Bobcat operator. Determine specification and calculate requirements. Reading blue prints laying out the jobs. Additional Experience:-AHU operating, Chiller plant operating, Power-Gen technician, Plumbing work, Welding, Electrical work, Masonry & Different types of Construction Equipments.


B S S Diploma in Carpentry Aug-2005.

Ram Saran Singh Vidyalaya Fulsanda Bijnor, 12th May-2004.

National Institute of Open Schooling New Delhi, 10th May-2002.


Present :- - - Carpenter:- - -10th Oct/2016 to till date.

PAE Government service, Inc OMSS LCC Program BDSC U S. Embassy Baghdad (IRAQ) Working as a Construction Carpenter & Multi skill technician at DOS project for US embassy with active MRPT Clarence (SF85P), building sport center for DOS, working in LCC-A Construction Carpenters Dept BDSC. My duties consist of all carpentry work that is task to LCC-A construction department. Operating Concrete mixer Batch plant & road projects inside BDSC. Airfield Concrete slabs pouring, Chain-link fence installation. Steps/staircase foundation filled concrete. Heavy T-wall base and concrete Steps forming, pour concrete, Street light pole & Concrete base installation. Building drain canal and sand catcher pits. NOW days working in US Embassy AL kindi street Baghdad repairing embassy building plastering walls & all kind concrete work here at Embassy project.

Project {Floor Tiles} :- - 30/09/2017 to 9/10/2017 US Embassy compound DFAC, 2600 Square foot area, 29/09/2017 day calculate material been places at project area, next day leveled floor checked dimensioning, chalk lined, cement mixtures ready for used laying tiles,9 head manpower, target more than 500 tiles per day,1st day 550 tiles laid on floor,2nd day 674 tiles on ground, total completion days of project 10 days, used of total hours (1110 hr) had been used 2700 piece of tiles. Grouts then 2 Gallons tile sealer, paint touchups around, work under safe environments area secured & barricade under of PAE safety, regulation & Quality check. Finally Our project goes very well in time manners handed over to client received best Quality job appreciation LCC.

Carpenter:- - - 19th April/2014 to 10th Sep/2016.

Building maintenance & operation Oryx Rotana 5 star Property Doha (Qatar) Working as a Carpenter & Multi skill Shift technician at Engineering Dept: and building maintenance, FCU operation, Chiller operation Boiler operating, Electrical work,Kitchen Equipments maintenance, handling FCS complaints, installation of Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant Doors and Windows, Sensor Doors in main point Guest entrance doors and wooden and metal door,windows glass door, cabinet,wardrobes,guest rooms Preventive maintenance and plumbing work, AC related work, wallpaper work, Carpenter crews and team work, as well as maintaining good relations with customer and indoor /outdoor Guests & colleagues. Additional: - - working as shift maintenance technician attending to all guest complaints,(plumbing, electrical, a/c and general room calls (TV”s, lights, plumbing, heating/cooling etc.)

Carpenter Foreman :- - - Feb/2013 to 15 April/2014.

Construction & Building maintenance, Furniture on contract bases Disst:-Hoshiarpur (P.B) Making furniture, renovating kitchens wardrobes, shelves, cabinets construction windows & glazing, door & locks installation & operation, erection and construction of wooden work in building construction. repair and fabrication of wood work on contract bases. All the previously mentioned duties and more performed while supervising large Carpenter crews and team work, as well as maintaining good relations with customer.

Carpenter Crew Leader :- - - May/2011 to Jan/2013.

FLUOR Construction Department USA army base JAF.Working as a sub/cont Carpenter Foreman position and a Crew Leader on construction projects in Fob Fenty JAF Afghanistan support USA army. Performed blueprints reading and complete layout for small jobs, and jobs well beyond 150,000 square feet. Mostly commercial, industrial and retail work environments. Various duties include, but not limited to, all phases of rough/finishing carpentry, drywall hanging of all types, and custom detail working, wood and metal doors, all commercial hardware, and retrofitting as needed. Finish surfaces of woodwork or wallboard in houses and buildings, using paint, hand tools and panelling fill cracks and other defects in plaster or plaster board and sand patch, using patching plaster, trowel and sanding tool carry out all works as per the country technical regulation and safety standards. All the previously mentioned duties and more performed while supervising large Carpenter crews and team work, as well as maintaining good relations with customer.

