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Kuwait City, Kuwait
November 12, 2017

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(Mob # - Kuwait) +96599344210 - (Mob # - Kuwait) +96594423720


Career Objective:

Seeking a position as an accountant, where I can gain extensive experience and further develop my skills, and utilize my capabilities.

Personal Details:

Date of birth : 18 / Dec / 1986

Gender : Male

Marital status : Married

Nationality : Jordanian

Residency : Kuwait

Professional Experience


Performa general office duties and administrative tasks.

Handling Payable accounts and payments.

Deliver the accounts of the entitlements of the concerned parties and pay them, organize payment orders, disbursements, checks, bank transfers and provide the necessary documents to the account officer to carry out the accounting restrictions.

Ensure that funds allocated for specific purposes are not used except in the specified areas.

Paying salaries and wages of employees of the company and all compensation and rewards issued under fundamental decisions.

Review Payrolls for various projects

Save original copies of contracts signed by third parties and pay their stamps during the legal period, as well as keeping guarantees and insurance provided by others and keeping records.

Monitor the use of the financial means allocated to the company in cooperation with the planning officer and the financial control and inspection through the specific reports on this matter.

Application of accounting and recordkeeping systems.

Holding all accounts related to the company and its prosecution with others in accordance with the accounting system.

Checking the accounts of the company before final preparation, and conducting the matches and obtaining the approvals by third parties for each account.

To restrict the movement of money for disbursement and arrest whether carried out through expenses or the company's fund and to carry out all necessary restrictions.

Follow up the implementation of the decisions and recommendations taken by the finance manager of the company regarding accounting aspects.

Journal Voucher accounting and entry

Bank Reconciliation.


Access to the basic regulations, studies and administrative decisions of the establishment concerning salaries and salaries of employees and workers

To review the labor law of the country in which it operates and to ensure the company's compliance with the law so as not to cause any problems for the company, especially with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor and Taxes (if any)

Identifying the company's divisions and whether the employees are separated in salaries means that separate statements are prepared for each department or whether the statements are compiled for all employees and employees of the company.

Identify company policies in recruitment, core salary and allowances.

Preparation of detailed statements of employees' data (name / nationality / department / occupation / degree / civil number (national) / personal number (employee code).

Identify the incentive system in the company and the percentage of increase in the case of additional work (such as an hour can be calculated an additional hour and a quarter / work on Fridays and public holidays is calculated today a day and a half or two days)

Calculation of operating expenses.

Calculating the expenses of incorporation.

Identification of the company's system in violation of the laws and administrative instructions of general instructions and the absence and violations of behavior and how to apply penalties such as drawing attention or deduction of salary and the observation of sanctions in the case of repetition.

HOT Engineering & Construction Co DEC 2012 DEC 2013 Accountant.

Follow-up equipment in the project and find out how many hours of work

Follow-up customer invoices and matching accounts.

Follow-up special equipment department expenses.

Nationality Poultry Company JULY 2008 DEC 2012 SUPERVISOR

Training and developing the performance of individuals in the market.

Follow-up to administrative matters pertaining to personnel.

Follow-up to the reality of the market daily and work reports on the status of the competition.

Weekly meeting with the team and review the following:

Review of what has been accomplished in last week through the market reports.

Ask any objection encountered any delegate has yesterday, and working to resolve it.

Work effectively and economically.

Follow-up to the markets, competitors, and delivery information management.

Supervising the marketing campaigns.

Simaz Trading Distribution Company - Amman April 2007 – July 2008

Full Time Sales Man

Educational Background:

University study:

Bachelor degree of accountant from Al-Zaytoonah Private University (Jordan) Feb.2009.

Special Skills:

Using the MENA Payroll & Personnel System HR Human Resources.

Use the Microsoft Dynamics Accounting software 2015.

The ability to work under pressure.

Computer skills - Microsoft office Products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, access) - Internet.


Available upon request.

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