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Secretary. Microsoft office programs, data base Maximo.

standard company.
November 12, 2017

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Personal Details

Full Name : Asnidar

Place date of birth : Langsa, 11 January 1974

Gender : Female

Last Education : Bachelor of Economics (Management)

Address : Village Daulat, 15 A, II, Subdistrict Langsa Kota

Nationality : Indonesia

Contact number : 082*********

Educational Background

1979-1980 : Kindergarten School Tamansiswa, College at PT. Arun Batuphat

Lhokseumawe (Taman Indria)

1980-1986 : Primary School 1 Tamansiswa, College at PT. Arun Batuphat Lhokseumawe (Taman Muda)

1986-1989 : Junior High School 1 Tamansiswa, College at PT. Arun, Batuphat

Lhokseumawe. (Taman Dewasa)

1989-1992 : Senior High School 1 Tamansiswa, College at PT. Arun Batuphat

Lhokseumawe. (Taman Madya)

1992-1996 : PDPK UNSYIAH, (D-3 Academy Secretary) at Nanggroe Aceh

Darussalam.With GPA: 3,01

1998-2001 : Bachelor of Economics, (S1- UNAYA) at Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

With GPA: 3,17

Working Experience


Secretary/Administrator Division in many sectors - (Asset Optimization Team, Government Relations - Public Relations, Corrosion Engineering Specialist- Technical. Aviation-National Utility Helicopters), sub contract of ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc. Point ‘A’, Lhoksukon, North Aceh.

2. 2006-2010

Administrator and Finance, Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) at Langsa

3. 2011-2013

Secretary Division of Security, PT. Medco Energy, at Idi, East Aceh.

Course and education:

1997 -2003: Training Bond Indonesian Secretary (ISI) at PT. Arun Lhokseumawe

2002-2002 : Microsoft Project at TRICOM Medan

2003-2003 : Proactive Management Services, “The Role of EQ in the workplace”

at Medan.


Secretary and administration skills (administrative writing skills, reporting skills, scheduling, Microsoft office skills, professionalism, confidentiality, organization, travel logistics, typing, verbal communication)

Computer literate (MSWord, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Outlook)

Internet literate

Job Descriptions:

Common tasks for the majority of secretaries/administrators include word processing, and copy typing, letter writing, dealing with telephone and email enquiries, creating and maintaining filing systems, keeping diaries, arranging meetings and appointments and organizing travel for staff.

Depending on the sector, the rule may also include many of the following:

using a variety of software packages, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel,etc., to produce correspondence and documents and maintain presentations, records, spreadsheets and databases;

devising and maintaining office systems;

booking rooms and conference room facilities;

attending meetings, taking minutes of meeting and keeping notes;

managing and maintaining budgets, as well as invoicing;

liaising with staff in other departments and with external contacts;

ordering and maintaining stationery and equipment;

sorting and distributing incoming post and organizing and sending outgoing post;

liaising with colleagues and external contacts to book travel and accommodation;

organizing and storing paperwork, documents and computer-based information;

Photocopying and printing various documents, sometimes on behalf of other colleagues.

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