Carpenter :- - - Jun/2008 to Nov/2010.

KBR Carpentry O&M facilities Department USA army base C3F.Working as a sub/cont carpenter journeyman on facility & Maintaining Department Fob C3F Normandy Iraq. Support USA army, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood and wallboard using carpenter's hand tools and power tools, whereby Carry out maintenance and repair works as required Carry out day to day maintenance within the building where problems of a carpentry nature occur Fix shelving and cabinet construction fix door locks and security items, Mantles, stairs layout and design of closets. As well as various types of windows and glazing Partition woodworking machinery and the minimal amount of general building Remove damaged or defective parts or sections of structures and repair or replace operated a range of tools and oversaw work crew on the construction of residential and industrial, commercial, and industrial buildings. Built projects, including garages, residential homes and additions from start to finish using hand tools and air tools associated with carpentry. Carry out all works as per the country technical regulations and safety standards proactively managed and ensured complete customer satisfaction for all custom work.

Furniture Carpenter Sep/2005 to May/2008.

Vish-karma Carpentry & Furniture Pvt. Ltd Uttar-Pradesh. Working as furniture carpenter, in field working on renovation kitchens, windows, doors ceiling's, stairs. Build all kind of furniture's and decorating, ability to fabricate all type of furniture - cabinets, doors, tables, sofas, beds, chairs, etc .ability to work on all woodworking machines, residential homes, and dealing with the customers. Reading furniture drawing, Repaired, roofs and flooring, Remodel bathrooms and kitchen, and ensured compliance with all health, safety, and building code regulation. Served as a carpenter and renovator for business specializing in repair, renovation, overall maintenance of residential and smaller commercial properties.carry out all works as per the country technical regulations and safety standards proactively managed and ensured complete customer satisfaction for all custom work.


PAE Government Group, Inc BDSC (Training Dept) Category-A, Category- B, Noise Exposes, Confined Space, Blood born pathogens, Flammable & Combustible liquids, Excavation and Trenching, Compressed Gas, Hosting & Rigging, Machine guarding, Fall protection, Scaffolding, Respiratory protection.

Confined Space :- One year training License to work in confined space projects.

Basic Food Hygiene :- Awareness of food hygiene and handling food items,28/Apr/2014.Environment Health Safety Dept (Oryx Rotana Doha Qatar).

Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) :- First Aid training, Combat Stress, Suicide Prevention, General Order 1st Briefing, LOW and MEJA Briefing, Seven United States Army Values, Fraternization, and Human Trafficking.

Trades test Certification and Validation :- NASA construction & Trade inc Turkey. Contract No: L4CP-005-90-K10271 & K10271-001 Date:- 13/Jun/2011.

Electrician Training Certificate :- KBR Electrical Dept (Normandy, Iraq).

Security Guard Training Certificate :- KBR Security Dept (C3 Warhorse-Baqubah IRAQ) Jun-2010/Aug-2010.


Bhart Sevak Samaj :- Communicative English & Computer Fundamentals, Carpentry Theory, Carpentry Methods & Practical. History of the trade, identifies career opportunities for carpentry and construction workers, and lists the responsibilities and characteristics. Building materials, reading plans and elevations, introduction to concrete, reinforcing materials, and forms, describes the ingredients of concrete, discusses the various types of concrete, and describes how to mix concrete. Handling and placing concrete, introductory skills for the crew leader. Along with the principles of project planning, scheduling, estimating, and management, introduces the basic skills required for supervising personnel. Several case studies are included.


Certificate: - - - Certificate of Employment Oryx Rotana Hotel Doha Qatar.

Certificate: - - - Carpenter Crew Leader from FLUOR Gov-group Log cap IV.

