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Chief Accountant

Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
November 12, 2017

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Mohammad Sabbagh Page * of *


Mohammad Sabbagh



Date of birth : 01/12/1983

Place of birth : Lebanon- Beirut

Nationality : Lebanese

Marital status : Married

Status Iqama : Transferable

Phone : + 966 594 18 38 18

E-mail :

Address: * Lebanon - Beirut.

* Ksa - Jeddah - Rabwa street.


To occupy a responsible position in a highly reputed organization in order to develop my skills & qualifications and to contribute in the success and expansion of such firm. Qualifications Excellent communication skills.

Good leadership abilities.

Team work Capability.

Ability to quickly absorb new concepts and ideas.

Ability to work unsupervised, self-starter.

Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines. Education


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18/08/2009 - Till 18/08/2017

Chief Accountant at AL- Idrissi Group H.O ( Trading Company For Various French Franchises in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia E.G " Salon Jacque Dessange Chain – Paul Restaurant Chain – Valrhona Chocolate Chain - Salon Alexander Zouari Chain )


1. Maintains the general ledger and all related accounts with proper documentation and records of all company transactions.

2. Reviews entries to the general and subsidiary ledgers to assure accuracy and compliance with the company’s and established accounting principles. 3. Controls all changes to chart of accounts.

4. Prepares for monthly and year end closing of the general ledger. 5. Prepares statements and reports of estimated future costs and revenues. 6. Coordinate with external auditors in annual and special audit functions 7. The preparation of the annual depreciation schedules restrictions. 8. Participates in Budget preparation.

9. Review and preparation of payroll records and processing of payroll. 10. Prepare and review all the entries of the sales and the Purchases. 11. Prepare and review the trial balance and balance sheet and income statement for submission to the external auditor.

12. Review and audit journal entries.

13. Monthly distribution of burdens.

14. Monthly Bank Reconciliation.

15. Checks and balances all payables implementations, in accordance to agreements and contracts.

16. Reviews all payments ensuring compliance with the Co. policies. 17. Reconciliation with Account Receivable and Payable (internal and external payable special with France).

18. Connect and send monthly report with the main Franchise in France (monthly sales, sales commission, Yearly Profit and Loss report, Yearly Budget, Financial report). 19. Working and using now in BEE system accounting and eQual system accounting. Mohammad Sabbagh Page 3 of 3


Arabic : Fluent.

French : Read : good Write : good Conversation : good

English : Read : good Write : good Conversation : very good Interest

• Reading and networking.

• Table Tennis

• Billiards

Remark: Degrees, recommendations & documents are available upon request Experience



1. Coordination with the responsible of omega system to make sure at the transmission of information from P.O.S to accounting system.

1. Connecting with Silicon Company in Lebanon for any update or adjustments in eQual system accounting.

2. Connecting with Aram Company in Ksa for any update or adjustments in BEE system accounting.

01/04/2008 Till 31/07/2009

Accountant at Carrefour Hypermarket – Jeddah – Ksa. 01/03/2007 Till 29/02/2008

Accountant at Sultan Exchange Company – Lebanon.

27/02/2006 Till 31/01/2007

Supervisor Cashier Monoprix Hypermarket _ Lebanon. 2003_2004

Junior Accountant Al Mizan Office for Auditing _ Lebanon. Computer Skills

MICROSOFT Applications:

Windows, Word, Excel, Access, power point

Accounting programs:



* EQUAL Currently using

* Bee Currently using

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