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Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
November 12, 2017

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Profile Summary

* ***** & * Month of Power Sector experience in Project Monitoring / Erection & Commissioning

Professional Experience

Jaiprakash Ventures Private Ltd, Bina, M.P Field Engineer June 2009 –July 2012

Erection & Commissioning

Execution of Site from Green field to Commissioning Till Commercial Operation Declaration.

Responsible for Structural Erection of Boiler & Power House Building approx 8000 Tonnes.

Responsible for Erection & Commissioning of Turbine & its auxiliaries with

Responsible for Site Billing for Structure & Equipments in Power House Building.

Responsible for the Milestone Successfully achieved like Turbine Rolling, Synchronization on OIL.

Responsible for Material Handling & Equipment with Suppliers.

Responsible for setting target dates for vendor to achieve the milestone.

Project Monitoring Group

Monitored Project & Milestone activities

Coordinating Engineering activities within client, client’s consultant, vendor and engineer consultant

Developed Project Plans & Conducted weekly meetings to determine the state of issues on Site.

Produced project status reports, managed the team and resolved day-to-day issues.

Responsible for Coordination with other departments such as Quality Control, Technical Services for monthly progress reviewed at PRT meeting.

Responsible for CRM Meetings with Technical consultant & Vendors

Evaluated Technical specification Of Equipments & Drawings of Different Sites

Academic Achievements



School / Institute (Board / University)

Marks PGPM


Great Lakes IEMR, Gurgaon


B.E (Mechanical)


BCE, Bhopal [Rajiv Gandhi Tech. Univ. Bhopal]




St. Joseph’s School, Shaktinagar (CBSE)




St. Joseph’s School, Shaktinagar (CBSE)


Co-curricular Activities

Made a new Business Model For Indian Gas Trading for future

Assessment on U.S LNG & Shale gas,Its export & Effects.

Comparative Study of Power Trading Policies In India & its Comparison with Other Countries

Study of Global overview of OIL Industry

Comparative study of Wind Energy Policy in India & Comparison with 5 other Countries

Analyzed how GIS systems can enhance operations, energy efficiency & optimize costs in the Energy sector

Analyzed briefly on the formulation of Pricing of LNG & OIL.

Positions of Responsibility

Member, Energy Club at Great Lakes IEMR: Discussing the status of Energy sector in India; study the industrial growth and new research and technology advancement in this field - 2012

President,RGPV Student Union(2006-08):-Managed All the Co-curricular Activities,Trade fair, Tech Fest, Social Forums in all the Engineering Colleges at Bhopal(2006-08)

Certifications & Memberships

Certification in 660 MW Power Plant Operation from Jaypee University in 2011

Certification in Financial Modelling from Pristine( in 2012

Certification in

Extra-curricular Activities

Member of GREAT LAKES Cricket team(2012)

Captain Of Jaypee Cricket Team(2010)

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