Certificate: - - - Carpenter from KBR Inc, Log cap III.

Certificate: - - - SF85P Security Clearance 28/Aug/2016 Active.

Award: - - - - - - Support & work excellence award from USA army.

Award : - - - - - - -Best Quality service certificate, from ( Mr,Kivork Deldelian ) General

Manager of Oryx Rotana Doha, Oct /26/2014.


Oryx Rotana Hotel Doha Qatar :- Mr. Harjeet Singh is a very dedicated individual and would be a great addition to any work force any place in the world no matter on location. I recommend him for employment to your organization.

Mr,Prakash Vishwnathan.

Director of Engineering, Oryx Rotana Hotel

P.O.Box: 29922 (Doha Qatar) “009**-********

Construction & Building maintenance/Furniture work (Contract bases):- Disst :-Hoshiarpur {P.B} I would like to recommend Mr. Harjeet Singh as a candidate for a position with your organization. In his position as Carpenter Foreman, Mr. Singh was employed in our organization from Feb-2013 to15-April-2014. Mr. Singh compassionate and hard working human being perseverance and ambition he is deserving candidate for a carpenter Foreman Position and would be a great value addition to your organization.

Dr. Parvinder Bajwa ( M.D ) “981**-*****

Mr. Dalveer singh(Supervisor) “941-***-****

Hoshiarpur ( P.B ) APO AE “146001”

FLUOR Government Group Log cap IV :- Contract No: W52P1J-07-D-0008 005/005 LOGCAP IV. (31/Jan/2013) Projects Jalalabad Airfield in the Task force Bastogne area of operations that he will be valuable addition to any company.

Mr. Walter Bullard “864-***-****

Heavy Equipment Construction Foreman

Fluor Government Group Log cap IV.

Battle Space Flight Services, LLC :- Exceptional Service to the USAF & Battle Space (24/Jan/2012) Predator Aircraft support Project, Predator Aircraft combat operations Fob:- Fenty Jalalabad AFGHANISTAN.

Site Manager,

Mr. Norman W. Barrett

Battle Space Flight Services, LLC

KBR Log cap III :- Fob C3f Normandy IRAQ (May/2010) compassionate and hard working human being perseverance and ambition he is deserving candidate for a carpenter and would be a great value addition to your organization.

APO AE -09393

Ph. “713-***-****

KBR Electrical Supervisor:- Mr. William Washington

KBR Carpenter Supervisor:- Mr. Arif Soylemez

KBR Hvac Supervisor:- Mr. Clay Tomphkins

KBR Power Generation Dept :- USA army base Fob-Warhorse Baqubah, IRAQ in my professional opinion Mr. Harjeet Singh is a very dedicated individual and would be a great addition to any work force any place in the world no matter on location. I recommend him for employment.

Mr. Jory Hermes,

Power Generation Supervisor,

USD North Fob Warhorse APO AE-09336

Ph. “713-***-****” Alt. “713-***-****


Electrician :- - -: Power-Gen Tech :- - -: Security Guard :- - -: IT Knowledge:- - -: Driving License for Transport Vehicles.


Passport No:- - - - - - - - Z 41

Date of Issue: - - - - - - - 12/09/2017.

Date of Expiry: - - - -- - -11/09/2027.

Place of Issue :- - - - - - - BAREILLY [ INDIA ]


Positive Attitude.

Ability to work under pressure.

Excellent in English communication.

Mediation and problem solving skills.

Knowledge of Carpentry and building maintenance.

Good knowledge of site safety procedures and practices.

Flexibility to respond to a range of different work situations.

Skilled knowledge of power tools and Construction Equipments.

Critical thinking, significant use of Memory & Finding Information.


Keep daily log of tasks.

Assist with the delivery of other related services.

Operate and maintain Carpentry tools and Equipments.

Perform special projects and responsibilities as assigned.

Completed repairing more than one construction at a time.

Good relationships are built with internal and external customers.

Quality inspections are carried out in line with company standards.


I hereby declare that all the information furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Harjeet Singh.

Excellent References Available Upon Request

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