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Production Tehnical Supervisor

Lawang, East Java, Indonesia
November 11, 2017

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I.Personal Information

*.Name : Didit Hariyanto

2.Sex : Male

3.Place & date of birth : Malang, 24 Januari 1973

4.Nationality : Indonesian

5.Religion : Moslem

6.Marital status : Married

7.No. KTP : 3507252401730001

8.Residential address : JL. Sumber Suko Gg. Waluh No. 746 RT. 02 / RW. 01

Lawang – Malang Telp 085*********

II.Educational Background

1.Elementary school : SDN Sedayu IV Turen – Malang – 1985

2.Secondary school : SMP Turen – Malang – 1988

3.High school : STM Turen Jurusan Mekanik Umum – Malang – 1991

III.Job Experience

1.Company name : PT. Bentoel Prima

Company activities : Cigarette manufacture

Employmend period : 2008 – 2017

Position : Supervisor production and Tethnic

1.GLT ( Green Leaf Threshing ) Machine

1.1Lay out and install machine, electrical GLT

1.2Repair, trouble shooting, operation and setting parameter feeding table, tie leaf cutter, tipp cutter machine

1.3Repair, trouble shooting, operation and setting parameter Butt Conditioning Machine

1.4Repair, trouble shooting, operation and setting parameter Tipp Conditioning Machine

1.5Repair, trouble shooting The Picking Table Butt Machine

1.6Repair, trouble shooting The Picking Table Tipp Machine

1.7Repair, trouble shooting, operational and setting parameter Threshing Machine

1.8Repair, trouble shooting, operational and setting parameterMulti Seprator and Counter Flow Separator

1.9Repair, trouble shooting, operational and seting parameter Lamina dryer proctor Machine

1.10Repair, trouble shooting, operational and setting parameter Steam dryer proctor Machine

1.11Repair, trouble shooting, operational and setting parameter Press Lamina Fishburne Machine

1.12Repair, trouble shooting, operational and setting parameter By. Product and Packing Machine

1.13Repair, trouble shooting, operational and setting parameter Steam dryer proctor Machine

2.GLT ( Green Leaf Threshing ) Processing

2.1Prepare raw materials before the process and make sure they are in accordance with Lpi

2.2Ensure wrapping material in accordance with Lpi

2.3Check the composition blend is correct, and it is in place

2.4Ensure all operators and parameter setting are in accordance with Lpi

2.5Check in progress and ensure that the process matches the QC spek

2.6Actively coordinate with the blender that the process in colour and taste is appropriate

2.7Send finished product according pack grade to cooling storage for aging process

2.8Send to warehouse pack leaf after aging process

2.9Report on achievement of yield, performance, availability and quality achieved after process

2.10Understand the IWS System, Baf leaf system and run it to produce a quality product and quantity

2.11Understand EHS, run and join in the EHS site Committee

2.12Create a schedule process, schedule pulsar and do EHS patrol

2.13Provide information about the hazard level in each zone with safety trigger information

2.14Pest & Hygiene management and PI & T management

2.15IWS system and Baf leaf system

3.Company name : PT. Trisakti Purwosari Makmur

Company activities : Cigarette Manufacture

Employment period : 2001 – 2008

Position : Ka. Subsie Mechanic in the Primary Manyfacturing


1.Primary Machinery

1.1Lay out and install machine primary

1.2Repair and trouble shooting rotary high speed cut tobacco machine ( Houni, KTC, KTH, Kunming )

1.3Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco conditioning machine

1.4Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco pre-casing machine

1.5Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco cashing machine

1.6Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco top flavor machine

1.7Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco drying machine

1.8Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco conveyor machine

1.9Repair and trouble shooting vacuum conditioning machine

1.10Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco steaming tunnel

1.11Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco slicer pneumatic and hidrolic machine

1.12Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco slice/Rajang skoda and legg

1.13Repair and trouble shooting the tobacco loosening machine

1.14Repair and trouble shooting autofeeder, band conveyor, silo and vibratory conveyor machine

1.15Repair and trouble shooting in all mechanical parts, steam part, gearboxes, blower and dust cyclone separators, the steam and condensate line pipa

1.16Modification and make vibratory conveyor, band conveyor and autofeeder machine

1.17Familiar with welder iron and stainlesstel for make installation pipa steam, machine and shute

1.18Familiar and make schedule preventive maintenance ( once week, month, six month, years ) schedule preventive maintenance for oiling, greasing and panel

2.Utility machine

2.1Repair and trouble shooting the diesel – fuel pump burner, water pump grundfos, blowdown valve, globe and gate valve and installation pipa steam

2.2Repair and trouble shooting air compressor atlas capco, air block, meiji and boge

2.3Repair and trouble shooting air cooling water machine

3.Lain – lain

3.1Familiar with processing pengolahan air limbah tobacco

4.Company name : PT. Purindah

Company activities : Furniture and Interior Design Manufacture

Employment period : 1997 – 2000

Position : Mechanical

1.Repair and to operate machineries, as follows :

1.1The sanding machine

1.2The finger joint machine

1.3The moulding machine

1.4The planner machine

1.5The jointer machine

1.6The bandsaw machine

1.7The jigsaw machine

1.8The cross-cut machine

1.9The laminating pressure machine

1.10The panel show

2.Repair all hand tools

3.Repair the compressor machine

4.Repair and make a modification on spindle machine

5.Operate the electric generating set

5.Company name : PT PINDAD ( Persero )

Company activities : Military Equipments Manufacturer

Emplyoyment period : 1992 – 1996

Position : Mechanical

1.Repair and trouble shooting scapper machine

2.Repair and trouble shooting milling machine

3.Repair and trouble shooting lathe machine

4.Repair and fine grinding machine

5.Repair the hydraulic press machine

6.Repair the banding machine

7.Repair the sand blaster machine

8.Repair and steel hardening machine

9.Repair the ponch machine for bullets

10.Repair the welding and argon machine

11.Repair the packaging machine

12.Overhaul the production machine

6.Company name : PT. Sido Bangun

Company activities : Plastic Product Manufacturer

Employment period : 1991 – 1992

Position : Mechanical

1.Trouble shooting on pneumatic, electric and mechanical parts of the machineries

2.Repair the perforation machine

3.Repair the laminating machine

4.Repair the plastic feeding unit

5.Repair the packaging machine

If any of the above information’s found to be incorrect or false in the future. I fully responsible for the all consequence.

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